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Seattle mom of twin boys always on the go. Check out our blog for our adventures in the #pnw and beyond. 📸 #shotoniphone

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Here’s a picture that feels like a Monday. Hope you have a great week.✨

Chasing all the light these days, following the sun. ✨ Thankful for our little pup who makes sure we get outside and preferably by the water with treats in our pockets of course. ✨(pups are too smart) And September in Seattle is such a beautiful time of year, we’re starting to see some leaves changing color too. #seattlewa #seattlewaterfront #seattledogs #yorkiepoo#yorkiepoodle #scoutthedog #seattlewashington #pnwadventures #pnwfall #seattledoggos #weratedogs

Goodbye summer, hello fall.✨But honestly I’m still slowly going through summer pics. Are we really ready to say goodbye? Maybe more of a goodbye at grandma’s kind of goodbye where we can linger on it a little longer. Like maybe #psl and sweaters next week but a piece of Halloween candy today. (I’ve been in the USA now over 20 years but still team @coffeecrispca do you have a favorite Halloween candy? ) #firstdayoffall #autumncolors #almosthalloween #september22 #islandofhawaii #hawaiidreaming #goodbyesummer

Lately I’ve been wanting to wake up and see calm things: sunsets, sunrises, coffee and sweaters and books, dreamy places to travel to, and baby animals and flowers. The seasons must be changing✨are you feeling it too? (PS this is a kind of abandoned fishing pier on Seattle’s Waterfront and I wonder if it will ever open up again?)

Seattle❤️especially when some mornings the skies are just 🔥Also I got my booster yesterday AND a flu shot✨and I don’t glow in the dark but I’m feeling so much more ready for Autumn. I’m proud that I’m way better at getting shots than I was three years ago. (I used to be so terrified of needles and blood, and they still scare me and there’s always a chance I’ll faint but I’m finding out I’ll do almost anything to travel, see family or live life again.) Also is there daylight savings this year or are we done with that? #seattle #seattlelove #morninglight #sunrise #seattle #daylightsavings

Maybe he wasn’t the Queen but he’s who I used to drink tea with my whole life. And it’s about 4 months since my Jichan died and all the news about the Royal Family and their matriarch who was about the same age as he was has made the grief bubble up again. I loved the way my grandpa adored my guys and even our little pup and he asked about them and their interests every time I saw him. We could just sit with tea and snacks or rice and miso soup and NHK tv blaring in the background and he would listen to me babble in a mix of Japanese and English for as long as I wanted to chat. He came from a time that seemed so different and far away from my daily life but a time that was also part of me that I needed to know more about-maybe losing our grandparents can feel a bit like losing our own histories. So maybe today is a day to send a little love and gratefulness out there to the people who impact our lives in our families and friend groups or maybe the people we see everyday who don’t even know how much their presence brings us joy or meaning, and maybe even a few thoughts for the Queen too who few of us probably ever saw in real life but who we watched age over time on our Canadian money and seemed like she would be here forever. Today for me seems like a day for reflection on life and time and these people who make a mark on our hearts and I’m sad that so many of us are faced with saying goodbye to this generation as we lose these dear family members. It feels like a big loss that will take a while to heal. And as I get older I’m surprised at how grief just becomes a part of living and how long it seems to linger in our soul and how even just hearing the passing of someone like the Queen feels like a punch out of nowhere. I’m going to try to be gentle with this Monday and take it as carefully as I can and I hope you have a gentle Monday too.

A little Scout photo dump because it might just be the two of us hanging out together again soon…(sending all the wishes out there for Seattle kids to have school ASAP, maybe even tomorrow?✨✨✨)

