Donna Faaborg

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Lifestyler blogger from San Diego

Location Escondido, California San Diego
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 05, 2021
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I’m no expert, but we definitely nailed it ⛸️ | ad . This piece from @aoeshowcase sparked a fun date idea for Cody and I. I can’t remember the last time I have been ice skating but it was as fun as Mickey and Minnie make it seem! Although we are far less skilled than they are 😀 . Swapping out art in our condo with the seasons just makes it feel so much more homey. And putting up pieces like this that have Mickey and Minnie for some slight Disney touches here and there keep the magic alive and well ✨ Take advantage of their Cyber Weekend sale where EVERYTHING on their site is 30% off! 🎄🎁 #cyberweekend #iceskatingfun #mickeyandminnie #holidayhome

Who’s ready for super personal questions in front of lots of people? 🙅‍♀️ • My new favorite question that I hate is “wHeN cAn We ExPeCt a BaBy?”. Yea let’s start normalizing NOT asking that question, mkay? 😉 please and thank you 💕 • Anyway stay strong, stay sane, remember to set your boundaries when needed 🥰🍁🍂🦃 • PS. The amount of hairspray I had in my hair after all these takes had me getting the fire department on stand by 🔥 #thanksgivingweek #familythanksgiving #familytime❤️ #funnyreel

Just a quick repost in light of some very exciting news.. 🙃 • Fairytales can come true. It all depends on NOT BOB PAYCHECK. Welcome back to the magic, Mr. Iger. I think I speak for a lot of Disney fans, previous passholders, and fast-pass lovers when I say that it’s GREAT to have a person like him back and ready to make it right 🥹🎄🏰 #bobiger #disneynews #disneylandcalifornia #disneylove

When was the last time we broke the fourth wall around here? 🍁 | ad • If you couldn’t tell by the video, my awesome shoes from @andozeofficial are made with (you guessed it!) ✨ sustainable materials ✨ • They’re having a massive sale right now where everything is 30% off. PLUS you can use my code DONNAGAILBLOG to get an ADDITIONAL 15% off on top of that 🥳 savings on savings 💕 #andoze #sustainablematerials #ecofriendlyfootwear #fallfashion2022 #fallootd

After vs Before - what a difference 😅 • I have so many of these kinds of edits that I could do this audio to. But this Tron Legacy edit by far was the most tedious to Photoshop. And dang if the results aren’t worth every hour I spent on this to make it look as seamless as it did. • This whole picture was a true test of my abilities to set a camera up for a timer and make sure I was in focus. Sounds simple enough but it’s so hard to get a picture that’s in focus when you have nothing to use to set the focus in frame first 🙃 • Either way it’s a rocking picture and I feel like I want to make another video for my Cars Land edit that I did around the same time as this edit. It was pure perfection too 🤩 #photoshopedit #beforeafter #tronlegacy #photoshopskills

To be fair, he may be on to something 🐕🦴 • Anyone else’s dog do this? Are they just able to tell we are stressed or irked and they’re trying to help? Or do you think it’s more of like “oh mom is talking a lot, she must want to play”? 😂 Either way it’s cute. #dogsknow #playingwithmydog #venting #doggolove

When it comes to my work life, double the screens is my passion ❤️‍🔥 | ad • Looking at my office-job desk for the first time, I really thought having two screens as a desktop was unneeded. Oh lawdy was I wrong 😂 two screens really helps my chaotic brain find peace. • So when @mobilepixelsus brought to my attention that you can have two screen capabilities ON A LAPTOP - I was easily sold. Signed, sealed, delivered. All the chef’s kisses. This screen is a tad heavy but it’s sturdy and helps me stay organized in my day! Check them out if you need double the screens for double the productivity 🤓 #worklifebalanced #officelife #laptoplifestyle #mobilepixels @mobilepixelsus

Speaking from personal experience 🙃 • I only employed this tactic when someone asked me the name of an animal I definitely should have known, OR a very excited little kid asked me the name of an animal that 100% did not have one. It’s all about creating a ✨memorable experience✨ • But now I’m just a regular zoo-goer that will believe any animal name that you tell me 😁 #sandiegozoo #sdzsafaripark #zooanimals #zooanimalsofinstagram

Welcome to dehydration, vibration nation ☕️ • It’s like I actively work to drink anything but water in my day to day. But I mean coffee is MADE with water so it counts 😂 do you also have this problem? 🙃 #ihatewater #coffeecoffeecoffee #fueledbycoffee #drinkyourwater

I’m obsessed with spoopy Halloween, and spoopy Halloween ONLY 🖤🧡💛 | ad • Had to make all the sugary treats for this Halloweekend - featuring my new dining set from @gooddealcorp 🎃 • And since you know I’m all about saving money, use the code DONNAGAILBLOG20 for 20% off! This code can also be stacked on any sale they have for maximum savings effectiveness 😉 and most importantly HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! #halloweeniscool #halloween2022 #halloweekend #halloweentreats #gooddealco #dinnerware #stoneware #timefordinnerware #sponsored

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