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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Toronto (GTA) ๐ŸŒ hospitality & tourism advocate ๐Ÿ–Š marketing | freelance | events ๐ŸŒธ #yelpelite | google reviews ๐Ÿ’Œ collabs | PR:

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THREE WAYS TO SAVE ON TRAVEL! (See caption) One of my goals for this year was to spend as little time as possible at home. It wasn't until I recently tried to look back and count the days I've been away that I realized I managed to be out of the country for half of the year. As humbling of an experience it is to see different parts of the world, traveling is a huge expense and things add up faster than expected. Here are some ways you can save (and that has worked for me): 1. Set an amount you want to spend for your expenses and keep "emergency money" separate. For trips where I wanted to spend only $100 (max) for a week, I always ensure to have at least some spare cash or a card with me in case things don't go according to plan. 2. Booking in advance is always a great way to avoid spending more for accommodation and even tours but sometimes it's not always possible. If you're quite spontaneous with your travels, don't be shy to talk directly to the property/local company instead of booking on a third party website (and sometimes even on the company's website). This trick helped me save $25 on my accommodation in Athens recently and helped me secure a spot on a tour (super last minute - just a day before!) that was SOLD OUT online. 3. Visit a grocery store. I always love to step in a supermarket abroad as it allows me to see different things available for purchase that I can't necessarily find at home. Additionally, it's my go-to for days I want to skip eating out at a restaurant as the ingredients I can find (and sometimes even ready-made food) are much more affordable and can last me at least two meals. What do you do to save money when traveling? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

This is just a reminder that there are so many countries in Europe to discover. It's not just about the tourists hotspots like France or the U.K or Greece, look beyond those places and you'll find more affordable places to visit that are completely safe and have a lot to offer. From not knowing where to go next to ending up in Tirana (with no plans really, as usual!), I was curious to learn more about the country. Some of the things that made me choose Albania as a destination as a solo female traveler are: โ€ข Muslim population - yes I feel safer going to places with a large Muslim population but the interesting thing about Albania is that due to its past and the Communist Era, you will find that people are not very practicing here (not everyone though). โ€ข Nature - while I find it easier to get around in cities, I am always drawn to natural landmarks over buildings. Mountains? Count me in. Views? Yes please! โ€ข Affordability. It's cheap compared to other places in Europe and the food is so flavourful and delicious. I've had the best seafood pasta of my life here and the second best freshly squeezed orange juice (#1 is Morocco). Bonus: did you know you can take a ferry from Albania to Greece (the island of Corfu)? You don't need to fly into the country's capital if you don't want to see the city. You can also come from Greece and that way, you get to see two places at once! Is ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฑ on your list yet? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Life as a solo traveler from my point of view: just going with the flow. One of my favourite things about solo traveling is being able to be spontaneous on my destination of choice and my plans for my next trip. So when someone asks where I'm going to next, it's hard to answer the question. I have a rough idea of the places I'd like to go but the places I end up in are completely different than what I could ever imagine (and sometimes for the best too). ***** Where are you heading to next? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Hear me out...Mo'orea is so much better than Bora Bora. Prior to visiting French Polynesia, I'd hear more about Bora Bora than any other islands but after spending 3 nights in Mo'orea, I fell in love with it more than Bora Bora. It is much cheaper, the views are simply breathtaking and it's definitely become one of my favourite islands in the world. The best part? It is accessible by ferry from the main island of Tahiti. ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Highlights of a week visiting the Greek Isles & Naples. The best part about cruising and stopping in different places is that you get to see where you'd go back to but you also find that there are places where you don't need more than a day! Some of my favourite stops along the way were Mykonos and Rhodes. For Mykonos, I felt like a day was enough but I would love to come back to Rhodes to spend more time. ๐Ÿ›ณ : @celebritycruises Ports of call: Rome, Naples, Rhodes, Mykonos & Crete ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Only day 2 of being back to work and I'm already counting down to my next vacation. Here's one of my favourite moments from The Last Frontier. Fun fact: I spontaneously drove to Alaska last year when I went to the Yukon but couldn't cross the border due to covid. Little did I know I'd get there a few months later. Skagway (the same place I drove to) is one of my favourite places and Glacier Bay has to be my favourite national park to date! It's untouched, peaceful and breathtaking. ****** I need some travel inspiration! Where should I go next? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Last paycheck amount: $0.00 But flying to Asia only to spend 8 days and have $10 massages on the beach? Sign me up. It's been over a month since I came back from the Philippines, but it feels like the trip never happened. This trip brought forth a fresh perspective of the importance of supporting local, the impact of a simple act of kindness and finding joy in small moments, no matter how limited they are. I can guarantee you that sacrificing a paycheck for memories will bring more than what you could've gained in the paycheck. Of course it's not a sustainable choice to make all the time, but remember that money will always come and go, the opportunities that arise may not always be present so choose wisely and take advantage of it. ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Places to visit in the Medieval City in Rhodes โคต๏ธ 1. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes 2. The Roloi Clock Tower 3. The Suleiman Mosque (though it is only open once a year, or so we've been told. You can still see it from outside). 4. Street of the Knights 5. The Path of Gods (came across this when we were exploring and I LOVED the contrast between the flowers and architecture here!) Did you know the Medieval Ciry is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest fortified (and best preserved as well) in Europe? You'll come across many shops and cafes as well, so don't forget to support the local businesses while you're there. You can find spices for as long as 1 euro, to olive oil, leather goods, toys, souvenirs and so much more! ***** Keep it humble & spread โค

