Katie Restrepo

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Katie runs a Travel Blog dedicated to inspiring and helping families go on adventures so they can make amazing memories, learn about the world, and spend quality time together.

She intends to promote gear, locations, and experiences which would enable more enjoyable family travels in categories such as Disneyland & Theme Parks, Outdoor Adventures, Zoos & Aquariums, & World Travel.

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What type of bag do you use at Disneyland? Backpack? Diaper Bag? Regular Purse? Crossbody Purse? Fanny Pack/Belt Bag? It can be so ridiculous struggling with too much stuff. I absolutely love my Mickey Mouse crossbody purse. It’s just enough to hold minimal purse essentials without getting in the way when getting on and off rides and running after munchkins. PLUS it fits my cell phone in the clear pocket on the back if I don’t want my phone in my pocket. What about all the stuff we need for babies/toddlers/kids? We have a small stuff bag to place a couple diapers & wipes in for easy bathroom changes. The extra diapers, snacks, bottles, etc. are packed in the diaper bag in the stroller. Not comfortable leaving items in your stroller? Rent a locker or make sure your diaper bag is small and only has minimal essentials so it can more easily be taken on & off rides. #lessismore #disneypurse #disneyfamily #disneylandvacation #disneyparks #disneylandcalifornia #disneylandpark #disneylandkids #socallife #workingmomlife #busymomlife #socalfamily @visitcalifornia @disneyland @getawaytoday #usfamilytravel

🚦 Red Light Green Light. 🎲 What games do you play while hiking with your kids? Scavenger hunt? Eye Spy? Singing? 😸 We love to play Red Light Green light on flat, easy hikes like this one. 👍 Both girls get to walk 👍 They learn how to stay within a certain distance 👍 They practice listening skills 👍 They have fun Win win situation! We also play this game when we walk around our neighborhood- it makes it much easier to keep them from getting too far ahead. Location: East Shepherd Canyon Trail Distance: 2.1 miles (3.4 km) Elevation: 144 ft. (54 m) Weather: Perfect. Not too hot or too cold. AllTrails Rating: Easy Gear: Baby Carrier (didn’t use for ½ of hike) @52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2021 #hike16 . . . #familyhiking #familyhikes #outdooradventures #familyfun #familyadventure #familyadventuretime #getoutsideandexplore #socalfamily #socalfamilyhike #familyfriendly @visitsandiego @visitcalifornia #usfamilytravel

The 10 Essentials for Hiking: 1️⃣ Food 2️⃣ Water 3️⃣ Sunscreen 4️⃣ Layers 5️⃣ GPS/Navigation 6️⃣ First Aid Kit 7️⃣ Light/Headlamp 8️⃣ Multi-tool/Knife 9️⃣ Fire Starter 🔟 Shelter What’s so great about my Exploria Paracord Survival Bracelet? 🧭 It’s a compass, fire starter, and emergency whistle all in one! Plus you can use the cord as rope in a pinch. This was in this month’s Nomadik subscription box & the girls loved learning about the compass on the “pretty bracelet.” 💎 Our 4 year old knows her letters really well so I had her line up the “N” and walk 3 steps north, then the “E” and walk 3 steps east, then the same for “S” and “W.” When we got back to camp, our youngest put on the bracelet and tried to mimic the same thing- it was so cute! 🐵 #monkeyseemonkeydo I don’t know about you, but I love getting fun items in the mail! 📬 🎉 What hiking gear would you be most excited to get? @thenomadik #nomadikchallenge37 @52hikechallenge #hike30 . . . #nomadiksubscriptionbox #ruggedterrain #familyadventurers #familyadventure #hikingfamily #gohike #hikingwithkids #toddlerhiker #hikinggear #subscriptionboxes #funmail #familyvacations #familycampingtrip @visitcalifornia #sanclementestatebeach #campingwithkids #campinggear #socalcamping #momlife #socallifestyle

What Disney outfits do you wear do Disneyland? Disney Bound? Disney t-shirt & shorts? Cute Disney dress? What about for your kids? Full on Disney costumes? Disney t-shirt & shorts? I love this Snow White onesie- it’s the best of both worlds: ✅Disney princess dress ✅Comfort & practicality She won’t fit into it next time we go- she’s full on toddler now, but I’m glad we got to go when she was a baby- and that she totally kept her Minnie Mouse ears on every day 😂

