Mary Gaskins

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Based in D.C. I create hair, home, and wellness content for black women.
✉️ •Healthy #NaturalHair •Renter Friendly #HomeDecor •Happy Plants

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Imposter syndrome is a liar. Say it with me ... imposter syndrome is a liar. As I finished chapter 5 of @luvvie ‘s book, Professional Trouble Maker, and gather what’s left of my edges 🥲 .... I realize I still have to work on NOT listening to that doubtful voice that wants to convince all of us: - We don’t deserve to go out for that better job opportunity - Our work isn’t good enough (especially in creative fields) 😫 - We’re too different to be valuable - We aren’t worthy of nice things - We aren’t deserving of loving relationships - We should default to saying NO instead of letting ourselves say YES Listen I’m giving y’all the cliff notes because sis went in attacking the fact that all of us can be our worst enemy sometimes by listening to this lying voice, so here’s your reminder to stop listening! It may be that we are never able to get rid of that voice completely but we can work to turn the volume down. #mentalhealthmatters #impostersymdrome

My Curly Salon Experience

I've been on the hunt for a good salon that can care for the variety of curls and kinks on my head and even though natural hair has surged in popularity finding a salon HAS BEEN TOUGH! I'm aiming to reach new lengths with my curls so finding a salon to help curly hair maintenance was key. As soon as I entered the space I was greeted by Leah the other stylist at Diaspora salon. We got started with the HAIR & CURL DETOX TREATMENT™ This treatment is a signature of the salon and is described as the following on the website: This stellar treatment detoxifies, hydrates and restores dry and parched hair.

No one: Not a soul: Me: OMG it’s SPRING! It’s gonna be warm today ! Wow it’s still light outside and it’s 6:30pm ! Safe to say I’m my happiest in this season 😅😅anyone else struggle with seasonal depression this past winter? • • • #blackstyleblogger #dmvblogger #dclifestyleblogger #dcinfluencers #dmvblogger #dmvliving #springstyle2021 #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlswhoblog #seasonaldepression #daylightsavings2021 #anntaylorloft #dccontentcreator

Girl where you been!!!

Let's just say I spent half the month sick and the other half helping my sis who got sick. I'm back and feeling a bit better and trying to walk the fine balance between my main job, side hustle, and creative endeavors. I'm wanting to enjoy creating again and sharing with y'all both here on my Youtube, and on my IG. I'm excited to share my curly salon experience with y'all in my next post....

Room refresh for the first day of spring. I love rotating my room like I rotate my closet. Here’s how I did this EASY ROOM REFRESH: - I swapped out pillow covers (super affordable and easy to do) and switched my @ruggable rug cover. - I also moved my room divider closer to my bed and made my night stand a new side table. I love how it turned out, I’ll also refresh my bed linens for a lightweight set as the weather gets warmer and that’s it. Oh and I stored my darker winter accents away until the next time I’m ready to use them. Are y’all digging the new look? (All brands are tagged ) Also y’all see how big Mo (the monstera is getting 😳 even on the floor she’s gotten so tall)

My Favorite Foodie Spots: DC Edition Pt.1

As promised I'm back with more of my favorite foodie spots in my hometown of DC. Here are some of my fave spots: This little hole in the wall restaurant throws down when it comes to super authentic Cuban cuisine. I'm a sushi lover but even those that are a bit less adventurous with their food tastes will love the sushi hear. The Double Trouble is winner especially alongside their Lychee martini ( summer drink) or Girls Adore Me (Fall/Winter)

This past weekend my sister and myself (my sister mainly) experienced discrimination. I’m not going to lie although I know this sort of thing still happens, it was jarring seeing it up close and feeling it. The crazy part is that as a black person even when your in the right you feel that burden of how things will look and be perceived and somehow feel like it could possibly be your fault. Now I ain’t gonna lie I’m a bit scrappy (God ain’t done with me yet🥲) so I was ready to fight... but I could see my sister was genuinely upset (reasonably so) and it wasn’t worth it, leaving was the better option. I remembered @mikaela.pabon sharing a similar experience on her stories and I thought I can at least share what happened, and I expected to get a few DMs but the response was overwhelming in a good way! You guys showed up and rallied to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. While stories like this don’t always end in an apology and resolution I’m glad to see this kind of discriminatory behavior isn’t just accepted in the way it has been in the past. We give social media a lot of flack ( which is sometimes deserved) but it really can be a force for good ❤️

3 Podcasts I'm listening to in 2019

Dr. Joy always drops so many gems and has so many amazing guests to unpack the many issues that women of color experience from the workplace to family life. She's also curated an amazing directory of therapist for those who also want a mental health professional in there life offline. The quick wrap up on this podcast is that comedians Kevonstage and Doboy talk about everything and nothing at the same time (their word's not mine lol). Like Righteous & Ratchet this podcast will have you literally laughing out loud, and did I mention they send you off with a blessing and DMX rap!

I saw these photos and man there’s a difference... While yes my hair grew in the 2 years between the photos it also got SO much healthier 🙌🏾 Here are 3 Tips for improving the health of your hair: - Let your ends go Regular trims completely changed the health of my hair. I got a lot of mixed info on how regular my trims should be once I stopped using relaxers, but I ultimately found a schedule of every 6-8 weeks works best for my hair. That’s about double the amount of trims I was getting. - Cleanse hair and scalp I wasn’t cleaning my hair as properly as I should have been for what my scalp needs. I aim to cleanse my hair and make sure I focus on my scalp when doing so. I also find my hair needs to be washed more frequently than what’s typically advised, by other naturals. I find washing my hair weekly works best ( unless I’m protective styling or rocking a silk press) -Rotate hair treatments I find rotating my hair treatments works best for me. I like mixing it up between treatments that focus on moisture and protein. This works best for my hair and helps my hair with maintaining balance. Dats it ☺️ hope at least one of these tips is helpful ❤️ #naturalhairtips #dchairblogger

And just like that the warm weather is over and there’s even a possibility for snow tomorrow 😅 hey east coast folks know the drill don’t put the winter clothes away yet. Until it’s spring forreal I’ll be rocking this cute coat from @loft and bright accessories to bring spring vibes to my wardrobe at least. Who else is counting down the days until warm weather is here ? 😅 - - #Instablogger #dcbloggerstyle #blackstyleblogger #blackbloggersunite #blackbloggersmatter #dmvbloggers #curlyhairinspiration #blackhairideas #blackhaircommunity #blackhairblogger #Naturalcurlyhairstyles #naturalcurlspoppin #dclifestyleblogger

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