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Instagram Expert Coach. Grow & monetize your IG. Take your brand and instagram to the next level with me. Lifestyle influencer helping brands grow , gain brand awareness & visibility, gain new prospects and leads, building long term partnerships.

Location Sarasota, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
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📣If you’re a content creator, Blogger/influencer or business owner using Reels to promote your services, brand or products, this is for you! Reels have a huge potential to bring your FREE REACH and visibility, and especially for smaller accounts. That's why reels are the perfect way to reach thousands of potential clients and build brand awareness And when you use trending audios, the potential to bring more exposure to your profile and business skyrockets🚀 But I get it.. searching for trending audios can be time consuming which then turns into a rabbit hole of mindless scrolling 🥴 PLUS if you don’t have that magical diagonal arrow ↗️which tells you which audio is trending, it sucks! ➡️That’s why I created the perfect Holiday Reels List!! 🤩 All the research & scroll has been done for you ahead of time so you can jump & use the best EARLY trending audios as well with some popular ones that are trending to start boosting your views & sales! 🎁40+ early & popular Holiday trending audios 🎁Each week NEW EARLY & established holiday trending audios will be added suing the holidays 🎁Audios are categorized by reels size & theme- easy to navigate 🎁Direct links to audios from your phone or desktop And did it mention.. it’s FREE? 🎉🥳 Ready to boost your views, visibility, & sales this holiday sales? Click the link in my bio to download the Free list! Don’t wait! As most of trending audios tend to blow up fast 🎄Download your free list now 🎄 #holidaysongs #christmasaudios #trendingaudio #trendingaudios #reelstips #businessowners #smallbusinessowners #smallbusinesstips #etsyowner #mombloggers #momblogger #mompreneurs #mominfluencer #realtormoms #realtorsofig #contentcreatorsofinstagram #sarasota #sarasotabusiness #sarasotasmallbusiness #instagramtipsforbusiness #socialmediatips #socialmediaforrealtors #medspa #nurseinjectors #socialsellingtips #mlmbusiness #arbonne #nuskin #seintbeauty

Happy thanksgiving 🍁 from our family to yours! ❤️ I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful time with your loved ones and friends This year has been different for us Not the thanksgiving day we were expecting That’s why I don’t have a thanksgiving family picture 😆 My husband got sick over the weekend and spiked fever yesterday I’ve been doing my best to keep my immune system strong (thanks to @amazonprime I ordered a bunch of vitamins and immune boosters and got them the next day 🙌🏻)but woke up with the worst sore throat ever ☹️ Every year we get together with my family. We were looking forward in getting together this evening but I didn’t want to get everyone especially my mom sick But thankful we got a warm meal and yummy pies from @derdutchmansarasota (they’re the best!) at my husband’s family (who were also fighting off sickness so they didn’t mind having us over 😆) This is the time of the year I get to reflect for everything I’m grateful for And you are in the top of my list 🫶🏼 Thankful for my family, God, my kids, my Instagram fam, and all my clients & students 🙌🏻❤️ I wouldn’t be here without all your support Happy thanksgiving! ❤️ Love, Your <not typical> Instagram Coach 😘 . . . #happythanksgivingday #happythanksgiving2022 #thankfulgratefulblessed #ilovemyfamily❤️ #hundsaderfarms #pumpkinpatch🎃 #pumpkinfarm #pumpkinfestival #thanksgiving🦃 #floridafashion #floridafall #fallinflorida #plaidshirts #floridafamily #sarasotafamily #sarasotaflorida #sarasota #sarasotamom #workingmama #mompreneurlife #instagramcoach #socialmediaagency #bradenton #sarasotainfluencer #sarasotablogger #floridainfluencer #influencercoach #casualstyle #giulianavann