Have you heard of 3 Sisters Falls in Cleveland National Forest? 📍 It’s a hike close to Julian, CA (just east of San Diego) with a beautiful set of waterfalls. It’s also a bit different than our typical hikes for 2 reasons: 1️⃣ You walk down to the falls, then back up to the parking lot. Most of our steeper inclines have been climbing up first then back down- so that was a new experience for me,. 2️⃣ It is rated hard Was it actually hard? Yes and no. It wasn’t super crazy steep, but it was 4 miles of almost 1,000 ft elevation change, so it was tiring. 💦 We have also been told it’s hard to walk down by the falls, but when we went the water wasn’t at a super high level, so we could easily scramble over the rocks without too much effort. ⚠️ When those rocks get wet- it would be pretty hard to keep your footing. ❓As for walking up after walking down- have you ever done a hike like that? We actually enjoyed the hike back up, which I thought would be the worst part. Going down, you are so focused on making sure you have good footing that you don’t get to take in the scenery as much as when you are hiking uphill. 🥵 Also, 4 miles with that elevation gain was a bit much for our 4 year old munchkin, so we actually put her in the hiking carrier on daddy’s back while I carried our toddler in my arms (she’s smaller, obviously, so I had much better balance and footing with her in my arms than her older sister). A second soft, collapsible carrier would have been a good idea for the hike back up, but it all worked out and munchkin started walking again towards the end after a good break. 👍I would definitely go again. But it’s a popular spot, gets crowded, and is very hot in the summer- so keep that in mind! Location: Three Sisters Falls Trail Distance: 4.1 miles (6.6 km) Elevation: 984 ft. ( 300 m) Weather: Warm, cool in shade AllTrails Rating: Hard Bathrooms: None Gear: Baby Carrier Hiking poles @52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2021 #hike15 . . . #familyhiking #familyhikes #outdooradventures #familyfun #familyadventure #familyadventuretime #getoutsideandexplore #clevelandnationalforest #3sistersfalls #socalhiking #hikingcarriers #kidhiker #toddlerhike

How was your Father’s Day? I hope you took some time to have some family fun, whether it was at home or off on an adventure. We were camping at San Clemente State Beach- so beautiful! 🚂 Our hike took us alongside the railroad tracks, past the pier, and stopped at a great picnic table on the beach with a swing set and slide nearby. After reapplying some sunscreen, we walked back to camp- stopping near the pier for an🍦ice cream pit stop. The girls had fun exploring our campsite (there was a “fairy glen” nearby 🧚‍♀️) and our youngest took many dust baths like a chinchilla 🤦‍♀️😂. She loved the sand down on the beach and the dirt at camp up on the bluff. 🦨 We had some skunks in our campsite, but they didn’t spray (thankfully!). In fact they minded their own business until night 2 where we didn’t throw away the trash bag yet. 😬 🃏 we played Some card games by the fire pit after the girls were tucked into bed, using our headlamps to see. 💡 Great weekend, fun adventures, and an amazing husband who is already running through the checklists for the next camping trip. ❤️ My girls and I sure are lucky. ❤️ Happy Father’s Day! . . . #familycamping #bestdaddyever #girldad #besthusbandever❤️ #campingwithkids #beachcamping #socalcamping #socallife #familyof4 #icecreamstop #sanclementepier #sanclementebeach #sanclementestatebeach @visitcalifornia #campingdad #familyweekend #adventureweekend #skunks #oceanviews #beachswing #daddydaughtertime

