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🇨🇦 Toronto (GTA) 🌍 hospitality & tourism advocate 🖊 marketing | freelance | events 🌸 #yelpelite | google reviews 💌 collabs | PR:

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Let's take a look @chaiiwalaca 's newest menu items being released on June 9th. Aside from the classic Indian street snacks and their famous Karak chai, you can now also find a wider selection of items, including: - Butter Chicken Poutine - Pani Puri (check out their box for it too!) - Savoury French Toast - Paratha Omelette Roll - Pizza Roll - Gunpowder Chips - Cold Brew - Mango Berry Madness drinks & desserts (just in time for the warmer weather!) This spot is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family. There are a lot of items to choose from, with a good balance between sweet and savoury. Let me know what you'd try first! ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

SAVE THIS FOR YOUR NEXT TRIP TO MOROCCO. Here's a day trip idea. Akchour Waterfalls is located in the heart of the Rif mountains. It is very close to Chefchaouen and less than a two hour drive from Tangier. There are many activities you can do here, including: • check out the waterfalls • go hiking (they've got some picturesque spots and lots of trails) • have a local meal at one of the restaurants (everything is organic!) • go swimming • support local and shop at one of the handicrafts stalls • book activities (ziplining and ATVs: only 5 mins away) • buy mountain bread on the way • enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains and the sea • grab the tastiest orange juice (freshly squeezed) Are you adding this spot on your list? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

If an audio could describe my thoughts while in Antarctica, it would be this. A true bucketlist worthy destination, not for the faint of heart. An adventure of a lifetime. The journey to one of the most scenic, untouched places on Earth is far from easy. The sudden weather changes, unexpected yet expected moods of the Drake Passage and the inconvenience of getting dressed to face the cold, you name it. But the moment you take in the view, it makes it all worth it. For anyone planning a trip to Antarctica, I have a series on my blog telling you all about my experience and everything you need to know. The one takeaway would be to make sure you don't miss out on making the trip there at least once. IF you happen to, try to choose the one that'll allow you to step on land. Stepping foot on the continent changes the game and the experience completely. Getting up close to penguins, seeing glaciers break off in front of your eyes and breathing in the freshest air in a peaceful environment. Those are the things you can expect in Antarctica. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

A thought that I have often while traveling. I don't consider myself a tourist. Through my years of traveling, my style has changed. When I first started going to different places, the goal was to hit all the popular landmarks, land in the big cities and check off things that many would deem "bucketlist-worthy". Looking back at a bucketlist I made more than 15 years ago, I never had anything like "seeing the Eiffel Tower" pop up. Instead, I had written something more spontaneous, like "Catch a last minute flight to any destination." I've done it more than a hundred times now and couldn't be more grateful for it. It's part of the reason why I see myself more of a traveler. A traveler goes on a journey to enhance their lifestyle, while a tourist travels for the purpose of going on a holiday. Some of my favourite things to do when traveling is: • going off the beaten track • eating at hole-in-the-wall or local restaurants • meeting with locals and seeing the place through their eyes • learning key phrases in the language and practicing it • support local • bring back only memories (or local snacks, but never souvenirs) Do you consider yourself a tourist or a traveler? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Tell me a restaurant is good without telling me it's good, I'll go first: (yes, this is a true story). On my recent travels, I reunited with a friend who's been away from Canada for a few months. I asked them about the things they missed most about Canada and the places they look forward to visit when they go back. The answer was ! It was no surprise to me since it's a place they've visited for over 8 years now. You can try many burgers around the world, but there are some places that just stick with you forever and that can't compare. With already over 15 locations province-wide, Burger Factory is back with another location in Mississauga, conveniently located at the new plaza that borders many cities, such as Milton, Oakville and Brampton. On Saturday April 29th, Burger Factory is having a GRAND OPENING for their NEW Mississauga location starting at 11 am. Choose from halal locally-sourced, never frozen beef burgers, a selection of chicken burgers, veggie burgers or satisfy your sweet tooth with a funnel cake or a milkshake to quench your thirst. They also have a wide variety of sides to choose from, including jalapeño poppers (my favourite), tornado fries, cheesy fries, mac n cheese bites and more. I also love that you can customize your burger by choosing the toppings you want to add. 📍 4500 Ridgeway Dr, Mississauga, ON ***** Let me know your favorite burger toppings! ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