🚀Trending holiday audios under 3K (as of 11/24)! 🚀 Perfect audios to promote your services, products & all your holiday content 😍🎄 Follow @giulianavann for more trending audios & Instagram marketing tips that work I’ve noticed not everyone has the diagonal arrow ↗️ (which I know it sucks) so I’ve done all the scrolling search 🔍 for you & save over 35 holidays trending audios for you! 🎁Link In bio to download your FREE HOLIDAY REELS LIST (ANDI’ll be adding MORE holiday audios each week!🤩) To access these audios here are 2 ways: 1️⃣ screenshot this list - then search each title on your explore - click on “audio” 2️⃣ Click the link in my bio to download the FREE Ultimate Holiday Reels List 🎁 with all the direct links you can copy and paste directly from your desktop or from your phone! ** the Audio I’m using is one of them > Click on the audio at the bottom > and hit save audio ➡️If you want to get access to over 35 trending holiday audios (new & popular that are still trending) to boost your holiday sales and exposure, go grab your FREE HOLIDAY REELS LIST NOW! 🎁 <<< Link in bio> >> **and what you’ve been waiting for 🙌🏻 The Ultimate Content Strategy Bundle is launching very soon - if you want to be one of the first 100 people to get this bundle at 😱 95% OFF 😱, DM < content bundle > to put you in the list! . . . #trendingaudios #holidaytrends #christmasaudios #reelstrends #trendingaudio #instagramtips #instagrammarketingtips #instagramtipsforbusiness #productbasedbusiness #servicebasedbusiness #contentcreators #influencermarketingtips #magickingdomchristmas #waltdisneyworld50thanniversary #disneyobsessed #instagramcoach #socialmediatips #socialmediaagency #sarasota #orlandofl #sarasotamarketing #sarasotabusiness #momswhoblog #momblogger #clickinmoms #momsinbusiness #giulianavann

These ladies @etherealdistribution not only will have a whole month of content & reels done for them but they had a blast being part of it 😄🎥 Next time, I’m bringing the 🍷😂 @thekrizzelcruz @dama_the_esty Follow @etherealdistribution for the latest aesthetic devices! _______ 😩If creating content feels like a task for you 😏If you know Reels are important for your business but you have no idea how to incorporate trends into your brand You know Reels it’s where’s at but you have no idea on how to edit or take hours to create one reel 😩 Don’t worry!! I got you 😉 and I’m coming to your rescue! 📲My monthly Done-for-you content is perfect for any local business owner who wants to : 💁🏻‍♀️Save tons of hours! 💁🏻‍♀️Save energy from scrolling, creating, thinking, researching etc! 💁🏻‍♀️brand your services and products in an engaging & creative manner without the creation or editing process 💁🏻‍♀️stay consistent and TOP OF MIND with your audience 💁🏻‍♀️STAND OUT on Instagram ALL without doing any of the content process 😃 And my tools and I are coming to YOU to create cool and creative content all done for you sent to your inbox within 3-4 days from shooting day 💁🏻‍♀️ You can choose from once or twice a month packages 👍🏼 If you’re ready to save hours of your precious time so you can focus on your business and have the latest trending reels all done for you incorporating your brand & story, send me a DM to save your spot! **very limited spots available a month** Book today & let’s get you growing! . . . #behindthescenes #reelsservice #reelstips #contentcreation #contentmarketingexpert #doneforyoucontent #socialmediaservices #contentmarketingstrategy #contentmarketingagency #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #sarasotabusiness #sarasotasmallbusiness #sarasotabeauty #sarasotaskincare #sarasotaaesthetics #lakewoodranch #srqfood #srq #sarasotamarketing #sarasotarealestate #instagramreels #instagramtips #socialmediaagency #livingadigitaldream #giulianavann

“Hashtags are dead” the gurus say 😂 I’m here to tell you to KEEP USING HASHTAGS 🔥Here’s why ⤵️ Those gurus who say hashtags are “dead” or hashtags don’t work is because they never cracked the code & didn’t see results from hashtags ✊🏼 My analytical brain loves to know the root causes of stuff & WHY certain things work & what others don’t I like to experiment, analyze, research & TEST methods on my own account I’ve cracked the code using hashtags the right & safe way + I cracked the code on growing on Instagram organically for over 4 years now Hashtags are FREE ADVERTISEMENT for your brand & business on Instagram! When used right and have a strategy in place this is what you can experience: 🔥Reaching THOUSANDS of NEW people, Non-followers, in! 🔥Drive your content in front of your ideal audience and potential clients 🔥Increase your overall reach 🔥increase your engagement 🔥skyrocket your visibility 🔥maximize your Instagram growth 🔥rank at the top of hashtags- just like my clients do showed on this reel - that’s how you increase your exposure, reels views & growth And you no longer need to have a large audience or have thousands of likes in order to rank at the top of hashtags My client with only 1.4k followers has been ranking at the top of most of her hashtags used, in at least 10 hashtags 💁🏻‍♀️ Your content needs to be quality though to maximize your growth ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Hashtags are NOT DEAD ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Keep using them! PRO TIP: if you have under 100k followers, use all 30 More than 100K followers, you can use less since reach & visibility is not longer a “challenge” when you have a large audience If you want to learn more about how to use hashtags the right way & how to create sets of targeted hashtags 👉🏻 Go download my famous🔥FREE HASHTAG GUIDE 🔥LINK IN BIO It has been updated to fit the 2021-22 IG changes Are you using hashtags? Let me know Share this reel with your audience to educate them on what *really works* 😎 Follow for more real tips to grow your business on Instagram 😎 #whatarehashtags #hashtagstrategy #hashtagtips #instagramhashtags #instagramalgorithm #igtipsandtricks #instatips #instagramexpert

