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Welcome! Our cozy, little family is always striving to live life to the fullest; my aspiration is to uplift and inspire as I share that life with you!

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The Juneau Home

I have seen this series done on other blogs & I love seeing and reading a recap of the previous month Instagram-style! We had a stretch of insanely cold weather which was perfect for snuggling up with a good book and TONS of blankets. This was a throwback to my birthday cake; it is a Tres Leches cake - a sponge cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk. I was scrolling through my phone and instantly wanted a piece as soon as this pic popped up on my phone!

The Juneau Home

single day this week), we are still under stay-at-home orders with the majority of places and businesses closed, so it was a pretty quiet weekend at home. so I tentatively decided the loose set-up (for example: I knew I wanted a photo of Pier and I together, the boys together, as well as singletons of everyone.) For these photos of the boys in their twining red flannel shirts, I pulled the photo booth/lemonade stand Pier built a few years ago inside, and we took photos with props and decorations we had at home.

The Juneau Home

Another year married to this amazing man <3 Thank you for being my best friend, the biggest teddy-bear and creating this life with me that feels like our vey own fairytale. You are my rock, my sanity, my companion and the love of my life! and although we may not be able to celebrate how we want to (thanks covid), I know we will still make today special and memorable for our sweet, little family.

The Juneau Home

When we were wedding planning, Pier and I wanted our wedding day to be a warm, cozy, and intimate celebration. Overall we wanted our friends + loved ones to feel at home and have the best time -- we really tried to keep our guests in mind when we planned every little detail. From the ceremony desserts to the pizza buffet, the interactive photo booth and the INCREDIBLE candy bar (plus no boring speeches) we wanted this to be not only a memorable, but enjoyable day!

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