What Eid in a foreign country looks like. Eid is a day meant to spend time with loved ones. It's something I would hear every year, at every khutbah. My Eid traditions after every prayer in the morning is a mandatory nap. This time, we had other plans. We wanted to find a nice restaurant for breakfast after prayer, but everything was closed. We spent hours driving around town trying to find something that's open, before finally giving up and going to the mountains instead. Thankfully we came across one shop (convenience store type of shop, with a small coffee shop attached to it) that was opened, so we managed to grab some snacks. We had a spontaneous picnic in the middle of nowhere, followed by visiting the local families in the villages up in the mountains. Eid was very different this year, and though I don't typically do much on the day of Eid at home anyways, it was interesting to see how people in other parts of the world celebrate the day. By evening, the majority of people were out and the restaurants had opened up. The city was much more lively than in the morning. Do you have any Eid traditions? ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Is finding dinner a problem in Ramadan in Makkah? That is one of the questions I've been asked prior to traveling for Umrah in Ramadan. Though thinking about what to have for iftar was never a major concern for me to begin with (I was ok with just having the snacks I brought), I found it actually pretty easy to get dinner after Maghrib, despite the crowds of millions of people around. At the Haram, you'll find volunteers everywhere, distributing coffee, dates and iftar packs. The iftar packs included snacks that were enough to fill you, such as cheese puffs, juice, dates, cake and a water bottle. As the month of Ramadan is also about giving, you can find a lot of people around handing out food. One morning as I walked over to the restaurant to grab suhoor, a car passing by on the streets slowed down and handed me a box of rice and chicken. Another tip to avoid long lines is to go to places that are hidden. This may require walking a little further from the Haram to find such restaurants. There is an Indonesian restaurant in the Clock Tower that was quite hard to find, but worth it since there was only 3-4 people in line. On one of the days, I found myself walking to the backstreets of Makkah, about 20 minutes away from the Haram and the Pakistani restaurant I visited served my meal within 5 minutes of ordering. There was no lineup. Prices were also cheaper (14 SAR for a chicken curry with unlimited fresh naan!). Carrefour supermarket also has ready meals that you can easily purchase, and it is conveniently located in the tower close to the Haram. I found that most people lineup at the easy accessible fast food chains after maghrib. Do note that due to the crowd, it may take about 10-15 minutes to get out, if not more. Alternatively, I suggest bringing some snacks with you and waiting until after taraweeh to get food as it may save you more time. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Everyone you meet always asks if you have a degree, are pursuing a career, are married or own a house, as if life was some kind of grocery list. But nobody ever asks if you are happy. What defines happiness exactly? I guess I can leave it up to you to decide. I believe that it's something you need to find within yourself, but there's also a lot you can learn from others. Happiness has a lot to do with attitude. Our life also has to do a lot with the attitude we choose. I challenge you to invite only positivity in your life for one day. It's a hard task, but the results is well worth the challenge. Try it for a day, then again the next day, until it becomes a routine. Not only will your attitude towards situation (yes, even the harsh events) change completely, but you'll naturally be on your way faster to a earning the happier lifestyle that you deserve. There's a bright side to failing a course, a bright side to getting rejected, a bright side to even the things that make you feel like it's the end of the world. In fact, some of the most successful people got to where they are today because of their failures, because of their rejections. It's no secret, but rarely do people ever decide to speak about it. Then there's the other side to happiness: the one you find in small moments, moments of peace, of joy, of fascination. It goes something like: ☆ getting excited to be surrounded by wildlife and realizing that a magnificent creature, such as a whale can turn your day around. ☆ sitting down in the middle of nowhere and chatting with strangers you cross paths with ☆ stop to smell the flowers and soak in the view ☆ seeing how animals get along with each other despite their differences ☆ feeling welcomed in a foreign country and being served a homemade made, cooked with love ☆ the feeling of satisfaction after completing a challenging task you didn't think you could (ie: such as finishing a hike) There's so many contributing factors to happiness and what better way than to learn it through the experts @ourfinland ! ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Are you a foodie or do you love to support local businesses? Maybe you love exploring new places and love going on roadtrips? If you've said YES to any of the questions above, then I've got a treat for you ! @tastyroadtrips allows you to explore Ontario while supporting local businesses and discovering hidden gems and towns. Go on a surprise #roadtrip with friends or loved ones and indulge in the best of what Ontario has to offer. You can also opt-in for subscription or get a digital copy of your surprise road trip. The box I got (which is also available for purchase) comes with the essentials you need for a perfect day out: snacks for the drive, t-shirts allowing the businesses know that you're on a surprise roadtrip and of course, a tote bag to store all your goodies. I won't tell you where I went, but here's a little sneak peak of all the treats I came across. The Café stop was super cute and though I don't like donuts, the espresso donut there was amazing. Save 10% your next surprise roadtrip with the promo code: THANKYOUPROMOZAAK #culinarytourism #discoverontario #tastyroadtrips #spicyjan ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Looking to try authentic Pakistani cuisine? Stop by @karahiboys location in Vaughan to get a taste of traditional Pakistani cuisine. If I'm being quite honest, I am SUPER picky about eating Desi food out, because most restaurants serve you in the same way - curries full of oil, too spicy or too saucy with barely any meat. But Karahi Boys is not the case, which is why it's always my go-to whenever I crave for Pakistani cuisine. I love the food and the quality is always great. Not to mention, they use fine ingredients and ensure freshness for each dish. (Swipe to see how they make the naans in the tandoor!) For the month of Ramadan, they will be open as of 4 pm until 5 am (weekends). For iftar, they'll also be serving samosas, spring rolls, dates and rooh afza. I usually order the same item when i visit (karahi or chicken malai boti), but this time I tried some different items and they were all delicious! • KBoys Special Karahi - Khara Kheema (this one was my favourite) • Naans (garlic, sesame and family naan) • Gosht Khor Platter (Mixed BBQ platter, 2 Chicken and 2 Beef Kabab, 4 piece Malai boti, 4 piece Tikka boti) • Lahori Fish • Paneer Bites • Chicken Dum Biryani • Charsi Chicken Karahi • Patakha Chicken • Kulfi Shake • Kulfi Falooda & more. What would you have first? 📍 9781 Jane St, Unit 4, Maple, ON L6A 3N9 - Karahi Boys ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

