Donna Faaborg

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Magically created content! Centered on my life, style, fandoms and everyday Disney Bounds. I love bringing a colorful, fun, and bright personality to my posts for my followers to get engaged with and connect with me. Let’s chat or collaborate!

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“Good times become good memories, but bad times make good lessons.” - Uncle Iroh 🔥✨☕️ • Watching Avatar the Last Airbender growing up, not going to lie, Uncle Iroh was kind of annoying. But as an adult watching it, I always looked forward to what profound things he would say because there was always so many deeper meanings to them. • But I have also grown to appreciate his love of being one with peace and nature. As someone who is trying my best to learn to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, I am constantly reminding myself to be kind to the Earth - especially when we are just about to celebrate Earth Day! • Check out my blog on four products you can switch to become more eco-friendly - online now! 🥳 • 🔥 Let’s be real, Uncle Iroh was an uncle to all of us 🔥 • Shirt and keychain were gifted from @boxlunchgifts #BLcollective #BLxAvatar #BLSponsored

The Biggest No-No’s of Trying to Gain Followers

I was always one of those people that would like and comment right away to other people’s posts, but there were a few people in our group that would literally post and run And having those people ‘like’ my content that were not my followers, that were not my target audience, and did not spend more than a split second on my post made the algorithm all read that as “FAKE”. You posted a Pin and then a few hours later, it was shuffled to a position farther down on the Board that is past people’s short attention spans of scrolling to get to. Now say you posted 5 times – 4 times on your own boards and 1 time on a group board, received 1,000 views on those 4 that you posted on your board and only 3 views on that one Pin that you posted on the Group board, well now your average views per Pin is around 800 views per Pin instead of 1,000.

Cody: “Don’t be dramatic.” Me: ... 🌸✨🌷✨🌻✨ • There’s been a lot to be dramatic about lately. And if you’ve been keeping track of my stories lately, you know exactly how 😂 But we carry on through the mess 🤗 • • The flowers at @the_flower_fields were really the star of this picture! 🌸 If you plan on going, be prepared to wait in some lines to get pictures with the flowers. When @ashhtaylor and I went a couple weeks ago, each line we waited in was about 20-30 minutes each. • By the time I got to this photo op, we were running pretty low on time. A family that had been behind us in line tried to go in front of me before this picture but I was like “I’m gonna be two seconds. I’m striking one pose and then I’m out.” And they agreed to let me go first 😉 • 💐 What spring time-y things have you done this season? 💐

Four Products to Use to Be More Eco-Friendly

By not having rainforests and natural environments destroyed for coffee fields, it also ensures that the natural wildlife continues to have a home to live in. Shade grown coffee also does not require chemical fertilizers and because being grown in the shade takes a little bit longer to grown, it actually makes the coffee bean taste better! Buying reusable snack bags will not only limit your plastic use, but it will be cheaper for you long-term not having to continually buy more and more plastic bags! Reusable snack baggies can be found pretty much anywhere – Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, etc.

Here’s a NEVER BEFORE SEEN Behind the Scenes look into the Empire Strikes Back 😱✨😱✨ • I call this “the day the Taun Taun realized why it was cast for the role” 😂 And yes, the zipper charm for this jacket is a lightsaber 🤣 • I wanted to do a throwback Thursday post to this impromptu snow day that my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew went up to Julian to have last month. It then turned into a more impromptu moment to have my sister dawn my mom’s super exclusive @columbia1938 jacket that is a replica of what the crew of the Empire Strikes Back wore while on set in Hoth and me to FINALLY be able to be my Taun Taun self 😉❄️☃️ • It’s for little moments like these that I’m hoping that Cody and I can get that condo we want that’s in the same complex as my sister for more impromptu days like this 💙🤍

Why Am I Still Losing Followers Even Though My Content Is Getting Better?

Your post won’t do as well because they won’t engage with your content and then your post won’t get pushed to the next tier level of followers. , my post probably got pushed farther then it has in a really long time to some of my followers who hadn’t seen me in a while, thus resulting in a massive flux to my page of people to unfollow me. My content is being pushed back on to the page’s of people who actually want to see my content, and let me tell you, they are loving it. It is all for the better that you get closer to your target audience and that you cater to their needs and not to the needs of people who don’t like your content and wouldn’t have engaged with your page anyway.

Fairytales can come true ✨ You gotta make them happen - it all depends on you 😉💚 • On my last post, I asked you to share something you are proud of yourself for having accomplished recently. And I just want to give you more support on your dreams! I am so happy to see fairytales happening left and right lately, because watching people thrive after 2020 is SUCH a beautiful glow up 🤗 • I hope you are still doing your best each and every day! I’m gonna keep working hard on my dreams because I know that I’m almost there 💛💚💙💛💚

8 Tips on Feeling More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable or confident in will only result in a picture that you look uncomfortable in. But trust me, if your photographer is having fun with it and being a dork or talking to you during it, you’ll find that you don’t feel so much like they are taking your picture as much as they are just hanging out with you. There are still some people I feel self conscious taking pictures with, and wearing a mask helps me to not have look like I am faking a smile in front of them for a picture. Almost There”, I was able to feel so comfortable getting my whole body involved for this fun Tiana Mardi Gras picture!

If I can be open with you, I feel like I am finally becoming a butterfly 🦋✨🦋✨ • 🌸 Since the start of 2021, I told myself that THIS year was going to be my year. Behind every post you see has been big ideas, editing, scraps of paper all over the place for ideas, tired mornings, and a whole lot of game plans and executions. • 💐 I know that success doesn’t happen overnight, just like caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies at the drop of a hat. But every month I have given myself reasonable and attainable goals that can be accomplished with more and more hard work 💪🏻 • I guess I just wanted to let you know that I feel truly proud of myself for my attained goals so far 🥰 And I wanted to share that feeling with you! 🤗 • That being said, I want YOU to gush about yourself now 💕 Please share with me something that you feel happy or proud of yourself for! 🥳 I’d be happy to celebrate with you!

Was just trying to take some cute pictures when this happened 🌌✨ • Are you more light side or dark side? What about glow-in-the-dark side? 😂 I haven’t had something glow in the dark since I was in fourth grade (it was the sticky stars that I put on my room ceiling). As an adult now, I don’t really need glow in the dark anything... but do I want it? Yes 🤩 • I think the reason that I want glow in the dark as an adult now is literally only because of Star Wars 😂 have you seen Galaxy’s Edge at night? What about feeling the chills of watching someone light up one of their lightsabers (looking at you, iconic Star Wars scenes right before an epic battle)? It’s INCREDIBLE! 😍 • So of course this sweatshirt from @heruniverse was kind of a mind bomb for me 🤯 yes IT GLOWS IN THE DARK 💕 And honestly it’s pretty bright. So if you are a grown-up child like me, maybe check this out for yourself 🤗 and then meet me in Galaxy’s Edge and we can have glow in the dark sweatshirts together to light up the night 🌠

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