Jayme Williams

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I’m on a mission to help other be the best, healthiest version of themselves possible, while also finding JOY in the journey!

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✌️x the toast + a dose of CBD = a recipe for a good day 🤗 . I’m still taking my @medterracbd CBD immune boost daily - not only to help keep my anxiety at bay, but also to help keep my immune system working hard for me. 🦠🙅‍♀️ . #whatsonmyplate : • one slice of @littlenorthernbakehouse wide slice toast topped with smashed avocado, blackberries, + hemp hearts • another slice topped with creamy AB, raspberries, and more hemp hearts • not pictured: a simple vegan protein shake . You can get some of this CBD on their site - link’s in my bio (and stories). Use code FITNCLEAN15 for 15% off ALL orders! 👏 And while you’re shopping, grab some of their Keep Calm CBD gummies, too! 💆‍♀️😉 . Happy Thursday, babes! . #fitncleanmama #medterracbd #medterrapartner . [https://medterracbd.com/traffic.asp?affid=15701]

My post-workout situation was REAL GOOD today. Buuut I almost ate my arm off waiting for the salmon to finish cooking. 😂 #HANGRY . #whatsonmyplate : • salmon, seasoned with pink salt + red pepper flakes and placed in a cold oven before setting to 325F for 18-20 min (this cooks it perfectly IMO!) • @organicgirl baby spinach • @traderjoes organic brown rice • @publix organic low sodium black beans . I know it’s been a long week (and the wait is going to continue...), but we will get through this, friends. 💪 Let’s remember to spread LOVE + JOY in each moment instead of focusing on anxiety + negative thoughts that can literally take over every. single. second. 💕 . #fitncleanmama #foodisfuel

The inner child in me is sooo happy rn 🥰 I mean, who doesn’t love a big bowl of cereal - especially when it’s a healthier option?! . @sevensundaysmn just launched their NEW grain-free cereals exclusively at @wholefoods 👏 and they’re definitely going to have to make your next grocery list, you guys. 📝 Not only are they lower in sugar (5-6g), but they also packed a 5g protein punch thanks to non-GMO sunflower protein! 🌻 . My favorite is the cocoa (duh 😜), but I’m curious to know which one you guys would gravitate towards - Berry, Cinnamon, or Cocoa? Or if you’ve already tried them, which one tickled your taste buds the most?! 👅 . #fitncleanmama #sevensundaysmn #wholefoods

Who wants to join me for a little #tacotuesday + almond milk latte action? 🌮☕️ . The kids are out of school today, which means 1) I had a little more time to whip up this yumminess, and 2) I might need to add another shot of espresso to that mug to keep up with them. 😂 Either way, it’s gonna be a good day! . #whatsonmyplate : • 3 extra thin corn tortillas, warmed on the stove • scrambled egg whites + spinach, seasoned with pink salt + red pepper flakes • black olives (I love these in taco bowls + in burritos, so I figured why not in my breakfast taco? 🤷‍♀️) • smashed avocado • lots of hot sauce • on the side: a double-shot latte made with steamed/frothed @almondbreeze almond milk (unsweetened) . I hope you all have an amazing day! 😘 . #fitncleanmama #eatrealfood

#giveawayalert It’s the giving-est time of the year, my friends! 🍂🧡 I plan to host several giveaways this month, starting with one for some @kimandjakesglutenfree deliciousness! 👏 . I’ve been loving this brand ever since I tried their baked goods recently, and they’re a GREAT gluten-free option for those of you who are EGG-FREE, too! 💯 Whether if you’re making a burger, serving it on the side, or dishing up a shredded BBQ chicken sammie (like this one), it’s def a yummy addition to have on hand. . We’re teaming up to give away (1) loaf of of their plain buns, herb buns, peasant loaf, + herb loaf (4 TOTAL!) to (1) lucky winner. 🥳 . TO ENTER: • be following @kimandjakesglutenfree + me • double tap this pic to give it some lovin’ 😉 • tag (2) carb-lovin’ friends (you can enter more than once in a separate comment) . [Giveaway ends Wednesday night at midnight. I’ll announce the winner in this post + my stories. Open to US residents only. This is not affiliated in any way with Instagram...yada yada yada. 😝] . Happy entering, you guys! . #fitncleanmama #monthofgiving . EDITED: congrats @mecha626 on winning allll the yummy bread! 🍞 DM me your shipping into and we’ll get them to you ASAP! 😚