Found this gem in Tunisia A day trip to the amphitheater of El Jem was one of the highlights of our trip for the following reasons: • this UNESCO site is home to impressive ruins that make up the largest colosseum in North Africa • the amphitheater can hold up to 35,000 people despite being in a small town • it's made up of stone blocks and was built in approximately 238 AD A visit here is like a visit to the Colosseum of Rome, minus the crowds and the high ticket prices. Can you believe that we only paid 12 TND to enter (~$5.30 CAD). You can also easily spend 2-3 hours here to explore the place. Add this to your list for your trip to Tunisia. ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T GO TO TUNISIA (see below!) 1. THE PEOPLE. I haven't come across any person that wasn't a pleasure to meet on this trip. The locals were so friendly, welcoming and genuine. One of the things I really appreciated is that NO ONE tried to scam us by making us pay extra for taxis, clothes, etc unlike many encounters I've had in other countries. We hired a taxi driver's brother as our guide/driver for the day and he was the sweetest. Our taxi driver had so much fun with us on the way to the mall. Everyone's happy. 2. THE SIGHTS. Want to know how I felt it as I was going around Tunisia? (I wish I had a lot more time there so I can explore more of the country) I saw it like Santorini and Rome on a budget. El Jem is one of the sights we visited, a UNESCO site, which is pretty much the Colosseum's twin, without the huge crowd of tourists. Sidi Bou Said brought me back to Greece. 3. THE COST. Though the time we visited was off-peak, I found Tunisia very affordable. I couldn't believe my eyes when we got 4-5 star hotels for less than 100 bucks and dined at a fine dining restaurant, for as low as $10 (including appetizers, main, tea). I even got to pamper myself at a family-owned hamam for less than $60 (my package included so many different things too, such as a 1-hour massage, foot bath, facial treatment and so much more). Now tell me, is Tunisia on your list yet? If not, then this underrated country needs to added asap! ***** Keep it humble & spread ❤️

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