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Easy plant-based & gluten-free eats 🎉 #eatingbyelaine #rockyourblender #soyfree #refinedsugarfree #vegan recipes Baltimore, MD RECIPE LINKS ⤵️

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CRISPY & CARAMELIZED MAPLE 🍁 ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH 🧡 This is the easy, veggie side dish your holiday table is craving. Guaranteed to steal the show. ✨ It’s sweet and savory and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t fall in love with this one. You should probably double the recipe. It is too easy not too. Comment “RECIPE” below and I’ll DM you the full recipe with all the details on how to make sure it comes out perfectly golden brown and crispy. 💯 . . #butternutsquash #mapleroastedbutternutsquash #roastedbutternutsquash #eatingbyelaine #easythanksgivingside #thanksgiving #thanksgivingrecipes #easyrecipes #healthyrecipes #thanksgivingmenu

CREAMY TUSCAN WHITE BEAN SOUP but make it dairy-free 🤍 THIS is the comforting soup of my dreams on chilly days. It’s filling, flavorful, nutritious and SO easy to make. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love this soup. All three of my kids devour it. And I love that it is a quick one-pot meal that all five of us love. *SAVE* this recipe to try soon! Comment “LINK” below and I’ll send you a clickable link to the full recipe. I hope you love this sopu as much as we do. #tuscansoup #soupseason #dairyfreesoup #eatingbyelaine #dinnerrecipes #dinnerideas #onepotrecipes #vegetarianrecipes #easyrecipes #wholefoods

Easy 30-Minute Dairy-Free Butternut Squash Soup 🧡 i wanted to create a one-pot recipe that was also no-waste (this one uses the butternut squash seeds for garnish!) and I’m so excited to share this version with you all today! Why You'll Love This Recipe: - Creamy, delicious and satisfying - Simple ingredients - No roasting necessary - Quick and easy - Healthy and nutritious - Easy cleanup - one pot! - No-waste option - Make ahead of time - it tastes just as good (if not better) the next day! This simplified version uses just 9 ingredients and does not involve any roasting. It's perfect for Thanksgiving or any cozy weeknight! Comment "SOUP" below and I'll DM you a clickable link to the recipe! . . #dairyfreesoup #butternutsquashsoup #nowasterecipe #veganbutternutsquashsoup #eatingbyelaine #dairyfreethanksgiving #veganthanksgiving #dairyfreerecipes #butternutsquash #easyrecipes #onepotrecipes

This #VEGAN STIR FRY recipe pairs a colorful medley of fresh vegetables with a sweet and savory homemade tahini-based stir fry sauce to create an easy and nutritious weeknight meal bursting with flavor. Ready in under 30 minutes and can even be prepared in advance! This recipe is also #glutenfree #soyfree and #nutfree Serve it with soba noodles, rice 🍚 or quinoa for the easiest weeknight, clean-out-the-fridge dinner! The beauty of this recipe is just how flexible it can be in terms of the ingredients. Simply grab whatever veggies are sitting in the fridge and throw them into a wok for a quick and easy delicious meal the whole family will love! Recipe linked in profile 👉 @eatingbyelaine https://www.eatingbyelaine.com/easy-vegan-stir-fry-with-tahini-based-sauce/ . . #veganstirfry #easydinner #veganrecipes #chinesefood #veganchinesefood #eatingbyelaine #glutenfreerecipes #nutfreerecipes #soyfreevegan

