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🎓BS Health Promotion ⭐️TRX/Group Fitness/Personal Training 🏋️‍♀️Home/HIIT workouts 👉🏼 #fitdittsworkout ⬇️FIT ON THE GO SIGN UP

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🎊New Years Countdown🎉 . Happy New Year! How are you celebrating this year? We are headed up to our favorite ski resort @tamarackresort for the weekend and the snow is coming down! #stoked ❄️🏔⛷🏂 . I taught this class for my Fit and Festive Challenge finale yesterday and it was so much fun I’m sharing it with you. You have to try it and let me know how it goes! . There are 10 rounds. Each round has 3 moves: •Seconds move (w/ dumbbells) •Reps move (bodyweight) •Burpee’s . *Each demo slide has TWO moves, burpee’s not shown in demo. Complete the rounds as listed, resting as needed between rounds. . Round 10 100 seconds - swing to reverse lunge 100 reps - high knees 10 burpee’s . Round 9 90 seconds- Offset push-up + sgl arm row x2 (alternate sides) 90 reps- agility toe taps 9 burpee’s . Round 8 80 seconds- front lunge with Sgl DB pass thru + bicep curl 80 reps- plank shoulder taps 8 burpee’s . Round 7 70 seconds- deadlift + squat to rotating press 70 reps- flutter kicks 7 burpee’s . Round 6 60 seconds- row + upright row 60 reps- bicycle abs 6 burpee’s . Round 5 50 seconds- Sgl arm snatch + jump squat 50 reps- mountain climbers 5 burpee’s . Round 4 40 seconds- alt suitcase squat to lateral jump 40 reps- skaters 4 burpee’s . Round 3 30 second-commando dB pull through 30 reps- elbow plank hip dips 3 burpee’s . Round 2 20 second- DB sumo squat pulses 20 reps- jumping Jacks 2 burpee’s . Round 1 10 seconds Goblet squat hold 10 jump squats 1 burpee . My mat is from @gorillamats. They are super high quality with a lifetime gaurantee. I use it for all of my home workouts. Dm me for discount code if interested. . . #newyearsworkout #ladderworkout #creativeworkouts #homeworkoutideas #groupfitnessideas #newyearseve2020 #groupfitnessinstructor #funfitness #fitover45 #workoutathome #fitathome #fitdittsworkout

💛Full Body TRX🖤 @trxtraining is my go to when I’m not feeling motivated to move. . It kinda tricks my brain into thinking I’m not going to work that hard because I start out with a few feel good warmup flows with the straps, which lures me into the workout. Once I’m warm, then I gradually increase intensity and always finish with a good sweat! . This was my circuit over the weekend and I loved it. Save it and give it a try! . ▶️8-10 reps each move. . 1️⃣Balance reverse lunge w/ Arnold press 2️⃣Out in out jump + rotate *️⃣Superset these two like this: 1 (R leg), 2, 1 (L leg), 2. 🔁Repeat 2-3x . 3️⃣Squat underhand row + muscle up 4️⃣Split squat to balance tricep ext *️⃣Superset: 3, 4 (R leg), 3, 4 (L leg). 🔁Repeat 2-3x . 5️⃣Crunch to alt side plank 6️⃣Leg curl + hip ext 🔁Repeat 3x . . 🎊 I’ll be ringing in the New Year with my Fit and Festive Challenge group with a fun Countdown themed workout via zoom. If you are interested joining, send me a DM! Have a great day! . . Outfit: @fabletics #myfabletics . . #trx#suspensionexercises#trxtraining#trxfitfam#trxvideos#trxgroupfitness#exerciseanywhere#inspiringfitness#fitnessvideo#trxworkout#suspensiontraining#trxvideo#trxinspo#fitdittstrx#bodyweightworkout# @trxvideos

❤️Merry 12/25🎄 . I wasn’t going to post today but we did this fun little format with my challenge group yesterday and my class at the Y this morning so I didn’t want the rest of you to feel left out. 😜 So Merry Christmas! . For each round: Set a timer for 4 minutes. Move 1 is 12 total reps. Move 2 is 25 total reps (unless specified) Superset moves 1 and 2 until the 4 minutes is up. Rest 1 minute . Round 1 1. Reindeer kicks 2. Peppermint twists Round 2 1. Package snatchers 2. Ice skaters Round 3 1. Snow angel brrrrr pees 2. Skier jumps Round 4 1. Spread the love lunges 2. Running Reindeer Round 5 1. Bent row + upright row (I couldn’t think of a Festive name for this one!) 2. Santa’s belly blasters Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Merry Christmas fitfriends!! 💚❤️ . . #christmasworkout #festiveworkout #holidayfun #homeworkouts #workouathome #merryfitmas #healthyholidays #fitnessfun #workoutideas #groupfitness #groupfitnessinstructor #fitdittsworkout

