Giuliana Vann

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Instagram Expert Coach. Grow & monetize your IG. Take your brand and instagram to the next level with me. Lifestyle influencer helping brands grow , gain brand awareness & visibility, gain new prospects and leads, building long term partnerships.

Location Sarasota, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
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Family beach vacation starts now 🌴☀️ I may come back.. I may not 🤪 Looking forward to 10 days of unplugging, relaxation & beach parties with fam and friends ✌🏼 Hope you have a relax Memorial Day weekend ☀️ . . . . . . #beachcondo #longboatkey #oceanviewhome #longboatkeyflorida #beachlifeisthebestlife #beachvacation #memorialdayweekend #MDW #trendingreel #sarasotaflorida #sarasota #familytravels #visitsarasota #gulfofmexico #floridablogger #sarasotablogger #thingstodoinflorida #visitflorida

I am absolutely thrilled to share this incredible success story of my client & student, Anastasia ⤵️ Anastasia is one of my international students & mgmt clients. When we first started working together in Mid July of last year, she was struggling to gain traction as a content creator, increasing her Instagram following, and wanted to become a full time creator working with brands worldwide and making it a thriving business but didn’t know how to start. Sounds familiar? Within a few shorts months working together 1:1, she not only started working with brands with less than 4K followers but become an unstoppable force, both in terms of her brand presence and her income! I cannot express how proud I am of her hard work and dedication to make her dream of becoming a full time PAID creator traveling the world come true! Witnessing her transformation has been truly inspiring and a reminder of the power of investing in yourself and your business. Recently, she shared with me the impact our work together has had on her life. She spoke of feeling more confident in her abilities, more focused on her goals, and more fulfilled in her work than ever before. Her passion & determination are contagious & am honored to be her Mentor & have been a part of her journey. Negotiating paid brand deals now is second nature for her as she’s implemented all my teachings 😉 If you're feeling stuck in your business, my client's story is proof that with the right support & guidance, you can achieve incredible success 💫So, take the leap and invest in yourself & your future- YOU ARE WORTHY of having it all Together we will make your social media dreams come true 💫 #contentcreators #businessgrowthcoach #investinyourself #influencercoach #instagramgrowth #socialmediacoaching #femaleboss #instagraminfluencer #socialmediainfluencers #workwithbrands #influencermarketingtips #lifestyleinfluencer #contentcreatorsofinstagram #monetizeyourbrand #giulianavann #sarasotamarketing #sarasota #sarasotalifestyle #sarasotainfluencer #sarasotaflorida #sarasotablogger #fashionbloggers #mombloggers #mombosslife #femaleentrepreneurs #socialmediaagency #lakewoodranch #lakewoodranchmainstreet

I’m thrilled to welcome our newest student, an incredibly talented registered dietitian who's ready to build her brand and grow her business on social media! Welcome Summer to the Instapreneur Success Program 🥳 Just a few things she’ll learn inside the ISP: 🥂How to create strong & valuable content for her ideal audience 🥂How to grow a community & a loyal Instagram following 🥂We are going to get super clear on her Niche & who she wants to serve 🥂How to build an impactful online program the easy & simple way - no complicated stuff or tech! Plus we are going to build her a strong & memorable brand in a way that aligns with her values, cuts through the noise and attracts her ideal target audience 😎 As my ISP student, it’s my top priority to help you achieve your goals and make your mark in the online world. Together, we'll transform your passion for nutrition into a thriving and successful business. So excited to have you on board! Welcome to the team! 🎉 If you’re an entrepreneur, influencer/creator, expert, small business owner, or a mom with many passions wanting to grow your brand & business or start a business using your unique talents & skills but just don’t know HOW & the idea of branding yourself on Instagram makes you feel overwhelmed, dm me to learn more. #instagramcoaching #instagramcoach #socialmediabranding #socialmediasuccess #onlinebusinesscoach #buildyourbusinessonline #brandingstrategist #multipassionateentrepreneur #digitalentrepreneurship #mominfluencers #instagramgrowthtips #privatecoaching #socialmediacoaching #onlinecoachingprogram #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #sarasotamom #sarasotamarketing #socialmediamarketingexpert #socialmediaexpert #socialmediamarketingagency #digitalmarketingservices #socialmediamanagement #socialmediaagency #giulianavann