⚠️ 10 Ways to Handle Car Sickness in Toddlers 🤢 🚙 Do your munchkins get car sick? They feel so sad and think they did something wrong.😭 They feel miserable because their tummy is upset.🤢 And they really cry if they get it all over their stuffed animal (that was me- I was the kid who cried because I got sick all over my stuffed animal puppy. 😢 My daughter hasn’t had that happen…yet…). Growing up with road trips didn’t stop me from developing motion sickness. I still take motion sickness relief for myself on long car rides, choppy boats, and windy roads (for some reason I’m good on planes). 🚗 🛥 ✈️ Our youngest munchkin got my carsick tendencies 😝 poor thing. 🎉 I was so excited when she turned 2 and could have Dramamine for kids- chewable grape flavored tablets both girls love (we give it to big sister too on the really windy roads just in case). 10 Ways to Handle Car Sickness in Toddlers: 1️⃣ Dramamine for Kids 💊 2️⃣ Have ziplock bags quickly & easily available 🤮 3️⃣ Keep a spare set of clothes in the car 👖 👚 4️⃣ Have extra baby wipes 🧻 5️⃣ Sing/talk/distract 🎶 6️⃣ Encourage nap time 😴 7️⃣ Pit Stops 🛑 8️⃣ Blast the air conditioner on face or open windows 🌬 9️⃣ Limit heavy, greasy foods (bring on the Cheerios!) 🔟 Encourage looking out the window (horizon is best) . . . @dramamineofficial #roadtripwithtoddler #roadtripwithkids #familyroadtrip #familyroadtrips #familytraveltips #travelwithkids #travelwithkidstips #toddlercarsickness #carsick #dramamine #familyvacations #outdooradventures #letsgocamping

Loop or Out and Back Trails? Our last hike in Zion National Park was an out and back, my husband’s favorite, and my second favorite. 🪨 We had to do a bit of some scrambling over boulders (amateur bouldering if you will), but the payout was a 💦 waterfall and a great spot to sit and eat lunch. Not to mention the breathtaking views all around us as we hike this out and back trail. Did you know there are 2 main types of trails? ❇️ Out and Back ❇️ Loop Out and back means you are coming back the way you started. Loop trails come around again- you won’t walk the same part of trail twice. Some trails combine the 2, so it starts as an out and back then you can keep going on a loop before returning to your original branch off point. Do you have a preference? I like all of the options. It never feels like backtracking because when you turn around, the trail often gives you a different vantage point. It’s a new way of looking at the scenery. Zion National Park: Lower Pine Creek Waterfall Trail Distance: 0.7 miles (1.1 km) Elevation: 55 ft. ( 16.8 m) Weather: Chilly but not too cold. AllTrails Rating: Moderate Bathrooms: Drive to next nearest street parking with bathroom nearby Gear: Baby Carrier @52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2021 #hike14 . . . @zionnps @zionponderosa #emeraldpools #familyhiking #familyhikes #outdooradventures #nationalparksusa #familyvacations #extendedweekend @visitutah #zionnps #familyfun #familyadventure #familyadventuretime #getoutsideandexplore

❓Question: What Rides can Babies & Toddlers Ride at Disneyland? ❗️Answer: More than you think! Any rides without a height limit are OK for the little ones to go on. ⚠️ Please check for restrictions/limitations/availability on the Disneyland App before going, so you can have the most up to date information.⚠️ 📌 Extra Tip: Use noise cancellation headphones for the louder indoor rides if you are worried about noise levels. We used them when our baby was 4 months old, and these were especially great for Snow White and Astro Blasters (this was in 2019 when we also used them for the Parade and Fantasmic). 👍 This is a list of attractions with no height requirements in Disneyland Park. Fantasyland: ✨ Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough ✨ Peter Pan’s Flight ✨ Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride ✨ Dumbo the Flying Elephant ✨ Casey Jr. Circus Train ✨ King Arther Carrousel ✨ Pinocchio’s Daring Journey ✨ Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ✨ Storybook Land Canal Boats ✨ Mad Tea Party ✨ Alice in Wonderland ✨ It’s a Small World Mickey’s Toontown ✨Chip & Dale Treehouse ✨Goofy’s Playhouse ✨Mickey’s House ✨Minnie’s House ✨Donald’s Boat ✨Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin (babies can ride on lap but must be awake) Adventureland/New Orleans Square ✨Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room ✨Jungle Cruise ✨Tarzan’s Treehouse ✨Pirates of the Caribbean ✨Haunted Mansion Frontierland/Critter Country ✨Mark Twain Riverboat ✨Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island ✨Sailing Ship Columbia ✨Davy Crockett Canoes ✨The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Tomorrowland ✨Astro Orbitor ✨Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ✨Monorail ✨Finding Nemo Submarine ✨Tomorrowland Theater Main Street, U.S.A. ✨Disneyland Railroad ✨Mr. Lincoln ✨Main Street Cinema ✨Main Street Vehicles Save this for future reference and then… ...📚check out our list of 15 Books you should read with your kids before going to Disneyland. We found familiarity with the characters really helped when on some rides that other toddlers may not have handled so well due to noise or the movement. 🌐Link in Bio. 🎉 While you’re there you can download our Disneyland in 2021 Tips PDF to help you plan and navigate your current Disneyland adventure.