🏠At Home Upper Body💪🏼 . Is this month just flying by or what? Between mom life, Christmas, and my Fit and Festive Challenge, I have been a little mia here on IG but I’ve got a great one for you today! . All you need are dumbbells and a couch (or bench). I used a 20 pounder, 15’s and 12’s. Do each move for 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest. Repeat 3x through. . I formatted this slightly different for my YouTube channel and the follow along version will be up eventually...still working on last weeks. 🥴 I need to hire someone to edit my videos. 🙃😅 I’ll let you know when they are up! . Hope you are enjoying your Christmas celebrations/traditions even though they may look a little different this year. ❤️ Stay tuned for a fun little Merry Christmas collage with some of my fitfriends coming tomorrow! 🤗🎁 . *👖👚Leggings are one of my faves from @perspectivefitwear and top as well! Use code fitditts10 to save! #findyours . . #workoutathome #nogymnoproblem #workoutoftheday #womenshealth #workoutideas #upperbodyworkout #upperbodycircuit #upperbodystrength #workoutfromhome #healthybody #fitathome #healthyhabits #choosehealthy #healthyyou

🏚At Home Lower Body🦵🏼 . I’ve had a few requests for more strength based workouts for home, so here is a simple lower body workout that can be done with dumbbells, gliders (socks or hand towels work too) and a band. . This is just a highlight of the full workout that will be up on my YouTube channel soon! If you are short on time, do this one instead. . Squat step-in + knee twist- 8-10 reps per side. Banded hip thrust pulse 10-15 reps Slider leg curls + glute bridge (slow extension back to start) 10-12 reps Banded lunge kickbacks x3- 6-8 per side Deadlift + goblet squat 10-15 reps . Repeat 3-5 times through (I used a 20 lb DB, feel free to go up or down depending on your fitness level) . If you need gliders or bands, my code Jani20 saves you 20% at @hopefitnessgear . . 👚@lululemon 👖@fabletics 🎵Home by Vince Staples . . #athomeworkout #fitathome #lowerbodyworkout #homefitness #workoutathome #legday #athomelegs #personaltrainer #fitlife #lowerbodystrength #idahofitness #dumbbellworkout

💛Things that make me happy💛 . Each week in my Fit and Festive 30 Day Challenge group, I have them choose from a list of wellness challenges to complete during the following week. One of the things for this week was: Make a list of things that make you happy. So I decided to do it and I’m sharing it with all of you. And then I want to hear from you! Comment below with one thing that makes you happy. . 💛Spending time with family- boating, vacations, skiing, weekend getaways, family dinners together. . 💛My Faith- gives me hope, clarity, peace, even in the most uncertain times. . 💛Being able to MOVE and stay active doing the things I love. . 💛Girls weekends- shopping, hiking, eating, and laughing. . 💛Waking up to freshly fallen snow- seeing everything so clean and white. The world looks so peaceful. . 💛Being in the mountains: smell and beauty of pine trees, mountain lakes, rivers, and mountain activities: biking, hiking, snowboarding, boating, wake surfing. . 💛The beach- watching and hearing the waves crash in, and feeling the warm sun on my skin while digging my toes in the sand. . 💛Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies- something about a warm gooey cookie coming out of the oven that always makes me feel like home. . 💛Christmas time- even when we had no money, actually, especially when we had no money. The lights on the trees and houses, shining through darkness. Seeing the excitement and joy in the faces of my littles. . 💛Music- Rock, 80’s, country, church hymns, really almost anything except jazz. I grew up in a home where music was a big part of our life. . 💛Funny movies- I love to laugh- Wedding Crashers, Baby Mama, The Hangover, Tommy Boy, Bruce Almighty, Crazy Stupid Love, Wild Hogs...too many to list! . . Happy Sunday everyone! . #happiness #thingsthatmakemesmile #strongishappy #wellnesschallenge #holidaychallenge #fitlife #happylife #grateful #gratitudechallenge #familytime #idaholife #choosehappy #healthylifestyle

🌊Bodyweight AMRAP☀️#tbt Just sitting here in my down coat, freezing, and wishing I was back on this beach. . If you need a quick, no equipment option for this busy time of year, this is a great one. Set a timer for 20 minutes and complete 10 reps of all 5 moves and repeat for as many rounds as possible, until your timer is up. . Also, @scottscheapflights sent out an email yesterday notifying us that round trip tickets to Hawaii right now are only $282 from Boise! I’m sooooo tempted to book another flight for the spring, but are we gonna still be in this mess? Are you making any travel plans for this next year or you just going to play it by ear? . Ok back to reality. Have a great Thursday fitfriends! . . #bodyweighthiit #bodyweightAMRAP #amrapworkout #noequipmentworkout #beachworkout #bodyweightworkout #beachhiit #kauai #familyvacation #beachhappy #outdoorworkout #getoutside #quickworkouts #justmove

