Giuliana Vann

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Instagram Expert Coach. Grow & monetize your IG. Take your brand and instagram to the next level with me. Lifestyle influencer helping brands grow , gain brand awareness & visibility, gain new prospects and leads, building long term partnerships.

Location Sarasota, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
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If you want a better reality, better life, it’s in your own power to CREATE it for yourself right now✨ Don’t wait to be invited to sit at the table. Go build your own and BETTER table! 💫 You are in control of the actions you take every single time Don’t like what you see > Change it While some people are occupied by comparing themselves to others or ‘wishing’ to have other people’s success, I’m here building my OWN table. I’m here building my OWN dream life Building the biggest table and you’re invited to my table. You can sit with me Wisdom is sweeter when it’s shared Who will be the first couple of people you will be inviting to your table? > TAG THEM in the comments! Follow @giulianavann for more inspirational posts and tips to grow your Instagram and social media #motivationalmonday #mondaymindset #twitterquotes #ceomindset #buildyourdreamlife #buildalifeyoulove #createyourreality #createthelifeyouwant #giulianavann

Stop ✋ You are doing it all wrong 🙄 There is ONE SIMPLE thing that will change the way you will communicate in the DMs from now on... Ready?👇🏻(Save this for later) I’m going to give you some tough love here.. because I actually care and makes me cringe every time I get these type of DMs (im sure I’m not the only one getting the “hey girl “cold messages) Stop being desperate 🛑 Stop trying to seduce someone into your products or services Stop spamming with the copy&paste scripts Stop trying to force a sale The ONE SIMPLE thing that will change how you communicate in the DMs is: 👉🏽👉🏼👉🏿Be a human that actually cares to make an IMPACT in people’s lives Simple as that but it’s not being implemented Start building MEANINGFUL relationships in the DMs People need to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you FIRST before buying from you! (I’ll stop screaming 😂.. I just get passionate) There’s a strategy to communicate effectively on the DMs. Yes, I said effectively. Unless you have all the time in the world to chit-chat.. but if you’re a busy boss, you have to be strategically how you spend your time on IG When you position yourself as a RESOURCE for your audience, giving so much valuable info, educating them and having a social media strategy, you won’t need to worry about sending DMs to NO ONE. People will be DMing YOU interested in your offers or services Not too brag, but I’ve never sent a single DM to NO ONE about my services as a IG & social media Coach🙅🏻‍♀️ 90% of my clients have found me on IG & sending me DMs to work with me- and no, I’m not lucky. I worked my B U T T off analyzing what works & I unlocked a proven system for growing a biz successfully on IG with no website (it will be coming soon though), no Paid ads, no funnels, no cold DMs.. in just 6 months In the next post, I will share with you the 3 KEY components that you need to have before you can sell your products or services - stay tuned 💁🏻‍♀️ Let me know in the comments, how do you handle the “hey girl” messages! . . . #mommemes #momceo #directsalestips #directsalesmommy #directsalescompany #mlmbusiness #mlmsuccess #womeninbusiness #womenbusinessowners #ladybosses #girlceo #girlsinbusiness

5 BEST PRACTICES straight from Instagram for making viral Reels! SWIPE > Save & Share Instagram recently came out spilling the beans on what type of Reels they will push to the Reels Tab! Which if one of your reels makes it to the reels tab, you have the chances to get seen by people OUTSIDE your following = NEW followers = More views! So follow these NEW best practices to get seen & discovered by NEW people and grow: 1️⃣Make your reel entertaining: grab people’s attention & make them laugh 2️⃣Share inspiration: start a trend that can easily be recreated by others 3️⃣Use your creativity: have text, cool camera effects, transitions 4️⃣Record your videos VERTICAL: I keep seeing some weird ratios 🧐 5️⃣This is VERY IMPORTANT: use IG’s music library and/or original audio (your voice): due to copyright infringement. In other words: you’re not allowed to promote YOUR stuff by using other people’s music ... so now before you hit publish, make sure to follow this checklist though to have HIGHER chances your reels make it to the Reels Tab: ❌No Blurry/low quality videos ❌Contains logos or watermarks: you know who IG doesn’t want to show anymore right? T....K ❌Text covering your face or image ; text cutout: not a nice user experience ❌video is uploaded with border around it: make sure when you’re editing your reels in apps like InShot, you click on 9:16 ratio ... and remember you don’t need to do crazy dances or transitions spending hours to edit Your solely focus should be your AUDIENCE- wha does she need right now from me? How can I help her today? Focus on SOLVING problems not doing weird transitions lol Reels is just 1 piece of the growth puzzle Stop DIY-ing your Instagram, consuming fluff & getting advice from inexperienced claimed “gurus” or “experts” who themselves are struggling to grow If you’re looking to gain clarity, grow your brand, influence and IG, learn how to monetize it with proven strategies from an experienced coach 💪🏻click link in my bio to book a personalized 1:1 strategy session You should be having FUN on the gram! 💁🏻‍♀️Save & share this post! . . #reelsofinstagram #instagramexpert #instagramcoach

