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Instagram Expert Coach. Grow & monetize your IG. Take your brand and instagram to the next level with me. Lifestyle influencer helping brands grow , gain brand awareness & visibility, gain new prospects and leads, building long term partnerships.

Location Sarasota, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
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Took a few days off social media to spend quality time with my loves At the happiest place on Earth during the Holidays #BestDayEver #WDWBestDayEver #WaltDisneyWorld @waltdisneyworld Went to #DisneyAnimalKingdom & #MagicKingdom over The Weekend & had the most magical experience..even during COVID .. still magical 🤩 Have so many pics and content & had also many questions on what is it like visiting the parks right now, I may have to do a blog about it, what do you think? Would you like a blog about what to expect and tips on visiting the parks during COVID? Let me know in the comments 💫 2021 is around the corner..ready for a fresh start and with big goals to better help YOU make your social dreams come true 💫 Now, I’m not into making resolutions. I instead review how the year went & make a list of SMART goals that are achievable (I can share more on this soon) & ask myself what do I need to do (or what ELSE do I need to do) in order to achieve that goal That goal setting 👆🏻is a whole different ball game than making resolutions. .. you can call them resolutions but if you truly want to be able to achieve them, your approach should follow the SMART method And don’t wait till Jan 1st to start 😉Start NOW 💪🏻 What is your one goal you would like to achieve in 2021? I’ll share mine in the comments! #disneychristmas #DisneyCreators #disneyholidays #DisneyHolidayMoments #disneymagicmoments #DisneyFamily #DisneyParks #DisneyParksBlog #DisneyMemories #DisneyBound #DisneyStyle #DisneyMom #hello2021 #smartgoals #disneymoments #disneymomlife #healthfashionandmore #VisitOrlando #VisitFlorida

Wishing you a beautiful and Blessed Christmas from our family to yours! 🎄❤️ I think we may have a new tradition for Christmas 🤗 - Gabby singing on stage at Church 🤩🤩👏🏻🎤 She did so good, no nervous at all. She sang #olittletownofbethlehem (swipe to see her on action) We finally got to see my mom, the kids got to see their Abuela (grandma in Spanish) 😍 we haven’t seen each other in weeks due to Covid Even though we were not all together physically, we were in heart ❤️ and spirit We are packed & masked & ready to roll bright and early Kids are SO excited to see Mickey this weekend ! We are going to @waltdisneyworld and @disneysanimalkingdom ( we were lucky to find reservations for both parks for Sat & Sun- we were not planning on going bc magic kingdom was booked but we kept checking and finally opened up 😃) I’ll keep you posted how our visit went (if you’re planning a trip there soon) Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 #christmas2020 #christmaspicture #merrychristmas2020 #plaidchristmas #familyiseverything #heisthereasonfortheseason #jesusbirthday #merryandbright #christmasday #sarasota #disneylovers #disneytrip #floridamom #tistheseason🎄

I’ve been clubbing for 4 days straight, met celebrities, amazing women, Became besties, losing my voice & didn’t even have to get ready🤪.. I’m talking about Clubhouse! 😂So, What’s CH & how it can help your biz grow!👇🏻 I’ve been moderating & hosting rooms on social media & INSTAGRAM marketing- I LOVE IT! Have met some incredible people @elizabeth__molina @joellechoe @forbes_riley to name a few Clubhouse is a new Drop-in chat social media app that has gone viral. It’s exclusively by invitation only (beta), you can join rooms & listen 🎧 to experts & very well known ones including celebrities talk about certain topics. You get to ask questions, learn, share advice, network, connect. You can even join rooms where grant cardone is chatting lol So Here are some ways it can help your biz grow 💥positions yourself as the expert in your niche/industry- start rooms & share about what you know. PRO TIP: Give VALUE from the heart. You never know who may be needing your services right then & check you out on IG too 💥Network with others in your industry - the power of networking & future collaborations. Once you’re in: craft a strong bio PRO TIP: make the first 3 lines count! Use keywords 💥your potential clients are already there & can join a room you’re in - right next to you 💥Build relationships with those who you probably wouldn’t have the chance to - like @forbes_riley Joined one of my rooms and then invited me to share the stage in one of her rooms now we follow each other 💕 PRO TIP: Follow those who you connect with, have similar interests & moderators- this way you’ll find valuable rooms to join You can schedule events & have other experts moderating your rooms PRO TIP: the more active you’re in you get more invites Great place to network- Is WHO you know. You’ve heard the phrase: your Network is your NET WORTH 👌🏻 I think You can see the GREAT possibilities If you’re IN, let’s connect! I’m under @giulianavann I’m hosting weekly rooms 🙌🏻 on IG, hashtags, influencer marketing & social media strategies 2021 P.s: I’ll be doing a training on how to navigate CH & how to use it to grow & serve in my FB group. Want in? (Link in bio to join) #clubhouse