Building your brand presence on social media is not just a necessity, it’s a crucial step towards achieving long-term success. After working with hundreds of clients 1:1 from many industries around the world, from small businesses to multi-million companies, I’ve heard & seen everything. I’ve gotten clients who came to me after spending THOUSANDS in self-paced courses, paying ads, outsourcing their social media to some “marketing agency” who overpromised but burnt them and crying yes crying about to give up their dream business bc nothing they’ve tried or did or outsourced had worked for them. It is when we work together and I built them a strong brand foundation & built them a super strong brand they freaking LOVE & are proud of 😎 everything I mean EVERYTHING started falling in place 🌈 From making zero money in their business, to filling up their programs JUST from their Instagram account! ➡️ Because of the strong brand presence we built! From trying everything every guru says online and seeing ZERO results to now F growing their brand & social media with so much dang clarity, intention, purpose and JOY without posting everyday From posting content for free for years to making consistent 4 figures as a part time content creator! ➡️because of the strong brand presence we built together! Not having a strong brand is COSTING You money. Building a strong brand presence on social media isn’t just about posting content regularly. It’s about creating a strategy that aligns with your goals, values, and target audience. And making your message resonate with your target audience! So they’re PRE-SOLD by the time they read your content Having a strong brand that GROWS with you opens so many opportunities too! Establishes your authority & TRUST with your audience. Something that generic content without strategy can’t do No more chasing people. No more cold dms. No stressing yourself where the next sale comes bc you’ll have hot leads coming to YOU constantly & consistently. No sales calls either! If you’re ready to invest in building & growing your brand presence on social media, DM me to learn more about how I can help you SHINE 🤩& SCALE 😎 #brandingexpert

April was pretty awesome. Our daughter turned 10 😯 Feels like yesterday when I held her in my arms for the first time 😭 Celebrated Easter ✝️ Lots of pool parties 💦 Loving our new home! 🌴 Beach days 🌊 Can you tell we are ice cream lovers 🤪 And right after Easter Sunday, I started a fitness program with personalized plans & accountability. You know when there’s a time that no matter what you’re doing, you’re not seeing progress and results. I knew I needed to invest in a private program and work 1:1 with someone who can help me achieve my fitness goals. So I invested in ME. My health. My body. To get back in shape, feel stronger & restore my diastasis recti (yes, still have some ab separation 😒) I will share more on this journey with you. This is a new era I’m in as a mompreneur. TIME FREEDOM Work less Outsource the rest Enjoy life! I’ve been hitting BIG milestones with my marketing agency. And without posting on my page everyday. You don’t need to do all the crazy stuff you hear online when you’ve built a brand for yourself. You can have it all. You deserve to have it all. A thriving business. Time for yourself. Time to travel. Start a new business if you want - no matter how old you are. It’s all about prioritizing what you want for your life and designing your dream life- the way YOU want it to be Not the life of that random person you see online. NO. You stay focused and create the life YOU my friend you want for yourself and your family. There’s nothing more beautiful than LIVING life the way you’ve envisioned it 💫 You CAN. 🌈 How was your April? #giulianavann #livingadigitaldream #momprenuerlife #bossmom #mombosslife #mompreneurs #workfromhomemom #momswithgoals #mominfluencers #mominfluencer #floridaliving #sarasotamom #sarasotamoms #floridamom #sarasotafamily #sarasotaflorida #sarasotalife #srqlife #srq #momswhohustle #momswhoworkout #mombloggersofig #contentcreatorlife #instagramexpert #socialmediaexpert #buildyourlegacy #createthelifeyouwant #fitnessjourney