I’m just doing what I love > helping & serving other high achiever women grow & monetize their Instagram with my proven organic methods 💪🏻And I have the best clients 🙏🏻 @cmc_fitness22 I’m helping Christine growing her Instagram, building her brand in an ALIGNED & AUTHENTIC way, & bringing her vision into REALITY so she can help other women with her mission💪🏻 You can read the testimonial about the things she’s already accomplishing with my tips & tricks 🪄 And she’s now signed up for my signature 6-week 1:1 coaching 👏🏻 along 2 other amazing women who are ready to GROW, Sara & Sana! Welcome to the team!! 🥳 BIG things and achievements coming for Christine, Sara, & Sana! ✅Ready to a build a brand that aligned to your values & mission? ✅Ready to GROW your Instagram with IDEAL & DREAM followers?✅Ready to Up level your business leveraging IG with proven social media strategies? ✅Want to stop DIY-ing your IG & fast track your knowledge?! ... I thought so 😉 My 6-week 1:1 coaching will help you: 🪄Get CLARITY 🪄Learn how to create content that connects & converts 🪄Learn hashtags (my jam) so you can finally start reaching your Dream clients while growing organically 🪄grow your engagement 🪄How to write captions that converts 🪄learn all features available for strategic use 🪄and much more! With my help, you will Get actionable steps and a CUSTOMIZED roadmap along ALL my strategies & knowledge plus tools & resources to grow organically & successfully for YEARS to come! It’s a long term success that you can even apply to other social channels - no- brainer! * I only take 5 ambitious women a month* so there’s ONLY 2 spots LEFT for February! And yess, There’s payment plans🙌🏻 I gotchuu- I want to see YOU succeed! 🙋🏻‍♀️Ready to take action for your dreams? Click the link in bio for more deets! Send me a dm with any questions #instagramexpert #instagramcoach #socialmediacoach #smallbusinesscoach #smallbusinessgrowth #businesstips101 #bizmentor #instagramtipsforbusiness

If every NO I’ve received in my life counted as a dollar, I would be a millionaire by now🤑(ok maybe exaggerating a tiny bit 🤣) In life, those Nos you receive are building you for something BETTER my friend 🙌🏻 And sometimes, if you reflect at your past, when you thought 💭 you wanted that “something “so bad and you got NO for an answer... aren’t you glad it didn’t happen that way? .... it’s because you weren’t ready yet... ☝🏻 Some of those NOs WILL BECOME YESSSS when you’re fully ready and when the time is right Don’t worry about the Nos- Don’t take them personally- Don’t worry what others tell you - your Dreams are NOT meant for THEM - Your dreams are built and meant for YOU!! you keep pushing and keep moving forward 👊🏻 Don’t stop at the first Nos, there’s always a YESS waiting for you! And don’t let those Nos dictate your own dreams from becoming a reality Share this with your friends! Tag a friend who needs to hear this 💗 P.s: Will you be attending my clubhouse free training? (Request to join our exclusive FB community- link in bio) . . . #wisdomwednesday #quotepost #empoweringquotes #dontgiveup #makethingshappen #goafteryourdreams #buildyourbusiness #takethefirststep #giulianavann

