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Adventure travel blogger showing you the best nature and wildlife on this planet! Living nomadically around the world - 57 countries and counting!

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Group trips - yay or nay? I recently had my opinion shift after my trip to Jordan with @traversejourneys I’ve been traveling solo for over a decade, so I’m pretty confident in my ability to get around new countries without a tour. And on some that I went on, I felt annoyed that I was being herded around like sheep and not getting the authentic cultural experiences I wanted. So when I joined this trip, I was blown away by how differently it made me feel about group tours. I’ve written a blog post about this and why I recommend @traversejourneys, but here are a few of the main points! 🍃 They are a (legit) responsible travel company. As a conscious traveler, I try my best to stay in eco-friendly accommodations, support locally owned companies and have authentic cultural experiences. But this takes A LOT of research and time to plan out. With @traversejourneys, every detail of the trip already incorporates this, so you can just sit back and enjoy the experience. Not only that, but 3% of your trip costs goes back to a local community partner you'll get to visit. 🗺️ Our itinerary through Jordan was epic; I don’t think I could have planned a better one myself. It was evident a ton of thought went into it - not to mention the behind the scenes work when things go wrong (which always happens in travel). That’s invaluable! ❤️ But my favorite part was that I didn't feel like I was traveling with a group of strangers. I instantly felt like I was traveling with my best friends, and we had a fantastic synergy that made the trip even more special. Not convinced? Check the link in my bio for 8 reasons why @traversejourneys should be your next group trip. Thanks to @thsiswar @whatshiep for all the fantastic photos! ❤️ @visitjordan . . . #visitjordan #shareyourjordan #livelovejordan #discoverjordan #traveljordan #petrajordan #lovejo #jordania #visitpetra #jordantraveler #ourjordan #wadirumdesert #gojordan #jordantourism #giordania #myjordanjourney #visitjordan🇯🇴 #jordantravel #jordanian #lovejordan #grouptrips #grouptravelcompany #groupholidays #grouptripsforwomen #likemindedtravellers

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my dad‘s passing. I don’t think there’s been a more defining moment of my life than when I watched my dad’s spirit cross from this world into the one that comes next. I felt every emotion that I’ve ever felt in my life all at once, and I knew that nothing would ever be the same. I would give anything to be able to have just one more conversation with him, but at the same time, I don't think I would be where I am today had that not happened. My dad lived a remarkable life and gave so much back to the world, but he wasn't done. He was a workaholic and had just retired the year before. My heart still breaks for the adventures he and my stepmom never got to go on. After he passed and I went back to my 9-5, I would feel physically sick going to work, knowing that life is too short to be doing something you don't love every day. You hear that all the time, but it’s not until you face death in the face that you truly understand it. My dad taught me so many lessons in my life, but the final one was the most powerful, and for that I am eternally grateful. I live my life this way because I know life is too short to do anything else but what sets your soul on fire, and I hope I'm making him proud by doing so. This is the second year I’ve honored his passing in Mexico, and in some weird way, it feels like the right place for it. Unlike most places, Mexico celebrates death rather than hide from it, which I think is something we could all learn from. Miss you today, tomorrow, always. ❤️ . . . #griefjourney #griefandloss #griefawareness #grieving #lifeafterloss #griefshare #bereavement #griefislove #lossofalovedone #grievingprocess #followyourpassion #followyourdreams❤️ #followyourdreams #livealifeyoulove #createalifeyoulove #lisbonlovers #lisbonportugal #lisbonworld #lisbonlife

Hello Jordan - country #64! I’m here on a press trip with @traversejourneys eating and hiking our way through the country, and it’s hard to even describe the pure bliss I’ve felt since arriving. Just in a few days we’ve eaten our way through the markets of Amman, explored Roman ruins, swam in the Dead Sea, covered ourselves in mud, camped in the desert, and hiked to Petra through the remains of ancient civilizations. Jordan is an incredible country, and when you combine it with amazing company and a well thought out itinerary and fun tour guide that helps you uncover the culture - well, that’s just a recipe for magic. Can’t wait to see what the next few days bring 💕 Special thanks to @visitjordan @wildjordan @rscnjordan for helping make this trip possible! 📸 thanks to @whatshiep @thsiswar @ash_meanderingtheglobe @jenonthebridge for the shots! . . . . #visitjordan #shareyourjordan #visitjordan🇯🇴 #discoverjordan #livelovejordan #traveljordan #petrajordan #lovejordan #jordania #visitpetra #gojordan #petra #myjordanjourney #deadseajordan #deadsea #deadseamud #thetreasury #middleeasttravel #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisttravel

There’s no feeling like chilling after an overnight bus in Egypt 😅 Welcome to Siwa, a desert oasis near the border of Libya. There’s no way to get here but a long bus ride, but it’s so worth the journey if you like remote places with crazy natural scenery (kinda my favorite thing) Turquoise Salt lakes, endless desert dunes, and heated natural springs. Siwa has magic vibes and I can’t think of a better place to be for my last week in Egypt 😍 . . . . #egypttravelcc #bestofegypt #loveegypt #liveloveegypt #tag_egypt #egyptbyme #instaegypt #beautifulegypt #myegypt #amazingegypt #unlimitedegypt #everydayegypt #roamegypt #egypttourism #siwa #siwaoasis #desertoasis #naturalspring #remoteplaces #siwaegypt

The last remaining wonder of the ancient world 😍 (expectations vs. reality of visiting) I actually didn’t have that high expectations for the pyramids because so many people told me this is one of the worst places in Egypt for scams/harassment, but like all of my experience here my reality far exceeded what I thought. Yes, of course there are people trying to sell you things in the most crowded areas like you would find in any major tourist attraction, but a simple no thank you (la shukran) goes a long way. There are actually plenty of places around where you can have solitude to truly appreciate this incredible monument - which I definitely recommend doing. However it’s not always going to be like this as there is a plan in development with the new Egyptian museum for a tourist walkway, cable car, and tram to take you around. So if you want to see the pyramids as they are now bump it up your list! Now is a great time to visit - Crowds are already much lower then usual, I couldn’t believe how empty parts of it felt. Are the pyramids on your list? 📸 thanks to @omarelshabs for the snaps! ☺️ #egypttravelcc #bestofegypt #loveegypt #liveloveegypt #tag_egypt #egyptbyme #instaegypt #beautifulegypt #myegypt #egyptology #egyptphotography #egyptianpyramids #gizapyramids #pyramidsofgiza #egyptpyramids #amazingegypt #unlimitedegypt #everydayegypt #loveegypt #storyofegypt #roamegypt #egypttourism #egyptianmagic #egyptshots

In my last post I shared about being in a place that doesn’t feel right - now let’s talk about the ones that do. There are magic moments when you’re traveling where you’ll get to a place and it feels although this is where you are exactly meant to be. Everything feels aligned, and a weight lifts off your shoulder. The last time I felt this way was when I arrived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico last year ✨ Of course not everywhere is going to feel this way, so when it does, savour every moment. So far Egypt is the exact opposite of what the media told me it would be (shocking). I feel extremely welcome and safe even as a solo female traveler. I can’t wait to show you guys around 🇪🇬 😍 What’s a place that felt like magic when you arrived? 📸 thanks to @kimmconn for the photo + inspiring me to come to Egypt 💕 . . . . #amazingegypt #thisisegypt #experienceegypt #egyptshots #everydayegypt #exploreegypt #unlimitedegypt #egypttravel #egypteveryday #egypttourism

Tenerife Digital Nomad Guide 👩‍💻 (and how I really felt about it). Wondering what the cost of living is? The best area to live on the island? What activities you can do? Why you would even want to live there? All of this info and more in my latest bog post (link in bio). While I do think Tenerife is a good digital nomad destination objectively, if I’m bring honest it wasn’t the place for me. It’s hard to put my finger on, but from the moment I arrived on that island I felt disconnected from everyone and everything including myself. Pretty much everyone else I met there loved it (so many people move and stay forever), so I kept wondering why I didn’t feel the same. It has all the elements of things I love - hiking trails, ocean, outdoor adventure, nightlife, community, and I did meet some wonderful people there (thank you to those who made my time worth it). But as much as I tried to stay and force it, living there never felt “right” All that said, the experience gave me a lot of perspective. You can’t love everywhere and that’s what makes the places that do feel like home so special. And I learned (again) that I should listen to my intuition when it’s trying to tell me something. Have you ever been to a place that disappointed you that everyone else loved? . . . . #tenerifeisland #loves_tenerife #tenerife_paraiso_canario #visittenerife #tenerifetag #tenerifephoto #toptenerifephoto #tenerife_love #nomadlife #nomadlifestyleblog #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadlifestyle #digitalnomadgirls #digitalnomadlifeisgood #tenerifereviews #totaltenerife #igerstenerife #tenerife🌴 #canaryislands🌴