I’m taking advantage of the cooler weather today (which will leave again tomorrow 😆) by enjoying this warm, cozy bowl of (pr)oats 🥣 . I know a lot of people don’t think they have time to make anything other than a packet of oatmeal (which is usually loaded with sugar!), but it literally takes me 2 min, friends! . #whatwentdown : • 1/2 C quick cooking oats, cooked in water (details on how I cook mine below) • 2 scoops @ancientnutrition chocolate multi-collagen • 1/2 Tbsp ground flax seed (for extra fiber) • sliced banana + raspberries • a spoonful of @target good + gather unsweetened AB • a few hemp heart sprinkles . Don’t spank me, but I always cook my microwave. 🤭 I add my oats to a bowl, pour in just enough water (or almond milk) to barely cover the oats, and then heat on high for 1 min. Once done, I add another splash or two of water/almond milk + my add-in’s (collagen, protein powder, flax seed, etc.) a little at a time till they all mix in. That’s it! 🤗 . If you only like to cook your oats on the stove, you could always make a large batch Sunday night (stirring the add-in’s once cooked) and just portion some out/reheat in the AM. Whatever works for you! . Happy Monday, lovelies! ❤️ . #fitncleanmama #mondaymotivation

I may be tired, but I’m so grateful for another day to wake up, go to church, and enjoy time with the fam. 🥰 I’ll def take that over sleep any day. . #fitncleanmama #sundayfunday

Starting off the longest day of the year with this yummy spread + all. the. coffee. “They” say we gain an hour today, but “they” obviously don’t have kids. 😝 . #whatsonmyplate : • scrambled @nelliesfreerange eggs cooked in a pan sprayed with avocado oil and seasoned with red pepper flakes + pink salt • a slice of @canyonglutenfree heritage toast topped with 1/2 a mini avocado • spinach, sautéed in the pan with the eggs . Off to church we go! ⛪️ Happy Sunday, y’all! . #fitncleanmama #daylightsavingstime

Gave our Saturday morning pancakes a spooky twist - they’ve been MUMMIFIED! 👀😛 . #whatwentdown : • @kodiakcakes gluten-free pancake mix (which I made last night to just warm this morning) • @simplemills vanilla coconut-oil icing, melted slightly to make it easier to drizzle (I used a small @wiltoncakes decorating bottle, but a plastic bag with a corner cut works, too) • edible eyeballs 👀 . Hope you guys all have a fun - and SAFE - Halloween! 🎃👻 . #fitncleanmama #halloweeneats

There’s nothing like a (GLUTEN/DAIRY-FREE) CHICKEN QUESADILLA to. the. face. to welcome in the weekend. 🥳 . I used @mikeys NEW veggie tortilla (the super greens variety) for this beauty, and it was absolutely PERFECT. 💯 . #whatwentdown : • 2 @mikeys super greens (broccoli + spinach) tortillas • leftover crockpot chicken (recipe’s on my site!) • organic refried beans • vegan shredded cheddar “cheese” • salsa, for dipping . In a skillet heated to med/high heat, add 1 tortilla sprayed with avocado oil (sprayed side down). Smear refried beans on the other side, then add chicken and cheese. Top with second tortilla; spray top half. Once browned on the bottom side, gently flip over (I suggest using a large spatula + your hand) and brown on the other side. Remove from heat, cut, and then serve with salsa for dipping. 👌 . #fitncleanmama #mikeysinnercircle

It’s FRYDay, so why not have fries for breakfast? 🍠🍟 Who’s with me?! 😉 . #whatwentdown : • sweet potatoes, washed + cut length wise into wedges • @chosenfoods avocado oil spray • cinnamon, chipotle pepper, cumin, + pink salt (trust me!) . Preheat oven to 425F. Arrange wedges on a lined baking sheet. Spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with a good amount of the spices; toss with hands to coat everything well. Bake for 40-45 min. Top with creamy PB + a add a simple protein shake on the side for a balanced, bangin’ meal. 💁‍♀️ . Have the best day, y’all! 🧡 . #fitncleanmama #eatrealfood