Success isn’t about luck and does NOT happen overnight like those people who claim earning 100’s of thousands in 6 months & while they sleep - they are just trying to sell you something. True fulfilling success comes after putting in the hard work, even when the odds seem stacked against you. I know this firsthand, because I went from being a nurse who had a good secure salary to an accident that changed the trajectory of that path to owning a successful social media agency in just one year & keeps on scaling. It wasn’t easy! and there were times when I doubted it all & felt like giving up, but I knew that God had a plan for me. I had a dream to pursue. I traded in all the hours I missed raising my kids while they were little while I worked at the hospital. I missed some holidays with them. I dreamed one day to just stay home raising my kids, working for myself doing something & having more time & life freedom. When that accident happened, I knew everything was part of the plan and I was willing to put in the work to make it a reality. Pursuing your dream is not an easy journey, and it requires you to take risks, face your fears, & push beyond your LIMITS It may feel uncomfortable, but that’s where growth happens. It’s in those moments of discomfort, the unknown, & not knowing WTF you’re doing that you learn the most about yourself & what you’re capable of. Success is not handed to you on a silver platter full of hacks & 90-day promises. It’s EARNED through hard work, dedication & perseverance. Like @iamsteveharveytv says, If you’re not willing to put in the effort, then don’t pursue success. But if you’re ready to do whatever it takes, then the possibilities are ENDLESS🙌🏻💫 So if you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, remember that success is within your reach, as long as you’re willing to get uncomfortable. Your dream is unique to you & no one else can achieve it for you. It’s up to you to put in the work & make those sacrifices. Go ahead and take the first step towards making your dream a REALITY 💪🏻The only thing that stands in the way is YOU! #pursueyourdreams #makeyourdreamareality #successprinciples #savvybusinesswomen

Save and share this post to help spread the RIGHT news and help everyone grow on this platform 📌 Whenever you come across ANOTHER viral reel or post on your feed from these overnight sensations, gurus, or those so called “experts” saying some BS without proof or backed data like “stop using hashtags” “use only 3-5 hashtags “ — take it with a grain of salt. From my years of experience working 1:1 with clients and managing a full roster of clients accounts, I’ve tested everything bc I LOVE DATA. This is how I’ve developed my own methods that WORK. I can tell you we use 20-30 hashtags on all my clients and this is how they grow their Instagram organically, reach THOUSANDS of new people from single posts, and have skyrocketed their reach and engagement 💪🏻 Swipe to slides to see some of the thousands of screenshots I have see there’s a HUGE difference in spreading news based on what you hear or what “worked” for you And sharing data and insights based on actual DATA & RESULTS from methods that have worked on hundreds of clients and not just yours. Hashtags DO WORK when used strategically. They help you get the reach and increased engagement you want plus putting your content in front of potential customers or followers. Those who have more than 100k followers don’t need the same visibility or engagement than someone who is just starting out or has less than 100k followers— it’s not rocket science There’s so much misinformation being spread is SCARY ☠️ And every time a guru spreads some BS “news” My DMs blow up with questions “is that true ?” How many hashtags do you use? If you don’t want to worry about posting, creating captions & those dang hashtags 😆anymore, need help growing your brand presence and want to save HOURS of your time on social media, feel free to send me a message to learn about my social media management packages. #hashtags101 #hashtagtips #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediamarketingagency #instagramgrowthstrategy #contentstrategy #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #medicalspa #medicalaesthetics #luxuryrealestate #smallbusinessgrowth #sarasotamarketing #socialmediamarketing #sarasotarealtor #sarasotarestaurants #contentcreators

Swipe to see just a few results of what’s like working with us ♟ If you’re not seeing results from all your marketing efforts on your own OR by working with those who claim to be “digital marketing experts” , it’s time to pivot and make changes in your “strategy “ Organic social media is POWERFUL when done RIGHT and by implementing the right strategies custom to YOUR business ♟ All results you see here are by our ORGANIC strategies from our current clients (posting ONLY one 3 posts a week)—-that’s right. Not a single dime spent and wasted on paid ads or “boosting” posts or posting multiple times a day You can be reaching THOUSANDS of your ideal audience in a single post, getting inquiries to work with you, booking clients off your Instagram alone without spending a dime just like my clients 😎 Ready to free up your time for good and outsource your social media to us? 😎 If you’re ready to finally save time and start seeing your socials and your brand grow in an authentic and right way, book a free consultation to learn if we are a good fit in working together. Click link in bio ☀️ #giulianavann #livingadigitaldream . . . . #socialmediamarketingagency #socialmediamanagementservice #socialmediaagency #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategist #socialmediastrategies #instagramexpert #instagrammarketingstrategy #influencermarketingagency #contentcreationstrategy #contentstrategist #savvybusinessowners #realtorsofinstagram #nurseaesthetics #sarasotamarketing #sarasotaflorida #sarasotasmallbusiness #sarasotarealestate #sarasotamedspa #sarasotaskincare #sarasota #lakewoodranch #contentcreatormarketing #healthcaremarketing #femaleentreprenurs #sarasotafitness

