Hayley Rae

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Faith, Love and Happiness ❤️ I believe life should be enjoyed! I seek out new opportunities so that I can try as many things as possible. I love to dance and sing, write and read, snowboard, hike, play sports and video games and I love to relax with my family and loved ones. Though I have a plan for my future, I go one day at a time because I know how quickly things can change. I just recently completed my classes for my PhD in Leadership with a specialization in Risk Management and I KNOW that change is a guarantee. I always look at the upside of risk because change brings opportunity and that is what I seek.

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#throwback to less than a year ago. This is my dad. He went on horseback with my brother to go bear hunting. All his life, he was a mountain man. He built houses, the houses we lived in as a family, he went fishing and hiking and hunting and camping and boating and skiing. He worked his ass off to provide for his family. For us ❤️ . . He died. October 22, 2019. I hadn’t realized the extent of how much his passing would affect me. But, it has been drastic. I didn’t realize how much his 2 year long cancer had affected me until he was gone. Forever, he is gone ✨ . . Damn, I am so thankful, though, that he went to his father in heaven before COVID came to Colorado. He had lung cancer, and the tumors had taken over most of his lungs. We were all fortunate he had passed away in the night. He wasn’t scared and he wasn’t in pain. This fearless, mountain man could have been taken down by a virus at the age 67. No matter how many times people tell me that it was “just his time” or “it’s okay, he’s in a better place now”, I don’t get less angry or sad by the fact my dad is gone. Now, though, I can put it in perspective and I can say “at least he’s not here to see this”. So, Dad, I love you and miss you like freaking crazy. But, at least you’re not here to witness the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 ☺️❤️❤️🤗✨✨✨ . . #love #family #strength #hope #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #daddysgirl #afatherslove #mountainman #neverforget #atribute #colorado #lovealways #toiletpaper

10 Rounds is AMAZING!! This program is so much fun, and I’m already improving on the technique! I can’t believe I almost said NO to this. SO grateful I decided to try something new ☺️Whew!! Time to catch my breath ❤️✨🤗💪🏼 . . #healthyandwellness #healthyliving #healthyme #athomeworkouts #selfimprovement #selflove #10rounds #challengeyourself #goals #justdoit #nopainnogain

Control your life the natural way @herbaly. I’ve never been a cough syrup person, but I love drinking tea when I don’t feel good. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, upset stomach, sore throat...I will enjoy a cup of tea 🍵 . . Today my throat is killing me 😷 I have been practicing social distancing for a few weeks now so I don’t believe it’s COVID (hope not). And, here is my DELICIOUS new tea 😍 . . Natural, organic and tastes DELICIOUS! I usually put honey in tea at all times, but the flavor of this makes it not necessary ☺️ . . If you love trying new teas, try this out with the FREE shoooing code: socialship. . . #herbaly #herbalywellness #herbalytea #wellnesstea #tea #tealover #plantbased #foodasmedicine #teatime #t2d #HERherbaly #HERwellness #ambcollab #sorethroat #sickday #nomakeup #wellness #healthandwellness

If you close your eyes and believe with all your might that something will be changed when you open them.... . . Then, you be severely disappointed. But, if you close your eyes and you believe with all your might that you have it, within yourself, to change something... . . Then, you will open your eyes with the ability to make that change. I have found the workout program that I will thoroughly enjoy will in quarantine. Sad to say, I was so sore from Day 1, that I couldn’t do the workout for Day 2 to my full ability! I was SHOCKED at how much it worked my body 😂 . . Tonight I am going to bed saying I accomplished my work goal for the week (a day early, I may add) and I tired out the puppy! That only happens once a week, if that. Now, I want to close my eyes and believe with all my might that, tomorrow, I will CRUSH my new workout, write 10 pages of my novel and read 50 pages of my Praxis ELA Study Guide✨ . . #goals #gogetter #nevergiveup #chaseyourdreams #goodnight

