Jenny Radish

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A little blog called Radish. Former fashion writer turned witty mom blogger sharing our medium crunchy, vegan-ish lifestyle and toddler style in Salem, MA

Location Salem MA
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Happy TWELFTH birthday to my Charlie Emmet!! I can’t believe it’s been almost twelve years since this angel entered my life. I am never not excited for his cuddles and tail wags. This year, the kids and Charlie have really grown to love each other and I love seeing him seek them out for a head pat or hopping up to cuddle on their beds. Charlie, please live forever. ❤️

Reason #84928 that I love @liquidiv that hint of ginger in the Energy Multiplier takes all the queasiness out of Aerial Barre class. The #liquidiv Black Friday sale is going on now and with my code you get 30% off and free shipping. Perfect time to stock up and great as a stocking stuffer! (Affiliate) #livfam #liquidivpartner

I dismissed Judah early from school on Friday because I was able to schedule the first dose of the vaccine for both kids. My mom came for moral support but the kids did amazing! After we drove to @sonicdrivein for slushes and pretzels the we went to @michaelsstores to get supplies for an afternoon of epic crafting. I noticed how happy the kids were and I thought about how the afternoon reminded me of something we have done a year ago when we were homeschooling during the height of the pandemic. I realized later that the kids were happy because it felt like those days, because that became their normal. Despite how nice it feels to me to be back in some kind of routine and to have them back in school (and while they are thriving in school), this isn’t their normal. Pandemic life was almost two years of their few years of life. They don’t remember the old version of normal. So while I’m sighing a small sigh of relief over their first dose of the vaccine and dreaming of a normal that doesn’t exist anymore, they’re stepping into the unknown. We all are really. 📸 circa January 2020 (they were so little)

I had some fun getting dressed for carpool line. Everything is thrifted!

The Salem Food Truck Festival is our favorite event of the year and the Math Wizard series is our favorite of the @playosmo games. And their latest game: Fantastic Food Truck is two of our favorite things combined! Both kids love it! I wish they had had these games when I was younger because maybe I would be more confident with my own math skills. Thankful they have it now! Are you a “math person?” #OsmoSocialClub #OsmoMathWizard

Getting my greens on the Go! #8Greensgiftedme their Greens Lollipops and they are a yummy way to have a little treat and gets some healthy greens at the same time! @8greens #octolyfamily

@mindyourownfrizzness sent me a bottle of their hair oil and it deserves it’s own square. I have spent most of my life taming my frizzy hair and this is the first product that does the job and doesn’t make my hair greasy! I’ve used it on wet hair now as well as my ends when my hair was dry and it is magic! #mindyourownfrizzness

This guy brings me coffee in bed almost every morning. ❤️ So I can’t be made that he drank almost the entire case of these Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk Vanilla Lattes that @risebrewingco sent me. (Gifted) I also can’t blame him because they’re delicious! They’re not too sweet and they’re made with just a dash of organic Vanilla sourced from Madagascar. We packed a few when we went away for the weekend and they were perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Follow @risebrewingco and use code FYIRISE15 for 15% off and free shipping on your first order!  * All organic, dairy free, gluten free, plant powered, and nitrogen infused * Flavor: Refreshingly smooth to provide a great taste with every experience  * RISE uses only organic ingredients (for taste, health, and the planet) * 80 mg of naturally occurring caffeine per can #risebrewingco #nitrocoldbrewcoffee #riseandgrind #riseup #howirise

Today, I had the best kind of impromptu day. @laura_christensen_stylist texted that she was going to be at an event @mills58peabody and I was actually able to go. I texted my bestie and she was able to meet there. I scored two pairs of vintage “mom” jeans that actually fit me and don’t look like I’m wearing #jncojeans 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ We bought some crystals and smudge sticks and then the bestie and I got pizza and wine! Just. What. I. Needed. And here is an #ootd because it’s day 5 of #countdowntotribery so go check out because their new app launches this week and you could w i n three free months and a bouq for a loved one!

#countdowntotribery day 2: a family photo from our trip to the White Mountains! Follow along with me and as we countdown to the launch of their new and improved app! It’s such a cool concept and you can win a three month subscription and flowers for a loved one. Check out the page for more deets!

Since Judah started First Grade, we realized that we didn’t focus enough on writing and forming letters. Thanks to @playosmo and @byjuslearning.usa We are using their awesome new set of workbooks to fill in the gaps! He loves that it’s fun and has all of his favorite @disney characters; I love that it was created by educators and Maple can use it too! #LearnWithBYJUS

You never know what your kids are going to bring home with them: an art project, a birthday party invite or athlete’s foot! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m excited to have @puriyabrand ‘s new Free to be Active Balm for whatever life throws at us! 🌱Puriya's Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm is NOW AVAILABLE to order on Amazon! This extra-strength plant-based balm can help treat athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock-itch and more. Take advantage of their special launch price today, ONLY $19.99 (retail is $34.99)! 🌱 Clinically proven, fast-acting itch relief ✨ Powerful antifungal treatment 🥰 Moisturizes dry, cracked skin 💚 Treats athlete’s foot, jock itch & ringworm 🌿 No steroids or harmful chemicals 👩‍⚕️ Physician formulated sponsored, #puriya #freetobeactive #ringworm #athletesfoot #jockitch #skincare #antifungal

Do you let your kids use screens on school days? We don’t usually but I’ve been making some exceptions so I can pack by allowing some educational ipad time! (Ad) We are loving this new app from @byjuslearning.usa because not only is it educational but it also features all of our favorite characters from @disney and @pixar #BYJUSLearning

When the weekend is so close you can almost see it and your shirt is on backwards but you’re rocking it anyway.

In the words of Willie Nelson: Just breathe. I know Eddie Vedder wrote that song but I thought The Willie version was more appropriate for this post.😉 Link in my bio for my latest little form of self care.

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