Arianna, Ivy & Sierra

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Hey there! I'm Arianna, and you can usually find me with my dogs, Ivy and Sierra. Together, we fill our souls with adventures in the mountains, chasing waterfalls, hiking the backcountry, and searching for sights that take your breath away. We're always looking forward to our next adventure, and hope that we can inspire you to get out there and feel the same joy we do.

Location Nashville, TN
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 20, 2020
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Appetite (almost) as big as her ears!! This little baby girl can chow down - would you believe me if I told you she gets double the breakfast that Ivy does?! Her @rawfed_k9 keeps her fueled up for alllll the nonsense she could ever dream of getting into 🙈

These little fluffy butts in their backpacking packs are the cutest thing!! It’s like taking kindergarteners out to recess in a single file line and trying to make sure you don’t lose any 😂

Walking into hot girl summer like... I aspire to wake up every day with the same amount of confidence Ivy has in herself. She knows she’s a 10 and has the attitude to match 😂

Late night shmee beach post! Her goofy little smile with her big ole ears and squinty eyes just kill me. This girl would live 24/7 at the beach if she could!

Happy birthday Amanda!! We’re so thankful to have the best adventure buddies. From road trips to waterfalls to hiking our camping gear a mile up in the snow, these memories are some of the sweetest I’ve made here in Tennessee. Thankful for you!!

When I ask them “do you see the birdies?!” collars by @wilderdog (code IVY10)

Beyond ready for those late night summer backpacking sunsets... I’m debating where to head out this weekend - we’ll probably end up doing a solo backpacking trip but yet to be determined!

“Hey Amanda, let’s see if we can get another Finn and Sierra howling pic!” .... Clearly this worked out well!

“Messy? Me?! Couldn’t be!” - Sierra Bathtime with Sierra could be it’s own Olympic sport with how much she tries to skirt her way out of it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s slipped away and I’ve chased her soapy little wet butt around my yard! That’s why I LOVE @booyahpets wipes - they’re made with no harmful ingredients and make clean up time literally so easy I don’t even think Sierra realizes she’s getting cleaned up until it’s all done! With how much we travel and hike, these have been a lifesaver for on the go clean ups. Check out our stories for a link!

Textbook definition of “Instagram vs. reality...swipe to see how life looks 99.9999% of the time for these hooligans 😂

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