I CAN & I WILL 💪🏻 that’s the energy I’m ON. It’s a mindset thing. Right now . There’s no room for doubt Double tap if that’s the energy you’re on too ⚡️ You are capable of accomplishing whatever YOU put your mind into Don’t just Dream it. Take action and do. It. Don’t allow those voices in your head distract you There’s only 1 more month before 2022 is over So much can change in just 1 month if you decide to take action for your dreams, for your future Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s 100 chapter or curated Instagram grid. Focus on YOU and what you can accomplish with your GREATNESS You have a purpose and more people need to hear your story ✨ ____ There’s only 1 seat available inside my transformational coaching experience, the Instapreneur Success Program ✨ In just the first call with me, you’ll have more clarity than you’ve ever experienced in years You’ll gain confidence in yourself You’ll have plan & strategy so you can confidently crush your goals 🔥 You’ll learn my algorithm-proof & proven strategies to take your Instagram to the next level of success If you’ve been doing “all do things “ that every guru & business coach tells you online & you’re not having any sales, no traction, you’re getting burned out.. The idea of going back to a 9-5 just to make ends meet is haunting you at night but you know deep inside what you have to offer is life changing Yes YOU CAN make it & YOU WILL Don’t quit your daydream You just been following bad advice & those overnight success stories online I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners & influencers take their brand & business to the next level with my simple & effective strategies without sacrificing your family & being a slave to social media I’m taking 1 more ambitious lady or gentleman under my wing If you’re ready to transform your Instagram & business & build a profitable Brand, send me a message today ⚡️ . . . #mindsetshift #mindsetiseverything #motivationmonday #motivationalquotes #mompreneurlife #instagramhelp #businessmentor #onlinebusinessmarketing #socialmediabranding #socialmediastrategist #icanandiwill #instapreneursuccess #trendingaudios

Sneak peak of one of my recent Branding Transformations✨ What do you think? 🤩 Bringing a client’s vision into reality is what I strive for I don’t take it lightly Your Brand is unique so it deserves attention 👌🏻 In today’s market, having a strong brand that stands out is not a luxury————- is a necessity You need to have a brand that will be recognizable, memorable and stands out from your competitors so you can grow Branding is more than a logo & cute templates Your brand needs to be able translate your story, values & message online through strong visuals, messaging (copy) & storytelling And that’s one of my superpowers Creating strong brands that stand out & LAST P.S: and I’m working vigorously in bringing not one but 2 resources that will take your Brand to the NEXT LEVEL so you can cut though the noise, and grow your business & brand on Instagram 🙌🏻 EEEKKK!!! Coming very very soon!! 🥳 Follow me and turn your notifications on so you don’t miss them! @giulianavann . . . . #brandidentity #brandingstrategy #brandingidentity #branddesign #brandbuilding #brandyourbusiness #brandstrategy #brandingexpert #digitalbranding #brandinginspiration #socialmediabranding #instagrambranding #brandingagency #socialmediamanagement #socialmediamanager #instagrammarketingstrategy #instagramcoach #instagramexpert #medspa #medspamarketing #realestatemarketing #healthcaremarketing #businessstrategist #sarasotasmallbusiness #sarasotabusiness #sarasotamedspa #sarasotamarketing

