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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Toronto (GTA) 🌍 hospitality & tourism advocate πŸ–Š marketing | freelance | events 🌸 #yelpelite | google reviews πŸ’Œ collabs | PR:

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One of my favourite things about working with restaurants (especially small local businesses) is the connections you make. When I find a place I like, I visit quite often (some of you know that about me!). These local restaurants no longer becomes a place you want to promote, but rather, it becomes a place you go back to often, where you are recognized and you can actually have conversations beyond small talks with the owners. It becomes a place where you take part in the business's growth and journey, as a customer. Over time, you learn so much about their values, what works for them, what doesn't, and most importantly, the hard work they put in to make a business work. I have experienced this with a few of my favourite restaurants (including Masrawy - a place I have been going to since they first opened). A family-owned restaurant that has been one of our family's go-to since we discovered it, is @walimarestaurants I've visited many times before for takeout. πŸ“1185 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON ***** Have you ever had a similar experience? If so, where? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Let's talk food photography. Though I haven't given food styling and shooting (at home) much focus these past few months, due to my hectic schedule, I always enjoyed finding new props to shoot with. But, they're not always affordable. Truth be told, I spent a lot of money on food photography props and backdrops in the past 1.5 years, so I started storing them away to avoid using the items every day. I sometimes still shop for items when I come across new stuff I like. But what caught my attention most recently is @ceramikit.official ! An idea came to me: I could try making my own props for once! Ceramikit is a great gift idea for any creatives, kids or adults alike. It allows you to think outside of the box and have fun creating memories with your loved ones or friends. It can also be a therapeutical experience and a great way to unwind. I took some time out of busy schedule to try to create a coaster, a floral bowl and a platter (I got some help). What I love about this kit is that you have the choice to either make something unique, functional or just create art. Options of what you can create are endless; bowls, jewelry holders, candle holders, mugs, bowls, etc. An extra step is required for these to be food-safe and that is that they need to be fired ans glazed. All the instructions on how to do so are provided on the website, so I will be doing that next. How do you think I did? Stay tuned for the finished product once we fire these and make them food safe. How do you think I did so far and what would you like to see me create next? What would you make? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Whether you're still getting in the habit of preparing for school lunches for your kids or you're looking for a quick meal idea for your long days - these pockets are great for any age. I have been working two jobs in the past few months, in two different provinces and my schedule has been hectic. With little to no days off and often being scheduled on double shifts when I'm in Toronto, I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to try @oneworldhalal 's newest products. They are already pre-baked, so heating them up is easy and fast. They come individually packed which makes it convenient, since you can pick what you want and pack it for your lunch. The best part? It's ready to eat in minutes. You can heat it up for 1.5-2 minutes in the microwave or put them in the oven for 15-20 minutes. The pockets come in 3 different options: β€’ Chicken Shawarma (my personal preference) β€’ Beef & Veggie β€’ Pepperoni As they're not spicy, but still well spiced and they taste great, these pockets also make a great meal for kids. Find One World Halal products at a store near you - there are many locations to choose from, including Adonis, Nofrills, Superstore & more! ***** Which one would you want to try? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

How do you like your cookies? @farinedoree offers chocolatey, scrumptious and gourmet cookies that comes in the following flavours: β€’ Chocolate Chunk β€’ Walnut Chocolate Chunk β€’ White Chocolate Macadamia β€’ Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk You can even order ready to bake dough balls and enjoy freshly baked cookies at anytime! The amount of chocolate in the cookies were so generous and appreciated. They've also introduced a new loyalty program, where you can get a box of 4 cookies for free on your 7th order ! If you're a chocolate or cookie lover, then these cookies are for you. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀ ***** #farinedoree #sponsoredbynode

What kind of places do you look for when you want to eat out? When it comes to ordering take out or deciding on where to go to eat, I find that there's always a lack of healthy options. Even while going through über eats, I find that the "healthy" tab is never accurate. Even when it comes to ordering from a home business, I find that I mostly come across sweets. However, as in the past few months we've drastically cut on sugar, a lot of those options don't seem appealing anymore. I wish there was more places that encouraged people to eat better. But at the same time, I get why it's so much easier to choose the cheaper option. I really wanted to visit @kindwholefoods since I came across it. Their goal is to empower people to eat mindfully, while not compromising on taste. On my first attempt to visit (on a saturday), I found that they were closed, so I went on Monday for breakfast. Though it cost more than I would've paid for breakfast at Tim Hortons, I felt much better with my choice. Not only was the taste a lot better, but it made me feel better too. I ordered a turmeric cauliflower bowl, turmeric latte and açai bowl. It was refreshing and the best part? While the menu options were great, the café itself was so cute and such a great place to hangout. ***** Save this place for your next trip to Whitehorse! ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Looking to get a taste of damascene cuisine in the GTA? Here, you will not only be step into a restaurant with great decor and food, but you get an experience leaving you wanting more. They prepare the bread fresh in-house and feature unique menu items, such as the kunafa skewer and much more. They have an extensive menu, which makes it hard to choose a favourite item and decide what to order. What we tried: β€’ Fattoush Salad β€’ Mixed Grill β€’ Skewer Knafa Pistachio β€’ Lemon with Mint drink & so much more. Thank you for your hospitality @roman_zaman ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

