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Member Since JULY 29, 2019
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It’s been a while since I’ve posted so let’s do a short update. 1. While this lockdown/quarantine has been hell for majority of the population, it came as a blessing to myself and @dangerdoza. We’re both still working as well as he was able to spend 3 weeks at home with me before fire season which is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. We passed the time with going for car rides to look at houses, crafts such as muffs stairs, games such as Rummikub and uno,and watched enough sons of anarchy to create a spin-off. 2. My paternal grandma isn’t doing well. We were given about a week for her to live on Friday so please send your love that she goes quickly and comfortably. If you know my dad, send him all the love. He could really use it right now. 3. My fibro has been INSANE lately. My hips have been hurting (something that hasn’t happened for some time) and it’s kind of thrown me for a loop. I didn’t expect this kinda pain which is probably the most frustrating part. It’s been a few years since I’ve felt pain like this and I’m just hoping it’s not here to stay. 4. Bob and I are officially looking for our newest investment: an RV that we can renovate into our own little tiny home for us and the kiddos. This is something we’ve talked about for the last year but we’re finally able to save some money so now this dream is turning into a reality. We’re hoping to be in our new “home” by the end of fire season so wish us luck! 5. Muffin was in and out of the hospital the last week or so. We came to find out that she’s so lazy and has such little energy that she’s become too fat and it’s started to affect her health. Obesity induced allergy bronchitis. She’s been treated for her illness (plus a broken tooth) as well as we have put her on a weight loss program. She’s on a strict 275kilo calorie diet with snacks being green beans and carrots. As you saw in my stories, we made muff a staircase for her to get herself into bed which has been a good workout for her. We also go for walks once a day and will increase as she can tolerate. Her and I have both been getting our exercise 😂 . So, what’s been going on with all of you lovely peeps during this time? How have you been?

Try to flatten the curve. Don’t forget to wash your hands. Thank those on the front lines! ♥️ We’re all in this together. Just six feet apart. Together we can slow the spread. ♥️ Most of all Be kind. This isn’t just about you, but also those that you love. ♥️ . I teamed up with a fewwww of my friends to spread some love and give a couple reminders in this hard time. As an essential employee during this time, I’ve seen so many front line workers hustling and bustling to ensure this world stays turning. Thank you to everyone who is still working in this time. To everyone who is not, please remember to stay home unless absolutely necessary. This isn’t just about you but about those of us working, those unable to protect themselves when they do go out, and most near and dead to your heart, those you LOVE. Let’s end this thing by standing together with standing 6ft apart, practicing proper hand hygiene, being kind to one another and staying home 🤍 . Tag a friend who you are proud to stand with! #SafeAtHomeForAll #thankshealthheroes Since instagram only allows us to tag so many, here are the lovely ladies from the next two slides (in order from left to right) @mommareview @youngmommylife_ @steph_meshell @Shannon_plus_seven @sweatwithsonya @morganlorraineblog @ourrobinsnest @thehobblets @livinlovinmommin @blairs_mommy @jessica_michelle_xo @kahentiiosta @ashnicoleanastasio @ohludwinn @emilyruthbanwart @meetmylittleloves @mommareview @adrienneeellen @heykellybunnelly @mommareview @Bowrabrittany @annpaige_blog @lifeasavirgin @meetmylittleloves @t1_tey @pleasentlypinner @beautifully_candid @still.sandii @mamawrites @jessicalmuong