Oh look 👀 another burrito bowl! 🤭🤷‍♀️ You guys know I could eat burrito bowls on repeat (and I do! 😂), but this shrimp variation I made today was legit + the perrrfect midday pick-me-up. 🍤🌯 . Another pick-me-up? My @lifeseasons Neuro-T (which has now been renamed Focus-R). It has herbs to help with clarity and energy, as well as amino acids like L-Theanine for a little mood-boost. Definitely one I keep in my cabinet for days like these! . Now for #whatwentdown : • shredded lettuce • organic refried beans • shrimp sautéed in a little avocado oil + seasoned with @primalpalate Adobe seasoning • diced plum tomatoes • sliced black olives • alll the hot sauce 🔥 . You can grab some of this Neuro-T/Focus-R on the @lifeseasons website (link in bio) - and be sure to use my code JAYME to save some $$ 😘 . #fitncleanmama #lifeseasonsambassador . [https://shop.lifeseasons.com/all-supplements/?current-token=6ABwqMQo]

Banking on this THIIICK smoothie + all the coffee to bring me back to life this morning 🙌 We all had a long night (thanks to the weather), so my brain is only functioning at about 25% rn. 🤯So no one ask me to make any life-changing decisions today, k? 😂 . #whatwentdown : • 1/2 C unsweetened almond milk • 2 handfuls @organicgirl baby spinach • 1 serving @nuzest_usa clean lean vanilla (vegan) protein (use code FITNCLEAN for a discount!) • 1 scoop @ancientnutrition vanilla multi-collagen • 1/2 C frozen cauliflower (steam + refreeze for better digestion) • 1/2 a small frozen banana (for a little sweetness) • 1 Tbsp nut butter . Blend till smooth, scraping down the sides of the blender as needed. Top with @elementalsuperfood dark choc + almond butter crumbles and then GET TO IT. 🥄 . Cheers, friends! . #fitncleanmama #eatrealfood

Sometimes my most random “throw things into a bowl” recipes turn out to be some of my yummiest. Case in point: this VEGAN COOKIE SKILLET CRUMBLE. 🍪 . I started this recipe with the intention to make some sort of granola bar concoction. But since I blended part of the oats and added baking powder (why, idk 🤷‍♀️), it turned into the most delish cookie skillet situation in the oven. Man, do I love a happy accident like that. 🙌😋 . This gluten/dairy/sugar-free crumbly cookie skillet makes the best topping for (plant-based) yogurt, icecream, or even just eaten straight out of the pan. 🙋‍♀️ No judgement from me, y’all. You do you. 😉 . #whatwentdown : • 1.5 C @onedegreeorganics sprouted rolled oats (or quick oats) • 1/4 C @salbachia chia seeds • 1/4 C chopped pecans • 1/2 C @target Good + Gather unsweetened almond butter • 1/4 C @choczero maple pecan sugar/free syrup (can sub for any sticky sweetener, but I love this one so much!) • 1/4 C @choczero sugar-free baking chips • pinch of pink salt • 1/4 unsweetened almond milk • optional: a few tsp sugar alternative of choice (such as monk fruit or stevia) if you like sweeter treats . In a food processor/blender, pulse 1/2 of oats until they form a flour. Add this and the whole oats to a large bowl. Add other ingredients except choc chips + almond milk; stir well to combine. (This may take a few min bc it will be very sticky.) Add almond milk a little at a time, stopping when the mixture is well combined but not soupy. Fold in choc chips. Pour into a lined 8x8 baking dish and press down well. Bake at 350F for 20 min. Then enjoy however you’d like! 🤗 . #fitncleanmama #happybaking

Another winner chicken dinner 😝 Obviously I’m a huge chicken + fish fan, which a little red meat here and there. That’s just what my body loves best, so why change it! 🤷‍♀️🙅‍♀️ . This air-fried chicken breast was sooo juicy and perfect. I need to make these more often! . #whatsonmyplate : • air-fried chicken breast, sprayed with avocado oil, season with @freshjax grill master seasoning, and cooked at 400 for about 15 min (then let rest 5 min) • @organicgirl baby spinach • @trurootsorganic sprouted quinoa cooked in @roliroti chicken bone broth + halved grape tomatoes, cilantro, + pink salt/pepper to taste . Niiiight, friends! 😴 . #fitncleanmama #eatrealfood

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