As women we tend to wear many hats 🙋🏻‍♀️running a biz, being a full time WAHM, etc..who here feels this way?But I believe our health needs to be a priority. Without a healthy body and mind, we can’t function at our best capacity (#sponsored ) Prioritizing my health is one of my goals always. And part of taking care of my health and living a healthy lifestyle for over 10 years, is taking my vitamins DAILY. BUT not just any vitamins. Quality vitamins I’ve been taking @gummyhealthnutrition and their gummy vitamins are not only made from natural ingredients and low sugar, GMO-free, gluten -free, and vegan 🙌🏻 but have an amazing taste! I’ve been taking elderberry and women’s immune to support my immune system especially during these times In the evening I’ve been taking their complete radiance gummies to improve my skin, make my nails stronger & fortified my hair And they also have a kid immune gummies! my kids have actually look forward in taking their vitamins because they’re “so yummy” as my son says 😀and he think is going to be sneaky and mess with my mama brain saying he didn’t have any 🧐🤣 If prioritizing your health is one of your goals this year, taking a daily supplement like these gummies can help your body a long way Highly recommend you take a look @gummyhealthnutrition and follow them Give them a try! I actually have a discount code for you 👍🏻 You can Use GIULIANA20 at checkout to save 20% off How does your health routine or self care looks like for you? Are you team Gummy 🐻or team capsules? 💊 . . . . #gummyhealthnutrition #healthfashionandmore #gummyvitamins #immunesystem #immunesupport #immunebooster #multivitamins #fitandhealthy #healthymindhealthybody #healthandwellness #mompreneur #mompreneurcoach #mompreneurlife #laptoplifestyle #mombosslife #healthytips #sarasotaflorida #busymomma #momsinbusiness

(Ad) Holiday wish came true 💁🏻‍♀️> Doing my own hair and also having time left to do with my daughters! Being a mom is already a full time job. Add to it..working from home, running a business, finding time to workout, and all the shenanigans.. and just the thought of styling my hair after showering is like another task to do #sponsored But thanks to @remington_us NEW Wet2Style technology, I can get my hair done in the mornings FAST! This Remington’s #wet2style Pro 1 1/4 hair curling iron is a GAME CHANGER AND TIME SAVER ladies! Wet2Style technology makes it safe to use in damp or dry hair with 50% more protection thanks to its ceramic + titanium coating. It removes the excess water as you style💁🏻‍♀️ As a busy mom, This helps speed up my day⚡️I can dry, style and curl my hair all in ONE STEP super fast without the fear of damaging my hair, isn’t this game changing ladies?! Now, when my daughter asks me to “do “ her hair, I can confidently say “Sure! “:) Ladies & mom friends, you need to add this hair tool to your Christmas wishlist! Thank me later :) #REMstyle #RemingtonReady @remington_us . Watch my stories for a quick tutorial & direct swipe up link to get yours ASAP before they’re gone! . . . #hairbyme #hairwand #curlingiron #beachwaveshair #beachywaves #softwaves #haircareroutine #hairtools #momlifekeepingitreal #zebraprint #sarasotaflorida #sweaterseason #sarasotablogger #sarasotamom #sarasotainfluencer