When it comes to food, do you look at the presentation, taste and other factors, such as texture, freshness, etc? While I'm not a picky eater, I find that when it comes to dessert, I make more careful decisions than if it was a savoury item. I am not into cakes or donuts at all, but I wouldn't say no to a good slice of cheesecake or a crème brûlée. Presentation is always a bonus for me, but the texture and overall taste is what matters most. I don't like cupcakes or cakes generally because I don't like icing, fondant or cream and you wouldn't see me ever eating a donut. Sweetness matters to me, since I can't stand it if it's too sweet. After cutting down on sweets a while back, having dessert is more like a treat once in a while now. This green tea opera cake from @mikurestaurant was one of the best ones I've had to date. It's for sure the one dessert I wouldn't ever refuse. Now, if only I had the recipe... ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

This is your sign to choose the items that stand out for you! Pumpkin season is right around the corner, which means pumpkin spiced everything will soon make a comeback. I have never really been a huge fan of all things pumpkin, but I have always been adventurous - even when it comes to food. I may come across something that may not necessarily sound appetizing to me, but I would still want to give it a try so I know whether or not I missed out. I was a bit hesitant at first when I picked a pumpkin spiced goat milk's ice cream from @ckfarmmarket on my roadtrip about 2 months ago, since there were so many other ice cream flavours to choose from. But, I'm so glad that I decided to try something new as this happened to be one of the best ice creams I've tried to date! I would love to find more stores closer to home to be able to purchase more. It didn't even last us 10 minutes before we finished the entire tub. @udderlyicecream is not only the perfect addition to your fall menu, but it's perfect for any time during the year. I could use some right about now again! ***** Are you adventurous when it comes to food? If so, what's the most interesting item that you've tried? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀ #notsponsored #honestreviews #icecream #summericecream #yum #pumpkinspiceeverything