You know, I’ve had a lot of trouble lately trying to find the motivation and inspiration to post something meaningful so today, we’re just going to be real. . Last May when my doctors told me it would be in my best interesting to quit working and pursue treatment for my fibro, it was suuuuper hard to make that transition. I had been working multiple jobs for years to pay for college and all I knew was working full-time. . When I made the transition back into the work force about a month ago, it was and still continues to be difficult, exhausting, but exhilarating. For the first time in a year, I’m independent, am paying all my own bills and am saving for my future with my sweet man @dangerdoza. . In the last year, I learned so much about myself but the biggest lesson by far was living a very minimalistic lifestyle. I learned that what really mattered most was WHO I had around me versus WHAT I had. The things that cost all the money, the things that used to stress me out because I “couldn’t afford them”; none of those things mattered because what I could afford no longer relied on the status of my bank account but instead, how I felt. . In a time like this, where our world is so uncertain, we have to remember the little things that matter. The Who we have and How we feel; those are the keys to life 🤍 . What are the little things that matter most to you? There’s no wrong answer 🧡

“Not today, I don’t have enough spoons” 🥄 . Wth am i even saying? 😂 so get this: as someone who struggles with energy levels due to chronic illness, I’m considered a “spoonie”. I’m not a fan of this term but I love referring to my spoons as something everyone can see even though no one can lol my “spoons” are essentially my amount of energy for the day. Some days I start out with 100 spoons and that’s plenty to get through the day. Other days, I wake up with only 10 and just getting out of bed takes two spoons. Taking a shower takes another. Washing my hair takes another 5......... so recently I’ve been relying on dry shampoo to get me through these drastically-changing-weather Spring weeks. . COLAB’s ultra-fine + powerful oil absorbing formulation doesn’t build up on the hair, meaning no excess product or white residue! Brown, blonde, black or rainbow, your color will still shine with COLAB dry shampoo. Following the hair perfume trend, COLAB has created some seriously amazing scents that leave your hair smelling and looking amazing. They are proud to be totally cruelty-free, against animal testing and vegan-friendly. Pick yours up at your local @target, @walmart, or @riteid at a super affordable price! . #COLABDryShampoo @colabhair #sponsored

⭐️ Social Tip Sunday 🤍 . A few weeks ago, I asked what you all wanted more from my page and overwhelmingly, you asked for social media tips, so today I’d like to bring a tip to you about ✨HOW TO GROW YOUR FOLLOWING ON INSTAGRAM✨ . There are seriously so many ways to grow your page: Loops, pods, groups, giveaways, sticking to your niche, but by far, my most favorite, as well as the most authentic way, to grow your account is through genuine engagement and building rapport with your followers. . But what even is engagement? Engagement is when you interact with others posts and stories by reacting, liking, commenting, sharing, saving, or even reaching out to them via dms. If someone comments on your post, go comment back on one of theirs and start a conversation with them. Get to know your followers and get to know other people you admire. The more you get to know the people that are interacting with your page, the more they will want to get to know you on a personal level and follow you ❤️ . The next time you’re engaging, make sure to protect your device with a case from @supcaseofficial. I got @dangerdoza one for Christmas and I needed to get myself one after seeing just how amazing it was. If you’d like to get yourself an amazing case to protect your most valuable technology, head to the link in my bio and use code SUPFROMJP to get 10% off yours through March 3rd! This code is only valid for 5 orders so be sure to get your discount while it lasts 💙 . #supmycase

🤍let’s talk about living intentionally⭐️ . what does that even mean, amirite? For me, it means that whenever I do something, use a product, take a photo, have a conversation, there’s a purpose behind that action. I am choosing that action, that product, that moment for a reason. It has been carefully thought and planned out before I even introduced this activity into my life. I do my best to live with intention to give my life more of a purpose . A few ways that I like to live more intentionally are: • practicing gratitude • uphold my boundaries and say “no” when I mean it • choosing aluminum or glass containers over plastic • making the bed everyday • avoiding gluten, alcohol and caffeine • telling @dangerdoza how much I love and appreciate him daily • wearing sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer with SPF . One thing I have always been crazy about is my skin. My great-grandmother had skin cancer, my grandmother is currently battling skin cancer and my mom has had various patches removed due to concern so when I say I’m anal about my skincare, I freaking mean it. Lol when @she.strayed talked about wearing sunscreen a few weeks ago on her story, I asked myself, “why don’t we talk about this more often?” Whether you want to protect yourself from future sunspots or cancer, girl, WEAR SUNSCREEN . If you wanna be lazy like me though, do yourself a favor and just get some Tinted Moisturizer from @lauramercier. The light coverage is seriously perfect to wear on its own or as a base for the rest of your makeup. . Also, just in case you didn’t hear, there’s a song call “everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)” and it’s totally my jam 😂 . Tell me, what is one way you try to live intentionally? 💗✨ . #TintedMoisturizer #contest #complimentary @LauraMercier @Influenster

