Emma Tang

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💥taiwanese american; activist in progress 🧋1st gen, influencer, lgBt, survivor 😽frequent cat content 🙋🏻‍♀️emma@intersectionalabc.com

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but they refused to believe that she was actually black bruh so we started making up stories 😭😭

hi i’m super burnt out from school so i apologize for the lack of content but pls bear with me while i figure out finals and going back to the us 😭😭

POSTING A DRAFT WHILE IM IN ISTANBUL!! speaking of istanbul, any recommendations?????

just thoughts that have been reoccurring for months now 😭😭 hey! did you know by tapping lil buttons on ur phone screen, i can pay my tuition and apartment rent?? cuz instagram is currently my full time income 😅🫶🏽

help who the hell is adam smith and why do i care about him 😭🫣

(old tweet draft) but also if your first reaction to racism in europe is “ok stupid american” LITERALLY WHAT LOL it’s just the patronizing attitude that i’m so sick of 😭

thanks malta for reminding me that i’m still hot, sexy, and resourceful 😭 anyways swipe for twitter memes !

goddamn like YALL LOST MY LUGGAGE and you’re yelling at ME??? calm down jfc 🙄 trust me i understand italian i just can’t reply that fast

swipe !!! thank you for welcoming me into your homes and community 🥺🫶🏽 i’m not trying to diminish the issues there or like say you should just go in blind but there is a level of fear surrounding these areas that i don’t think should be so intense. at the end of the day you could get attacked literally anywhere ok


(SORRY I TALK FAST WHEN IM DRUNK) no bc this video got 4.4 MILLION LIKES ON TIKTOK like thanks for capitalizing off our racism i guess ????

part of me hopes china sees this, part of me is terrified that this endangers my family there because though all i can do is share their stories, china can do so much worse. please, share this with me 🫶🏽

thank you tunisia for being so so welcoming and gorgeous !!!! i had no idea what to expect when i arrived because i’ve hardly even heard of the country. i loved every moment 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽 and i hope to come back soon!!! everything was incredible.

SWIPE// yeah you know where white supremacy originated from ?? literally europe. and that kind of mentality has taken such a toll on my emotional and mental health. it’s time to stop and re-evaluate okay !!!

wanted to wait to post this until i was feeling truly happy again !!! 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

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