Hope your Friday coffee is as glittery and as strong as you are today. 💕I remember booking our Chicago trip and being a bit apprehensive about missing my guys first day of their last year before high school but didn’t expect to come back to an extended summer…they are on day 3 of a strike and I really hope it ends soon. I am so proud of their teachers for standing up for students and for learning and ultimately for all of us. If more of the world thought with the most vulnerable in mind, we’d be in such a better place, wouldn’t we? And yes, we’re back to traveling but it’s definitely different. We’re still avoiding indoor eating and masking wherever we go indoors. It just doesn’t seem worth it yet, to potentially give up precious time with friends and family and just life, to have my face free at the mall. (Do you remember your first time wearing one out? We were at Costco for toilet paper, we had totally run out after two weeks of lockdown and it felt so scary and I bawled my eyes out on the ride home from the store) We’ll keep testing daily for a bit and I’m booking my booster and we’ll see if this trip was “worth it” in a few days if we’re still healthy. (There were many coughing and sniffling unmasked people on our flight…)A few days and so much can happen…and I’m so thankful for my parents who even experienced a mini earthquake here while looking after our guys and pup too. (PS my coffee was from @goddessbaker a coffee shop I went to on our last Chicago trip too and they have uplifting messages on their napkins and make a golden glittery latte. They asked me if I wanted a lid for my coffee, but I said no because it was so sparkly and beautiful- it made me walk a lot more slowly and carefully along the riverfront to try not to spill. Do you love beautiful ☕️ art too? And the museum art is @nickcaveart at @mcachicago because I saw a mural on a walk to another destination and decided I needed to abandon my original plans and visit at once ✨✨✨) Happy weekend!!

Who says camping needs to happen in a forest? My cousins, my sister and I brought all of our kids to camp in our grandma’s backyard to share the last few days of summer together and I can’t imagine a better way we could have used the last few days before school. Being together here felt like the most triumphant and heart-filling thing because Maple Beach in Point Roberts was probably one of the hardest places on Earth to visit from Seattle in the last few years- it takes two border crossings if you travel by land. So being here together after all this time was special. And being together with all our kids and her is a memory we will likely all remember forever too. Have you ever been to Point Roberts? And would you count backyard camping as “real” camping too? (PS tonight we are back at home and one of the boys was taking Scout out for his last walk of the night and a hawk-like bird swooped down and tried to grab Scout and fly away. 😳) (PPS the kids are 99% convinced there will be a strike and we probably won’t have school for a bit and I can’t tell if I’m sad or happy about this) #seattlefamily #vancouverfamily #lastdaysofsummer #summer2022

Dog friendly Cabins Alderbrook Resort Washington

So naturally it’s a place we’ve been thinking about visiting recently too because it’s very close to Seattle but still feels like it could be worlds away. Now that we have a pup it is harder to find a spot because Scout can only stay in the dog friendly cabins they have or in a few other room types I’ve been frantically checking to see when any of the dog friendly cabins were available on days we could visit and we were so lucky when everything lined up for a quick last minute trip. And like Disneyland since Costco has a membership/entry fee that can be enforced if people refuse to follow the rules, I feel like it’s one place where people are compliant

Del Monte Veggieful Pocket Pies

I was recently introduced to the Del Monte®Veggieful™ Pocket Pies and these are pocket sandwiches filled with real cheese and veggies that are baked in a crust with cauliflower. They don’t look like cauliflower and even after reading that they were made with cauliflower my one kid who does not find that vegetable his favorite still really liked the Pocket Pies he tried. There are four flavors of Pocket Pies: Spinach Artichoke Parmesan, Plant-Based Philly Cheesesteak, Broccoli Potato Cheddar, and Rosemary Garlic Plant-Based Chicken. So I popped some Del Monte® Veggieful™ Pocket Pies in the oven on a weekend after my husband and the kids came in from skiing and shoveling snow and were warming up over a game of chess.

Seattle Wellness Companies Hydropeptide Armoire

So I’m thankful I’ve learned about two local Seattle companies, Hydropeptide and Armoire, who are helping me bring a little of my old life into our strange days and ultimately uplifting my personal wellness too while we are at home. Because I am so tired of cleaning my house and putting away all the things with the kids and dog and being at home all the time I love that I can just wear new to me things as long as I want and then just send them back. I think that feeling good about what I’m wearing helps my personal wellness so much and I’d love to hear what you think too if you try it out. I just have the travel size for the Hydropeptide Exfoliating Cleanser, (it comes in the Travel Wrinkle Rescue Kit) but it feels like it is lasting a pretty long time.

NYICFF supports diverse backgrounds

My first experience with the New York International Children’s Film Festival was at the end of last year when we were invited to watch a movie based in Ireland called Wolf Walkers and watch an interview with the directors of the movie. And because even now, even in 2021, so many of the shows we are exposed to everyday don’t tell the stories of so many of us, it’s so much more critical that we support places that support diversity so that we include more people in the stories the world celebrates. If you’ve been horrified by the growing hate crimes against Asian people in the last year, it is even more important to support NYICFF so we can have more movies like Curtain Up! And City of Ghosts is perfect for all of us who can’t travel right now who want to learn about another place right now Another film I’m excited about but haven’t had the chance to watch yet

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