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Hey guys!! This is the page for my personal travel blog. I travel around the world solo and want to bring you on all my adventures. Please join me!!

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26 Most Beautiful Places in Greece

For the best stay, try to book a hotel in the town of Naoussa since you’ll be close to the island’s best beaches, can easily enjoy some of the areas’ most exciting nightlife, and can try some amazing Greek food at either Yemeni Wine Restaurant or Gyros & Souvlaki at Souvlakia Kargas. one of the most beautiful places in Greece and the number one thing to do there is visit Rhodes Town – a historic, gorgeous, fortified town, with cute shops and cobblestone streets asfar as the eye can see. Because with its breathtakingly beautiful architecture, fairytale-like cobblestone streets, and expansive views of the Aegean Sea, Monemvasia Castle in the Peloponnese is easily one of the prettiest places in Greece. This way you can feel the vibrant spirit of the city and admire the white and beige buildings that line the streets, Because the charm of Athens, and one of the most beautiful places in Greece, isn’t just in its architecture but in the vast and ancient history that the city has come to represent.

100+ Amazing Quotes About Rome

And because I love Rome kind of sort of a lot (I’ve visited countless times and am dying to go back), I want to share all my picks for the best quotes about Rome and the best Rome captions for Instagram (I also may or may not throw in some lame Rome puns for good measure). So, if you want to hardcore celebrate your love for the Roman Empire, then check out these epic Roman Empire Quotes right here. “We like to imagine Roman civilization falling to sweaty barbarians storming the gates of the city and slaughtering the citizens while they took refuge in the temples of the gods, but it didn’t happen like that. Because I know when I hear anyone discuss Rome, the first thing that comes to my mind are things like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, and, of course, the Trevi Fountain.

7 of the Best Lighthouses in Portland Maine!

Therefore, even though there are no lighthouses in Portland, Maine proper, you can still do a quick little road trip to some of the best lighthouses in Maine while staying in this amazing city. Follow this road all the way to Portland Head Light – basically the single most famous lighthouse in all of Maine (PSST…you’ll also be able to see Ram Island Light from the entrance to Portland Harbor off Portland Head as you leave). Pro Tip: During your visit, if you look out at Portland Harbor and Casco Bay, you’ll be able to see Spring Point Ledge Light (1897) on your left, Ram Island Ledge Light (1905) right in front of you, Halfway Rock Light (1871) off in the distance on a clear day, and Cape Elizabeth Light (1874) on your right. So, if you want to see this cute little lighthouse for yourself, just mosey on over to the appropriately named, Bug Light Park – preferably on Maine Open Lighthouse Day (in September) when it’s actually open to the public.

12 of the Best Hikes in Acadia National Park

12 of the Best Hikes in Acadia National Park Would any trip to Maine really be complete without a visit to Acadia National Park? It’s also one of those hikes in Acadia National Park that is perfect for the entire family since it’s a pretty easy trail to traverse that takes you along the rugged coast of the Atlantic – all the way from Sand Beach to Otter Point. So, if you want to try this wicked awesome trail for yourself, then head to the Sand Beach Parking Lot (it’s just off the Park Loop Road about a 1/2 mile from the park entrance), park your car, and make your way to the stairs above Sand Beach. Therefore, you’ll have to use ladders and do a few narrow walks along the edge of a cliff (So yeah, if you’re scared of heights this may not be the hike for you) to complete one of the best hikes in Acadia National Park and savor some epic views of Sand Dollar Beach.

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