Jenni Lee

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Retired Nurse Practitioner. Amazon Influencer and Amazon Live Streamer. content creator, tiktoker, little person

Location Ohio United States
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 21, 2019
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I’m not feeling so hot today, but I’ll be back to my chipper hyper self tomorrow, promise. Till then enjoy my new complimentary solar powered animal repellent. I’m only putting it near the garden so no animals sneak up and eat anything(still working on getting the garden going lol) but I like animals in my yard, I’ll sit on the deck in spring and summer and just watch them. I get a lot of wild animals, if you remember I had a cougar out there one day. Oddly enough, I’ve never seen deer out there, not even once. I’ve seen them on the road, but never in my yard. So far I have rabbits that live out there, my neighbors have livestock, and I’ve seen opossum, I think a beaver, I think a mole, chipmunks that live here, mice, the cougar, lots of different kinds of birds including an owl, hawk, and crane!!! I’m 30-50 minutes away from Lake Eerie, but they come to my creek, cats, dogs (they might be someone’s tho, some have collars, snakes(lots of snakes) and I think that’s it so far. I’ll update you if I see anything new. Do u get animals in yard? Do u like them? Or do u want to repel safely. O btw yes my repellent is SAFE! #earnscommissions #thiningoutloud #whenihaveabadilikenature #natureheals #imstillhealing

Did u know lava rock is a natural essential oil diffuser? Well if u didn’t, u do now. My chakra bracelet has lava rock, tigers eye, and black onyx. I used orange and peppermint today, the peppermint for my migraines, and orange for energy. Who needs energy drinks, when essential oils are safe. Learn more in my most recent greatest & latest blog article. Deets in stories #earnscommissions #lavarockbracelet #lavarockjewelry

Todays edition of Hillbilly High Fashion, and outfit is also great for working out, fitness fashion. If you don’t like sporting a sports bra alone, it looks great with a looser tank over it as well. This pattern for the sports bra is currently sold out, but there’s still tons of amazing patterns and solid colors. Check my stories for deets #outdoorlook #lotd #fitnessfashion #earnscommissions

This Shapewear is da bomb! I have it in nude too, and believe the color matters for certain outfits, so if you need help choosing ur Shapewear then check my stories for my latest & greatest blog article This Shapewear has tummy control and butt lifting from @amazonfashion #earnscommissions #bestshapeofmylife

My new tummy control butt lifting Shapewear, do u know how to pick the right Shapewear for you? If not Check out my latest blog article on how to choose the right Shapewear This one from @amazonfashion #tummycontrol #buttlifting

Get Ready with me on @tiktok old lady style, with some fun tips

I may have lost this battle, but imma win the war #ididntlose #battleroyale

I really don’t care what anyone says about me, the more they gossip, the more I make cha Ching 💵🤑 My outfit from my new collection; hillbilly high fashion From @amazonfashion #earnscommissions #camokeggings #comfycamo

I call this look part of my new collection titled “hillbilly high fashion” Outfit from @amazonfashion check my stories for deets #hillbillyfashion #founditonamazon #earnscommissions

Taking @sandytheminiaussie for a walk, in style of course #walkingthedog

I did not win my battle, but it was so worth it, it was a good time, and I got to network. That’s what it’s all about. Happy Memorial Day. To freedom Live as though you are free, and soon u will be, 🤸‍♀️👁 #freedom #memorialdayweekend

Battle time!!!! Whoot whoot! 🚊all aboard the battle train! Starting in a matter of minutes @tiktok @royaltytalentus

Don’t forget my Yuge Battle tonight at 8pm est on @tiktok It’s my first, and my opponents first, come watch us not know what to do lol. Fr I think he has an idea. #tiktokbattle

Hope you all are having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t forget with all the cookouts that my TikTok battle starts at 8pm est sharp. #memorialdayweekend

My Ultimate Guide to Self Tanners Watch me glow with my new tan. A tan with no cancer risk or speeding up my aging lol. #sunlesstanning

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