If you’re missing Music in your Reels, try this hack. It works 💯 with original audio only (see slides) My reels disappeared a few weeks ago 😫.. but it’s k! I’m continue to show valuable content for you in other ways. And believe me, I’m trying everything to EVERy single trick on earth to get my reels back so when I get them, I’ll share with you what worked But I do manage other business accounts and they have reels but NO Music (actual businesses don’t have music due to copyright issues), so when I found this trick, I had to share with you 😉 Let me know if you’ll use this trick! And don’t forget to share this hack with someone you know who’s missing music in reels! P.S: Many of you messaged me regarding Canva training and did a poll vote so the majority voted to attend this Canva Tutorial. It will be free in my Facebook group. If you’re interested in learning Canva design for your social media content, request to join the group - link in bio . . . . . . #instagramreels #reelsofinstagram #instagramtipsandtricks #instagramtipsformarketers #instagramexpert #instagramstrategist #igcoach #digitalmarketing101 #igtips #socialmediatips #bloggerandbizbabes #smallbusinesstips #blogginglife #bloggingtips #mompreneurlife #socialmediaconsultant #bossmom #bossmomlife

With so much information out there and also many instagram trends & updates (like the new Hashtag update - I’ll make a new post about this!) popping up quite often, it can be very overwhelming And then you get emails bombarding you with offers, sales, promotions, etc... And so many Promotional Ads “join my membership”... “Get the free guide”... “watch my free webinar”...etc... 🥱 Have you ever made decisions because: 💰It was cheap 🍰Easy 🐒popular -everyone else is doing it See, when you end up making decisions based on that 👆🏻 you’re not filling up your cup wo th the RIGHT stuff 👉🏻your brain goes into OVERUSE of digital information 👉🏻you think you’ll learn “something” but then, that freebie never gets open (right??).. or you end up wasting 1 hour watching a free seminar full of fluff that then want you to buy a $4K course or program 😳 👉🏻all that digital free info is pretty much the same content just tweaked in different ways presented 👉🏻result: back to the hamster wheel chasing for “new” solutions to your problems/struggles 👉🏻this cycle repeats again and again 2021 is the year to make decisions that are RIGHT 💫Decisions that feel RIGHT to you 💫that are the RIGHT move for your business 💫that will be the RIGHT choice for your future I hope you make this year the RIGHT decisions that feel good to you and that are ALIGNED to who you are, your values & beliefs, and not just bc they’re popular, easy or cheap 2021 is the year to implement the RIGHT actions & DECISIONS so you & your biz can grow in an authentic & real way My DMs are always open if you want chat ❤️ Comment below if this resonates with you 💫would love to hear your thoughts . . . #healthfashionandmore #instagramcoach #igcoach #instagramexpert #socialmediastrategist #mindsetmonday #motivationalmonday #newyearvibes #2021goals #sheinspiresme #decisionmaking #sheboss #wahm #momsinbusiness #womensupportingwomen

There is no competition because nobody can be YOU😎 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ We all have different goals, dreams, values, brains🤓⁣ experiences... ⁣⁣ all those hardships & life experiences are what made you into who you are TODAY⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I’ve gone through so many things in life (in my young 39 years 😜) & looking back, I’m thankful for those things which are what pushed me to who I am today⁣⁣ ⁣ And in this social media world, I can’t complain how far I’ve come in just a few months & also my lovely clients 👏🏻⁣ ⁣ See, if you listen to all the “gurus” & each says different things than the other🙈, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it?!⁣ ⁣ I listen to myself & to my gut. In 1 year, I tested & tried things to grow organically (from Zero to 20K) & now growing my business ⁣ Instagram is like my playground😎I play what I like, what feels good & ALIGNED, what has worked for me & all my clients & businesses I’ve worked with during this last couple of years (built 5 social media pages from scratch successfully in the past 2 years & profits).. and while having fun! ⁣ ⁣ Growing on social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming or tiring. It’s about working efficiently & strategically⁣ ⁣ Working efficiently is something I learned while working as an Oncology & Charge Nurse. I learned how to organize & structure my 14 hr days to take care of 6-7 critical patients at a time, how to run a unit of 20+ pts & how to communicate with Doctors & interns (taught some of them the new tech systems & worked together in plans of care for terminally cancer patients) while being pulled at different directions All day⁣ ⁣ Making sure everyone was alive & happy that’s my priority...& trust me, that’s 10X harder than doing an Instagram audit & coming up with a SUCCESSFUL Growth plan for your social media & biz😉⁣ ⁣ When you have a strategy, a plan, & block the NOISE, things WILL go as you want them☝🏻⁣ ⁣ I have big goals for 2021...for my biz, new projects & resources I want to work on for you! ..will keep it a secret🤫for now⁣ ⁣ Who else feels ready for 2021? 🔥⁣ ⁣ P.s: if your IG account needs some “care” & growth, I’m booking new patients, I mean clients😄for next year. Send me a DM if you’re serious in growing🚀