Happy Easter from our family to yours. He is Risen! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 Had a nice worship celebration at our church this morning followed by an egg hunt at our house 🐣 Hope you’re having a relaxing and beautiful day with your fam, friends and/or furry ones 🐶🐱 Love, Your fav SM coach 💕 . . . . #giulianavann #happyeaster2023 #easterday2023 #happyeastereveryone #eastersunday #easteroutfits #lillypulitzerstyle #lillypulitzer #toryburch #saksstyle #sarasotafamily #sarasotaflorida #sarasotamom #sarasotakids #srqmom #srqlife #heisrisenindeed #sarasota #sarasotainfluencer #sarasotablogger #floridainfluencer #floridablogger #floridafamily #sarasotafl

Instagram IS your website 👀 Nowadays, consumers will search for your Instagram BEFORE even attempting to look at your website (if you have one) 🔎 Is your Instagram a well representation of your brand? Is your content ATTRACTING your target audience? If you want to attract premium clients, your social media branding MUST look & feel PREMIUM. No question about it One of our recent social media management clients (Hair salon with certain specializations) came to us wanting to build and establish their brand presence and authority in their industry on social media After a deep dive on their brand & going through our unique branding process, we are very happy to report our client is obsessed 🤩 with her branding 🙌🏻 She’s now proud of how well her social media represents her business sharing her mission, values & attracting the right audience ✨ Not to mention the INSANE organic growth her social media is having so far in less than a month!! 😎 We even created a new logo that embodies the business name and mission 🙌🏻 They’ve gotten so many compliments on their new logo and new branding- it makes us so happy and just validates that we know what our job is To help brands STAND OUT & SHINE on social media ✨ Your branding is EVERYTHING. Is the FIRST IMPRESSION of your business. And if you never invested in your branding yet, guess what… Your potential clients are simply going to exit out and go do business with your competitor That means, not investing in your branding and social media is actually making you lose money! ➡️If you’re ready for brand refresh or ready to invest in your branding and social media, message me to book a complimentary consultation to know your social media & business goals and see if we are a great fit in working together Follow for more @giulianavann @livingadigitaldream . . . #brandingproject #brandbuilding #brandingexpert #socialmediamanagementservice #socialmediabranding #socialmediaagency #hairsalonfeed #instagrambranding #instagramgrowth #instagramexpert #socialmediaexpert #hairsalonowner #sarasotahair #sarasotahairsalon #sarasotahairstylist #sarasotabeauty #sarasotaspa #tampahairsalon #sarasotaflorida #sarasota

Drop “I DID IT” in the comments ⤵️ if this is your year to step into massive F***ng G R O W T H💥 We are almost 2 months into 2023 Have you been intentional in implementing what you need to do in order to achieve those “goals “ you set back in late 2022? I get it. Life happens. Things happen. But you’re the **only one in control ** of how you react to any circumstance in life Didn’t have a great month in January? However that looks like to you—- It’s Okay! Step back. Re-analyze. See where things didn’t go as expected you wanted things to be. Ask yourself real questions - did you show up enough? Did you actually did the work you supposed to do? Did you set REALISTIC goals? Only you know the answers And because I’ve been coaching & mentoring hundreds of clients for years now, I know exactly how it is. I know how things will happen. The reality is that most of the times, we tend to set unrealistic goals And because life happens, s**t happens. When things don’t go the way we “wanted”, we tend to throw the towel and end blaming everything else around us but ourselves It’s not your coach, your mentors, your kids, spouse’s fault if you didn’t get the results you wanted Your success is a result of the work and effort YOU put in. So when you see yourself not achieving something, re-analyze your goals. And I bet you they’re prob too unrealistic Set intentional & realistic goals & KEEP MOVING FORWARD (I have that as a sticker in my laptop 💻 if you caught it in the reel) When you step outside your “safety” zone, it can help you build the confidence you’ve been needing all this time to really find out what you are ** MADE OF** Stepping outside of your safety, it helps you to grow & reach NEW goals 🌟 If you’ve been looking for a sign to get serious in your social media & business goals & finally see results for yourself, there are 2 ways we can work together to achieve the success you deserve 🌟 Message me & let’s chat about your goals Follow me for more honest entrepreneurship, mindset & social media tips #entrepreneurlife #socialmediacoach #socialmediamarketingtips #instagrammentor #marketingmentor #socialmediamarketingagency #sarasota

