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Anti-Fog Glasses

Now, when the weather cools down your glasses won’t be fogging up — our specially designed anti-fog wipes for glasses will keep your lenses crystal clear. And our fog-free wipes feature the best anti-fog technology so you can see with ease, even while wearing a protective face covering. The wipes are made with anti-fogging agents that prevent condensation from forming, so all you have to do is gently wipe your lenses with them and voilà! We use only the best materials for our lenses so you can enjoy the best version of both, whether that’s with prescription lenses for eyeglasses, mirrored or polarized lenses for sunglasses, or tinted lenses for a little extra style.

Best contacts for dry eyes 2022

Best contacts for dry eyes to buy in 2022 The best contacts for dry eyes to buy depends on the root cause of why your contact lenses give you dry eyes. ® Dailies Total® are considered the best daily contact lens for dry eyes. Hydraclear® Plus Technology helps reduce the feeling of dry eyes so you can see your best. contacts for dry eyes Consider using daily contacts if you are particularly susceptible to dry, itchy eyes.

How to put contacts in: a guide for beginners

For a limited time only: 15% off all orders with code CONTACTS15 + free express shipping combinable with annual supply savings. For a limited time only: 15% off all orders with code CONTACTS15 + free express shipping combinable with annual supply savings. "Many of my patients who are just starting out wearing contacts have trouble telling if their contact lens is inside out" says Dr. Wende of ContactsDirect. "The trick is to make sure your contact lens forms a cup when it is on your finger." When the top edges of the lens flare out, the contact lens is inside out.

What change looks like: International Women’s Day

And now we challenge you – read on, get inspired, and look for ways you can uplift and celebrate the achievements of the incredible people in your circle, on International Women’s Day and beyond. Her mother, Helen Gregory MacGill, was British Columbia’s first female judge and an advocate for women’s suffrage, and Elsie carried this legacy forward. During her lifetime, she became the first woman in the world to gain a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, the first woman to serve as Technical Advisor for International Civil Aviation Organization, and the first woman ever to chair a UN committee (just to name a few). Her work off-screen is just as impactful – with a loyal following on social media, Martin uses her platform to talk about issues that are important to her, which includes everything from challenging traditional Hollywood beauty standards to raising awareness for movements such as Black Lives Matter.

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