Hello friends! . With the influx in new faces around here, I’d love to reintroduce myself to you lovely peeps with a few fun facts about myself 🤗 . ⭐️ My name is Jessica but my friends call me JP. I got that nickname because there was always another Jessica in the room growing up: in school, at work, at random stores. It was a previous coworker who gave me this nickname 🐱🐶🐱 I have three fur kids that I love more than life. They each have their own little personalities but they’re the best of friends. You can find them cuddling each other every night 💗 I am all about women’s health and empowerment within content creation. I love to bring tips and inspiration to ladies (and gents) seeking a little bit of love and realism online. We all deal with stuff so why not help each other out? (My dms are ALWAYS open for anyone who needs to talk) 💜 I am a fibromyalgia warrior. Occasionally I go a little quiet because this disease can really be a beast but I do my best to stay up and active. My man and I are saving for me to go see a new specialist I’ve been researching to hopefully be a little more pain free. Here’s to hoping this lead doesn’t turn out like the rest of them 😅😂 🚂 I’m constantly traveling. My boyfriend lives in California and my family lives in Nevada so every other week I travel between the two states to spend time with everyone 💚 . I’d love to get to know you all so drop a fun fact about yourself below! 🤍✨ happy Hump Day, friends!

Holy moly, guys! How is it that Valentine’s Day is just days away and yet Christmas was just last week? 😅 if you’re anything like me, you’d be feeling like this year has just flown by already and have yet to take a breath. Well, fortunately, @boxycharm came through and set me up with the perfect products to clear up my skin for a big date night (our first in months) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Included in this box were some products that are now my new favorites: ⭐️ KX Active Concentrated Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum by @katesomervilleskincare ⭐️ Complexion Brush Trio Set by @alamarcosmetics ⭐️ Facial Radiance Pads by @firstaidbeauty ⭐️ Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Powder by @ciatelondon ⭐️ Refreshing Cleansing Hemp Wipes by @eviobeauty . What I ❤️LOVE❤️ about @boxycharm is that you receive 5 full-sized makeup and beauty products valued at $125 for just $25 a month! Be sure to check the link in my bio to sign up for your own! 🖤✨ . Swipe to the last pic to see the original from the edit 🤗 . #hbtboxycharmvalentines #ad #BoxyCharm #boxyadore

Happy Monday, friends! In honor of 2000 of you lovely humans wanting to view and take part in this adventure I call life, I decided to participate in a giveaway with some lovely ladies for $500! 💸🤍✨🎉💵 . What could you do with $500? Pay rent? Pay a car payment? Buy new camera equipment? Take a vacation? Pay for a college class? Whatever it is, my friends and I are here to offer you the chance to win $500 💸🤯🎉💵 . How to enter: - go to @growth.giveaway and follow everyone they are following - comment “done” on the giveaway post so we know you’ve entered - BONUS entry: like the last 3 photos on my page and comment “done” on this post! . Winner will be announced via @growth.giveaway on Sunday 🤗 . Good luck, friends! ✨🤍💸

The last couple months, I’ve been looking for an artist to collaborate with that could illustrate a photo for me. I was looking for someone who could illustrate exactly what I had in my head and damn, @hannahkaplanart nailed it! ⭐️ Thank you so much, Hannah, for creating such a beautiful photo for me. You are seriously talented and Im so honored we were able to work together . Message Hannah if you’d like an amazing work of art like this for yourself or a loved one 🤍 swipe your see the original ➡️

