Happy Little Chaos

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My name is Kate, and I'm the owner and creator of Happy Little Chaos. In everything I do, I look to bring joy and simplicity to people's lives. With my craft kits, kids get to enjoy a fun activity, and parents get to enjoy a little break.

I share my real, authentic experience as a mom of two kids. My life isn't always perfect, and I won't sugar coat the tough times. But throughout it all, we (almost) always keep a smile on our faces.

When I am not running my business while parenting two kids at home, I teach fitness classes at The Bar Method. I love sharing my passion for living a healthy life - and to me, that means a life that is full of balance, not restrictions.

In any partenership, I want to make sure it fits with my core value: bringing joy into the world. I will always be 100% myself, and will bring that with me in any relationships.

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🐰 It's not too late to shop for Easter! I have three craft kits that are absolutely perfect for your Easter baskets! Best part - they're fun for kids and adults! Tap the video to shop or head to my bio to get to my website. 👇Drop an emoji and tell me which is your favorite: 🐰, 💐, 🌈

The 5 stages of going to the playground

The kids have been cooped up in the house (with entirely too much screen time) for so long, and you think you know what would be fun? You’ve tried to ease into the transition as calmly as possible “3 more times down the slide then we have to go. But they just won’t budge, and you know the meltdown is coming. On the way home everyone finally calms down and says what a great time the playground was.

Jeff: how many pictures of rainbows did you take? Me: All. Of. Them. 🌈 I shared a few of my favorite ways to use the rainbow craft kit so you can fill up your camera roll, too! Find the post from the link in my profile, or tap the photo to shop🌈 . . . #kcblogger #shopsmall #shoplocal #kcmom #kcmakers #kcmoms #momprobs #momsofinstagram #momlife #momoftwo #momblogger #kidcrafts #kidactivities #crafts #craftingideas

Rainbow craft: Styled 3 ways

This works best when you use more layers, and I strongly recommend adding the back square layer (or making your own out of your favorite paper you have). Use square adhesive tape (to help create extra depth) to assemble regular glue or double-sided tape can work, too If you are using an extra piece of cardstock so your finished product fills in the entire space of your frame (I used a pink foil kraft board), use your adhesive to place your rainbow and lights in the center • Close the frame and be sure to keep the switch for the lights on the back (you may need to cut a small piece of the frame backing if it won’t close)

How do you make a spring wreath? My latest blog post lays it all out (SPOILER: it's super simple!) Evelyn's wreath is hanging above her bed - where will you display yours? Link is in the bio 🌷You can also keep it easy with the Spring wreath craft kit. Tap to shop🌷 . . . #happylittlechaos #kcmom #kcmakers #kcmaker #shoplocal #shopsmall #shopsmallkc #shoplocalkc #momlife #easterbasket #springwreath #diywreath #easterideas #momblogger #mompreneur

Food and Wine Pairings: Toddler Mom Edition

how and WHY?, a bold red like a Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon helps emphasis the peppery notes in the meat how and WHY?, a bold red like a Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon helps emphasis the peppery notes in the meat * Mac and Cheese and Pinot GrisPretend that box of orange pasta is it’s sophisticated cousin, fettuccine alfredo. * Pretend that box of orange pasta is it’s sophisticated cousin, fettuccine alfredo.

I live for these sweet moments. I also live for the realization that next year Ev will be in kindergarten and Luke will be in preschool, and I will get to have a solid 5.5 hours of silence a few days a week. 🙌🙌 #kcblogger #momprobs #momsofinstagram #momlife #momoftwo #momblogger

My *realistic* fitness goals for February

Breaking them down by month allows me to narrow my thinking and avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out when they inevitably fall to the wayside. Since February is focused on fitness, I thought I would share a bit of my fitness goals and intentions. It doesn’t have to be Bar; I have a spin bike and the Peloton app at home, so any of their workouts would “count”. So while I am placing a lot of emphasis on increasing my workouts, I hope that the biggest increase is in my mental wellbeing.

The cutest 🐰 booty I ever did see! Flower bunny craft kits are now live on the site to shop, but you have to hop quickly, because there's only a limited number!! 🛍 Tap to shop, or head to my bio 🛍 . . . #kcblogger #kcmakers #kidcrafts #crafts #craftingideas #toddlermom #toddlerlife #shopsmall #shoplocal #shopsmallkc #shoplocalkc

These kids love their PawPaw to the moon and back. Swipe for the original! #momlife #kcmom #kcmoms #kcmaker #facelessportrait #facelessart #facelessart #procreate #freshlypicked #momsofinstagram

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