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Aspiring blogger 💻⌨️ Boy mom 👦🏻👦🏼🧒🏻🤰🏼 Interior designer wannabe 🏡

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GOOD MORNING WORLD AND ALL WHO INHABIT IT! Now I need to figure out what movie that was in...I think Jim Carrey said it or maybe a variation of it... My Instagram is making me a little angry lately. None of my text will stay on my stories. Maybe it’s pressuring me into actually talking on stories, idk, but it’s frustrating. Anyway, I got up at 6:45 today to attempt to bring a morning routine into my life. I’m not now nor have I ever been a morning person, but I’ve discovered that if I wake up before the kids and enjoy the quiet for a bit, I’m much less likely to get angry at them for little things later. So my plan is to get up and drink 8 ounces of water before I even get out of bed, I have one of those gallon jugs with times on the way. Then come downstairs and do some stretching/yoga/exercise, write down 5 things I’m grateful for, then peruse Instagram. I know most people say “don’t look at your phone in the morning!” but the people I follow on Instagram are very inspirational and lead me to want to better myself! So seeing them at the butt crack of dawn, working out, getting their water, doing their journaling, helps me to get mine done! I hope your morning, day, and weekend go well! We’re headed to my best friend’s son’s birthday party today (who is my oldest son’s best friend) so that should be a fun time for all of my boys. They love hanging out with their “biggest brother”. 😄

A Day in the Life of a Two Year Old Boy

Here’s a little background about my two year old; his name is Jack Jack, he turned two in late August, he is the youngest with two older brothers, and he’s in the phase of copying everything his brother Addy does. He went outside with his brothers since it was a warmer day outside. 11:30– Jack Jack and his brothers had peanut butter sandwiches, apple slices, and water for “wunch” while watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We got home and started watching Christmas movies (Year Without A Santa Claus, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, and Nestor The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey).

I don’t know about you, but I have read close to a hundred (not exaggerating) morning routines on Pinterest, so I finally put mine together in a blog post. Check it out at the link in my bio.

The Best TV Shows for Kids Under 6

Parent Perspective: We’ve watched this show all the way through at least three times, not to mention the times we’ve caught an episode on tv. Parent Perspective: This is definitely a good show for preschoolers to watch and learn math. Parent Perspective: I don’t fully understand how the Pteranodon family ended up having a T-Rex egg in their nest, but it’s a good show to learn the names of dinosaurs and what they eat. Parent Perspective: If you’ve seen and remember earlier episodes, some of the episodes have the same clues and answers but with updated songs.

There’s a new post on the blog today talking about my skincare routine. Click the link in my bio to see which products I use and why.

Winter “Tea” Recipe

It was only 12 degrees, so they definitely weren’t allowed. I figured since we’ve prepared for Christmas break in Maine, we have all the clothes, down to socks, that the boys could possibly need to be warm enough when it was 30 degrees out. When they play outside on cooler days, I usually make them hot chocolate when they come inside. I wanted them to have something warm to drink just to warm their body from the inside out, so I thought up this “tea”.

Every Friday, we have a movie night. We eat an early dinner (around 4-4:30) then we turn on a movie around 6 and have a small snack. Usually Chris and I will pick out a couple movies and have the boys choose. Tonight, we were stuck between Tarzan, Mulan, and Pocahontas so we asked the boys which one they’d like. Naturally, Adam chose Tarzan, Andrew chose Mulan, and Jack chose Pocahontas. So we went to what we do to choose who gets washed first in the bath tub. I picked a number between 1 and 10 and held my fingers up behind my back (my number today was 4). Then I had each boy choose a number. Adam picked 5, Andrew picked 9, and Jack picked 2. Tarzan won! 🦍

Our Playlist In The Car

I have to have music playing in the car, even if it’s just as background noise, so here’s my answer. Back Up Again (from Trolls) by Anna Kendrick Zero (from Ralph Breaks The Internet) A Place Called Slaughter Race (from Ralph Breaks The Internet) by Sarah Silverman Sunflower (from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) by Post Malone All of these songs are good dancing songs, the kids can sing along, and there aren’t any bad words in them!

This kid has done quite a bit of growing up in the last few days. He finished day 3 of #nodiapers today and he’ll confidently walk around singing whatever song is stuck in his head. It cracks me up because neither of his brothers would do that. If I start singing Lost In The Woods from #Frozen2, he’ll jump right in and sing with me. It’s awesome. Life tip: have the confidence of a two year old wearing underwear, slippers, superhero gear, and a hat singing Disney songs!

My oldest has a few issues with his handwriting. His letters aren’t quite formed correctly and some hang below the bottom line that aren’t supposed to. He also had a hard morning doing a test that I feel was geared to kids way older than him (that’s a story for another time), so he was feeling a little discouraged. 😔 So I decided to make handwriting practice fun for him. He had an assignment to answer why we see lightning before we hear thunder. He told me that it was because light is faster than sound. I wrote it on our fridge with dry erase markers and told him that anything hanging below the bottom line other than p, g, y, and j will be eaten by sharks (I’m NOT an artist). 🦈 He found it very funny, but it helped him to make sure his letters were above the line! 👏🏻 . . . Is there anything you do for your kids that helps them but others may find silly?