Attention business owners, product & service providers, influencers/bloggers, network marketers & entrepreneurs: This is the ultimate Canva Crash Course you need if you’re ready to take your brand from blah 😒 to Beautiful 🤩 even if you have ZERO design skills! 📣 Less than 20 hours to register and save your seat! You work hard already in having a thriving business. What if you can learn how to design viral, on-brand, and beautiful & EYE-CATCHING graphics to help you increase brand awareness, engagement & boost sales 🤗 This online Canva training via Zoom is for you if: 👉🏼you’re a solopreneur, blogger, influencer, social media marketer, small biz owner, newbie Instagrammer who wants to create beautiful and on-brand social media graphics with ease 👉🏼👉🏻 Can’t afford to hire a graphic designer 👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿have zero to little canva knowledge 🚀you’re ready to stand out and give your brand & biz the attention it deserves while boosting sales 🚨Registration ends tomorrow Friday at 4:30pm EST You’ll get the training recording and 10 fully customizable social media templates to use for your biz Even if the time doesn’t work for you due to different time zones (it’s k, we have people from the UK, India, Ireland who already registered) I suggest to still register. You’ll still get the recording plus access to the templates 🌈 If you’re ready to boost your engagement & sales, don’t miss this opportunity! Tap the link in my bio to get this Canva party started 🥳💁🏻‍♀️ . . #businessowners #womenhustlers #femaleownedbusiness #femalebusinessowner #canvalove #girlswhohustle #hustlewithease #smallbizlove #smallbusinesslove #smallbusinesswomen #smallbiztips #workathomemum #workathomemom #savvybusinesswomen #mumpreneurs #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediaexpert #socialmediastrategist #instagramtips #instagramcoach #influencercoach #momlifehacks #momsinbusiness #bossmomlife #momonamission #brandingstrategy #mamastrong #sarasotabusiness #sarasotablogger #giulianavann

Are you overthinking on what to post on Instagram? 🥺 How many drafts you have saved for reels that you didn’t get to post yet.. bc you’re probably overthinking it🤨 I used to be overthink everything.. back when I started on Instagram .. captions .. rewriting, deleting.. Stories..should I post this in my feed or in my stories? .... overthinking to the point I wouldn’t post nothing at all lol 👉🏼Here’s a plan for you to help you get it DONE. It’s called A.I.R 🌈A: accomplishments. Take a look back at your own or your team’s accomplishments in your own journey & share them w/your audience 🌈I: Introduction. When was the last time you introduced yourself on IG? You can also introduce your staff, your team members. Make your audience get to know YOU & your biz better 🌈R: Repurpose your old BEST content! Look at your insights- which posts got the most saves, comments, follows, shares— REPURPOSE those in a diff way! There you have it! Just get some fresh A.I.R whenever you feel you’re overthinking it 😉 I was once in the struggle bus 🚌 I also started with zero followers But I decided to learn everything about Instagram- and I did ✔️ I know exactly every struggle and challenge you may be facing right now From 2018 to today - a LOT has changed (for the better 🌟) Helping hundreds of women get off the struggle bus and get crystal clear while having a sense of direction knowing what step to make next on Instagram & with their biz If you’re ready to get off the struggle bus & ride with me to get super clear & have a proven strategy under your sleeve to start growing your IG & biz, send me a DM to figure out ways I can help YOU rockstar🌟before I pause my 1:1 services due to being on high demand This is your sign 🌈 P.s: my Ultimate canva crash course happening this Friday 4/16! Learn how to design viral & on-brand graphics to stop the scroll & stand out- Limited Seats! Link in bio . . . #instagramexpert #femaleentrepreneur #femaleownedbusiness #motivationmondays #quotestoinspire #seeksimplicity #giulianavann