“Look, the backside of water!” I don’t think she got the joke or the reference… ...clearly we need to schedule another Disney trip and re-read our Jungle Cruise book...ANYWAY… Do you like waterfall hikes? 💦 🤩 This hike is amazing! There wasn’t a ton of water in February, but still enough to be excited about. Some reviews were less than impressed, but comparing hikes always leaves some trails less impressive than others. The water level will also make a difference in experience. Personally, I loved this hike. A good moderate hike for our family. There were a lot of stairs on this one- so be ready… 🚶‍♀️ You can always walk the sidewalk portion to the waterfall pictured above (lower pools) and then turn around before climbing up stairs and dirt trail to the middle or upper pools. Zion National Park: Emerald Pools Trail Distance: 3 miles (4.8 km) Elevation: 620 ft. ( 189 m) Weather: Chilly but not too cold- warmed up as we climbed, dress in layers. AllTrails Rating: Moderate Bathrooms: By parking lot Gear: Baby Carrier, hiking poles @52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2021 #hike13 . . . @zionnps @zionponderosa #emeraldpools #backsideofwater #familyhiking #familyhikes #outdooradventures #nationalparksusa #familyvacations #extendedweekend @visitutah #zionnps #familyfun #familyadventure #familyadventuretime #getoutsideandexplore

🌊 Celebrate World Oceans Day! How? Easy- keep things clean by minimizing and picking up your trash. Really the 7 Leave No Trace Principles for Hiking & Camping can apply to enjoying beaches too: ❇️ Plan ahead and prepare ❇️ Travel & Camp on durable surfaces ❇️ Dispose of waters properly ❇️ Leave what you find ❇️ Minimize campfire impacts ❇️ Respect wildlife ❇️ Be considerate of other visitors Beach camping is one of my favorite camping experiences, what about you? Check out our stories for some cute “sand mermaids” 😂 🧜‍♀️ @worldoceans_day @leavenotracecenter #worldoceansday . . . #leavenotrace #pickupyourtrash #familybeachday #beachcamping #familyadventures #disneymom #lovetheocean #socalgirl #socalfamily #familyof4 #sandmermaids #campingwithkids #beachwithkids

✨ Disney Dads ✨ Special shout out to the Disney Dads on our last day of Disney Spirit Week. I know I’m more obsessed with Disney than any of these guys, but they’re so amazing they just go with it. Special shout out to my husband for “putting up with” my Disney obsession 🤣 Of course I had to include a photo of Papa and Abuelo too! My dad actually asked “what else is there” when I mentioned wanting to do another multi-day Disney Vacation with everyone. 🤷‍♂️ I quickly set him straight with a whole list of what we didn’t do last time. 😆🤪😜 It’s not an exact science, but here’s an example breakdown on why multi-day Disney Vacations are definitely worth your time. 1 Day at Disneyland: 🎢 🛍 🍦 📸 2-3 Days: 🎢 🎡 🛍 🍦 🍽 📸 4-5 Days: 🎢 🎢 🎡 🎡 🛍 🛍 🍦 🍦 🍽 🍽 📸 💥 🏨 6+ Days: 🎢 🎢🎢 🎡🎡 🎡 🛍 🛍🛍 🍦 🍦🍦 🍽 🍽 🍽 📸 💥 🏨 🏨 Don’t get me wrong- I grew up going to Disney 1 day at a time. I didn’t stay in the hotels until after college. Totally worth 1 day, BUT Disneyland has so many layers where each trip can reveal more and more amazing adventures and experiences. ❓How do you do Disneyland? 1️⃣ Rides!!! 2️⃣ Characters & Parades 3️⃣ Food 4️⃣ Ambiance ~*~*~*~ Thank you for joining us during our week of Disney 🧡 • If you are interested in joining our next spirit week send a pixie dust message over to @xoxospiritweek to get more information on how to join in on the fun or follow for updates and daily posts. TTFN #xoxospiritweek #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #disneytokyo #disneyparis #disneyshanghai #disneyhongkong #disneygram #disneylife #disneyphotography #disneyinsta #disneygram #disneylove #disneyparks #disneyfan #disneymagic #disneyside #disneyphtoto #disneyaddict #disneystyle #daily_dose_disney #disneyfriendsclub #disneyig #disneyfamily #dilfsofdisneyland #disneydad @getawaytoday

