Elina from Sweden

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Hi! I'm Elina. I live in Washington DC but I'm originally from Sweden, the very old and cold country on the Arctic circle (not the one famous for cheese and chocolate, although we have that too). After finishing my Masters Degree in Business & Economics there in 2010, I came to the US as a marketing intern. I then became completely immersed in corporate America and have held a couple of high level roles at Fortune 500 companies. ​ Now I'm also a lifestyle blogger with a focus on health, fitness and beauty, and I share a lot about sustainable health habits and low impact exercises you can do from anywhere. I am super passionate about everything health and fitness, and I'm also slightly obsessed with how to grow my hair even longer and taking care of my skin.

When I'm not working out or run around with my hair drenched in coconut oil, I love spending quality time with my husband and our little (big) baby, Achilles! He is a 102 lbs Doberman and a total goofball. I also love spending time with my girlfriends and traveling the world. I'm a quite positive person, as I believe life is better when you enjoy it! ​

Member Since NOVEMBER 11, 2019
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