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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Toronto (GTA) 🌍 hospitality & tourism advocate πŸ–Š marketing | freelance | events 🌸 #yelpelite | google reviews πŸ’Œ collabs | PR:

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Antarctica Travel Guide now up on my blog! Everything you want to know, honest reviews of our experience and your guide to planning your dream trip to the white continent is all included in my blog series on Antarctica on In our 10 night journey, we explored: β€’ Neko Harbour β€’ Fournier Bay β€’ Half-Moon Island β€’ Hydrurga Rocks β€’ Cierva Cove β€’ Le Maire Channel β€’ Barrientos Islands & so much more. But not every trip to Antarctica ever looks the same. Why? Read now to find out. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

Have you ever arrived somewhere new with nothing planned? Here's some things you can do to make your time worthwhile: 1. Get lost This is one of my favourite things to do wherever I go. I love exploring the area I'm staying in and going out to see the city (without a specific place in mind). However before doing this, I always ensure to download an offline map first (as sometimes it can be hard to find wifi or language can be a barrier). 2. Try the local food A must-do anywhere you go! Whether you're a picky eater or not, trying the local cuisine is an experience within itself when traveling. It gives you a taste of the culture and allows you to try something new that you may not get everywhere in the world (even if you're able to find the same dish elsewhere, chances are, it tastes much better if it's native to that destination!). 3. Join a walking tour Don't walk to wander alone? Look no further! A walking tour is a great way of meeting other travelers, finding hidden gems and getting to see the place from a different point of view. Most of the time, you'll find free walking tours offered in big cities (tip your guides though!) and you get a chance to learn more about the history of the place and sights you visit. ***** What are some things that you do to make the most of a spontaneous trip? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

WHY A TRIP TO ANTARCTICA IS UNLIKE ANYWHERE ELSE ‡️ If you're someone who likes things to go according to plan, then Antarctica may not be for you. Everything you do, experience and see in Antarctica is all by luck! You need to be flexible as itineraries may change depending on the weather. It is also one of the driest, windiest and coldest destinations, so you need to have the right gear. Though it may look sunny out, it's always best to wear extra layers instead of being cold. The weather can change rapidly and it's best to be prepared for it. There are also many strict rules to follow, such as keeping your distance from penguins (though they're not bothered by humans), not bringing any food and/or drinks ashore and the biosecurity check (where everything you plan on taking with you on land goes through an extra step to ensure everything is disinfected to avoid introducing any invasive species on land). ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

This Minke whale was spotted right outside my balcony while we were leaving our destination. It is so beautiful to watch animals in their natural habitat. There's so much to learn from them. Spotting wildlife was one of the highlights of my trip and one of the things I look forward to anywhere I go. ***** πŸ“ Antarctica Keep it humble & spread ❀️

3 things you MUST know before you visit Antarctica: 1. It's unlike any other trips! It's more of an ADVENTURE. They say nothing worth having comes easy so you can expect that a trip to Antarctica comes at a cost. I got so sick while crossing the Drake Passage that I call it the Death Passage. Waves were high, the ship was moving so much and it got to the point where the only thing I could do was lie down in bed. But once you've reached, you forget everything you've been through as the view captures your attention. It's one of the most pristine and picturesque places I've been to. Best of all? It's untouched. 2. There are rules to follow to keep the environment protected. It's a UNIQUE place. When it comes to picking the "right company" to book with, make sure you do your research well. If it's a large cruise ship, chances are, you won't be allowed to have any landings. But what's the point of going there if you don't step foot on the continent? Any gear that you want to wear or bring with you must first go through a biosecurity check (where they are cleaned/sanitized). 3. Antarctica is the largest wildlife area on Earth! It is SURREAL. Imagine picture perfect postcard views with every blink. A place where you can expect the unexpected. Here you will find thousands of penguins (different types ranging from emperor to macaroni to gentoo to chinstrap and more!), whales and seals. There are over 9,000 species of animals found here - in the driest and coldest continent on Earth. You can also feel at peace. It essentially feels like another planet. Can you tell why it's been #1 on my bucketlist for over 10 years? Have you added it to yours yet? ****** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

The BEST bedroom view I've ever had! Number one destination on my bucketlist for as long as I can remember. No place compares. Pristine. Raw. Untouched. Magical. Breathtaking. Feels like another planet. No words or visuals can do this place justice. You need to experience it for yourself. They say nothing worth having comes easy. Beware, the journey may be a long painful one, but once you reach the destination, it feels like it was all a blur once you've crossed and see those picture perfect views. The views, experience and the place makes the treacherous journey through what I like to call the "Death" passage, worth it. This was one of my favourite moments. Icebergs never fail to amaze me. Each is formed to perfection and each is unique. The details on them are also incredible. ***** Is Antarctica on your list yet? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

Are you team coffee or tea? Those who know me, know I don't drink coffee, but I will never say no to a cup of tea. Recently tried out the Winter Collection from @fouroclocktea ! What I love most is having the option to pick from caffeine-free drinks + the flexibility of choosing how I want my tea (latte, hot or cold). The following flavours are part of the winter collection: β€’ Chai Maple Pecan β€’ Chocolate Mint β€’ White Chocolate & Coconut (my favourite) β€’ Gingerbread You can also use my promo code to get 15% off your order - ZAAK15. #gifted #bnation #momentfouroclock ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

Looking for the perfect spot to get authentic halal BBQ? @chainsmoker.bbq not only has a location in Milton, London and Etobicoke, but they also serve delicious American style comfort food. Think burgers, sandwiches, loaded fries and of course, their speciality: premium halal BBQ meats from pulled beef brisket to smoked Triple A ribs and more. They've also got some options for chicken on the menu and a wide selection of drinks to choose from. Here is what I tried: β€’ Smoked Triple A Beef Back Ribs ($34): I don't typically eat meat often, but I had to make an exception here. I couldn't resist as the dish looked so flavourful and it sure delivered. The meat was so soft and juicy (think of a melt-in-your-mouth kind of meal) β€’ K-Pop Fries ($16): crispy fries with pulled beef brisket, bulgogi sauce and kimchi? I never thought about it but it pairs so well together. This dish is packed with flavours and wasn't too spicy! β€’ The Cowboy Sandwich ($16.50): as recommended by our server. The sandwich was so filling. What would you have? ***** Locations: πŸ“Etobicoke: 5555 Eglinton Ave W, United E112 πŸ“Milton: 101 James Snow Pkwy N, Unit 1 πŸ“London, ON: 979 Wellington Rd, Unit 109-1 Keep it humble & spread ❀️

They say the best compliment a restaurant can get is a repeat customer. Toronto'a OG halal chicken and waffles spot @cluckcluks opened a new location in Mississauga not too long ago and of course, I had to try it! I've been to their Downtown Toronto location many times and have previously also visited their Scarborough location but I'm excited to have a more accessible location now! Though they're best known for their fried chicken and waffles, Clucks Clucks also offers sliders, wings, chicken strips and so much more. They've also got a spicy option and dessert items. What would you have? πŸ“ 70 World Drive, Mississauga ON ***** Keep it humble & spread ❀️

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