The day I decided to take that scary leap of faith & open my Social Media Agency, Living a Digital Dream, right when the pandemic just started, I prayed to God to show me HIS way & to put me in the path of those who need my help Just 3 weeks later, my first client all the way from Ireland asked how she can work with me & what my rates were I didn’t have nothing set up. No website. No calendar. No systems. Nothing. But she found me here on Instagram & found my page very helpful & trustworthy (her words) And this is back in 2020, when I just started building my personal Brand From that moment, I knew I made the right decision & I started setting up systems & investing in my biz & building my Brand Black Friday 2020, I launched my 1st digital product & my Ultimate Free Hashtag Guide that has gotten THOUSANDS of downloads (can’t keep track) & gets me daily leads up to this day on auto pilot (and copy cats too 😑) 6 mths later, I helped over 50 1:1 coaching clients grow & monetize their IG presence & achieve their goals 2021, great year. People from all over the world flooding my dms asking to work with me 🤯 I combined my expertise & my own methods into a 6-week private coaching experience ~The Instapreneur Success Program was born 🙌🏻 Welcomed my first 5 students without a launch 😍 Getting requests from podcast hosts to feature me as a guest & from well known social media experts asking to be a guest speaker in their summits 🎤Mid 2021, got the opportunity to speak in public to a crowd of creators on how to grow & monetize their influence. I FACED my biggest fear 😨 & felt so good 🏆Got awarded as 1️⃣of the 40 under 40 Top business leaders in Florida’s gulf coast (over 200 applicants) Fast forward to 2 yrs, grew my team to 3, coached 100+ clients in 11 countries, over 500 students through my digital product (which I don’t even promote), 24+ amazing students have completed the ISP with SUCCESS This year, Got invited to be featured in Voyage Tampa Not telling you all this to brag. But you don’t need all the fancy stuff 1st. You need to build your BRAND 1st! To STAND OUT & LEAD And I’ll teach you how inside the ISP⚡️1 spot left- LINK IN BIO TO APPLY

Feeling like a hamster 🐹 running on a wheel going nowhere? Experiencing burnout from trying to implement all the tips & hacks you see popping up on your explore page without seeing results? 🥴 You’re being pulled in many directions listening to all these gurus and self claimed experts to try their hack, then other one is telling you a different “trick” to hack the algorithms 🙄 Your explore may now look like this ⤵️ “post reels everyday” “send cold DMs to 10 people a day” You need to have a website” “Trending audio alert 🚨!!” Under 1K uses! Save them!! “Early trending audio! Under 500 uses!! “Hashtags are dead!” “Show up everyday “ “Stay consistent “ “Another TRENDING AUDIO 🚨!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Does your explore look like that 👆🏻?! 😵‍💫 PHEWW … exhausting isn’t it? Tactics, trending audios alerts, tips & hacks are not going to solve your problem When you have a PROVEN ROADMAP that works, you don’t get distracted listening to what others in your explore say & chasing trends & hacks I was once obsessed by views & likes.. scrolling myself to sleep consuming tips & information few years ago and seeing no progress for all the work I thought I was doing Until I said, Giuliana, WTH are you doing?! And I crafted my own methods & strategies for growth & success by spending LESS time on Instagram.. and they’ve been working for HUNDREDS of clients I’ve worked with The things you REALLY need in order to have social media Success are - A strong Personal Brand, a plan and a solid Content strategy 💪🏻 That’s it my friend Build a strong Brand + solid content strategy➡️Attracts the right audience ➡️Your message converts➡️PROFITS 💰 the good news! I’m releasing a FREE resource exclusively sharing my 4 KEY steps to build a profitable Brand on Instagram 🤩 plus 5 ways on how you can start monetizing on IG💰 Coming next week!!! EEKKK 💓Was this helpful?? SHARE with a friend! Follow for more algorithm-proof advice to grow & monetize your Brand! #instagramsuccess #instagramgrowth #instagramhelp #igtips #socialmediasuccess #socialmediastrategist #brandstrategist #socialmediamanager #instagrammarketingstrategy #instagrammanager #entrepreneurship #contentstrategy

