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My blog focuses on strategies for teaching world languages and traveling while enjoying the local culture. I help teachers bring the world to their classroom and their classrooms to the world.

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Wondering where to see manatees near Orlando? Try Blue Spring State Park

While Disney World is Florida’s most popular tourist attraction, there is another famous attraction that Florida is known for — manatees! If you are traveling to Orlando in the winter or spring, consider taking a day or even just an afternoon to head to Blue Spring State Park to catch a glimpse of the sea cows. These large animals are slow-moving and easy to spot in shallow waters, making them a favorite with the young and young at heart. Blue Spring State Park is northeast of Orlando and about an hour drive from the Orlando airport.

Visiting the Boise Basque Block

The Boise Basque Block is a series of restaurants and cultural buildings dedicated to preserving Basque culture in Idaho. Around 1910, Grove Street, the street that currently holds the Basque Block, was almost all Basque-owned entities. What to see at the Basque Block Entering the Basque Block from South Capitol Boulevard, you’ll be greeted with a huge mural celebrating Basque culture in Idaho. You’ll find more artistic surprises as you walk the street (remember, I said it packed a whole bunch of Basque-ness into a small area), including painted utility boxes, cement tiles with song lyrics, and giant , the Basque symbol of unity, painted on the street.

How to get Spanish books for your classroom library

Whether you are a first year teacher or a 20-year veteran that wants start a free voluntary reading program, you’re going to need to get Spanish books for your classroom library. For example, where I live Peace Corps groups and Rotary Club groups will often sponsor grants, and you could certainly argue that getting books in Spanish or in another language for your classroom library would be helping students learn more about the world. I try to make sure that my classroom library has unique books, but I will generally make a trip to the school library with students at the beginning of the year. Students can choose a book from there or they can choose a book from the classroom library.

How to prepare your students for the AAPPL test

There are four parts to the test: a speaking part, which is considered interpersonal speaking, an interpretive listening part, an interpretive reading part, and a presentational writing part. Since the test is aimed at students of different ages, the questions are related to things of interest and importance to high schoolers (or younger students, for other test versions). I would definitely recommend not doing more than just the writing test in one sitting because if they’re at a high level, it’s going to take them a very long time. because they don’t write enough they don’t qualify for having paragraph-length discourse, and they aren’t able to achieve higher levels.

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