Things that happened when I gave up social media for a week: ☑️ I spent less time on my phone, the urge to open the apps faded every day but never went away ☑️ I didn’t feel the need to take as many photos ☑️ I felt happier and more present ☑️ I was outside more ☑️My conversations were more engaging ☑️ I felt more inspired and creative ☑️ I was way more productive on my blog ☑️No one died Up until the end of last year, I had never taken a break from social media before. But my mental health was getting so bad to the point I felt i had too. And it was an extremely eye opening experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my mood turned upside down by coming on this app and seeing something that has nothing to do with me. Comparison is the the thief of joy. I often think about what my life would look like without social media, but then I think about all the amazing people I’ve connected with because of It. Instagram friends becoming real life friends has become a regular occurrence in my life and that alone is worth keeping it for, not to mention the countless opportunities it’s brought me (I wish my blog was enough, but brands put so much weight into social media). But my social media detox has made me realize how critical it is to manage my relationship with it. Social media breaks are something I will be incorporating into my life from now on. If you feel like you need one too I highly encourage it. I promise everything will still be here when you come back, but you’ll feel a little lighter. 📸 from Playa de las Teresitas just outside of Anaga rural park . . . #canarias #canaryislands #tenerife🌴 #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #tenerifelife #tenerifeholiday #islascanarias #visittenerife #tenerife_love #islascanarias #visittenerife #teneriffa #tenerife_paraiso_canario #socialmediadetox #sociamedia

I’ve shown you guys a lot of beaches and mountains from Tenerife, but what do you think of these desert landscapes? Love these photos taken by @andycannonphoto - hit him up if you want any photography done on the island! This neat natural rock formation is on the east side of the island just off the highway. Just another place in Tenerife that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another continent 😍 Did you know Tenerife had such diverse landscapes? . . . #canarias #canaryislands #tenerife🌴 #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #tenerifereviews #tenerifephoto #tenerifedays #tenerifelife #tenerifeholiday #islascanarias #tenerife #visittenerife #tenerife_love #anaga #tenerifenorte #teneriffa #tenerife_paraiso_canario #loves_tenerife #toptenerifephoto #igerstenerife #tenerifephotographer #totaltenerife #tenerifesur

Views from Anaga Rural Park - a close second for favourite place on the island. This park covers the northern tip and is full of incredible hiking trails to explore. If you’re short on time, here are two quicker hikes with rewarding views: ⛰ Roque de Taborno (3.7km) - this hike is named for the thumb-shaped 700m rock but the real reward is the dramatic views of the Anaga mountain range fading into the sea. See video in the second slide! 🥾 Igueste to Antalya de Los Ingleses (3.8km). This trail climbs up from the small village of Ingueste de San Andres on the east side of the park. The views of the colorful homes become even better as you gain elevation, and the top has a 360 lookout over mountains and black-sand beaches. Speaking of beaches, one place not to miss is Playa de Benijo. It’s mesmerizing watching the Atlantic Ocean waves crash over the volcanic black sand. It’s also a nudist beach! Anaga is huge so plan to spend a full day here if you’re driving from the south. The roads through the park are windy so take a long time, but make up for it in views. If you plan to do a lot of hiking, consider staying in La Laguna which is the closest town. It’s amazing how many different landscapes this tiny island has! Is Tenerife on your list? . . . #canarias #canaryislands #tenerife🌴 #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #tenerifereviews #tenerifephoto #tenerifedays #tenerifelife #tenerifeholiday #tenerifesea #spainphoto #islascanarias #tenerife #visittenerife #tenerife_love #anaga #tenerifenorte #teneriffa #hikingspain #hikingfordays #hikeyourownhike #hiketheworld #hikeitout #trailhiking

Welcome to my favorite place in Tenerife 😍 Masca is a small mountain village nestled in the Teno mountains. It’s dubbed as the “Machu Picchu” of the Canary Islands, and is a dream destination for landscape photographers. As you can see driving the windy roads down to the village is an adventure in itself, but there’s also plenty of hiking trails with gorgeous coastal views towards the nearby island of Gomera. If you’re visiting Tenerife, this place needs to be on your itinerary! Follow for more island inspo 🏝 ❤️ . . . #canarias #canaryislands #tenerife🌴 #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #tenerifereviews #tenerifephoto #tenerifedays #tenerifelife #tenerifesouth #tenerifeholiday #tenerifesea #spaintravel #spain_vacations #spaintrip #spainstagram #spainphoto #islascanarias #tenerife #visittenerife #tenerife_love #masca

Colors of Tenerife 😍😍 swipe to see these neat cliffs up close! This island never ceases to amaze me with it’s wild beauty. This beautiful place is Playa Amarilla - you can swim in the turquoise water, walk along the cliffs, and jump from them further on. Tenerife was not a place I planned to live and sometimes I question how I even ended up here, but places like this makes me appreciate that I am here, right now. I’ll be sharing more of my favourite island gems in the next few posts so be sure to follow along! . . . #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadlifestyle #digitalnomadgirls #remoteworklife #remoteworker #remoteworkers #nomadadigital #workfromanywhere #workingremotely #nomadasdigitais #locationindependent #tenerifesur #canarias #canaryislands #tenerife🌴 #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #tenerifereviews #tenerifephoto #tenerifedays #tenerifelife #tenerifesouth #tenerifeholiday #tenerifesea #spaintravel #spain_vacations #spaintrip #spainstagram #spainphoto

