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🇨🇦 Toronto (GTA) 🌍 hospitality & tourism advocate 🖊 marketing | freelance | events 🌸 #yelpelite | google reviews 💌 collabs | PR:

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Next time you shop for seafood, look out for the MSC blue fish label. Why? By choosing products with the MSC blue fish label, you're helping to protect oceans, marine life and livelihoods. You can spot products with this label in 100+ countries and at retailers, like Walmart. Today, I decided to recreate a meal I had on my last trip to Morocco. The stop at the local fishermarket is one of my favouritie travel moments to date. We drove to the market and it was nothing like I had expected. We parked at an area nearby and walked passed by people selling fruits and fresh fish. We walked further down to shore and I watched as the fishermen brought their fresh catch from the boat. We bought some fish and took it to the open restaurant next door. They made it fresh for us and brought it to our table, along with salad, fries and Moroccan mint tea. As it was lunch time, two girls came from school and sat on the rocks, watching their father at work. While these were just moments I experienced on my travels, looking back at those memories make me realize that knowing where your food comes from is important. By choosing @mscbluefish, you are supporting independently certified sustainable fisheries and you are making an impact on ocean conservation. ***** #FeelGoodSeafood ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

If you've ever dreamed of experiencing the world and all it has to offer, start at home. Learn about the different cultures, try to make the cuisine, watch documentaries. It fascinates me how two countries may be very similar, yet so different. The dish pictured is Masoub, a Yemeni dish, made of honey, dates, bread, cream, nuts and more. Personally, I find that the art of experiencing the world through good food comes from seeing food as a universal language. You can now read more about my thoughts on the power of food in the new issue of the Ibn Battuta magazine, published by @halaltravelscom . ***** What fascinates you? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

Note to self: don't cook while fasting. When it comes to making food, I mostly only cook or bake when I'm in the mood for it. I also only enjoy making vegetarian dishes or seafood. Chicken and meat is off limits for me if I'm the one cooking it (which I don't mind, because I don't love it). I've been wanting to make stuffed sweet potatoes, but I didn't know what to pair it with. I went on @lisahomsy Pinterest board for inspiration and checked out the different recipes, so I could create my own twist. I love how colourful and how nutritious the bowl is. I could get used to eating like this. What I used: - 1/2 bulgur - 1/2 freekeh - boiled eggs - honey-glazed salmon - avocado - hummus - baked falafel (bought it from @tazafoodproducts - sweet potatoes stuffed with chickpeas, spinach, peas, topped with @nandoscanada perinaise sauce ***** Do you have a preference when cooking? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

One of the biggest lessons in travel that I learned is to take a step in someone else's shoes. Since I was a child, I dreamt of going on a mission trip to help build a school, or help on a farm, in a village, etc. Over the years, this has become a lot more accessible and affordable, as it's now possible to connect with locals directly, instead of having to go through an organization that charges $2-5K. However, while traveling, I realized that it can cost very little to make a difference in someone's life. It could simply be that you consoled a stranger who was crying or you gave money to someone sitting on the side of the road. You never know where it's reaching or with who. Last Ramadan, together, we raised approximately $700 for a village in South Morocco. While it may not seem like much, that amount reached more than 10 families and kept them fed and happy. A lady came over and thanked my friend for the donations that were sent. She cried tears of happiness and made a special prayer for all those who contributed. This year, I have decided to hold an Eid Gift Drive, in addition to the Ramadan charity for the Moroccan families. ALL the items sold will be dropped off @nisahomes in time for Eid for the women and children. A portion of the total amount made from all sales will also be donated to Nisa Homes. If you would like to take part in this initiative, please visit the link in bio. You may contact me if you have any questions. As items sell out, the website will be updated. (This is open to everyone worldwide, who would like to help in bringing a smile to someone's face on the special holiday of Eid). Wishing those of you who celebrate Ramadan, a blessed one. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

When I was a child, I used to say that I wanted to be a flight attendant one day, because I wanted to work and see the world. My thoughts of what aspects make up the world of travel revolved strictly on that specific career path and planes. As I grew up, my love for travel grew. I spent a fair amount of my childhood abroad after all. Over the years, I learned that travel should refer to more than just taking a plane to get from one destination to another. Travel could involve using other modes of transport and everyone's reason to travel is different. And I can finally share that I have created an activity book for kids so that they learn about the world of travel from an early age and that they are inspired to see the world. Passport to Adventure: let's learn about the world of travel is now available for purchase on Amazon worldwide. Activities include a crossword, word search, I spy game and much more. Every page of the book was designed and written by me. (Edited by my sister). I always dreamed of publishing a book. Never would I have imagined that my first would be an activity book for kids, about one of the topics that I'm most passionate about and published independently. Alhamdulilah. You may find it on Amazon worldwide. Place your order today. ***** Share one of your dreams below. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

