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Seattle mom of twin boys always on the go. Check out our blog for our adventures in the #pnw and beyond. 📸 #shotoniphone

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Remember that song from @sesamestreet the one that went “sing sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long? Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear? Just sing, sing a song.” Why do we post here? Is it to document our days? Create content into a void or echo chamber? Is it for connection? Profit? To find meaning in our lives? And can we still sing our own simple songs? I wanted to remember a breakfast I had with a friend just as this year started. It reminded me of how important breakfast is as a meal and how good it feels to eat yummy things with people we care about and this was a delicious Japanese breakfast. I loved when my Bachan made me this breakfast growing up-I forget that if I don’t make this for my kids they will miss a bit of our history. I’ve since made it a couple times for them. I can feel that we don’t have a ton of time with each other, they are growing up so fast. Little moments like breakfast together mean so much-especially these days. And I wasn’t going to take off my mask or even take any pictures with me in them at the Friends experience media preview I went to this week (I’ve been really self-conscious about how my medications have been making my face feel puffy) but my friend and I were having such a good time I forgot about how I was feeling. People with good energy can do that to you. They can brighten a room and make your heart full. We’ve all had so many big and devastating losses in the last couple years of time and people dear to us. Days like this that feel normal remind me that hopefully we have more normal days ahead. And we need real human kindness and connection so much. I also want to remember my lopsided citrus cake. One of my guys told me we need to eat more delicious cake so last night they were studying for some epic math exam and I decided to do something productive too and baked a new to me recipe. By the time my cake was ready, the kitchen was unrecognizable and everyone in the house was asleep. So cake for breakfast. ( also did anyone see that once in 50000 years green comet last night? )

Maybe you try to video your coffee cheersing your friend’s coffee in line and then you bump so hard you spill and someone behind you says “don’t worry I literally did that last week” and then for a moment we’re all a little more human than we were 5 minutes ago because we all smiled and acknowledged each other’s existence and maybe that’s when we get a glimpse of the real brilliance of the universe and maybe this is the feeling we need to bring back here and everywhere. It is pretty incredible that we are all here at the same time in the same space. It doesn’t all have to be a hustle, or a core memory, or a place far somewhere or special; just maybe a second on this planet we don’t need to remember forever but we don’t want to forget. My coffee, her coffee: two seconds before the spill. ✨ (Goodbye last day of January ✨✨)

How beautiful was that weekend #seattle sunshine?! Months ago when we planned this weekend we didn’t know we’d miss seeing each other over the holidays or how much I’d just need the normalcy of hanging out on a weekend like this right now. I’m so thankful my cousin and her son made the trip from Vancouver BC and even brought the ☀️☀️☀️❤️. (and thanks to the @harlemglobetrotters this weekend too-our boys had so much fun at the @climatepledgearena event) I think I’m ready for the week now and even more ready to say goodbye to this long January too. (Who else is excited for 🌸 season? )

You forgot the treats didn’t you. -Scout (also a PSA: my account got flagged by insta last week for misinformation because I posted a meme about sunsets going to happen after a certain time in our city in 70 days because it might not be applicable in England…so now I am a little hesitant to confirm when our sunsets are happening in Seattle, but I’m just thankful that the daylight hours are starting to feel longer again.💕)

Just me last weekend riding by palm trees and pretty art with the guys in @visitsantabarbara ✨✨✨ I’ve spent the day working on blog posts 👆 if you’re curious about the cozy apartment-style suites @sbhotelgroup has tucked away in a quiet #santabarbara neighborhood and I know many Seattleites might be heading to @gowhistler so I have a tip on the blog to help save $$ at the @audainartmuseum too. I also included a picture from when we were stuck in traffic on our way to the guys’ soccer tournament on Sunday (they won their game so now we have more soccer this week and weekend….🤷🏻‍♀️)but it was so beautiful to look out the window and see a zillion snow geese just hanging out in a flooded field. It wasn’t where we wanted to be at that moment but I’m glad we got to see it and I guess that’s life a lot of the time too. ❤️

We’ve been home from our @centralcoast_ca trip for a couple days now and I will be looking at my @visitsantabarbara photos all the rest of this winter to remind me we had a bit of palm trees, ocean and sun. It is hard to believe you can get from Seattle to this in just over two hours of flying and I know we’ll be making this into another weekend trip for all the foods and coffee shops. Even the airport is pretty beautiful and I think it’s so cool you can fly directly from @flysea to @flysba so it’s really easy. I wish I had more time to visit all the little shops and we missed two bakeries I wanted to go to because they weren’t open on Mondays and I really should have made sure to go ASAP on Sunday when we arrived. (@hookandpressdonuts and @alessiapatisserie if you’re heading that way and want to make me jealous) We ate the most delicious noodles @sbpublicmarket @emptybowlnoodle (it was the pancit noodle dish and I wish I had more pictures but we had come in from a rain deluge and were absolutely soaked!) Because of the unusual weather we had on this trip the guys were so thankful there was a heated pool at the @sbhotelgroup @bestwestern_plus #santabarbara where we were hosted so they could swim in the rain. And we had so much space in our two bedroom apartment there too. I’m so thankful though we had a morning of sunshine so we could bike and breakfast outdoors. I’ll have all the info up on the blog in a little bit. Have you ever been to Santa Barbara? Are you looking for short weekend adventure trips too? #santabarbara #seesb #presstrip #californiacoast #santabarbaracalifornia #visitcalifornia #santabarbarabeach

