Dannielle Browne

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CPA » cat lady » love all things Cincy, especially the beer » 💍 03.06.21 📍 Cincinnati/Milford 🍺 130 breweries & counting

Location Cincinnati , OH
Country United States of America
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It wasn’t a lost year, not for me. I finished my final CPA exam in February and was certified as a CPA in April. This one made me more proud than my graduation from college. This year I learned that I can do anything I want if I work hard enough.

I sold my car to Carvana and all I got was this really good deal

It’s a 2015, but it had 25,000 miles on it when I bought it, so I got a better-than-brand-new value on it. So, if I were going to buy a new car, the negative equity would be rolled into my new loan, which makes the new car even more expensive. Even if I didn’t get a new car right away When your intuition says it is way too good to be true, it’s usually right, but I was happy to be wrong about this and glad I took a chance.

“It’s going to be 50 degrees today? Sounds like a good excuse to go to @fiftywestbrew.” Tried the chicken sandwich, California style, to mix it up (usually I’m a single, classic, no onions kind of gal). I just really love @fiftywestbrew and the little compound they’ve invested in, and I’m even more happy that it’s just 15 minutes from me.

Daytrip Adventures: Akron, OH

So, it turns out, Stan Hywet is not actually a person’s name, it’s Old English for “stone quarry” and luckily, the nice docent at the door will not laugh when you ask who Stan is. The house was built starting in 1912 by F. A. Seiberling, the founder of Goodyear Tire Company and his family lived there for forty years before bequeathing the home to a foundation to maintain it as a museum, featuring the 64,500 square-foot manor house that includes a gymnasium, an indoor pool, and a music room. It’s easy to spend hours and hours both inside and out and is worth the $15 per person admission.

Merry Christmas from me and my three favorite boys, two of which didn’t want to be in this photo.

Protecting your hair from hard water

Once I’ve done all that and finished my shower, I toss my hair in a turbie towel for a bit and let it take a breather before I start to style. The first step is using a bit of the NEURO Style prime. Next, I do a few sprizes of the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost, because I have very flat, lifeless, fine hair that will look even more lifeless without it. so I take a little dab of it, spread it on my fingers and kind of comb my fingers through my hair.

The Roma pizza from @joespizzanapoli? Delicious. I don’t even like meat on my pizza, but I daydream about this meaty pizza.

My Clermont County Bucket List

After living in Clermont County for approximately two-thirds of my life, I’d like to think that I have seen it all — but I really haven’t, and things change! With the help of Discover Clermont‘s website, I put together a list of things I think are absolutely the musts when visiting Clermont County. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and decide to take one yourself!

The folks at @northernrowbrewery are finally serving their @fivestoriesdistillery spirits! Pictured: Gin Rickey.

Will I ever get tired of this dreamy, magical decor? Not likely.

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