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My Travel Direct is a Private Wholesale Travel Program! We have formed alliances and partnerships throughout the Travel Industry for over 30 years!

Our business model is different than ordinary public travel sites. Instead of spending billions of dollars on advertising, we provide monthly access to wholesale travel pricing unavailable to the public!

Have you ever searched multiple public travel sites and seen only minimal price differences from one site to the next and wondered why?

Allow us to share the "secret" of the trillion-dollar annual travel industry! Almost all of the various travel sites you're comparing prices on are owned by the same huge public corporations!

There are a handful of companies making BILLIONS of dollars in annual profits marketing "Discount Travel" sites to American consumers!

Our private platform is GUARANTEED to provide lower prices than all public sites on the world's most popular forms of travel! My Travel Direct provides a "Compare Price" button that allows you to compare member prices to the most commonly used public travel sites in real-time!

One search and you are sure to never look at travel the same way again!

You have been invited to go behind the velvet ropes of the travel industry…

Enjoy, live life, and happy traveling!

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