A big part of this weekends’ trip was that we wanted to adventure to the @channelislandsnps but we arrived in California in a very unusual storm system and had to change some of our plans. We were hosted at the newly opened @zacharidunes in @visitoxnardca and it ended up being such a great place to hang out and get out in the weather but also be able to experience the beach as comfortably as possible too-we could watch the ocean from our room. A whole bunch of lemons and bamboo had washed up on shore during the storm so we played baseball on the beach. And we had a delicious brunch at the @oxandocean restaurant on the property and the restaurant decor is just ✨✨✨. (I included a video room tour of @zacharidunes ocean view double bed suite just in case you wanted to see the room too.) #visitoxnard #presstrip #visitcalifornia #californiahotel #california #californiacoast #hilton #curiocollection #hiltonhotel

We were hosted @thekinneyslo (which just became the @hiltonhotels @tapestrycollection #thewayfarer ) in @slocal for the past couple nights and we really enjoyed our stay. Our teenagers had a connecting room to ours so we had two bathrooms and their own beds so it made our stay so comfortable. (Anyone else with teenagers find It is so hard to share a bathroom with them these days?!!). I loved the decor in this hotel-it reminded me of a few hotels I’ve visited in Palm Springs-and we spent a lot of time looking at all the photography and art in the rooms. One of my guys ordered the most delicious thing here at the hotel restaurant for breakfast-it was a plate loaded with tater tots, eggs, beans salsa and guacamole (yum!) and both of my guys liked the arcade games they could play here in the lounge/restaurant area so this turned out to be one or the best hotel’s we’ve been to with two 14 year old boys in tow. We could have walked or borrowed bikes (the hotel had a while fleet of them!) to the @downtownslofarmersmarket market too (we drove and just parked on the street because the weather was unusual this week but I think we would use the bike more here if we visited again.) And the pizza across the street @ginospizzaslo was such a great meal too. Does where you stay have a lot of influence on your trip? I think this hotel set such a comfortable, relaxed and art-filled tone for our @shareslo visit, I love when we find a gem of a place to stay like this one.

That time we finally got a chance to stay in one of the dog friendly cabins at Alderbrook Resort

Now that we have a pup it is harder to find a spot because Scout can only stay in the dog friendly cabins they have or in a few other room types (I had no idea before that even when you pay the pet fee many hotels only have a certain number of rooms pups can actually stay in.) I’ve been frantically checking to see when any of the dog friendly cabins were available on days we could visit and we were so lucky when everything lined up for a quick last minute trip. And like Disneyland since Costco has a membership/entry fee that can be enforced if people refuse to follow the rules, I feel like it’s one place where people are compliant We were able to park at the back of our cabin to unload our things before parking in the parking lot (there are a few Tesla chargers here too if you also drive electric).

Del Monte Veggieful Pocket Pies

I was recently introduced to the Del Monte®Veggieful™ Pocket Pies and these are pocket sandwiches filled with real cheese and veggies that are baked in a crust with cauliflower. They don’t look like cauliflower and even after reading that they were made with cauliflower my one kid who does not find that vegetable his favorite still really liked the Pocket Pies he tried. There are four flavors of Pocket Pies: Spinach Artichoke Parmesan, Plant-Based Philly Cheesesteak, Broccoli Potato Cheddar, and Rosemary Garlic Plant-Based Chicken. So I popped some Del Monte® Veggieful™ Pocket Pies in the oven on a weekend after my husband and the kids came in from skiing and shoveling snow and were warming up over a game of chess.

Seattle Wellness Companies Hydropeptide Armoire

So I’m thankful I’ve learned about two local Seattle companies, Hydropeptide and Armoire, who are helping me bring a little of my old life into our strange days and ultimately uplifting my personal wellness too while we are at home. Because I am so tired of cleaning my house and putting away all the things with the kids and dog and being at home all the time I love that I can just wear new to me things as long as I want and then just send them back. I think that feeling good about what I’m wearing helps my personal wellness so much and I’d love to hear what you think too if you try it out. I just have the travel size for the Hydropeptide Exfoliating Cleanser, (it comes in the Travel Wrinkle Rescue Kit) but it feels like it is lasting a pretty long time.

NYICFF supports diverse backgrounds

My first experience with the New York International Children’s Film Festival was at the end of last year when we were invited to watch a movie based in Ireland called Wolf Walkers and watch an interview with the directors of the movie. And because even now, even in 2021, so many of the shows we are exposed to everyday don’t tell the stories of so many of us, it’s so much more critical that we support places that support diversity so that we include more people in the stories the world celebrates. If you’ve been horrified by the growing hate crimes against Asian people in the last year, it is even more important to support NYICFF so we can have more movies like Curtain Up! And City of Ghosts is perfect for all of us who can’t travel right now who want to learn about another place right now Another film I’m excited about but haven’t had the chance to watch yet

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