My little Arthur 😍 he was so pooped after playing hard all day! We have dogs on all sides of us and they all play together. On one fence, there are two rescue dogs, the other fence is an 8 week old French bull dog and across the street is a cattle dog. Of course, we live with an Olde English Bull dog too! Soooo much play time ❤️ . . #furmom #puppylife #arthurlife #doglife #poopedpup

I have never been great at to-do lists. And I have tried them a MILLION times in a HUNDRED different ways. I have daily planners, monthly planners, trackers for this and that, food trackers of my phone and on the wall and in a notebook, workout trackers that can literally track your workout if you open the program or simply make sure your Fitbit is charged. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . I am STRATEGIC and ADAPTABLE though. I know what my goals are and I make sure I hit them in any way I can. ✨ . . Rising with positive affirmations and setting with positive props ❤️ . . #selflove #positiveaffirmations #happythursday #success

My first day of 10 Rounds! I really didn’t think I was going to like this program, but my friend urged me to try it and I LOVE it! My entire body felt this. My core was on fire and I could feel it in my legs, my arms and my back. It was GREAT! . . I’m glad I tried something new. The number one reason I’m glad I listened to @paytonbeav about this program is that I can see my self doing this every day. It’s fun ☺️💪🏼✨ . . #happytuesday #nevergiveup #trynewthings #bossbabemovement #athomegym #athomeworkouts #slowthespread #stayhome #chaseyourdreams #goals #healthandwellness #healthyliving #healthyme

Crushing my Barre workout! These at home workouts are keeping me safe and keeping others safe from what I may spread to them. The best part is, that I can look like a silly goof when trying new workouts and fall on my face when my arms give out while doing a plank without feeling self-conscious 🤗 . . Take a look at my story or bootcamp highlights to see a snippet of Barre Blend! If you’re interested in fitness, food or better habits, then DM me and let’s chat! . . What else are we going to do during this quarantine 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyme #crushyourgoals #nevergiveup #chaseyourdreams #bossbabemovement #crushit #bossbabe #athomeworkouts

Daaaamnnggf this 10 Rounds workout is making me feel like a ROCK STAR! Or, like #therock himself 💁🏼‍♀️ . . I have before pictures, and I can’t wait to take the after program pictures!! This is just ONE component of this program. If you want to know more, DM me and we can talk more about what your health, fitness and wellness goals are ✨❤️ . . #healthandwellness #healthyliving #healthyme #personaldevelopment #athomeworkouts #goals #motivation #determination #gains #smallwins #nevergiveup #boxing #bossbabemovement #fitness #challengeaccepted #challengeyourself #trynewthings #coach #bossbabe

It’s time! It’s not time to slow down. If you’re not working, what else could you be focusing on? Find positivity in this COVID world. You know what I did? I made a decision ✨ . . I was scared and apprehensive. But I made the choice to go for a career change. Yesterday, I finally submitted my application to have my transcripts and grades evaluated to be a Business teacher for grades 7-12 in Colorado. They said I’d know in 4-6 weeks. Today, I received the approval! I had wanted to be an English Language Arts teacher, but with my MBA and 60+ PhD credits in business, it just made sense to teach what I know🤷🏼‍♀️ . . That is my COVID success story. I didn’t back down and didn’t fear away. Even with studying and hour long applications to complete while working full time, I won’t give up on health and wellness either💪🏼 . . A long, work-filled day was followed by an awesome 30 minute leg workout, then a long neighborhood walk with the puppy, then puppy playtime and finally, time to relax . What a fulfilling day 🤗 . . #successstories #fulfilled #achieve #nevergiveup #chaseyourdreams #dontgetscared #neverbackdown #motivation #determination #goals #teachlife #studentforlife #education #whatsyourpassion #healthandwellness #coronovirus #bossbabemovement #athomeworkouts #bossbabe #icandoallthingsthroughchrist

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