Dionna Chambers

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👶🏽 New Mom to Baby Zen 🎥 Host, Actress, Producer 🙏🏽Motivational Millennial 🏆Nominated for #2019risinginfluencer presented by @preendotme @cewinsider

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Now that I’ve had my new SoulCycle at-home bike powered by @variis for a few months, I am starting to get into a groove. #variispartner I am also really loving @mynameisclairejones who is an amazing instructor. She is grounded, beautiful, motivating and knowledgeable. During such a crazy time, connection is so important, even if it is through a screen. I feel like Claire is passionate about what she does and I can feel it! I can also see results from taking her classes weekly now. My body is toner, stronger and sexier 😍. Thanks Claire! Girl, you fireeeeeee 🔥

As a woman, gut health is actually a lot more important than we sometimes acknowledge. Our gut effects so many processes in our body and when we don’t take care it, we suffer! 
Recently, I partnered with BIOHM Health, the first probiotics proven to optimize digestive health by balancing both the bacteria AND fungi in your gut, while also breaking down digestive plaque. I tried the BIOHM Super Reds which is inclusive of 17 red super foods, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, making it a super antioxidant boost in a single scoop! Here are some things I love about it: * It tastes super yummy (pomegranate flavor) * 17 superfoods including red fruits, veggies and functional mushrooms * 4 different prebiotic sources * 1 Billion CFU’s of BIOHM probiotic * Digestive enzymes * Gluten-free * Non-GMO * Keto-friendly * Vegan Its delicious and I love it…and so does my gut!

It's Christmas Eve and I'm thinking of all of the holiday pictures I'm going to see in my feed for the next two days. And while that is great and I cannot wait to see all of your beautiful faces with your families...I'm also thinking about how much I've overcome this year as a woman. How much growth, pain and drama I've endured and yet, here I am. This isn't just a picture of my ASS posing for an IG collaboration...it is me being fully expressed! Showing all of who I am and not giving a F***. So yea...that's it in short. If you like this pic...oh you just wait. There's much more where that came from 😜💁🏽‍♀️ Merry Christmas Fam. I love you. ❤️🎄

I recently teamed up with @rdclsuperfoods for their superfood hydration drink Radical Elements to give me boosted energy levels, immunity support, and even stress support (which we all need during these crazy times!). In short, Radical Elements powders turn my water into ‘super water.’ What I love about the product is that it makes the water taste much better. It actually tastes really good and I notice energy levels increase pretty quickly when I take the one for "focused energy." Because the energy is generated from stuff that is good for me, the energy is sustained so there is no crash. Not to mention, it makes the water even more refreshing than normal (hard to believe I know 😉). Then in the evening I like to take the one that's boosted for stress support, which is calming and takes the edge off (and it's a delish superberry flavor that's naturally purple from the berries and dragon fruit they use)! By the way, BOTH versions of Radical Elements have the immunity boost! Here are a few more quick facts about @rdclsuperfoods ✶ 100% plant-based / vegan / cruelty free 
✶ The cost is very low given the quality of real-food, organic, functional ingredients. At most, it's only $1.33 per 16oz serving 
✶ Built Around You: continually evolving with your ongoing needs and goals 
✶ Contains vegan vitamin D3 that's naturally derived from wildcrafted, sustainable lichen, as opposed to a more common form of vitamin D3 that's synthetically derived from lanolin (sheep wool grease) 
✶ Zero added sugar 
✶ Only 10 to 15 calories per serving 
✶ Non GMO and gluten free So basically this like buying magic water. Its good for you, your body, your mind, and your spirit! ⭐️Use code GETRDCL for 20% off!⭐️

