Donna Faaborg

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Magically created content! Disney Bounds, everyday style, and fun times all around. Let’s chat!

Location Poway, California San Diego
Country United States of America
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Even though I can’t be there, today I say goodbye to my three year old job of working as a tour guide for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park 🧡 • These last few years have been incredible. I’ve made lasting friendships with a few of those friends being in my wedding party, I’ve learned so much about animals and conservation, and I’ve had a fun time. • Although being an employee stopped being fun, being a guest will be amazing! I have already purchased my membership so I can keep on fostering my love for animals and conservation 🐆🐘🦒🦏🦘🦓 • I know you loved seeing the behind-the-scenes of this place, so hopefully my next adventure will serve another interesting take on an awesome place 😉🥳

I didn’t think I’d walk out with a dress today… but I ended up saying yes to a @davidsbridal dress 🥰💍💒✨ • My first time trying on wedding dresses ever, I thought I’d cry on the first one. But I didn’t cry until I tried on THE one. And let me tell you - it’s definitely a ME and my vibe kind of dress 👗 • ✨ What kind of dress do you think I left with? ✨

Maybe not the news you were expecting, but I am resigning from the Safari Park • 🦒 I took this picture over the summer with the assumption I would use it for a post with more updates of my employment with the Park. I did not think that news would be that I was resigning 😅 • 🐆 At this time I will not be answering any questions as to why I made the decision to leave. Just know that I DO plan on becoming a member so that I can continue to enjoy the Park as a guest and bug my friends 😉

The CDC now recommends that you wear Mickey Mouse jeans. Boots with the fur are optional though. • 💕 I love this new trend of “the CDC now recommends…”. I just love hearing how ridiculous you can make the statement after 😂 • ✨ Comment below with your best “the CDC now recommends..” and the best comment will get a $15 Starbucks gift card on me! 🥳☕️ • And you can find these retroMickey jeans at @heruniverse 💜 #MickeyMouseClassicXHU #HUSponsored #HUCommunity #heruniverse

I’m going to upset a lot of people with what I’m about to say.. • But it’s still fall 😂🍂🍁🍃 • Honestly I really only associate Fall with October and November, but here we are - still in this beautiful season 🥰 • I love this season because the color palette just looks so good on me. And I didn’t want the season to go by without wearing my new jacket (catch me wearing it in more than just fall though 🙃)

The big step we were all waiting for - putting our floors in! 🥳 • 💭 Did you know to have someone do your flooring for you can cost around $10 PER FOOT? Not even lying that’s what my sister and her husband were quoted. Well my dad has done a lot of work in this industry so why pay for someone to do it when we can just do it ourselves? • ✨ So please enjoy this picture of us standing over what looks like a sad piece of wood - but hey it’s the beginning of the end of this 😂

It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas 🥰🎄❤️ • It’s been 9 years since I’ve visited @seaworldsandiego and I was so happy to be asked to come experience their Christmas Celebration! • Pros: Easy flow to the park. Lots of activities to do and an easy schedule to read. Decorations were on point. Great opportunities to see some cool animals up close. • Cons: lots of attractions were closed to annual maintenance (makes sense, it’s winter). Low selection of holiday treats. • ✨ Overall, we had a great day and it was fantastic to experience a prominent San Diego attraction - especially during this Christmas Celebration! Mostly because this was my first time seeing lots of Christmas stuff this year ✨ #seaworldsandiego #seaworldchristmascelebration

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