Akriti Bahal

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Location Seattle, WA
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Relaxing escape IN Austin, TEXAS

Every room is adorned with colorful photogenic touches like a blue Smeg refrigerator stocked up with snacks and a mini-bar full of beverages, a sliding barn door for the bathroom and braided rugs. Lone Star Court is located in North Austin, in the Domain area, a famous shopping area known for its upscale luxury shopping, dining, events, and entertainment. You’ll certainly be able to enjoy your vacation Texas cowboy style as you sit around one of the bonfires in their courtyard and roast marshmallows or hot dogs. You also get so many more amenities, in addition to the ones provided at the hotel, when you book a stay there like a great shopping experience at the Domain, an on-site food truck court and even live music on weekends!


And if you love wine and chocolate just like us, then you’d definitely want to do this fun activity! That’s why we love taking mixology classes at home to enhance our cocktail making skills and well, also to be able to enjoy those complex cocktails at home. While there are lot of classes on Masterclass and we’ve loved taking them, we especially love the cocktail making classes from Liquid Lab, a New York based mixology company, for their uniqueness and precision to detail. Don’t forget to prepare your favorite hot drink (our favorites are mulled wine and hot chocolate!) and most importantly, s’mores!

Easy French Macaron Recipe (With Troubleshooting Guide)

You shouldn’t use cold egg whites for making macarons, it will just not result in a very stable meringue. you beat your egg whites till “happy peaks” stage, you folded the dry ingredients into your meringue and got a batter with lava-like consistency, you even let them dry till a skin formed on top of them, but they still cracked or became hollow or didn’t develop any feet!! In the French meringue method, sugar is gradually poured into egg whites as they are whisked and the egg whites are beaten till stiff peaks. 66.66 g Egg whites, aged and at room temperature (around 2 eggs) 24 hours before making macarons, separate egg whites and place them in a clean glass bowl.

Classic Choux Au Craquelin – Cream Puff Recipe

Dump all the flour at once When it’s time to dump flour in the hot water-butter mixture, do it quickly – Once the flour is in the saucepan, make sure you keep stirring it vigorously until all the flour is completely incorporated and the mixture starts to leave some butter on the pan. Oven temperature and cook time are the most important I have seen recipes that use a higher oven temperature and cook these pastries only for 20-30 minutes. Add this milk mixture to the egg yolk mixture and mix fast as we don’t want the eggs to curdle.

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