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Facilitate Luxury reinvents the way you travel.

Our passion is to facilitate our clients’ journeys to discover the sights, scenes, and places that prove just how magical and incredibly beautiful our world is. We create dream itineraries from scratch that connect people with this world in new and intimate ways. Our services are catered toward fun-loving individuals, professionals, and their families, who have a desire to explore and experience something special, all with an extra touch of comfort and taste.

We deliver maximum value to our clients by leveraging our first-hand experiences, unique customer-centric approach, and affiliation with Virtuoso, the world’s leading luxury travel consortium.

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We don’t settle for that negativity and draining energy around here!! I used to be such a people pleaser - because I care so much about helping others (which is why I LOVE teaching yoga) - but finally came to realize that saying yes to things that didn’t truly align with how I felt and what I wanted just brought negativity, drain, and feelings of wasting time. Instead, say yes to the things that are positive, give you energy, and feel like a great use of your time 💯 #positivevibes #dailymotivation #peoplepleasernomore #yogareels

“The only way to make something amazing happen is to go and make something amazing happen.” It’s up to YOU to create the life you want, it’s up to you to set high goals and prioritize hitting them. No one else is going to do it for you, yet achieving those goals allows you and so many others to reap the benefits of it. When’s the best time to start? The time is right now 🔥 this is your sign to take a step in the direction of the way you want to live out your life.

C H A N G E is an interesting concept. We fear it and try to run from it, yet it’s typically unavoidable. Our brains prefer to stay in the known, even if that’s not what’s best for us. I’ve always found change exciting because it’s a new adventure and keeps you from being stagnant. But with that, I’ve made changes and decisions that turned out not to be the best. And I had to ~change~ my mind again. As we evolve and our knowledge and experience grow, so do the world and circumstances around us. It’s okay to outgrow something. It’s also perfectly okay to make a decision and then change your mind if it doesn’t work! If fear of change is what’s holding you back from that next step in going where you want to be, why not take that risk? What would happen?

The first time I saw and thought about the quote “happiness is a journey, not a destination” was when it was written on the wall at a hostel I stayed at in Morocco while studying abroad in 2017 (swipe to see the wall)… It can be a cliché quote, but I try to remind myself of it often. Despite that, it didn’t really click until recently. The past few years I would make external changes when I didn’t feel as happy as I wanted to be. I thought the external changes would bring happiness. Turns out, they don’t. Happiness is from within, and happiness is not something that comes from one thing changing. A page in The Mountain is You (briannawiest) that I read the other day talked about how thinking you’ll only be happy once you and your life have become perfect in every single aspect causes us to feel inadequate in the present. Of course we can make changes to things that better suit us and our future goals, that’s great and necessary! But making changes from that place feels a whole lot different than changing to “escape unhappiness and find happiness.” But what does that “after” part of your life look like anyway? If everything you worry about now was absolutely perfect, do you think you’d finally find inner peace? Or would you move onto some new and even smaller flaw to try to fix? 🤔

“By proving to ourselves that we are worth showing up for, we build a sense of inner reliability and resilience. This instills a deep sense of confidence that touches other aspects of our lives” - the.holistic.psychologist (from How to Do the Work) Consistency is everything, even on your off-days, can you believe that you’re worth showing up for? Can you prove to yourself where your priorities truly lie? Fav outfit 💙 by jag_athleisure

To the people who say, “I’m not flexible/strong enough to start yoga,” YOU ARE. I used to be inflexible. I also used to be pretty weak. We all start somewhere on our journey, and the greatest part is that your yoga practice meets you exactly where you are. Yoga IS for everyone. Not sure where to start? Check out my all-levels pop-up classes in Charleston, SC or online resources!

Working on arm binds? These are my fav ways to open my shoulders, plus some fun ways to use binds! 🌞

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