Emily Wondree

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marketing manager turned SAHM raising babes in our hometown in VA sharing our home + life as a family of six

Location Virginia
Member Since AUGUST 02, 2022
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Breakfast is a meal our whole family looks forward to and we love including @sisterschuberts products to make it even better! #AD The delicious, homemade taste of Sister Schubert's Dinner Yeast Rolls and Parker House Rolls makes them a family favorite. I love to add them to breakfast boards for everyone to grab and enjoy! Plus, they are super quick and easy to make. Shop for Sister Schubert’s in your grocery store's freezer section. #SisterSchuberts #mealtime #celebrate

✨self care routine✨#ad Moving into our new home + getting back into a routine for our family of 6 has been hard on me. Self care is so important, even if it’s as simple as turning on my new @glade Aromatherapy diffuser and taking a relaxing bath. I love how easy it is to use and how simple it is to change the fragrance when I’m ready. The fragrances are so calming and I love that they’re infused with premium essentials oils traced to their countries of origin. I can control the mood enhancing light and the fragrance intensity which allows me to create the perfect self care environment. What are some of your self care routines? Head to my @shop.LTK to add it all to your @target cart! #Glade #GladeVibe #GladeAromatherapy #Target #TargetPartner https://liketk.it/3Yo4i

What I come down to after putting Briar down for his nap 😅 She’s such a little diva.

#ad EASY lunchbox idea: New #Uncrustables Bites! We love packing @Uncrustables because they go straight from freezer to the lunchbox making our morning school routine so much easier. The new Turkey and Colby Jack @Uncrustables Bites are made with quality ingredients and soft bread baked fresh. We toss them in our kids’ lunchboxes along with fresh fruit and veggies and the kids are all set with a delicious lunch! Find them in the freezer aisle at @krogerco! #UncrustablesatKroger

#ad When our little bees have a cough, it’s important to find solutions that are specific to their day time and night time needs. @Zarbees offers both day and night support for Asher when he has a cough. The Kids Cough Syrup + Mucus for kids ages 2-6 is formulated with clinically supported dark honey and english ivy leaf which help to soothe coughs and clear mucus. It works SO well for Asher when he needs it!

Years of learning, growth, and countless hours of time brought me to this. 2022 was my most successful year as a content creator. I get to stay at home with my 4 little ones, attend every dance practice, take my kids to and from school, lay my babies down for naps. I get to be CREATIVE and focus on my passions and hone in on my photography skills. I get to work with THE most amazing brands. So many have hired me this year and it has truly been such an honor to work with each and every one of them. I’m not sharing this to “brag” or “show off” but to share as awareness for 1. content creators to know your worth and 2. the world that this is a REAL JOB and it’s a freaking good one. It’s also important that I share how much work it is. I work more than 40 hours a week. I work at night, I work while I eat, I work during any “down” time. So just know, while it may look like all I do is post pretty things, there is a TON of behind the scenes work going on. It’s just like any other small business. It is all worth it, though. I am so beyond thankful for this space and what it has done for our family!

When mama brings you flowers + donuts just because it’s a Thursday 🍩🌿

These two little bees share a room, so when one of them has a cough, the other one has trouble sleeping, too. #ad I turn to @zarbees to help soothe their nighttime coughs. Their new cough syrup is made with chamomile, which is known for its soothing benefits. @zarbees can help these two relax their little bodies and their minds in order to get back to feeling their best and get a good night of rest.

Tell that to my 40+ hours a week and 6 figure income 😇

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