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Isaiah 66:9🙏 I show women they can live abundant fulfilling lives by diminishing hurt and brokenness #gracedbybeautyofficial 👇🏼Lets Connect👇🏼

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20 Things I've Learned About Being Strong

Today I want to give you 20 things I’ve learned about being strong. What you allow yourself to think about your situation, and the reason that God put you in that situation are two different things. Everybody won’t understand why you want to heal, so don’t try to force them to. You should do all of the things that we enjoy doing while feeling strong because we have that reminder when we need it.

Why It's OK Not to Have It All Figured Out

today, I want to tell you why it’s ok not to have it all figured out. For me, I have always known that it takes a strong person to admit that they need help. It makes me sad to see people goin through life thinking that just because they aren’t where they need to be, they should stop trying to get there. You WILL make mistakes, that’s why it’s ok not to have it all figured out.

4 Truths About Healthy Boundaries People Tend to Ignore

If you don’e set healthy boundaries, you are allowing others to dictate the things that you do. Setting healthy boundaries gives you grace and the opportunity to create a healthy life. Healthy boundaries can be hard to set but easy to change. You never know how you change for the better when you set boundaries in your life.

8 Things I Have Learned as a New Mommy

As a new mommy, I want to share 8 things I have learned. Because there is so much to being a mother that I HAVEN’T learned, it makes me more determined to do my best with what I know. a New Mommy Time management is important because getting things done that NEED to be done is a must. 8 Things I Have Learned as a New Mommy Staying positive is a trait that all mothers should possess because it allows a better outlook on situations.

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