Donna Faaborg

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I post about life, Disney, tips and tricks, self image, and other topics! I love showing my personal style and sharing things about my every day life through my Stories. I also enjoy traveling locally and sharing those adventures as well. My posts center around my creativity and fun as I bring realistic photos as well as more stylized Photoshop edits that bring more of my creativity out!

Location Poway, California San Diego
Country United States of America
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There's been trials and tribulations, you know we’ve had our share. But we’ve climbed the mountain and we’ve crossed the river, and we’re almost there! ✨💚✨ • 2020 might have been a mess, but I’ve had a lot of good come from it! 🤗 So it wasn’t perfect, and I wasn’t at my job for more amount of time than I was at it. But I personally can’t say it was a bad year as a whole. And I’m not going to let the few REALLY bad days of one year define how it was overall. • I look forward to the new year like I do every year because with each new year is a new chance to say “remember in 2021 when...”. And I can’t wait for the stories that 2021 has for me 💚💛💚💛 • 🛍 Shop this look on • • • #tiana #princesstiana #disneyprincess #disneyprincesses #disneyprincessstyle #imalmostthere #neworleanssquare #yesdisneyprincessstyle #disneymagicmoments

Everyone Wants to Be an Influencer But No One Wants to Work for Free

(No, this is not my full-time job, but I work hard so that it can maybe be a part-time job for me in the next year or so). And what’s worse is that everyone who thinks that becoming an influencer is as easy as posting about what they had for breakfast that morning or a candid picture of them on a street corner, thinks that earning money as an influencer comes even easier than that. Per day working on all of those aspects of what makes Donna Gail Blog a reality is probably around six hours a day, but if I have a big project I am working on like a video or one of my insane edits, then I could be looking around ten hours out of the day. And that’s not because I think the worst of their content, it’s because I know realistically a lot of people don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they say that influencing is not a real job and that any one can do it.

Wakanda Forever 🖤💜🖤 For all the downs of 2020, let’s remember what we still have to look forward to. I am very happy that this mural of Chadwick was put up, but it’s unfortunate it will only be up only until December 31st. I am happy to have been around to see it for myself in the mean time. • Every role in Marvel has been casted perfectly to the person who plays it, and Chadwick Boseman was no different. He WAS T’Challa. And I am sure his legacy will live on and be respected through any other appearance he may have made in his lifetime 💜 • • • #wakanda #wakandaforever #wakandaforever✊🏾 #wakandaforever🙅🏾‍♂️ #downtowndisney #disneymagicmoments #disneyfan #disneyside #marvelcinematicuniverse #avengerscampus #avengersassemble #tchalla #blackpanthermovie

A 5 Step Guide for Becoming a Content Creator or Influencer

Overall, from the outside, it doesn’t look like they really “work” on their content, but they still hold a high influence over others enough to make sales on their commissionable links, have great engagement on their social media platforms, and work regularly with companies with sponsored content. There’s lots of companies on there, but a lot of them were spam, scam (seriously, check their social media legitimacy first), or companies that I didn’t want to work with (like maternity or baby stuff). If you would like to get started getting paid a commission for the links that you are already posting, email me at with the subject heading “Reward Style Referral” and tell me your legal name as it will show on your tax forms (they will need this information for me to refer you and for them to also send you a tax form at the end of the year). And if you want a referral for Reward Style, email me at with the subject heading “Reward Style Referral”, or use the contact form below!

Who else is taking part in some after-Christmas shopping? I love shopping these sales because it’s like a second round of Christmas 😂🎄❤️🎁 • I’m so happy that you loved what I linked in my stories yesterday - so much great feedback!! 🤗 I linked some more sale items in my stories today that I hope you enjoy as well! ❤️ • 🛍 Shop this outfit on my • • #donnagailblog #shopdisney #shopdisneyparks #disneylandcalifornia #disneycreator #disneycreatordays

The Secret to Earning SwagBucks Quickly

Most of the SwagBucks that you will earn from surveys will come from doing the ones that don’t offer a ton of points and don’t take a lot of time. Specifically I have been taking advantage of the app offers because a lot of them offer INSANELY HIGH SB opportunities for downloading and playing a free app. But you will also want to check the Terms of the SB because sometimes it says you have to reach a certain level in the game within a certain time period, and some of those time periods make it impossible to play the game without spending something in their game’s store to give you that boost you need to reach that level in time. Lastly, and this one is the least amount earned but it keeps you earning during times that you can’t earn (like when you’re asleep or at work), and that is SB Watch.