Officially confirmed my first new country of 2022 and I want you to come with me! Swipe to see where we’re going.. ✈️ *drum roll please* JORDAN!!!!! 🇯🇴 😍 I’m joining @traversejourneys @visitjordan for an epic 8-day trip in March! We’ll be swimming in the Dead Sea, staying in a locally-run Bedouin camp under the stars, hiking to Petra, visiting the ochre desert of Wadi Rum, hiking to Jordan’s highest peak, staying at an eco lodge in the Aljouin forest reserve, learning to cook traditional Jordanian dishes with a women’s cooperative, and MORE! This trip is jam-packed with so many incredible adventures, I already know it’s gonna be a highlight of 2022. 😍 🤩 Wanna join?! You can!!! There’s still a couple spots left on this incredible group trip. Full details are on @traversejourneys website and if you have any questions just DM me! You can get $200 off your booking using code EWL200 ☺️ 🗓 March 20th-27th 🇯🇴 Traversejourneys.com/trips/Jordan Is Jordan on your list? 😍 📸 of Jordan from unsplash.com, photo of me hiking in Tenerife. . . . #visitjordan #shareyourjordan #livelovejordan #discoverjordan #traveljordan #visitjordan🇯🇴 #jordantraveler #welivetotravel #nextdestination #justtravel #travelmoments #girlvsglobe #travelinglady #likeamountaingirl #travelette #travelgirlsgo #girlsvsglobe #girlgetoutside #traveltheworldwithme #travelgirlsdiary #travelogram #travelerphoto #travelgirlshub

Are New Years resolutions cliche? People always say “why do you need a date to tell you to make a change, you can do that anytime” Yeah sure, but if something motivates you to make a positive change in your life then why not go with that? For me, I’ve felt a strong energy pull for a while now to make some changes in my life and this new year was the catalyst to do so. I’m so excited to be doing @robdialjr Iron Mind challenge and shift my toxic habits into positive ones. The first few days of 2022 have been spent hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, sailing, dancing on beaches with friends, and planning out my goals for the year. If this is any indication of the year to come I’m SO excited to see what happens! Thanks for being part of my journey, wishing everyone an amazing 2022 full of adventure❤️ 📸 Masca In Tenerife - my new favorite place on the island! . . . #lifeofexploring #nextdestination #travelislife #justtravel #travelinglady #solofemaletraveler #girlgetoutside #sheexploresearth #girlvsglobe #wanderingsoul #welivetotravel #mytravelstory #letstravel #travelmoments #canarias #canaryislands #tenerifesur #tenerifeisland #tenerifetag #visittenerife #tenerife_love #tenerife_paraiso_canario #masca

Rating the places I’ve lived this year (save for 2022 travel inspo) 1️⃣ Coming in at the top is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hands down, this place is magical. Mexico overall is a great choice to live - it’s geographically diverse, the food is incredible, it’s super affordable, and the people are lovely. Can’t wait to go back! 2️⃣ Barbados - a close second. I never imagined I would live in the Caribbean but I’m so glad that life worked out that way because I fell in love with island life, even after getting dengue fever. Just good vibes here all the time, although a little too small for me to stay long-term. 3️⃣Lisbon - This city has a lot of hype and I can honestly say that it met my expectations. It’s ridiculously beautiful, the wine is amazing, the nomad community is insane, and if you’re into crypto this is the spot 😂 I think it would be higher in my list had I spent more time, but there’s a reason I’m planning to make it a semi base! 4️⃣ Dominica - the nature isle of the Caribbean, need I say anymore? This place is an adventure lovers dream, but the community and nightlife for nomads is still in the early stages. With the new nomad visa it will be great to see how it develops and more people discover how special it is. 5️⃣Tenerife - to be fair I haven’t been here that long and it is growing on me, but I didn’t feel that instant love connection that I have other places. The landscapes are beautiful though! 6️⃣Costa Rica - my time here was overshadowed by personal issues, but this was my 5th time and I do think it’s overhyped. The prices are insane for Central America and the wifi wasn’t great. That said a lot of people love it here and the biodiversity is incredible 😍 What was your favourite destination of 2021? . . . #travelnoire #travellifelove #travellife✈️ #welivetotravel #traveltheworld🌍 #traveltheworldwithme #traveladdicts #nextdestination #mytravelstory #happytraveller #travelmoments #wanderingsoul #wandertheworld #travelovers #travelphotoshoot #travellover #wonderfulplaces #worldtraveler

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