Jenny Radish

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A little blog called Radish. Former fashion writer turned witty mom blogger sharing our medium crunchy, vegan-ish lifestyle and toddler style in Salem, MA

Location Salem MA
Member Since MAY 13, 2019
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Happy FryDay!! (AD) We are loving our new Air Fryer from @officialpowerxl Not only does it make crispy, delicious French fries that aren’t greasy, but it makes the most perfect Brussel Sprouts! There’s a link in my bio and the code “20QZJD1T” will you give you a discount! #mypowerxl

I’m not buying into any New Year, New You stuff this year. But before the new year, I did resolve to start moving my body more in hopes of feeling better and to just take better care of myself. I feel like I’ve lost my spark, understandably, but I want it back! Over the last ten months, I’ve reached more for the easier self care like a face mask and um pizza because I’ve been so focused on taking care of my children during this weird time and homeschooling and managing my own anxiety. So I’m challenging myself which also makes me a little sore - I am loving this Merriment Balm by @myjihi for the little aches and pains I’ve had. (AD) It smells deliciously minty (the scent alone picks me up) with CBD isolate, menthol and so many more natural ingredients; it works almost immediately to sooth sore muscles, anxiety hives and even period cramps. I’m also loving their Petal Milk Serum because you know your girl can’t resist trying out new skincare! I’m also in love with @myjihi as a brand; their focus on women and self-centered wellness is inspiring me. Use the code JENNY10 for 10% off your order! #Jihipartner #Jihigiftedme #Jihiearlyaccess

Everything that’s been going on this week has been making scared, sad, disgusted and anxious. CBD takes the edge off and @cbdinfusionz are my favorite because they work and I’m they’re candy! Thank you @cbdinfusionz ! 😘 The code RADISH gets you 25% off thru the end of January!

I can’t promise that @buddydrops_ will make your best friend as cute as Charlie but they will probably help with joint pain, tummy troubles and chill ness. CHARLIE15 gets you 15% off your order!

Building jets while wearing a tutu! #moodmonday (building set gifted from @hometter_oa - link in my bio and use the code: 10VBSKOLJR for 10% off)

Cheers to that Friday morning cup of coffee! We’ve been drinking @coopersgourmetcoffee this week and it is so good: bold, rich and smooth! And anyone that signs up on their website gets a free sampler pack! Just go to the lower right corner of their website from now until 5pm on Monday to get yours!

I feel like we could all use a cookie today. I’ve been trying to eat less gluten and dairy because I feel so much better without them. (AD) These superfood cookies from @loveandchewbrands are so yummy and they’re all natural, non gmo and free of dairy and gluten. And they’re chewy!! If you’ve ever tried a gluten-free cookie, it’s hard to find one that isn’t crispy. Check out the link in my bio and use the code JENNYRADISH to save! #cookiecollective #loveandchew

Found this cute sweater the other day and couldn’t wait to wear it out on my back deck 😂

Some days, the best part of homeschool is the class pet.

Sassy Saturday is being replaced with Mood Monday because Maple is way more than just Sass, she’s a whole mood! #moodmonday

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