Joshua Erabu

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📍 REALTOR & YOUTUBER 🎥 YouTube 14K+ | 425K+ Views

Everything real estate and personal finance related!

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2023 Tax Brackets! 💰 Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Inspired by: @planetmoney NOTE: This is for the 2023 tax year. So the taxes you file for 2022 this year will still follow the tax brackets set last year. When you file taxes again in 2024 for the 2023 year, these brackets will apply. The tax brackets shown in this video are for individuals filing as single. Google 2023 federal tax brackets for up to date information for married couples. It’s a common misconception that if you get bumped into a new tax bracket that you may make less than before. For example, someone making $44,000 will have a 12% tax rate but if they make just one thousand more dollars they’ll be in the 22% tax bracket. That DOESN’T mean they get taxed 22% on their entire income because for taxes, your income is divided into brackets aka chunks of your income. So the first tax bracket taxes 10% on your income up to $11,000. Then any income from between $11,001 and $44,275 gets taxed at 12%. And between $44,276 and $95,375 the tax rate is 22%. So going back to our example, the person that got bumped into the 22% bracket is only taxed 22% on any dollar above $44,275. So you’re never going to be in a new tax bracket and make less money. Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit

Real estate made easy. The loan process can be stressful and complicated. Lucky for you, I teamed up with @adobeacrobat and made a free template to make the loan process easier for first-time homeowners and business owners! This template will keep you on track with the various stages in your mortgage journey and it’ll help you map out the details of your loan so nothing gets lost in translation. Get the free template with the link in my bio! #AcrobatsGotIt #AdobePartner

You’re sending emails the WRONG way! Whether you’re sending tax returns, bank statements, copies of ID cards, or other sensitive documents, you can use @AdobeAcrobat to combine files into one PDF. The best part? You can password-protect this document so you can safely send your private information over email. These are only a few of Acrobat’s many features. You can use the link in my bio to sign up and check out the rest! #AcrobatsGotIt #AdobePartner

Renter’s listen up! 🏡 Read below👇🏾 For about the price of a burrito bowl, you can protect your personal property in case of fire or theft. And the best part is, the coverage travels with you! So even if something like your bike or laptop is stolen outside of your home, you’re covered. @Allstate #AllstatePartner And here’s a tip: the higher your deductible, the less you’ll pay per month — but you pay more out of pocket if something happens. The deductible is how much you pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in. Go to Allstate to get a free renter’s insurance quote today! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #AllstatePartner #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding#blackmillionaires #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #insurance #renter

Revocable trusts💀Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Inspired by: @addison.jarman This time comes for everyone whether you like it or not. I know, bummer. Here’s why a revocable trust may be better than a will in leaving your assets to your children. First, the pros: Assets in a trust usually aren’t subject to state and federal estate taxes. They also don’t have to go through the probate process which saves time & money. Plus the beneficiares are relieved of tax responsibility by any income generated by your assets. With a trust, the terms set forth cannot be changed by your beneficiares unlike a will. The cons: Once the trust is set up and the assets are transferred, it can be difficult to amend it. The main reason to choose a trust over a will, is the tax benefits, time saving, and peace of mind that your assets will go exactly where you wanted them to go after you pass. Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit #retirement

DON’T get gas yet! ⛽️ Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! I use the app @Upside to get the best prices on gas and they’re not sponsoring me or anything I’ve just been using them for a while :) They partner with gas stations and when you use their app you get cash back. Here’s how it works. I see an offer I like and then claim it. I have a few hours to go there and fill up and once I do I just let them know what card I used or upload the receipt. In 24-48 hours I’ll get the cash back and can redeem it to my bank account or gift cards. I’ve personally cashed out almost $200 which is like almost enough for a Chipotle burrito bowl! If you use this code (8FHWAG), you’ll get an extra 15 cents per gallon in cash back the first time you fill up. And if you refer a friend, you’ll both save even more! Again this isn’t sponsored I just want to share how I’m saving on gas so you can too. Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit

Life insurance! 🛟 Read below! 👇🏾 Anyone can benefit from having life insurance. Here’s what it is and how it works! @allstate #AllstatePartner Life insurance provides your family a tax-free payout when you die to help with things like paying off debt and covering funeral costs. The part no one tells you is that the younger and healthier you are when you get life insurance, the lower your monthly payment is AND every year that you wait to sign up, your rate could increase. So even if you’re single or you have no kids right now, it’s still the perfect time to sign up Getting a quote with Allstate is super easy. If you have any questions just comment and use the link in my bio to get a free quote! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #Allstate #AllstatePartner #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding#blackmillionaires #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #insurance

