Erin Sheehan

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Hello! My name is Erin and I run a fashion/lifestyle blog based in New York City. I work full-time as a 5th grade history teacher. I love posting about affordable fashion for REAL-SIZED girls! I am not a model, I'm not a size 2, and I don't have an unlimited credit card. I am a normal woman and I post so others can relate to what style looks like on an everyday body! I've worked with brands like FabFitFun, CaseApp, Casely, Pela, Formulate, Lulu's, etc. I'm open to any and all collaborations, brands and other influencers alike! Excited to get collaborating!

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TEXT FLOYD TO 55156 ❤️ • This was not the post I had planned today. But as I laid in bed last night, unable to sleep after having read everything that had happened at the protests, I knew that simply posting on my stories about this issue was not enough. It breaks my heart to see our country this way, but there is not one inch of me that can cast any judgement on the protestors or the rioters, because I have privilege. I am privileged to not live with the fear that POC carry. I am privileged that I have never had to turn to rioting (or even protesting really) to protect my life. I might lose followers for this post, and if that’s the case, I am not the right blogger for you. I won’t stay silent. I am committed to educating myself and learning how to be more than just NOT racist, but how to be ANTI-racist. I am working on becoming a better ally. We have a systemic racism problem in this country, and if you are silent, you are being complicit. Another note: if there are bloggers that you are following and they have NOT spoken out, unfollow them. This is not the time to tolerate inaction. Their silence says all you need to know about where they stand. I have so much more to learn, but I will not stop fighting this fight. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” MLK #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #enoughisenough

How You, a White Person, Can Support the BLM Movement Right Now • Girl Meets NYC

To fill this gap, and to continue to educate myself, I have gathered resources to support the Black Lives Matter movement in three different categories: donate, educate, & speak out. Black Lives Matter is a REAL organization that could use donations for their global campaigns that fight racial injustice. The Black Visions Collective is a Minnesota-based organization that is working to build political opportunities for Black community members in Minnesota and beyond. If there are 10 bad cops and 1,000 good ones, but the good ones aren’t condemning the bad ones, now you have 1,010 bad cops.

Sunshiney Saturday ☀️ • I was reminiscing through photos I took while still quarantined in Brooklyn & came across this fun yellow top! I remember seeing it online & thinking it would make the perfect addition to my suitcase for our upcoming vacation 🏖 While we aren’t going on vacation, this top is still going to be a summer staple for me! The sleeves are SO fun & it’s so lightweight. • Also, my AE jeans are on sale! I’ve linked them & the top on my so be sure to shop now while they’re cheap 😁 • What are your plans on this beautiful day? ❤️

My Experience with Formulate: Personalized Hair Care • Girl Meets NYC

I’m not sure if this was just me, but I ALWAYS saw ads for Formulate & personalized hair care every time I popped on Instagram, I washed my hair twice that week, using the shampoo on both washes and the conditioner just once. Again, I washed twice this week–using shampoo both times & conditioner once. Because I use my shampoo more than my conditioner, my shampoo is scheduled to come every 11 weeks, while my conditioner comes every 16 weeks.

Calling all teachers & at-home teachers (hi parents!!!) 🍎 • As a teacher of 5th and 6th grade kiddos, I KNOW how hard it can be to engage them in their work. Plain and simple, sometimes it can be hard to make school fun! But after discovering the Big Fat Notebook series from the creators of Brain Quest (@workmanpub), I am SO excited to bring these colorful notebooks into my classroom! 📚 • Big Fat Notebook aims to make learning fun (but still rigorous) for middle school children! Their colorful pages & fun activities make the content easy to learn & engaging! PLUS BFN just introduced a new book to the family: Everything You Need to Ace Computer Science and Coding! 👩‍💻 I know I’ll be reading it to master some of these new remote learning platforms 😂 • The books are available on @amazon prime and are under $15! Screenshot this post or head to my page to shop!

Memorial Day Sales to Shop 2020 • Girl Meets NYC

Some of my favorite finds include this work-friendly jumpsuit, this v-neck pleated midi dress, & this gingham swing dress that looks exactly like my favorite gingham dress from H&M–except mine has been discontinued, so this is the next best thing! Notably on sale are the classic Tori Burch Miller Flip Flop, an under $50 sweater blazer that is perfect for WFH or the office, & this closet staple white blouse that is for sure on my wish list! Currently in my cart: this gorgeous blue ruffled jumpsuit that reminds me of something I could wear to high tea in London, this striped flutter dress that I would love to rock in the classroom, & these bow slides that are perfect for a day at the lake! I love this linen henley, this $5 classic USA tee which is perfect for Memorial Day or 4th of July, & these linen drawstring shorts which look so comfy for summer nights!

Let’s talk hair 💁🏼‍♀️ • If you haven’t been checking my stories lately, I’ve been testing out personal hair care for the past 3 weeks and my blog post of my experience is live on the blog today! ✨ • I never would have thought to try personalized hair care, but after working with the wonderful people at, I can’t imagine going back! They make hair care easy, affordable, convenient, & effective—my hair has NEVER looked so good! • I’m also running a GIVEAWAY with Formulate right now to gift one of you your own personalized hair care set! Head to my stories to enter—it takes 30 seconds ❤️

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020 • Girl Meets NYC

It isn’t that we always scheduled plans on Mother’s Day on purpose, but someway, somehow, every year we had a soccer game, a play performance, or event that we needed to go to. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for Mother’s Day this year. That’s why this next gift is the perfect gift for Mom. My 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Sometimes the biggest statement is YOU ✨ #capsuljewelrygiftedme • We all know I’m a sucker for statement earrings, but what you may not have known is that I’m an even bigger fan of personalized jewelry! There’s something so special about wearing something made just for you. I chose the letter “E” for my earrings because of my first initial. I love that I’m able to express a little bit of myself in my jewelry! • #realmoment: I haven’t posted a selfie like this on my Instagram in probably close to two years. I was nervous about switching it up with this post, because it’s different from my typical posting style, but I loved how it turned out! Do you like selfies on my feed or do you prefer my typical outfit shots? 📸 • #mycapsulmoment #capsuljewelry #octolyfamily @capsuljewelry

Do you ever wish you could transport to a different place? 🌎 • With @freemanbeauty‘s new destination-themed face masks, you can! Whether you want to travel to Paris, India, or Hawaii, these masks are the perfect way to get your travel fix in—while still staying safe at home ✈️ • I am a mask-loving gal, and these masks are so gentle on your skin! I’ve been using them for years (like...since high school) & they’re still my go to. It’s so important for me to find a brand I can trust and go to again & again, and for all things masks—Freeman Beauty is that brand! You can shop Freeman Beauty on Amazon for exclusive deals. • Are you a mask lover or a low maintenance skincare gal? 🧖🏻‍♀️