Lissette Corujo

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Our story…

As I raised my children, I realize that the most important thing in life is not only to love them but also to make memories with and for them. Memories and experiences are what shape people into what they are today.

My name is Lissette Corujo and I would like to share my story with you. You will need to know everything from the beginning so you could understand.

Ever since I was a child, I was eager to have a big family on my own since I was one out of 8 children. After I got married to my husband, we decided to have kids and raised them where we grew up, Puerto Rico. We named our first son Mikey. After Mikey, we decided to have another baby and we got a girl which we called Nina. After Nina, we got identical twins named Michelle and Nicole. We lived in Puerto Rico our whole life, however, we moved to a town near Charlotte, North Carolina when my first-born child was fourteen.

My dad was a very creative, interesting, and intelligent man. The thing I admired the most about him is the fact that he came up with different weird yet fun events to not only spend time with us but for my siblings, and I to share some memories. Some of these events included campings, egg wars, basketball games, and so many others.

As I had my first born, I set out on a mission to create different experiences and memories that my kids will remember for the rest of their lives. These activities have happened so frequently that we now consider them traditions. I am currently fifty-two years old and my four children are 20, 18, and the twins are now 17. They are still excited to continue our traditions for many years to come.

We created in 2014 a company called Moms to Moms Inc. which covers several platforms. Among the platforms are and with around 50K followers on Facebook. Both platforms are educational.

My husband, Miguel, and I wanted to share our experiences as parents and share it to other parents. We decided to create a new project called “Moms love Holidays” to help spread our word – create unique experiences and memories for and with your children. This platform is where we create campaigns to share unique celebrations for each holiday throughout the year.

During Christmas, our first campaign will start which will be a Santa Package. We will promote different items to increase the magic of what Christmas is. For Valentine's Day, there will be a Love Challenge where we will promote each family to create a love mailbox where each family member will message and gifts with each other. This campaign would last from the first to the fourteen of February.

Then for Mother's Day and Father's Day I will do another activity for children and adults to recognize their parents' efforts. For grandparents' day I want to create a family recipe book were grandmas can share recipes, memories. For “Back to School” I want to create a resolution plan. For Halloween, I will create costume contests as a family. And for Thanksgiving I will create a Goofy Games platform where the loser will have to clean the kitchen that day.

I would love you to join my vision and what better way to promote my events and items for sale. Of course, my platform will have costs for mothers, but we will be creating unique memories and experiences … and this is what life is all about. I learned this lesson the hard way when I lost one of my brothers at a young age.

Location Matthews, NC
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 26, 2019
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