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The Foodellers was born about 10 years ago under the name LCS/LaCuochinaSopraffina: a name that for years has accompanied us in our professional career but that for some years has no longer reflected us and no longer reflected the objectives of the site.

We have grown, we have specialised more and more and in 2019, after millions of visits and monthly readers, hundreds of projects and many beautiful experiences we have decided to change our name and become The Foodellers.

A multilingual project that reflects our life and professional path, always independent and not linked to anyone, to tell you about the two things that make life better: food and travel.

We deal with cooking at 360°, we show you what we cook at home and what we eat and do when we travel: we are not foodbloggers and we are not travelbloggers, we are a mix of the two, a mix that reflects our skills and our professionalism.

Veruska is a food and wine travel journalist awarded as Best Food Travel Journalist as well as working in marketing, dealing as a freelance with digital strategies and content for major international brands. Sommelier, in addition to cooking and traveling, is often called upon to tell his experience during events and seminars. For The Foodellers, she cooks, writes, travels, tastes and (kind of) enjoys being on social media.

Giuseppe is an internationally recognized photographer, as well as being an award-winning Designer and dealing with IT. In addition to eating and traveling, he is always busy studying new strategies and solutions. For The Foodellers, he takes pictures, tastes, travels and takes care of all the technical stuff.

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