📣The wait is OVER! You voted for a Canva Training and it’s here! small business owners, bloggers/influencers, network marketers, entrepreneurs.. This is for you if you’re looking to revamp your social media branding and learn how to create VIRAL and visually appealing graphics to create a cohesive brand and boost your engagement and sales! 📢 People are busy.. very busy.. scrolling through their feeds super fast ⚡️ They only tend to engage with graphics that catch their attention in a MILLISECOND Are your graphics stopping their scroll so they can read your posts?✋ Is your Instagram grid all over the place and not cohesive?🥺 You know Instagram is a visual platform so you gotta captivate and attract your audience with stunning and engaging graphics First appearance counts That’s why I’m SO excited to teach you everything I know & Ultimate tricks & tips in this 2-Hour Canva Training next Friday 4/16 at 5pm EST Check last slides to see more details on what’s included inside this Online Canva training This is the Ultimate Canva Crash Course (via Zoom) you need to be able to have a beautiful and cohesive brand and create engagement booster designs without spending hours and hours designing You’ll be blown away with the things you could do in Canva 🤩 Tickets are on SALE now And even if you can’t attend live, still register - as you’ll still get the full recording plus 10 fully customizable social media templates Limited capacity🛑 👉🏼This sale price is good only for 48 Hours - Save your seat now Click the LINK IN BIO to register! If you have any questions- ask below . . . #canvalove #brandyourbusiness #smallbusinessowner #femalestartup #networkmarketer #newblogger #newinfluencer #workathomemom #bosslady #momentrepreneur #smallbizowners #virtualassistants #womenbusinessowner #momblogger #contentstrategytips #socialmediaforbusiness #socialmediamarketingtips #businesstips101 #instagramforbusiness #instagramtipsforbusiness #instagramexpert #socialmediastrategist #sarasotaflorida #growyourbiz #monat #younglivingoils #onlinebusinessowner #momswhoblog #momsofinsta #giulianavann

Women are stronger when they support and cheer each other up ⬆️ No matter where you’re in life, always strive to lift, empower, encourage, and LOVE other women around you💗💗 Wisdom is sweeter when is shared 💪🏻 Cheers 🥂 to all beautiful compassionate Unique Hard working Loyal Successful Powerful Women and Chicas!🥂💗 Happy international Women’s day! Tag below that woman (or women) who inspires and support you! #womensinternationalday #happyinternationalwomensday #womensupportingwomen #womensday2021 #womanpreneur #womenempowerment #womenshistorymonth #girlpowerquotes #bossbabesquad #savvybusinesswomen #femaleempowerment #femaleownedbusiness #femaleentrepreneurlife #supportingeachother #unstoppablewomen #womenincommunity #communityovercompetition #sisterhoodispowerful #sisterhoodovercompetition #womeninspiration #powerfulwoman #girlquotes #giulianavann #sarasota #sarasotaflorida #womeninbusinesss #momcommunity

When you put in the work, great things happen when the time is RIGHT ⏰ There’s no shortcuts to success When you’re passionate about your job, you keep pushing no matter what You’re capable to achieve ANYTHING you want in life, as long: You believe in yourself: if you don’t, why would someone else will You put in the work: success won’t come knocking at your door unless you’re fully prepared ☝🏻 You’re living your purpose: God has a plan for each of us and He only wants the BEST for us. Do what you do for HIM ...and so many great things and opportunities have come and are coming my way at the RIGHT time: 🎙3 guest Podcast interviews 📲Being featured in a new social media App (I’ll tell you more deets on this soon 🙌🏻) 💎Will be interviewing a well recognized mompreneur who built her multi-million dollar empire from scratch & she’s the real deal! I became a fan of her and can’t believe we got connected 💻Will be teaching along with other Social media experts at an Instagram Summit- will be sharing more info on this! Stay tuned! 👀 ... and since 100% of you in a recent poll voted for a canva training, I’m bringing IT 🙌🏻 Stay tuned for more info on my upcoming Canva Workshop coming very soon! It will be a hands-on training. We will design & plan ENGAGING social media content for a month together! More deets coming soon 🙌🏻 . . . #canvalove #quotestoinspire #giulianavann #smallbusinesswoman #bossbabequotes #smallbusinesssupport #mompreneurlife #momshelpingmoms #momswhoinspire #momsinbusiness #makeithappen #hustlewithheart #womenincommunity #communityovercompetition #socialmediastrategist #instagramcoach #instagramexpert #socialmediatipsandtricks #smallbiztips

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