Today is a historical day! And not because one individual took office and another individual left office, but because the United States of America is one of very few countries where the people have the freedom and right to vote. And THAT is something to celebrate 🇺🇸🤗🎉 • And yes this post would have been posted even if a re-election took place ✌🏻❤️💙❤️💙 • • 💡 Moving along - I promised a lesson on lighting and these pictures will prove JUST how make-or-break lighting can be to a picture!! 💡 • ✨ TIPS ✨ 🔺 SCOUT 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 LOCATIONS 👏🏻 It’s the most important tip, hence the caps. Every location looks different at 9am versus 1pm versus 6pm. Plan your pictures accordingly so that your pictures don’t look like my last picture 😬 🔹 Strive to shoot in one-tone shade. What I mean by “one-tone” is that you will be completely covered in shade. A reverse comparison would be if half of your body was in light and the other half was not, or if you were talking pictures under trees where the lighting can end up looking splotched on you. This makes it very hard to edit! ▫️ If taking a picture in direct sunlight is your only option, do NOT take pictures around 12pm. Why? Because the sun is directly overhead and no matter which way you turn, you will always be somewhat in shade and somewhat in sunlight. Taking pictures where the sun is not so directly overhead allows you to put your back towards the sun and use your body as the shade to get that “one-tone” affect. I also use this as a general rule of thumb to always shoot with my back to where the sun is for most locations. (This rule, however, is hard to do if say your location has a mural that wouldn’t allow you to pivot away from the sunlight) • 💕 I hope those tips help you next time you want to take a picture! I know sometimes it’s hard to get that perfect shot when it seems like the sun doesn’t want to be your friend but a little extra preparation can go a LONG way!! 🤗 • 💌 Any other questions about lighting? Leave them below! 💌

The Perfect 4-Day Itinerary for Las Vegas

Our room rate per night was around $140, but with each day we received a $75 food and beverage credit that we could use at any MGM Grand Resort on the Strip! To redeem your rewards from the app, you have to first stop by a M-Life Reward Desk (located in MOST MGM Grand Resorts) to pick up your membership card (don’t worry, it’s free) and then depending on the resort, you then have to redeem your rewards for that specific location at each desk in the resort. And because New York New York is a MGM Grand Resort, we were able to use part of our food and beverage credit at the Starbucks inside of the casino and they just charged it to our room at the Bellagio! Pre-COVID, if you stayed at the Bellagio, you could have free access to the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay pools, and if you weren’t a guests at the Bellagio, you could still buy a guest day pass to use the pool.

This week I have worked approximately 50 hours on my blog and social posts. Guess how much I got paid..?? 😉✨ • ⚠️ ZERO DOLLARS ⚠️ • It’s no surprise that the influencer market is highly saturated - everyone and their dog is an “influencer”. The term is so widely used that now it’s turning people’s opinions sour of it being an actual job because everyone thinks they are one or can become one. • There seems to be this running opinion that “it’s so easy to do what they do. I can easily get paid for that!” The hard truth is that EVERYONE wants to be an influencer but no one wants to work for free. • ➡️ I work long hours scouting locations, learning new techniques for editing, coming up with useful and helpful content, and let’s not forget ACTUALLY editing the pictures themselves. And I don’t get paid for most any of what I post on here. • Now I’m not complaining in the slightest because I ADORE doing all of this!! 💕 But so many people see influencers post about a free hotel stay or being gifted a cute bag or post a paid promotion, and it looks enticing! But to get to that level of having those things takes a LOT. Not only in monetary value (traveling for content, paying for a nice camera, subscribing to Adobe for editing purposes, keeping your closet fresh and trendy etc), but most importantly in the hours upon hours spent curating that content ⏰ • I dive deeper into this topic on my newest blog (link in bio!) and I would love to hear your thoughts on this! As a comment on the blog itself or your thoughts below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • • 💬 What’s your opinion? Do you think influencing is a real job? Do you think there’s a stigma around the word now?

2020 called - they want their toxic relationship back. Too bad I’m already kicking it with 2021 😉💕 • Let’s not let what’s happened affect how we make this year our own! • ✨ WHAT CAN WE DO ✨ 🤍 Find the fun ➡️ in the infinite wisdom of Joy from Inside Out, find the fun! Find reasons for JOY in your life because there are plenty of reasons! Don’t let the bad outweigh the good 🤗 🤍 Look at the positives ➡️ many studies have shown that a positive attitude and being optimistic does a lot for you. Whether that be helping with your success or helping with your mental health. Always try to find the light. And if it’s tough, ACKNOWLEDGE the bad (it’s there, we aren’t blind to it), but think of the good things happening in your life! 🤍 Talk to your friends or family if you need extra help ➡️ your feelings are valid and if you need to vent or voice a concern, reach out to someone! Keeping things inside will only cause you more harm. • 2021 is time for change. To make things better for ourselves. Don’t let 2020 call you. Block that number and show that year that you are DONE with it 👏🏻✨ • So here’s your big challenge!! Kick it with 2021! And if it’s tough and you want to talk, you have me!! You have a support system 💕 • So let’s start, what’s good that’s happened to you already this year? 🎉 I’ll start - I have felt SO proud of myself for kicking myself into high gear and focusing on scheduling my time to do better, including reading! Which is a big thing for me to actually give myself time to read 😂 • • • #donnagailblog #newyearsoutfit #newyearnewstart #sandiegoblogger #visitsandiego #sandiegofashion #sandiegostyle #socalliving #socallife #socalwinter #sandiegocounty #bloggervibes #bloggerlove

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