Jada Gossett

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I'm an adult figure skater that exudes passion for wellness and participation in the lifetime sport for anyone with any interest to start. I vouch for intuitive eating, making healthy choices, enjoying life and being kind to oneself in whatever way that looks to each individual person.

Location Philadelphia, PA
Country United States of America
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This year felt pretty unremarkable as far as skating goes. But this #topnine2020 reminds me that we're doing something different here. It's no secret that those 3 infographics made a splash. You guys love my Velvet Room dress. I took one test this year and passed with only a few months back on the ice. I revived my old video content when I was uninspired to move from my bed. And somehow I found new life in my performance at Sectionals. 2021 already has a few things prepared. This is a community no matter what size or likes or comments or shares I get from day to day. I hope you all will embrace the new stuff as much as the old! Happy new year 🎆

Everyone's constantly taking prolonged breaks from skating due to the pandemic! I took a month off and decided to document the first three sessions back on the ice. Tap the link in my bio to watch the video 🥰⁠ ⁠ It's crazy to see how my skating skills overall have maintained or even improved, but the lack of strength is making other skills really hard to get back. I didn't realize just how much core and hip strength I had built before all of this happened 😓 Who wants a new challenge once the plank challenge is over? I can think of some over the next few weeks 😁😁⁠ ⁠ #figureskating #adultfigureskater #iceskate #iceskating #figureskatinglove #ilovefigureskating #skatinglessons #blackgirlsskate #adultsskatetoo #dancersofinstagram #wegetup #determinationworks

Kind of the perfect set up, honestly? Link in bio for the look on my YouTube channel 😘

So it's been...over a year since I've actually drilled back swing rolls 😬 Don't show my coach my bent skating leg. I tested Swing Dance in 2019 and well, haven't needed em until recently. It's very alarming how used to skating backward without watching what's behind me, which is normally a no-no but we haven't figured out how to solo dance without imaginary partners 🤭 Taught myself Ten Fox today! It's not impossible but it's definitely the more difficult of the 3 in Bronze. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I literally just learned it 😅😅 I'll let you know in a few weeks how it's going. #swingrolls #icedance #icedancer #solodance

If you’re bored, I just put up a 19 minute video talking about my skate collection on my YouTube channel! Link in the bio~ give me a subscribe while you’re at it 😘 #figureskates #figureskate #adultfigureskater #girlsskate #blackgirlsskate #coloryourice #inlineskates #quadskates #rollerskater

Are you participating in the #jsdplankchallenge ? Here's a fun variation! I did 45 seconds of a high plank before this thinking I would be fine 😆 Tbt to the EBF ROAD days when @pandahamandah would give us an entire round of planks 😅

Back on the ice 😍 a month off was a lot easier than 4, and most of my elements are fine!

Y’all are crazy🤪 Thank the people in my stories for this one. Leave a 👊 in the comments if you’re ready to work! After a lot of researching, I put together this plank challenge without actually testing it so...let’s test it together! I hated seeing all the challenges online that have you holding 3 minute-long planks for half the month, and while I appreciated the variations offered on some sites, I can see where some folks might not feel/see growth. Here’s the skinny: 30 days, 4 rest days, at least 2 types of planks. The first 15 days are designed for you to build a regular plank practice. Then, the second half of the challenge allows you to pick a harder plank that you can do without hurting yourself. Maybe you like seesaw planks, or side planks, or high planks with shoulder taps; the possibilities are endless, really. I personally love a little hip dip while in a forearm plank! It’s evil 😈 This was designed for anyone to participate, so if you can already hold a minute-long plank, you’ll start with a harder one. Or you can do 3 sets of the time listed in the challenge! What I’m gonna do is post myself doing different plank positions to give you some ideas for your second half of the challenge, but feel free to do your own research! Please use the tag #jsdplankchallenge to see who else is using this and cheer each other on! If you’re following along with me, I will start on January 6th! Also I have to note that I am not a fitness professional, and have no certification or credentials; please consult your health team before starting any new fitness program and you will be participating in this challenge at your own risk. I worked in a gym long enough to see enough people really hurt themselves from overexerting 😬 #plankchallenge #plankworkout #30daychallenges #fitnessgoals💪 #coreworkouts #adultfigureskating

Ignoring this mess of a room (it is an underutilized spare room in the house lol), guess who's training splits again?! I stopped pretty much right after I posted my progress video in the summer, but I really want to get flexibility back so I can train strength in this position too! #splitsprogress #thesplits #splitstraining

Thank you to @americanicetheatre for hosting the @brilliance_melrose giveaway! Swipe to see my entry 🥰 2021 is all about rolling on the floor and making creative movements on ice. Hopefully I can get inside a dance studio again one day?! #figureskates #marbletiles

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