1-BOWL BLUEBERRY 🫐 CRISP is the perfect companion for the vanilla ice cream 🍨 reel I recently shared on my feed. It's #glutenfree #vegan and #refinedsugarfree. Who said blueberry crisps are just for summer? Don't get me wrong - there are few treats out there that can compete with a warm juicy crisp topped with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream in the heat of the summer. But despite blueberry season being from around May through August, they are usually available in grocery stores year-round. This crisp is such an easy recipe to make, so much so that I'm always looking for an excuse to whip it up. The season to me really doesn't matter as I love it just as much in the winter when I need a warm, fresh-baked dessert right out of the oven to help me cozy up. Bonus: it is nutritious enough to serve for breakfast! I made it for breakfast since we have family in town from the wedding and it was a huge hit. So easy too. And it is a flexible recipe - you can use pretty much any fruit you have on hand. I also have an apple crisp recipe on the blog if you are looking for a classic fall crisp. Comment below and I'll DM you that link. Blueberry crisp recipe linked in profile 👉 @eatingbyelaine . https://www.eatingbyelaine.com/1-bowl-gluten-free-blueberry-crisp/ . . #blueberrycrisp #glutenfreerecipes #veganrecipes #eatingbyelaine #vegandesserts #glutenfreedesserts #easyrecipes #glutenfreefood #healthyfood #healthyrecipes

DAIRY-FREE BLENDER VANILLA ICE CREAM! 🍨 Creamy, authentic-tasting vanilla ice cream that you would never know is dairy-free. We have been making this no-churn ice cream recipe for YEARS and everyone always comments how it is SO much better than store-bought. The texture is luxurious and not icy at all. The peeled zucchini 🥒 is undetectable and adds to the creaminess. The recipe is not only vegan but also gluten-free, paleo, soy-free and refined sugar-free. Cashew-free version is below: Cashew-free version: You can use raw blanched slivered almonds in place of raw cashews. Do not use sliced almonds or whole almonds in this recipe. Macadamia nuts could also work here. SAVE this recipe and TAG a friend who would love it too: RECIPE linked in bio ➡️ @eatingbyelaine or go here: https://www.eatingbyelaine.com/blender-vegan-vanilla-ice-cream/ . . . . . . #dairyfreeicecream #dairyfreevanillaicecream #veganicecream #vegandessert #vanillaicecream #blendericecream #nochurnicecream #veganicecreamrecipe #eatingbyelaine #icecream #dessert #dairyfree #vegan #refinedsugarfree

Vegan Creamy Pasta Primavera (gluten-free)

All of my favorite veggies are here in this dish, and when tossed with penne pasta and a creamy lemon sauce it’s the perfect dish to satisfy a pasta craving. A creamy lemon sauce (similar to my Pasta al Limone) infuses this dish with creamy, comforting brightness that’s just *chef’s kiss* perfect. The starch that’s cooked out of the pasta (it’s what makes the water look white/cloudy!) helps the lemon sauce blend to a perfect, creamy finish. Blended with a cup of reserved pasta water, garlic, a splash of pure maple syrup, and salt and pepper, it creates a creamy, flavorful sauce that turns this into a restaurant-quality dish.

Easy Vegan Mozzarella Cheese (Paleo, Gluten-Free)

It turns out that making your own vegan mozzarella is surprisingly easy and the results are so much better than the vegan cheeses I’ve found in the store. My absolute favorite way to enjoy this mozzarella is on pizza, but I think you’ll find that it’s delicious any way you use it. The base for this vegan cheese is cashews, which I use and love all the time in creams and sauces. They offer plant-based protein and are considered an excellent source of copper and a good source of magnesium, manganese, vitamin K, phosphorous and zinc.

Creamy Vegan Pasta al Limone

In this vegan Pasta al Limone the lemon is the star of the show, and I love the way it makes a creamy, comforting This is a simple vegan dish made with pasta cooked al dente, a creamy sauce, and plenty of fresh lemon juice. The starches in the water make the sauce in this vegan Pasta al Limone so much creamier than plain water. I use cashews in Easy Homemade Vegan Cashew Cream, Easy Homemade Vegan Sour Cream, and even Vegan French Onion Dip!

Easy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Crust (yeast-free, vegan, gluten-free, paleo)

This is the easiest way to make a gluten-free Pizza Crust in your cast iron skillet! It’s classic weekend food, the ultimate comfort dish, and seems to be on everyone’s list of very favorite meals. Here’s the gluten-free pizza crust recipe that works as a base Potato flour is made from peeled, cooked, dried, and ground potatoes, while potato starch is just the starch that’s been rinsed out of potatoes and dried.

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