Welcome to this side of Mompreneurs on Instagram ✌🏼 Good to have you here. Comment below if you’re part of this side ✌🏼 Here are some of the things we DON’T do: 1. We don’t build a lifestyle around our business- we do it the other way around 2. We don’t allow negativity in our lives 3. We don’t chase anyone or anything. We attract 4. We don’t let the voices in our heads stop us from moving forward & get $hit done 5. We don’t do it for the money. We have a greater purpose. We enjoy serving others and success is just the outcome of what we do 6. We don’t build our brand on algorithms neither we rely on them to have success on this platform 7. We don’t panic or care every time IG glitches (just what happened yesterday on Halloween) and throws new updates & features at us Instagram is not our lives neither our businesses Instagram is a long term game but a free platform that when you learn how to utilize it effectively and turn it into a system, you start living free ✌🏼 🌈 Follow me for algorithm-proof methods to build a profitable brand and grow your Instagram without stress and overwhelm ✌🏼 ____ I have something very special for you ** coming soon** 🙌🏻 All I can say for now is that my newest product will help you build a strong content marketing strategy once and for all 💪🏻so your content attracts the right audience, connects & does the selling for you without you being on social media 24/7 Stay tuned!! . . . . #instagramtrends #instagramgrowth #instagramcoach #instagramcoaching #instagramhelp #instagrammanager #instagramtipsdaily #instagramtipsforbusiness #instagramstrategy #reelstips #contentstrategytips #socialmediaagency #socialmediahelp #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamanagement #WAHM #workfromhomemoms #mompreneurlife #mompreneurs #femalefoundedbusiness #createalifeyoulove #womanownedbusiness #momswhoblog #nanoinfluencermarketing #socialmediastrategist #microinfluencermarketing #influencercoach #giulianavann

Stop what you’re doing ⚠️Instagram Down update! ⚠️ SHARE this with your audience on your stories so they don’t freak out 👍🏼 Tens of thousands users woke up to a spooky issue 😱 A sudden huge drop in followers and accounts being suspended 😬 Before panicking, let’s calm down. I’ve lost about 800 followers 🤷🏻‍♀️ Other larger accounts have lost more too All of this seem to a glitch (what a surprise 🙄) Instagram on Twitter has confirmed this issue saying “we are aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience “ #instagramdown Anytime that Instagram decides to do some house cleaning, they will remove inactive and fake accounts and suspend some accounts which all that leads to a sudden drop of followers on your end So don’t panic. I’m paying close attention to any changes and to Twitter 👉🏻Check my stories throughout the day for recent updates & news! And an important thing to keep in mind. You don’t own Instagram or any social media platform. Which I encourage you to build your email list because that’s something you do OWN. And it’s important to have a strong strategy in place that doesn’t rely on the algorithms to thrive on this platform Follow me @giulianavann for more IG updates and algorithm-proof tips 👉🏻👉🏻 Have you experienced a sudden drop in followers too? Comment below ⬇️ #instagramtips #igtips #instagramglitch #instagramhelp #giulianavann #happyhalloween🎃 #halloweenreels

The only 1:1 mentorship program that delivers a step-by-step proven roadmap with UNPARALLELED support & attention to get you where you want to be, achieve Instagram success & SCALE your brand & business 😎 There are hundreds of courses out there that promise you “how to get to 10K followers” or grow your business on Instagram & they give you bits of fluff & outdated INFORMATION you can Google yourself & they don’t teach you HOW to actually build a PROFITABLE brand that LASTS & monetize your Instagram Having 10K followers don’t mean NOTHING if you don’t know how to convert them Going viral with reels won’t do anything if you haven’t built a brand for yourself & don’t have a strategy in place Nowadays there’s a lot of more competition & people have more choices In order to find success on social media and on Instagram, you need to build a strong brand presence to STAND OUT Without a brand, you’re just another little fish 🐟 in a big pond And having a strong brand foundation doesn’t mean having a color palette, cute fonts & logo as some “experts “ say 🙄 Building a Brand is building an EXPERIENCE. It’s how you’re perceived online. It’s more than pretty colors & logos Inside the ISP, we not just build you a strong Brand that lasts & stands out 🌟 but a profitable brand! Within the 1st call with me, you’ll gain so much clarity on yourself, your niche, your target audience, & steps you need to get closer to your goals ONE call So imagine how much progress you’ll see with 7 calls! 🔥 Making 6-7 figures just off Instagram is not hard! It’s POSSIBLE!! With the right help & strategy My proven methods haven’t just worked for me in building a successful brand & social media agency & coaching business The ISP has been delivering TRANSFORMATIONS (not information) for 2 years & 7 rounds in a row! (Look at my highlights) Can you afford spending all your time & energy in things that don’t move the needle in your business? Doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity *true* ready to to invest in your future & achieve Instagram success? 1 spot left🔥 <book a free call> #instagramstrategy

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