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Hi there! My name is April and my husband and I are farmers and ranchers in New Mexico. I wear many hats, but the greatest is being a girl mom! I have two daughters who are my world. I love sharing my motherhood journey. I have been sharing our story on instagram for a little over a year! I’ve worked with several brands and take pride in the time and effort that I put into advertising for brands. Some of my most recent brands I’ve worked with are Dropps, Vital Proteins and Raised Real. I’m looking forward to working with more brands and growing my portfolio!

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Working on a mixed ration with the two most hard working farm hands today. The main ingredient is CORN 🌽 Why corn? It’s an excellent energy source and it improves meat quality. Our animals love the taste, just like we do! . . The well-being of animals on our farm is top-priority. We grow pasture for them to graze. We grow hay for them to snack on. And we feed them grains that not only they enjoy, but that are great for their health. We spend each day with them checking them for sickness and making sure they have the best life possible while in our care. It’s the beauty of raising our own animals, and getting to do it with these girls by our side is the beauty of family farming.

Last week we made the hard decision of pulling Verity out of preschool for the year. She had the BEST time at school last year, and let’s be real, this momma needed the time to get work done, so this decision was so tough 😭 BUT we’re continuing some learning at home and out on the farm. Verity is so excited and honestly I am too! If you’re interested in the lessons we will be doing, I’ll be sharing them in my stories! . . I know there are so many mommas out there trying to figure out what learning for their kids is going to look like this year, and I can’t imagine the stress of it all with older kids! Just know, whatever decision you make, it’s the best for you and your family and YOU ARE ALL GOING TO ROCK IT 🖤 Any other mommas doing school at home for the first time? Homeschool pros, share your best tips below! 👇🏼 . . #learningathome #learningthroughplay #literaturebasedlearning #preschoolathome #homesteadliving #slowliving #toddleractivities #preschoolhomeschool #farmlife #learningonthefarm #farmkids #farmkidsofinstagram #farmhouseliving

Challenge accepted 🖤 Thank you to the sweet friends who have encouraged me. Tagging some women that inspire me!

This is motherhood. A naked baby because she fell in mud, a fussy toddler because she couldn’t go ride the tractor with her daddy, and a momma running on coffee and prayer that God will just get her through the morning without losing her cool. . . Motherhood has changed me. From the stretch marks on my sides to the understanding that my time is not my own. My world is different, and it’s because of these two munchkins right here. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. . . Some advice from this hot mess: the dishes can wait. The laundry can wait. The housework will always be there, but your babies won’t be. They grow too fast. Soak up the moments. Take the picture. And even though it may seem like a waste of time, do the extra work to load up the kids just to go for a drive on the farm. Getting out of the house and seeing sunshine is good for the soul, and makes it for some good memories 🔅

I’m living in my own garden dreams! Garden cons, having to pull weeds & fighting bugs. Garden pros, all the fresh veggies, beautiful flowers & the hangout spot for our family every evening. . . Verity has been SUCH a helper in the garden this summer. I love teaching her the hard work and joys of growing your own food! Also, it’s nice to have an extra hand helping pull weeds 😜 . . Do you have a garden? What’s your favorite vegetables to grow!?

Did you catch something new in my stories today? For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a way to make more women in ag feel included on Instagram. I came up with #farmgirlfriday to feature different accounts on my stories each week and today, my sweet friend Kalie from @5l_farm shared her story of starting their dream farm. Each farm girl has a beautiful story to share and I’m excited to share some here! . . Tag your favorite female farmer/farm wife that inspires you or that you would love to see takeover my stories 👇🏼 . . #femalefarmer #farmher #fiveheartfarms #womeninagriculture #farmwife #farmerswife #shareyourstory #farmwivesclub #farmlife #countryliving #farmlivingisthelifeforme #upliftingwomen

Egg watch 2020 🥚 . . The time has come. We’re watching and waiting. Will they ever provide? 😂 . . Do you have chickens? When did they start laying eggs? . . #chickensofinstagram #chickenmom #freerangechickens #onthefarm #homesteadinglife #selfsustainable #ourbackyard #garden #farmwife #showusthegarden #eggs #farmgirlvintage #homestead #farmfamily

Last November we put our daydreamin’ into action and signed up for @m5entrepreneurs. For months we had the vision of sharing our farm with others from our community and across the U.S. but we didn’t know how long it would take and how to make it happen! @fivemarysfarms gave us the tools and the courage to jump right in, and I’m so thankful that we did. . . A couple months ago we launched @fiveheartfarms with merch and then last month we launched our first two rounds of beef boxes. The support we have felt has been so overwhelming and truly humbling. Being able to bring our homegrown beef from our family farm to family tables has been a true dream come true for us and we can’t wait to expand into shipping boxes across the U.S. soon! . . If you’re looking to start a business or grow a current business, please message me and let’s chat about this course. 🖤 And tell me, what’s a big dream you have for your family or business? Tell me below 👇🏼 . . #dreambig #businessowner #fiveheartfarms #m5entrepreneurs #farmgirls #raisedoncountry #farmfamily #farmerswife #ranchwife #beefitswhatsfordinner #farmersfeedtheworld #supportyourlocalfarmers #farmersdaughter #raisinggirls #countrymoms

Snacks on snacks on snacks. Let’s chat about preconditioning calves. When we get calves off of a ranch, we take them straight to the pens. The weaning process for calves can be stressful. We try to make this time as easy as possible for them, because hello, we’re their new moms lol. This is why we put them in the pen for a short period of time. During this time we spoil them, love on them, and feed them a natural/high protein diet. This boosts their immunity, gets them used to us and allows us to be up close and personal with our animals as we look after them. The most important part of this time is watching for sickness. With stress comes lowered immune systems, so sickness is our biggest threat. After this short period in the pen they get to roam free on yummy pasture that we grew. We still go out to pasture and spoil them with snacks, because HAY they are our babies while we have them 🐃 . . #cattlefarm #cattlepens #farmwife #homesteadingmama #citygirlonthefarm #beefcattle #newmexicocattlegrowersassociation #countrysideandfarmlife #shesgonecountry #agnowmorethanever #agmorethanever #agriculturelife #farmingfamily

Every morning I sit in the chaos around me and spend time with Jesus. It looks different each day. Some mornings it’s uninterrupted, others I can barely comprehend the few sentences I read because of distractions. But in circumstances that are always changing, He isn’t. He stays the same. He’s near to me. He meets me in the few words I read, the worship song I sing, the laundry I put up and in the drive to the farm. What a gift. What a friend we have in Jesus. . . Worship music is my jam. So I’m sharing a few of my faves below. Share your favorites in the comments so we can be encouraged with new songs to sing. 🖤 “Your Will Be Done”- @cityalight “Promises”- @maverickcitymusic “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death”- @gettymusic “Echo Holy”- @redrocksworship “In The Hands of Christ My King”- @austinstoneworship

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