Francis Tapon

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#Author, #nomad, and #producer. Traveled to all 54 African countries 2013-2018. Authored two travel books. Working on a third.

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10 Essentials for Cold Weather Camping

The winter season across Europe and North America provides some of the most beautiful camping and hiking scenes you can find; skylines of gorgeous snow-covered peaks like Mont Blanc. Find a thick down jacket or a synthetic insulated jacket to keep you warm, as well as a sturdy pair of cold weather hiking boots and thick socks. In addition to insulated clothing, you’ll also want to find a nice, warm sleeping bag to prepare for your winter camping trip. There are many cold-weather sleeping bags out there, and many contain insulation that is best used in temperatures between -6 and 4 degrees C (20 and 40 degrees F).

4 Tips to Prepare for Your First Backpacking Trip

4 Tips to Prepare for Your First Backpacking Trip 4 Tips to Prepare for Your First Backpacking Trip When choosing your trail-ready pack, consider: Pack volume – Backpacks meant for hiking and camping come in various volumes, starting at 15 liters for day trips and past 55 liters for trips that extend beyond three to five days. Even if you’ve spent time learning how to budget for world travel, you won’t likely travel the world in the first go. You don’t need to start Olympic weightlifting or long-distance running, but smaller half-day hikes aren’t a bad idea.

Coldcard MK3 vs Ledger's Nano S & X Hardware Wallets

In this faceoff, we'll review the two best hardware wallets: Coinkite's Coldcard MK3 versus Ledger's Nano S. Because the Nano X is similar to the Nano S, much of what I say about the Nano S also applies to the Nano X. Make fewer than 100 bitcoin transactions per year (and if you make more than that, you could still use the Coldcard as your cold storage bank and use a hot wallet for your daily use). Some people may want the Coldcard mainly for ergonomic reasons: they like that it has a screen that displays a QR code, as well as the buttons that are also larger than the Ledger Nano S or X. They could plug the Coldcard directly into their PC to make transactions and ignore Coldcard's air-gap feature.

How To Evaluate Travel Credit Cards

Basic credit cards don’t always offer the same travel-friendly features that travel credit cards do. For example, the best travel credit cards don’t ding you with foreign transaction fees when you use them to pay for dinner or hotel bills abroad. Still, most people are attracted to travel credit cards by the panoply of perks they offer, from preferred airline seating and waived baggage fees to a suite of alluring services at favorite hotels. The first thing you’re likely to notice when you begin checking out travel credit cards is that they come with some very high-interest rates—may be much higher than any other card you have in your wallet.

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