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Gavatea offers a handpicked selection of the freshest and the finest teas from the Nilgiris region of South India. Our tea collections feature organic and fair trade single-origin teas from the local estates. Tea produced by the tea estates in Nilgiri is characterized by a unique aroma, flavor and taste. At GavaTea we strive to be an ambassador of the Nilgiris tea to world. We explore, taste and curate delicious, fresh and unique teas from small estates in the Nilgiris.
We know our tea growers personally and ship fresh tea to you directly from the gardens, cutting out multiple layers of middle men. #nilgiristea, #ootytea, #singleestateteas, #handmadetea

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Your faith can move mountains...Your doubts can create them. #teaprayer, #teameditaion, #teamotivation, #teafaith, #teascripture

Mother’s Day Tea Party at home during quarantine

Whether you are used to spending Mother’s Day at a brunch at your favorite restaurant or at the grandmas house, it’s probably going to be a little different this year. How about putting a little spin into your Mother’s Day tradition and have a fun high tea party at your house or back yard? High tea at home is a fun, stress-free way to make Mother’s Day truly special, and fancy too. In addition to your tea, provide granular sugar or sugar cubes, thin slices of lemon, cream in a creamer, strawberry jam and clotted cream (for the scones) and good-quality honey.

11 reasons to drink green tea 1. It’s an excellent antioxidant 2. It burns fat and allows you to exercise longer 3. It lowers stress 4. It boosts brain power 5. It reduces high blood pressure 6. It helps to protect your lungs 7. It helps to protects your liver from the effects of alcohol 8. It prevents gum disease and alleviates bad breath 9. It rehydrates better than water 10. It boosts your immunity against illnesses 11. It helps preserve and build bone Bonus: it prolongs your life and makes it so much more worth it! #greentea, #greenteabenefits, #drinktea, #healthytea, #teaeducation, #teahealth, #organictea, #drinkgreentea

Local tearooms that offer Mother’s Day Tea party in a box

We love going out for high tea at any time of year, but it’s a really special occasion for Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect solution for an at-home Mother’s Day treat, for yourself or to gift to your mum, grandmother or important person in your life. These teashops and tearooms are making your planning easy by sending a complete Mother’s Day tea party in a box to your house. Mother’s Day box comes in two sizes: for 3 and 6 persons.

Do you drink hot tea in the summer or do you prefer iced tea? Did you know that in many countries in Asia and the Middle East people drink hot tea to cool themselves in the middle of the day? Hot on the outside + hot on the inside = equilibrium. Even if you prefer iced tea to quench the thirst, you are not out of luck! Nilgiris tea makes the best iced tea in the world. It's naturally crisp and sweet, so you can skip all the sweeteners. #icedteamonth, #juneiceteamonth, #icedtea, #drinktea, #icedtea

What is it like to be quarantined in a tea garden?

The milk shop seems to be more of a men’s hangout spot, so, more often than not, she gives the basket to the neighbor and he brings it back after a little while, filled with fresh milk and eggs wrapped in a newspaper. It’s boiled promptly; a part left to cool in a stainless steel jar, a part mixed with yesterday’s yoghurt for a fresh batch of curd. Afternoon is the hottest time of the day, so it’s a good time for a little siesta, as long as there is no urgent work to be done. I pluck just enough buds for a day’s worth, to have fresh silver needle tea the next morning.

A Chinese proverb says that it’s better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one. That’s how the Ancient Chinese regarded this healthy food, and we can benefit a lot from embracing their wisdom. Back then, people believed that a sip of green tea cures many ailments. And today those beliefs are backed by evidence and scientific research. #teabenefits, #teahealth, #teawisdom, #teasofinstagram, #instatea, #tealovers, #teadrinkers

COVID-19 action plan: 10 ways to protect yourself and others

If you don’t have a proper mask and can’t find it anywhere (which is the case right now, at least in the United States), you can purchase a handmade one from someone in your community. Avoid contact with people who may be sick Especially as the virus progresses, try to limit exposure to people who are actively sick and coughing. If you order food delivery, huge kudos to you by keeping grocery store less crowded and supporting the delivery people who are working hard and putting themselves at risk every day. Although tea may not be a miracle cure, there is researchers at Harvard University found that drinking five cups of black tea a day quadrupled the body’s immune defense system after just two weeks.

#teaprayer, #teaverse, #bibleverse, #livingscriptures, #livingbible, #galatians, #teainspiration, #teameditation, #teasunday

#teaprayer, #teaverse, #bibleverse, #livingscriptures, #livingbible, #galatians, #teainspiration, #teameditation, #teasunday

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