Trust funds simplified 📦 Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Inspired by @your.richbff Think of a trust fund like a solid wooden box set up by a GRANTOR who wants to leave assets like real estate, stocks, and cash to another person aka the BENEFICIARY. This is often their child or a family member. The box is assigned to a TRUSTEE who acts as a middle man. This is usually a lawyer, accountant, or trusted family member. They’re job is to make sure the GRANTOR’s wishes get carried out exactly how they wanted. For example if you, the GRANTOR, leave $200K to your teenage kids aka your beneficiaries, they could easily spend that irresponsibly. So you can dictate in your trust how much each kid gets, at what age they get it, what they can spend it on, and lots more. There’s more to this but just speak to your accountant or attorney and follow for more! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit

FREE Thanksgiving meal 🦃 Read below!👇🏾 Very heavily inspired by @your.richbff (everyone’s bff if we’re bffr) Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Because I like you, I’ll show you a way to get this year’s Thanksgiving Meal 100% free. Lots of groceries stores are partnering with iBotta to give you 100% cash back on Thanksgiving groceries. The 5 items you’ll get for free are this turkey, these mashed potatoes, this gravy, corn muffin mix, & green beans! But you have to do this BEFORE Nov 23rd and it’s only while supplies last. If you don’t need the food, consider donating it. Share this with a friend so they can get some free food! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #budgeting #money #thanksgiving #turkey #turkeyday #turkeyday2022 #thanksgiving2022 #ibotta #moneysavingtips #holidaygiveaway #holidays

If you want to save thousands on your student loans... watch this video @sofi #SoFipartner Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #SoFi #SoFiPartner #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding#blackmillionaires #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #college #studentloans #debt

Free plane tickets 💰 Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! I get my plane tickets for free because I use credit cards for EVERYTHING. Groceries, gas, subscriptions, anything. And when I do, I get points back. I also keep an eye on credit cards that I don’t have yet because some offer huge sign up bonuses which means loads of points or cash back. These points can then be transferred to american airlines, delta, united, etc. and I can redeem them for free flights, hotel stays, or car rentals. So essentially I use my credit cards *responsibly* by only buying things I was already going to buy like food, gas, and haircuts. Then I pay them off on time and in full and I get rewarded with points or cash back. If I used a debit card to buy my stuff, I’d get nothing back. I stack up these points and then travel for cheap if not free! Some of the best travel credit cards include: AMEX Gold AMEX Platinum Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase Sapphire Preferred These aren’t beginner cards but you can definitely work your way up to them with time! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit

Salary transparency 💰 Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Salary transparency helps everyone! I talk so much about personal finance on this account so it’s only right that I’m open about my own finances. Also if you’re a creator or thinking about becoming one, I wanted to show you what’s possible. Leave a comment with your occupation, location, & salary. You never know who it could help! Follow me @joshuaerabu to get better with money @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #money #finance #wealth #investing #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit #branddeals #influencerlife

Tuition hack 📚 Read below!👇🏾 Follow @joshuaerabu on IG & Tiktok & tag a friend! Inspired by: @your.richbff If you love your children then you may want to consider a 529 plan. This investment account helps you invest for educational costs. If you open the account before your baby is born or adopted, then you’d set yourself as the beneficiary and start contributing immediately. Once you get your hands on a brand spanking new baby, you can make them the beneficiary. The big benefit with this account is it’s tax advantaged! So your money will grow tax free AND you can withdraw from this account tax free for qualifying educational expenses like college, K-12, & private school among other things. BUT God forbid your kids turn out like me, and they don’t go to college. OR they’re so good that they go for free, what then? You can still use the money for trade schools, books, and other expenses besides tuition. Or you can rollover the account to their siblings OR just you know, keep it for yourself for all those cooking, golf, and bird watching classes you want to take in retirement. Follow me @joshuaerabu to learn more about money & real estate @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu Joshua Erabu is a licensed REALTOR with eXp Realty #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding #blackmillionaires #stocks #taxes #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #investing #cryptocurrency #forbes #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed #cnbcmakeit #college #tuition #studentloans

Get paid early! 🤑 Read below 👇🏾 #ChimePartner | Let’s face it, we’d all like to get paid early! @Chime is making that possible by allowing their members to get paid up to two days early when they set up direct deposit. It couldn’t be simpler. Just set up your direct deposit with Chime and get paid up to two days earlier than some of your coworkers! Apply for @Chime with the link in my bio to get started! Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC. Early access to direct deposit funds depends on payer. Follow me @joshuaerabu to learn more about money & real estate @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu @joshuaerabu Joshua Erabu is a licensed REALTOR with eXp Realty #Chime #ChimePartner #personalfinance #savemoney #wealthbuilding#blackmillionaires #instafinance #financereels #budgeting #money #finance #wealth #blackinfluencers #blackinstagram #buzzfeed

Why do they call money dough? Because we all “knead” it! So here’s how to become rich step by step. But first, keep in mind that some of these steps could take months or years to master so don’t kill yourself by trying to pay $100K in debt in like two weeks. . . . . . #money #finance #budget #budgeting #save #saving #savemoney #savingmoney #invest #investing #trade #trading #learn #learning #credit #debit #debt #wealth #rich #retirement #realestate #planner

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