New flavour alert and it's vegan! That's right, the new raspberry soft serve ice cream is now available! It is: β€’ made with oat milk β€’ has no refined sugars (it's sweetened with maple syrup) β€’ lactose free β€’ has no trans fat β€’ a high source of fiber You can try it @ladiperie locations. It is a great refreshing and light treat for summer. #veganicecream #summertreays #icecream #softserve #ladiperie #giftedbyladiperie #streetsvillebia ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Choose your hard and don't live too comfortably. Before covid hit, I was used to constantly being on the go and keeping busy with several tasks at a time. As things shut down and slowed down in the past year, my routine also slowed down. So, when everything came to me at once a few weeks ago, it was extremely hard to handle and adjust back to the life I had prior to covid. So I had content creation work planned for my days off work, trips planned for my days off and basically everything went exactly how I never expected it to. I have been absent. Absent from engagement, replying to messages (I even have Eid messages I have yet to get back to), emails and so much more. Though I'm sometimes in Toronto now (something I hadn't expected until at least October), I barely even get to see my family. Perhaps 20 minutes a day max, despite living in the same house. I'm on my 11th day in a row of working 2 shifts in one day - but still, I refuse to complain (and my 18th day of work in a row). This is the choice I made. We cannot control what comes our way in life, but we can choose how we react to it. I'm grateful, grateful for being able to power through despite being behind on so many other things and despite not getting enough rest or eating well. I'm grateful, because a few months ago, I was working a job I hated waking up for. It was a normal 9-5 with regular weekends off. Yet, I gave it up only to pick the odd hours, zero days off, changing schedules and working on both sides of the country, with my commutes consisting of planes, cars, boats and/or helicopter rides. Yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. Why? Because when looking back at what I could've had, I'd rather be happy doing something I love than waking up every morning with zero motivation for the rest of the day. Likewise, with the choices you make - ensure you are doing it for you and doing it for your own happiness and your own sake. Make choices that'll keep you happy, even if it's not necessarily the easy way out. Swipe to see my first heli ride that makes this all worth it. ***** What's a decision that you had to make that wasn't necessarily easy? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors in peace this summer? By peace, I mean - make the most out of the hot sunny days outside without having to worry about mosquitos constantly coming after you. Introducing @flickoffstickers - long-lasting mosquito repellent stickers made with natural ingredients. The major perk is that they are super easy to use and super convenient. Keep a pack in your bag, peel, stick to your clothes and enjoy your day. The stickers don't make you feel sticky or smell. These are especially handy for me as I'm spending a major part of my summer in the West Coast. The stickers are perfect for all activities, including hiking, picnicking, fishing, walking or even for days where you just feel like sitting outside. Use the promo code "instafriends" at checkout to save 10% your next order and say flick off to those mosquitos! You too can smile just like the Queen for the rest of the summer. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Travel is back in full swing! Here's what you need to know to travel better: 1. Ensure to double check the requirements for your destination. Stay up to date because they can change within in a matter of hours or days. If you plan on traveling abroad, it is especially important as no two countries have the same requirements. While Morocco may require only a PCR test (and fully vaccinated passengers don't need to present a PCR test), the U.K requires more documentations, including two prebooked covid tests and a passenger locator form in addition to a negative covid test. 2. Why is it important to do your research? Mentioning this point again, simply because depending on where you are flying out of, restrictions are different. 3. Give yourself extra time. There is no doubt that the travel experience is no longer the same! While checking in to a flight might have been a quicker process before, it now takes twice or three times more time. Documents are verified multiple times and the process is much slower than before, as secondary resources need to be used to confirm validity of your documents. 4. Aside from traveling on a plane, hotel restrictions may have also changed! After staying at several hotels in the past few months, I discovered that some properties may only accept you if you are fully vaccinated, while some others have closed certain areas, such as their restaurants and gyms or they offer only take out options. 5. If you do decide to travel, choose wisely on where to go (just a tip) to avoid a headache. While planning a getaway a few weeks ago, I specifically added Sooke to my list since I knew it would be the perfect destination to relax and unplug. It really was just that and helped me find inspiration for my creativity with creating content again. Swipe to see the behind-the-scenes from @prestigeresorts Oceanfront Resort where my artsy selfie (first shot) was taken at Golden hour. Stay tuned for a blog post on a sample itinerary for Sooke. ***** Where would you like to escape to? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Somewhere between the chaos of life these days, it's the small moments like this that keeps me sane. Whether it's 5 minute to stargaze or a short 10 minute walk home or a few minutes by the water at sunrise, these small moments allow me to pause time for a while and cherish the moment for what it is, rather than letting it slip every single time. Somewhere between long work hours, long commutes, little to no sleep, barely any time off and eating once or twice a day, it's views like these that'll keep me going. It's knowing that no matter how busy life may get, there is still a chance to stop for a moment and breathe. There is still a moment to appreciate where we are now, rather than constantly stressing about what's to come. I have so many messages left unanswered, comments and emails I need to reply to, and I will get there, eventually. I need some time. Taking a step back this past week reminded me that it's okay. It's okay to slow down and to not have to explain why. I'm starting to get back to the lifestyle I had before covid hit, where I was constantly on the go. While it's been a little harder to adjust since I'm no longer used to it, the one positive outcome of the pandemic allowed me accept that it's okay to slow down. ***** What have you been up to these days? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Reasons why you should go camping at least once in your life: 1. There are many health benefits associated with camping, from being able to regulate your body clock and appetite to getting more exposure to vitamin D and more. 2. Camping helps relieve stress and it is also a great way to unplug. It's goos to also step out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable from time to time. 3. Explore untouched lands and get the chance to exercise. Some of my favourite activities include being able to get out on the water and sitting by a campfire, but aside from that - I also love coming by new places. 4. The best lessons you can learn are outside of the classroom. Camping is a great way for kids to educate themselves on essential life skills that could come in handy in life threatening situations. 5. Enjoy the peace. Listening to the sounds of birds chirping, the wind and the sounds of leaves can be quite calming to the soul. ***** Have you been camping? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

Tell me about a product or brand that has changed your life! I'll go first. @bawahbeachwear ! Where has this been all my life? I can officially enjoy summer to the fullest, while staying modest and being comfortable. One of my favourite summer activities is to get in the water, whether it's going for a dip in the lake, going kayaking or paddling, these outdoor activities are some of the things I enjoy most about summer. However, I also felt restricted when it came to those because despite coming across "modest" swimsuit brands before, I still never felt comfortable being outside in them, so I'd always find a cover up or something else to wear. But, the collection from Bawah Beachwear has been a gamechanger! Now I can explore more of the world's beauty, both on land and at sea. It made me so happy to get into a swimsuit that I felt happy in. Not only was it super comfortable and fashionable, I actually felt good too and didn't have to worry about it sticking to my skin. The material is amazing and there are different designs. Here, I'm wearing the Sunny Side swimdress from the O'Hara collection. For the scarves, you can choose to purchase a folded or flat scarf which is great. This was the kind of swimsuit I didn't want take off! Did I mention that it dries up pretty quickly too? With every purchase, you're also giving back to rescuing ocean wildlife. There is so much to say and I could go on for hours about this Canadian brand (free shipping over $150), but I encourage you to do your research, try it and I'm sure you'll end up loving it as much as I do. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀

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