New Social Media Management Client: @beachywaves_hair 👏🏻 We are so excited to welcome Beachy Waves Hair Studio to the Living a Digital Dream (LADD) @livingadigitaldream team! 🙌🏻 We just got started working on this amazing hair salon’s social media 🙌🏻 and also worked on their Branding. Stay tuned for a brand reveal ✨ @beachywaves_hair specialize in balayage, highlights & French haircuts 💇🏻‍♀️ Give them a follow @beachywaves_hair for all your hair needs and inspo 🌴 . . . . #beachywaveshairstudio #socialmediaagencyservices #socialmediamanagementservice #socialmediaagency #marketingagency #sarasotaflorida #sarasota #sarasotahairsalon #sarasotahair #srq #siestakeyflorida #srqlife #bradentonflorida #socialmediamanagerservices #socialmediabranding #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategist #sarasotasmallbusiness #sarasotablogger #sarasotabusiness #tampahairsalon #instagrammanagement #instagramgrowthtips #contentcreationstrategy #hairsalons #livingadigitaldream #giulianavann #visitsarasota #sarasotafl #sarasota_florida

📌 Save this post if you want to grow on Instagram Are you trying to grow on Instagram & see little to no results from all your efforts? If your answer is yes, then keep reading⤵️ Instagram growth depends on the five main pillars & let me tell you, these are not generic pillars you'll find repeatedly shared on Social media The 5 main pillars of IG growth are : ▫️ CONTENT ▫️STRATEGY ▫️CONSISTENCY ▫️BRANDING FOUNDATION ▫️STRONG MINDSET These pillars not only have helped me grow organically on IG on a part time schedule but SCALE my coaching business & brand over the last 2 years (no paid ads, no website, no live launching, no cold dms, not posting everyday) I always stick to them & this has also helped my clients and ISP students to achieve success on Instagram Out of these 5 pillars Branding foundation is the most important 💯 Most business owners fail on IG because they try to grow their businesses putting their FOCUS on marketing alone (i.e., generating traffic to website & in-store with paying ads) Then to realize their business is still not growing & generating the revenue they wished from those marketing hacks & ALL tried efforts (putting out content like a machine and engaging until their fingers go numb) You can't build & grow a sustainable & successful business without a brand foundation 2023 is the year to BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Without a Brand, you’ll get lost in the sea of competition & running like a hamster in a wheel without direction If you're ready to level up your IG & build a strong brand foundation that will get you the growth & success you're craving for, then the ISP is for you Comment ISP below & I’ll send you a dm with link to apply #livingadigitaldream #giulianavann #socialmediaagency #socialmediamanagement #socialmediaexpert #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediabranding #brandingstrategy #instagramcoach #instagramexpert #socialmediacoach #business101 #businessgrowthstrategy #businessgrowthexpert #businessgrowthtips #savvybusinessowners #savvybusinessowner #workathomemoms #workingmoms #momsinbusiness #smallbusinesssupport #womenentrepreneursunite #femalebizowner #sarasotaflorida #bossmomlife

Favorite song 🙌🏻💓💓 What a performance last night @carrieunderwood @amaliearena #DenimAndRhineStonesTour #HowGreatThouArt . . . . . . . #denimandrhinestones #carrieunderwood #carrieunderwoodconcert #tampa #amaliearena #tampaflorida #tampabay #tampalifestyle #giulianavann #tampablogger #tampainfluencer

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