I believe 2020 was a year of PIVOTING and We made it! It also has taught us that we can endure & surpass anything that comes our way 💪🏻 As a woman of faith, I can tell you that God will not put more in your plate that you can bear Everything happens for a reason. 2020 was the REASON of change and PIVOT. Now, 2021 is the year to take MASSIVE Action towards your goals & dreams. Time to dig deep and let your God’s given talent & purpose seed inside of you and let it FLOURISH 🌻 When you start sharing your unique story & message while serving & proving value to your people, that’s how you start building a loyal community No more scrolling without intention or Consuming stuff that don’t add value to your life or makes you feel that you’re not doing enough or feeling behind Start CREATING MORE of YOU. Create valuable content your audience will want to share and save That’s how you start seeing growth And if you need help and don’t know how to create valuable content for growth, this is what I teach in my 1:1 sessions. I customize sessions based on your needs & goals just shoot me a DM or click link in bio to work with me 1:1 to help you grow AUTHENTICALLY and organically 🪴 P.S: And don’t forget to enter the new year giveaway to win 2 ANUAL VIP subscriptions to @piccollage ! One of the TOP photo editing apps for content creation. You can download it by clicking link in bio if you don’t have it yet #healthfashionandmore #newyearvibes #hello2021 #2021vision #entrepreneurmindset #makethingshappen #takethefirststep #theimperfectboss #womeninspiringwomen #womensbusiness #hersuccess #girlbossquotes #girlbossgang

HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM GUIDES FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND INFLUENCER MARKETING 💥⁣ ⁣ If you haven’t heard about this Instagram’s New feature yet (or if you have already), Ok I’m super excited about these Guides!⁣ ⁣ With Instagram Guides, you can now curate, showcase, and categorize your best posts (or saved), your favorite products and places (and more! read my Guide) inside these guides!⁣ ⁣ What does this mean to you as creator, business owner, or Influencer?⁣ 🌈 When someone add a saved post in their Guide (which happens to be YOURS), your profile gets instant and tons of exposure!💥 ⁣ ⁣ 🌈You get to showcase your old posts inside a guide so you’ll make them EVERGREEN ☀️⁣ If you’re a blogger, you can add an old post that contains one of your blog topics and that will direct more traffic into your blog⁣👏🏻 ⁣ 🌈You give your audience a BETTER user experience- The algorithm is BASED on user experience! That means, the more time people spend in your account, the algorithm thinks your account is valuable which will reward you in the future. By organizing your best content into guides, your audience won’t have to scramble through your profile to find what they’re looking for 👀⁣ ⁣ 🌈When you share your fav places or products : as an influencer, it opens up opportunities for collabs/Partnerships. ⁣ As a Business, your brand gets featured, more exposure and brand awareness👏🏻⁣ ⁣ And now with the Holidays in full swing, Inside my Guide, I’m sharing with you some guide ideas you can start creating to grow your business and influence (bloggers & influencers: this is your chance to create those LTK guides and gift guides!) make those RewardStyle sales baby 😎⁣ ⁣ When you create your new guide, tag me in your stories or mention me so I can see it and give you constructive feedback and reshare it in my stories 🙌🏻more eyeballs to your guide!⁣ ⁣ Share this Guide with your fellow creators and happy creating! ❤️⁣ ⁣. . #healthfashionandmore #gramminwithgiuliana #instagramguide #influencermarketing #businessgrowth #instagramgrowth #instagramstrategy #instagramgrowthexpert #smallbizowner #bloggingtips #instagrammarketing #instagramtipsforbusiness #instagramtipsandtricks

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