Donna Faaborg

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Magically created content! Centered on my life, style, fandoms, eco-friendly living, and everyday Disney Bounds. I love bringing a colorful, fun, and bright personality to my posts for my followers to get engaged with and connect with me. Let’s chat or collaborate!

Location Poway, California San Diego
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I’m pretty sure you can see where these posts have been going lately.. 😉🌸✨ • 💖 On National Pink Day I had the great honor of being invited to a brand new cafe here in San Diego - Pink Rose Cafe! Accurately named right? • 📝 Since I keep adding to your SD wishlist of places to visit then I am definitely adding to that list! Fantastic beverages and obviously amazing decor 🥰💕 • 💡 And LOOK OUT I’m putting together a blog of my Summer must-sees in San Diego! I’ve been building up to this for a bit if you couldn’t tell 😎 And hopefully I can explore more and more to make one for Fall as well 😉💭

If you need another fun thing to do in San Diego, let me add to your list again 😉🎥✨ • 🤩 I was so excited to be invited to watch Raya and the Last Dragon for the first time ever at @rooftopcinemaclub in San Diego a few weeks ago! To celebrate the occasion, my friend @saralyn.marie and I Disney Bounded as Raya and Sisu (and this was Saralyn’s first time Disney Bounding - how did she do! 🥳) • 🌇 This was such a fun experience that I could not possible put it all into a caption on Instagram. So check out my newest blog (link in bio!) to see the whole scoop behind my Night Out with Rooftop Cinema Club 💕 Hopefully you can find a screening near you 😉 and if you have any questions, drop them below 🎉

ad | All I wanted was to match my Jeep’s Avenger style 😉🖤❤️ SWIPE to see Cody being the best, most flexible Instagram fiancé through the reflection 🤣 • 🥳 I had to take the opportunity to celebrate @boxlunchgifts launching their new app, and purchasing this Avengers Fanny was a MUST! The #BoxLunchApp makes it super easy to browse their store on the go (which honestly could be super dangerous for me to have it be THAT accessible), and they have app-exclusive offers and content 🤩 • 📲 Download the app for yourself and start building your own wishlist! You know I already have.. 😉🛍 #BLSponsored #BLCollective

How to get to Comic-Con this year! 💚✨💚 STEP ONE: Have a computer. And that’s it 😂 • Living in San Diego, I grew up with Comic Con and have thus watched it grow and develop into the HUGE SENSATION that it is today! No joke, I used to go with my family when we could still buy our tickets at the door 😉 And now people struggle for enough internet speed to grab their tickets a year in advance. • 🍀 Luckily this year they are doing Comic-Con@Home via YouTube so anyone can attend!! 🥳 I am most excited to see the @heruniverse Fashion Show TOMORROW at 5pm PT! • 🎉 In celebration of possibly being a part of that event via a video submission I put in (don’t freak out, I don’t know for certain if I’ll even be up on the screen 😅), I have a very special Reel that I will be posting tomorrow in my exclusive Her Universe gear ❤️🖤 I had to dress up for the Fashion Show regardless of if I’m watching on the couch 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 • Grogu shorts gifted from Her Universe and available online 💚✨ #ComicConAtHomeXHU #HUSponsored

I’d like to think that you’ll be finding something new to do with this blog 😉🏰💬 • 🎲 My most recent trip to Vegas over the Fourth of July weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and exploring new things. It’s always my goal to get you super siked about these trips so that when you finally go, you’ll have your itinerary SO PACKED that the people you go with will be astounded by how much of a pro you are. • 📝 I compiled everything we did on this trip into my most recent blog (link in bio) for you to find some great recommendations as well as things to stay COMPLETELY CLEAR FROM on your next trip to Sin City. • 💬 As alway, leave me a comment of what you like doing in Vegas and maybe I can knock it off my list the next time that I’m there! 🤗💕

One thing I actually do miss about quarantine was all the time I got to spend reading 💜 • 📚 With how good I heard the @disneybooks were, I decided to buy the first three with the Aladdin version being the first! It started off following the story we all now in love from the animated version but with the caveat - what if Aladdin had never found the lamp? • 📖 I liked the idea of a new storyline, especially with my interest of new multiverses (thank you, Marvel). I will say this though, before this branch in to the new storyline, it was slightly distracting to read because all I could think about was the movie. It was very easy to picture. And that was about the first 80 pages.. but I really started to enjoy it more when it was more of something different! 🥰 • 🥳 I was happy to give my editing skills a go at making the book come to life with some of the elements of the characters that we know and love! Which four characters did I try to personify? 🤔💭 Have you read these books? 💕

You have got to set aside time to visit this amazing place in Area 15 in Las Vegas - Omega Mart! 💜 Peculiar in nature and incredibly fun inside, there was always something to explore! Seriously, up until we walked out, we were still finding new things and rooms in this place. So entertaining and would 100% do this again 🤩 Book your tickets in advance online - they’re $55 a person and we all agreed that it was worth it! • #donnagailblog #lasvegasblogger #sandiegoblogger #omegamart #lasvegas #lasvegastrip #vegasvacation #meowwolf #area15 #thingstodoinvegas #summerfun☀️ #summerfun2021

This hallway at Omega Mart in Area 15 in Last Vegas gave me ALL the Space Mountain vibes! 🌌🗻 What do you think? 🖤✨💜✨🤍 • I can’t wait to show you my IGTV of this amazing place. When I say we had all the fun, we literally had ALL. THE. FUN. That’s right, there’s no more fun left in the world - we took it all 😎 jkjk! 😉 are you siked to see a more in-depth look of this whole exhibit? • #donnagailblog #lasvegasblogger #sandiegoblogger #omegamart #meowwolf #lasvegastrip #area15 #spacemountain #disneystyle #disneyside #disneyoutfit #disneyloungefly #disneyootd

Now that all of the Loki episodes are out, I can FINALLY just binge watch all of it! 🥳 So in celebration of this season’s end, I put together another Loki Disney Bound. Because why not celebrate one of the best villains that we hate to love 😉💚💛🖤

Join me as we discuss all things Disney Bounding 🥳 From how it started, to how I put together my outfits as well as tips for how you can too, and my BEST resources for buying clothes without breaking the bank. Because I get it, it’s an expensive hobby! But I want to be able to make sure that you know your options in making your closet stay fresh and keep those Disney Bounds coming. • Also be sure to use @thedisneybound as a resource for inspiration and outfit ideas! I mean they did start this amazing trend after all 😉✌🏻 #donnagailblog #disneybounding #disneybound #disneybounder #disneystyle #disneylife #disneylove #disneyside #disneycreator #endlessmagic #disneyboundtips #disneystyleinspo #disneyinspo

ad | Just like my towel, my tan lines are also striped 😂🏝✌🏻 • My local @Walgreens had some of the best summer necessities for my beach and pool days this year! It was so convenient having all these things in one section so I didn’t have to go searching all over the store for it. • Items pictured from #walgreens: ☀️ Sunscreen 💚 After-sun aloe 🍍 Pineapple towel 💦 Motorized mister fan 🩴 Striped sandals 🌺 “Summer Vibes” reusable cup (honestly, my new fav 😍) • They had so many other great things, but I couldn’t buy it all 😬 Make sure to click the link in my bio if you want to check out what’s available for your summer time needs at Walgreens 😎🤗💕 | #sponsored

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