Behind the scenes @celebritycruises on the Edge! If you haven't booked a cruise yet (or considered it), here's 3 reasons to do so: 1. Hassle-free travel: you'll find the meaning of a real vacation. At least, I did. I'm the person who always does the research when it comes to vacay planning (yes, even if it's a last minute, spontaneous trip), so finding an option where all your options are laid out for you and you get to make your own schedule based on what's offered/available is great and makes it easier to cater to everyone's interest! 2. Food: what more could you ask for than having endless options to choose from when it comes to food? On Celebrity Edge, you can choose from speciality dining (extra cost), a buffet at Oceanview Cafรฉ (3 times a day) or fine dining at one of the 4 main restaurants. Not to forget, room service is available 24/7 too. Oh and they have halal options or lots of seafood, gluten-free, healthy and vegetarian options. 3. Overall experience: depending on what's important to you when you travel, spending a week with Celebrity Cruises allowed me to really disconnect and enjoy the moment (purposely didn't get wifi for that reason so that I can be offline and away from my phone). This allowed for meaningful conversations, connecting with the staff members (the friendliest and the best housekeeping service I've ever received in my life - despite having stayed at so many hotels and resort properties worldwide), learning through my interests and trying new things. On the ship you can find: shops, a jogging track, daily entertainment and games, a gym, a spa and so much more. One way to describe such a cruise ship experience? It's like living at a 5-star all- inclusive resort for a week, but better. You wake up and next thing you know, you're in a new country. ***** Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, have I convinced you yet? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Welcome to my crib Drawing inspiration for a home from my travels - the bonus is that it also brings back memories of the places you visited. Fell in love with this neighborhood in Mykonos on my visit! How beautiful is this? The flowers complement the place so we. ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO CONNECT WITH LOCALS ON YOUR NEXT TRIP. The best memories from my trip to the Philippines has to be the connections we made with the locals and people we met along the way. I have traveled around the world and never had a connection with locals as strong and as special as the people we met in the Philippines. From requesting for the same tour guides from the tour company to visiting our tricycle driver's village and learning how to ride a motorbike to designing flyers for our driver to eating out with our guide. These strangers became friends in the matter of hours. This is one of the joys of traveling - connecting with people around the world and making memories. ***** Have you ever met anyone on your travels that you felt sad to leave behind? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Just a few words to describe my experience at #WITSKC this past weekend in Kansas City (@visitkc). Finding a community where queens support each other and where competition doesn't exist is rare. But @maximumbeth made it happen with @sheswanderful ! From sharing a room with people I don't know to networking with amazing brands to meeting incredible women from all over, this weekend was inspiring and empowering. Despite the challenges along the way, the Women in Travel Summit has brought new friends, new opportunities and a fresh perspective on my current space and the future I hope to build in it. Some of the highlights included: โ€ข Eating at the Somali & Hawaiian restaurant (though we lost track of time and ended up missing the Bessie Awards) โ€ข The coffee tour with @urbanhikeskc (If you know me, you know I'm not huge on coffee BUT @cafecorazonkc 's coffee stole my heart!) โ€ข A photoshoot at the public library's garage with @experiencethisnext โ€ข Speaking to different people, brands and attending workshops. Thank you @christinelozada for the invite. I LOVE your energy, style and LOVED every minute of the workshop. ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

One of my goals this year is to stay as little time as possible in Canada. Just because you live somewhere doesn't make it your home. Just because you're somewhere in life doesn't mean you have to be stuck in where you are. You can reach where you want to be and get there, as long as you don't give up on making that dream happen! Where should I go next? ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

Fear is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to missing out on experiencing life's fullest potential. A lot of people started discouraging me when I mentioned that the Philippines was my next stop. "It's not safe." "You're gonna get kidnapped." "You can't go there!" It's true. When I tried to research more and read about safety in the Philippines online, that's exactly what I came across too. But if you strictly go by what you see online and what you hear (and you let that stop you/scare you), then you are the one missing out on more than you can imagine. I skipped Eid this year to be here and came across some of the friendliest, happiest and nicest people. I can't wait to see more of the country. I am already counting down to my next visit here and to all the beautiful places I want to see! ๐Ÿ“ Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ ***** Keep it humble & spread โค๏ธ

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