Jenny Hart

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Travel writer and local NYC expert

Member Since FEBRUARY 27, 2019
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  • Traveling
“The Stationary Traveler“ aka College Jenny

This is the reason I chose my Israel adventure to be the starting point of my "Travel Diary," though I took many domestic and international trips with my family before that. I continued to learn about myself as a traveler and about the travel industry in college (from an economic and geographic POV) by majoring in Global Studies. The two tangible things I have to show from my GS education are my thesis paper, in which I attempted to explain the difference between a tourist, traveler, and global citizen (I swear I thought this was a creative, original idea at the time), and my intern blog. The Global Studies department agreed to give me credit for this internship (I already done plenty for the Journalism department, my other major) on the condition that I wrote about my experience.

New year, new opportunities

It's been great getting to work on several different staffs, produce a variety of content, and of course, make that cheddar, all while having job security. I wasn't looking for a new job, but I loved Redbook. That email turned into more emails, which turned into phone calls, which turned into interviews, which turned into skills tests, which, crazy enough, resulted in a job offer. This will mark the second time a past internship has turned into a paying job for me... which is two times more than what's typical.

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