I’ve never felt more afraid living in the world than I do today. I’ve never feared for my son’s safety more than I do today. And I have never mourned the loss of something so false, than I do today. “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. What I am experiencing is the death of a world that never truly existed. I thought I was “somewhat” equal in that I had opportunities to pursue my dreams, create a certain level of success and be ‘happy.’ But what I am reminded of on Martin Luther King Jr’s day of life celebration is that I too, have been confined by my own world and limited thinking. What I am called to do today is reflect and take action on what my unique gifts are so that I can make an impact on humanity. And while I do not have the exact answer for you now, I am committed to my own healing so that I can be in a position to truly support others in doing the same. I have not “arrived” yet at the next version of DIONNA but what I can tell you is that my healing journey is leading to a path that I pray Martin Luther King Jr, along with my ancestors will be proud of. One that will uplift, inspire and incite action to change the very dark world we live in now. I have not given up hope, faith or the belief that we can find a path of unity. While I know it will not be easy, I believe in every cell of my body, that it is possible.

Bath time with Zen is very eventful now that he is two. He splashes water. Talks, babbles, screams. It's far from a serene experience. BUT it's special because he is exploring, playing and being fully present.  That's one thing he continues to teach me daily. Presence. He reminds my inner child, my little Dionna, that it's OK to play! It's ok to enjoy bath time, story time, and watching Toy Story (for the 20th time). It's OK to just fully be here in the now and enjoy it.  We've been using @johnsonsbaby's Head-to-Toe Wash & Shampoo along with the lotion and it has made these little moments of presence that much sweeter. 👶🏾 🛁  Plus, they're Dermatologist tested and Zen's skin is so much softer after using :)   #Ad #InitTogether #TotsToToddlers

Putting myself first has been a priority for my mental health these last few months. I have been making time for weekly baths, working in my robe (even on ZOOM calls), doing my full skincare routine, etc.  These small acts have made all of the difference in supporting my peace of mind and sanity. I am better as a woman and a mom.  Part of taking care of myself is using products that I love in this self-care process. I've followed @foria for a while and have been using their Awaken for my "self-care" time (this is the other kind 😜🙈), so when a chance presented itself to work together "officially," I was very excited!  @foria just launched their new Bath Salts with CBD and the LAVENDER is amazingggggg! It is calming, nourishing and leaves my skin softer. The recipe also includes kava, calendula, ginger, and organic-certified hemp. Basically... the perfect blend for a small escape!  Are you convinced? 💁🏽‍♀️ If so, use code DIONNA20 for 20% OFF your @foria Bath Salts with CBD.

I'm super litttttt about my collaboration with @footlockerwomen and @reebok because these sneakers are none other than... @iamcardib's!!! I had a blast shooting this content with @lesliestratton and hope you all love these sneakers as much as I do! They are now available for purchase at @footlockerwomen. #BecauseSneakers #Sponsored

#sponsored For those of you who know me, you know I'm all about living a holistic lifestyle! I am passionate about wellness, fitness, and mindfulness. So guess what? I recently teamed up with Corona Premier and Echelon Fitness for an awesome fitness and wellness journey to start the year off right! The 'hub' posts new content, work out videos, and ways to support you in upgrading your life in 2021. These videos will help you upgrade your fitness routine and give you that added confident to SLAY the new year. And let's be honest... after last year...we can all use the help right? Great news is you don't have to be an Echelon member to participate and get access to all of the great content. So what are you waiting for? Join me on the journey by clicking the link in the bio! Ok...see you soon!! @CoronaUSA #EarnYourCrown #CoronaPremier #for21+

The holidays are upon us and I find this to be the perfect time every year to do some deep reflection on where I've come, where I am now, and where I want to go. Working out helps me to clear my mind and really get focused on where I want to go...and let's face it, 2020 can gladly KICK ROCKS... lol #VariisPartner With that said, I've really enjoyed my new SoulCycle at-home bike powered by @variis because I can do just that when I ride. Reflect. Refocus. It has given me peace of mind during a time of chaos and healing and I will forever be grateful! Also, since the holidays are here...it wouldn't hurt to gift the bike to a loved one or contribute to one. #justsayin 😉 #Variis

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