✨ Disney Spirit Jersey ✨ “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” Can’t think of a better shirt to wear to Disneyland...or hiking...or anywhere 😆 Do you have a favorite Disney shirt? ~*~*~*~ Join myself and some other awesome Disney Instagram accounts for a week of magic. While we have been home missing Disney we have decided to share pictures from past trips with a theme we have everyday ❤️ • Want to join us? You can join by sharing our posts and/or sharing your own picture using the hashtag #xoxospiritweek or message us over at @xoxospiritweek Be sure to swipe to see our line up for this week! Join in on all 7 days or pick the ones you want! It’s all up to you ❤️ #xoxospiritweek #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #disneytokyo #disneyparis #disneyshanghai #disneyhongkong #disneygram #disneylife #disneyphotography #disneyinsta #disneygram #disneylove #disneyparks #disneyfan #disneymagic #disneyside #disneyphtoto #disneyaddict #disneystyle #daily_dose_disney #disneyfriendsclub #disneyig #spiritjersey #disneyspiritjersey #disneyclothes

📸 Favorite Photo 🏰 ✨ Disney Spirit Week ✨ What’s your favorite photo op at Disneyland? I though of so many pictures, but the castle is just iconic. Plus these group photos are special for 2 main reasons: ✨ Our girls’ first trip to Disneyland ✨ We got to share the experience with most of our immediate families I’m talking about my family and my husband’s family: parents and siblings and their significant others & kids, aunt, & cousin I’m talking about 21 people total! What’s the largest group you’ve gone to Disney with? Do you like multigenerational travel? ~*~*~*~ Join myself and some other awesome Disney Instagram accounts for a week of magic. While we have been home missing Disney we have decided to share pictures from past trips with a theme we have everyday ❤️ • Want to join us? You can join by sharing our posts and/or sharing your own picture using the hashtag #xoxospiritweek or message us over at @xoxospiritweek Be sure to swipe to see our line up for this week! Join in on all 7 days or pick the ones you want! It’s all up to you ❤️ #xoxospiritweek #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #disneytokyo #disneyparis #disneyshanghai #disneyhongkong #disneygram #disneylife #disneyphotography #disneyinsta #disneygram #disneylove #disneyparks #disneyfan #disneymagic #disneyside #disneyphtoto #disneyaddict #disneystyle #daily_dose_disney #disneyfriendsclub #disneyig #favoritephoto

✨Avengers Campus Opening Day✨ Her eyes lit up as she saw Captain Marvel. My little girl was not quite 3 years old, but still thrilled to meet her heroes from the storybooks. And what does Captain Marvel do? She asks my munchkin to help play tag with her good friend Spider Man! You see, she has to stay by her plane, but the secret agents (cast members helping with the characters) can help walk her over to Spider Man around the corner. Could my munchkin help her out and tag Spider Man? So she does. She goes right up to Spider Man, tags him, and says “tag!” Spider Man played into the part and asked “Did my friend Captain Marvel ask you to tag me?” Munchkin nodded, a huge grin on her face- she loves jokes and pranks! It was such an amazing experience 🥰 What’s been your favorite character interaction? Do you like how interactions are being done now or can’t wait until they can give hugs & autographs again? Favorite Avenger to meet? Let us know in the comments! ~*~*~*~ Join myself and some other awesome Disney Instagram accounts for a week of magic. While we have been home missing Disney we have decided to share pictures from past trips with a theme we have everyday ❤️ • Want to join us? You can join by sharing our posts and/or sharing your own picture using the hashtag #xoxospiritweek or message us over at @xoxospiritweek Be sure to swipe to see our line up for this week! Join in on all 7 days or pick the ones you want! It’s all up to you ❤️ #xoxospiritweek #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #disneytokyo #disneyparis #disneyshanghai #disneyhongkong #disneygram #disneylife #disneyphotography #disneyinsta #disneygram #disneylove #disneyparks #disneyfan #disneymagic #disneyside #disneyphtoto #disneyaddict #daily_dose_disney #disneyfriendsclub #californiaadventure #avengerscampusopeningday #disneystyle #avengerscampus #avengers #marvel

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