Donna Faaborg

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Lifestyler blogger from San Diego

Location Escondido, California San Diego
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 05, 2021
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I jumped two levels with @mgmrewards because I was able to tier match with @royalcaribbean and here’s how you can get your upgraded perks too! HOW TO TIER MATCH 1️⃣ Have your MGM Rewards number and Crown & Anchor Society number handy 2️⃣ Call MGM Resort Services at (866) 761-7111 and press 5 3️⃣ Let them know you want to tier match your Royal Caribbean account to your MGM Rewards account 4️⃣ You’ll be placed on a brief hold as the representative verifies your info with Royal Caribbean 5️⃣ VOILA! You will see your new tier match on MGM Rewards automatically! THE LEVELS 🛳️ Being Gold with RC will get you Sapphire with MGM 🛳️ Being Platinum with RC will get you Pearl with MGM 🛳️ Being Emerald, Diamond, Diamond+, or Pinncle Club with RC will get you Gold with MGM Keep in mind that this tier match is only one-way. You cannot use your tier with MGM to get an upgraded tier with Royal Caribbean. You will also have to update your tier match with MGM once a year to keep the benefits. Read more on my blog! #royalcaribbean #mgmrewards #mliferewards #mgmresorts #lasvegaslife #thingstodoinvegas #royalcaribbeancruise

Choosing D would be the end of me as I know it. 🫠 what’s your strategy going into Thanksgiving get togethers? #thanksgiving2023 #thanksgivingdinner #familydinners #familyhumor #turkeyday #thanksgivingday

Literally the “before” was so bad… When you buy a house, you buy all its outdated stuff. And an IKEA built master closet that was literally falling off of the walls was one of the things we wanted fixed ASAP. 🛠️🪛 We used @caclosets to update our closets at our old condo, so we knew the quality they would bring to our closets here too. The process was super easy and I love that they make you a 3D rendering of your closet before they even leave your house after the appointment. And although we spent a whopping $4,500 to get our master closet to look like this, its high quality and the offer a lifetime warranty. Highly recommend and we will be using them in the future to update the other closets in our house. Just… not any time soon 😅 #caclosets #mastercloset #masterbedroom #homeupgrade #closetorganization #closetgoals #princessdiaries

Snow? In Southern California?! ❄️ Nope it’s just a little AI to pretend like I didn’t take this when it was 70 degrees outside 😂🔥 swipe to see what my yard ACTUALLY looks like 😉💜 Big thanks to @heruniverse for this Star Wars sweater! Honestly I love subtle fandom style because it makes it easier to make outfits or wear it out to more places than just the park. Also total tangent, but what do you think of our new inflatables?! You should have seen the joy on Cody’s face when he found the alligator one 🤣 #heruniverse #starwarsstyle #christmasdecorating #HolidayKickoffxHU #HUSponsored #holidaystyle

The ending 😜 How did I do on my first Disney food review? 😂 I heard the churros at Walt Disney World were bad compared to the Disneyland ones. I did not know they were this bad 🫠 And although yes this video is an exaggeration for humor purposes, when I did take that bite I legitimately thought “eww why is it flavorless and seems stale?” No wonder it comes with chocolate dipping sauce 🤣 Lastly to the guy that walked in front of me during a practice take, I am so sorry if you thought I was mad at you when I said “oh my gosh” as you walked in front of me. That was just part of the exaggeration that I was practicing 😅 I apologize! #waltdisneyworldresort #wdwresort #disneyfood #disneychurro #churro #disneyhumor

And he’s thrilled to be helping 😉 My priority is to switch to Christmas as quickly as humanly possible after the 31st 😁🎄✨ And THANK YOU @boxlunchgifts for always having such fun Christmas sweaters every year that span across so many fandoms. Invader Zim has always been one of my favorite childhood shows 💚🖤🩷 you can’t beat some of these quotes 😂 did you ever watch Invader Zim? #invaderzim #boxlunchgifts #BLCollective, #BoxLunchHolidaySweater #holidaysweater #christmassweater #christmasstyle #fandomlife

We all thought we had a chance with one of them.. right? 😅❤️‍🔥 Last night seeing the @jonasbrothers was incredible! It’s crazy to think the first concert I saw of theirs was back in 2009 at Staples Center for their World Tour. Which in my opinion, was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen live. It was teenager millennials Eras Tour equivalent 😂 I really didn’t think they would play EVERY song at this concert but they did! Not all the way through, a lot of songs had verses cut or they just sang the chorus. But it flowed phenomenally. However, I am slightly bitter that they didn’t play Pom Poms. Not technically on any albums but for me it’s one of my favorite JoBros songs 😉❤️🖤 would you see the JoBros? Glasses from @lensdirect #jonasbrothers #jobros #jonasbrothersconcert #liveconcert #viejasarena #sandiegolife #videogirl

The year was 2016. I made a stupid bet with my best friend who was a Chiefs fan that if there was ever a time that I couldn’t be a Chargers fan, I would become a Chiefs fan. Well that December the Chargers had a humiliating loss to the Browns. I hit rock bottom for believing the Chargers could do anything more than choke 😂 Fast forward one short season later to 2017 and the San Diego Chargers became the Los Angeles Chargers. A stupid move and a slap to the face for all SD locals and die-hards. But by all facts of the matter, the bet was made and had to be cashed in on. I had to switch. Well by that time that best friend had become my boyfriend. And now he’s my husband. So you can chalk it up to marrying into this insane fandom. Regardless, I love football, and I LOVED watching the Chiefs beat the Chargers last Sunday 😜❤️💛🤍 #kansascitychiefs #footballseason #chiefskingdom #footballgirl #chiefsnation #nflsunday

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