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. -Michael Jordan . Welcome to Fibro Friday, friends! This is a place I hope to be able to bring awareness to a disease not many know about and educate my friends on something many humans deal with on a daily basis . So, what even is Fibro? 💜 . Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, memory issues, interrupted sleep and cognitive impairments. This condition is chronic, meaning it’s here to stay. It occurs more frequently in women than men and doesn’t always have a definitive cause. A few causes, though, comprise of infections (viral, bacterial or even mold), surgery, emotional or physical trauma, stress or genetics . So why does it hurt? 😣 . Researchers believe that fibromyalgia patients brains change with repeated nerve stimulation causing an abnormal increase of chemicals in the brain that transmit pain. When this change happens, our brains develop a memory of our pain + overreact. Out brain continues to play our pain on repeat causing us to be become sensitive to painful stimuli, or any stimuli for that matter. (Sometimes I’ll flare if I get too excited about something too quickly 😅) . You guys asked me soooo many good questions about this thing that I live with everyday and I hope to get to them all soon, but if you have any short ??’s for me to answer down below, I’d be happy to! Future posts will include: my day-to-day, struggles, treatments and my fibro story so stay tuned for those . *Any info that was not my own, came from the @mayoclinic article on Fibromyalgia

You are so much more than who others’ think you are 💖 . You are not too skinny You are not too fat You are not too pretty You are not ugly You are not too short You are not too tall You are not too emotional You are not unstable You are not too dumb You are not too smart You are not behind in life You are not too blonde . You are not any of the things people “think” you are. You are you and it’s time to appreciate it 🤍 . In honor of today being National Compliment Day, drop an emoji below for a little extra goodness added to your day provided by me 🥰

Have you ever just found a product and been completing in love with it? That’s how I feel about the #LetsChillVoxBox 💖 . I received this box complimentary and I’m so in love. If you joined me in my stories for the unboxing, you’ll remember that I received three products: @evahairnyc Mane Magic 10-in-1 Mousse, @eosproducts Pink Me Up Tinted Lip Balm, and @goldbond_ultimate Radiance Renewal Oil-infused Cream . The ✨Mane Magic✨ by Eva NYC is my new favorite product. It gives my hair so much volume and hold that I no longer need to use any kind of hairspray or texture spray. I really do love this stuff and it’s so easy to use. Just a dime size amount of Mousse and my hair is good for the week! . I’m in love with the eos Tinted Lip Balm. If you know me, you know I rarely wear makeup + when I do, it’s very light. The Tinted Lip Balm offers a lightweight lip color while moisturizing your lips which is the perfect combination for me!💋 . The Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Cream makes you feel like you’re on vacation but without all the sun damage. it smells soooooo good. With 🥥coconut + 🥑avocado oil and 🥭mango butter, your skin will feel hydrated but not greasy (which we all hate) . Head to my stories for a bit of #bts from this solo shoot 💕

✨Happy Just-the-Tip Tuesday, friends!✨ . I’ll be honest, I don’t know who Kivin is or how he conducted his research but one thing I do know is that you’ll thank me later for telling you about his method. Look up the Kivin Method and ask your partner to try it next time you get intimate 🤗 . Have you heard of the Kivin method? If so, what are your thoughts!? 🤍

Happy Motivation Monday, friends . Are you like me and lack motivation to get up in the morning + tackle the day? If so, here’s a tip to combat that feeling (I’m still currently working on these myself 😅. Hey, pobody’s nerfect <a pat on the back to the person who gets this reference) . A good, productive day always starts the night before. Make a list for yourself of things you want to accomplish the next day + one thing that you enjoy and cross them off as you go along. You’ll feel super accomplished by the end when everything is crossed off your list + you’ll feel a little extra giddy because you did something you enjoy that day ☺️ . Tell me, do you suffer from lack of motivation like I do? What is one thing that you would add to your to-do list to ensure you felt accomplished?

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