❤️🌟G I V E A W A Y🌟❤️ . ‘Tis the season for giving! My friends at @perspectivefitwear want to "set" up one lucky winner with a giveaway of one of their sets! Giveaway winner will have the option of choosing ONE top from eligible styles and ONE bottom from eligible styles (swipe to view- available in sizes XS-2XL and other color options). . Perspective Fitwear is making waves in the athleticwear world with their eco-friendly Good Human Tech™ fabric that's sweat-wicking, fast-drying, provides SPF 50+ protection, and is buttery smooth to the touch. . And I love that their mission is to promote happiness through wellness and celebrate women of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities. . 🌟To enter the giveaway🌟 1. ❤️Like this post 2. 👉🏼Follow @fitditts and @perspectivefitwear 3. 👭🏻Tag a friend and tell me what is your favorite way to stay active. 4. You can tag up to 3 friends in separate comments for additional entries. * Giveaway closes Dec. 10th and is open to US residents only. . . #perspectivefitwear #findyours #giveaway #athleticwear #womeninsports #realwomen #fitnessforeverybody #empoweringwomen #fitnessfashion #goodhumantech #fitnessapparel #findyourfit #fitnessforlife #activewear #activelifestyle #leggingaddict #leggingsarelife

💥Full Body Circuits💥First post of 2021! And it’s a repost.🙃 #offtoagreatstart . I’ve got one goal for 2021, be more awesome than last year. 😜 I think that should cover it. . Do you set new years resolutions? I don’t really. My goals are kind of on going. I think it’s great to take some time to re-evaluate your focus, where you are headed, and where you want to be, but I don’t think it necessarily has to be at the beginning of the year. But one thing I KNOW I need to be successful with my goals is accountability. If I don’t tell someone I’m going to do it and regularly check in, I get lazy and old habits start to creep back in. If that sounds like you, stay tuned. I’ve got something coming! For this workout, you will need 1 heavyish dumbbell (I used 20 lbs) and a med ball. If you don’t have a med ball, you can sub out a dumbbell, but just don’t throw it in the air! 😅 . Do 3 rounds of each circuit with 10 reps each move for round 1, 8 reps round 2, and 6 reps round 3. Circuit 1: 1️⃣Walk out push-up + alt snatch 2️⃣Cross lunge- *reps are per side 3️⃣3 skate + balance throw Circuit 2: 1️⃣Tricep push-up + row 2️⃣Skater + Staggered DL- *reps are per side 3️⃣Russian twist/bicycle x3 + throw Circuit 3: 1️⃣Goblet squat + reverse lunge- *reps per side 2️⃣Plank to bear + db curl 3️⃣Ball front lunge twist + ball slam- *reps are per side . #homeworkouts #workoutathome #homegym #dumbbells #dumbbellworkout #homefitness #activelifestyle #momsonthemove #fullbodyworkout #inspiringfitness #fullbodycircuit #workoutideas #fitathome #medballs #medballworkout

🏋🏻‍♀️Strength, Endurance, Power💥 This one has it all! . I LOVED the format of this one! Make sure you read the instructions. This is actually just half of the full workout that will be on my YouTube channel soon. . The full workout is 4 circuits: lower body, upper body push, lower body glutes, upper body pull. I’m only allowed 10 swipes on IG so to get the full workout you’ll find it on YT by tomorrow (pinky promise 🙃). . For each circuit: MOVE 1: Strength- Go heavy on your DB selection for 10 reps (watch the tempo in demos- slow return to start) . MOVE 2: Enduance- Med to light DB’s and go for 60 seconds. . MOVE 3: Power- 2 minute Tabata- 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Just set your timer for 2 minutes, watch the countdown for when to start and stop. *Repeat each circuit 3 times . Circuit 1: 1. Goblet squat- (tempo is down 1, up 4 counts) 2. Alt lunge squat- stay low! 3. Frog jumps 🔥 . Circuit 2: 1. Push press (tempo is up 1, down 3 counts) 2. Tricep kb + lateral raise 3. Incline plyo pushups (more advanced, do regular plyo pushups) . These two circuits 3x thru will be about a 25 minute workout, so if that is all you got, then perfect! Give it a try and let me know what you think. . 👚👖Outfit is one of my faves from @perspectivefitwear Run the Show leggings and Flow tank in pink. Stay tuned for a giveaway soon! Code fitditts10 saves you 💵 #findyours . . #perspectivefitwear #dumbbellstrength #homeworkouts #tabata #fullbodyworkout #workoutathome #fullbodycircuit #fitathome #homefitness #homeworkoutideas #groupfitnessideas #fullbodycondiotioning #workoutoftheday #fitdittsworkout #workoutvideo #idahofitness

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