When things don't go as planned, don't question it. Embrace the challenges and the unexpected. I came across this picture on my laptop. It was taken in 2018 on our trip to Europe. How did I end up in what turned out to be one of my favourite destinations? I planned on going to Italy for a week originally (though I had not yet booked any hotels or anything else), but never made it. Instead, I found myself on the flight to Budapest, Hungary. Minutes before boarding the flight, I looked up information on Budapest. I read through them on the plane so I know where to go once I land. Most of the time, red eye flights meant that by the time I'd land in Europe, it'll be morning. I always end up spending the day out the day I land, since most of my trips tend to be short. At that time, I had a week off. After spending 2 days in Budapest, we decided to take the train to Vienna. But, when we reached, we found that all the hotels were booked and there was no accommodation available for us (because there was a conference going on at that time). We quickly had to come up with Plan B and ended up on a train to Salzburg, a place I didn't know much about. The adventure continued on to Munich after that, where we ended up extending my trip by a day. We fell in love with the food scene in Munich and the halal options. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

Whether you are preparing for Ramadan or you are looking for a better breakfast option - this is it. For the few past years, our iftar consisted of water and dates only, followed by dinner. In the morning, I can eat anything, but in the past few years, I've been looking for healthier and better alternatives, to something more filling and sustainable. I attempted to make my own granola bars using @naturesmix as I love how I can decide what to add in my bars. These ones were packed with nuts (swipe to see the mixes I used), almond butter and honey. I also used some to make yogurt parfaits, as it's a great snack and easy breakfast. They are great by itself or topped with fruits. I will be adding these to my Ramadan meals this year (isA). I reused my cheesecake jars from @lailascheesecakeco to put the parfaits, as they make for easy storage and makes it more practical to have on the go and in individual servings. ***** This is my fifth or sixth time using these products and I love it, for the following reasons: • They're 100% natural • They're vegan & kosher certified • They can be eaten as a snack, topped on salads, on yogurt or you can use the mixes to make something to your liking (such as granola bars); possibilities are endless and they are healthy • There is no salt, sugar, artificial color or flavour added ***** Which one would you have? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

Celebrate. Celebrate the wins, whether big or small. Embrace the good days and above all, remember that life can change in the matter of seconds. That was my original thought of what I wanted to write about. But after browsing through my phone and following a recent conversation I had, I thought about the moment I took this picture on my most recent trip. We walked past this small bakery twice. It sat in the corner of a street near our hotel and we walked by twice, before stopping by. As we were about to go back to the hotel to grab our bags before hitting the road to Cappadocia, I thought why not stop to get some snacks for the road. The lahmacun and pastries on display smelled fresh and I watched as the group of men were making it right in front of me. I used my Google translate to ask them how much I should pay them for the order I wanted, but received no response, except for a smile. So, I took out the money to give to them and to my surprise, they refused. The happiness of the hearts that were giving was felt. The kind gesture from the complete strangers were nothing like I've experienced on any of my trips. Looking back at the photo, I thought about the past few days and where I was a year ago today. My mind has been cloudy. I heard about an accident that happened a few days ago. Though I don't know the person, the thought of it seems to stay at the back of my mind. The thought of how it all happened. The thought of how life can just change in the matter of a few seconds and how suddenly, you wake up different person. Or you don't wake up at all. This lead me back to the moments at the bakery, because I thought of how the emotions we feel can sometimes be caused by someone else's experience or view of those emotions. Feeling happy, sad or in pain because another person feels that way, and feeling those same emotions with them and for them, is part of what makes us human. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

How do you like your ice cream? If you like a plain soft serve, hard ice cream or prefer to choose from different toppings, then this place is a must visit. You can simply satisfy your cravings in 3 easy steps. Step 1: choose between a cup or cone Step 2: choose your dip Step 3: choose your toppings @ladiperie offers vegan options, sells cheesecakes, donuts, cookies and more. You can also make your own chocolate bar. They also dip several different items, not just soft serve! I had the cookie dough dip, topped with oreos this time. It was not my first visit and definitely not my last either. I love the variety and the amount of options available to choose from. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

The more I cook, the more I realize that I don't like following recipes. When it comes to finding inspiration for my next meal, I can spend hours searching for the perfect recipe, but I'll eventually end up mixing multiple recipes together to create my own version of the meal and adding my own twist to it. If I'm cooking, I'm also very specific with herbs that I add in the food, sauces and bases. I was thinking about what to make with @ilyanawholefoods premium basmati rice and decided to make rice with coconut milk. I then used the remaining coconut milk in the fish and vegetable curry. Do you like to get creative in the kitchen or do you follow recipes? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤

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