Diane Cohn

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I'm an over-40 YouTuber following my dreams and encouraging others to do the same. My channel covers real estate, hiking & travel.

As of this moment, I have over 9000 subscribers and over 1 million views.

Specific themes include the US housing market in 2020, living in Puerto Rico, backpacking the Sierra Nevada on the Pacific Crest Trail, living at Lake Tahoe, roadtripping the USA, and building a YouTube channel. Recurring sub-themes touch on retirement, where to live, financial independence, building a YouTube channel, and how to make your dreams a reality.

71% of my audience is male, 29% female and 82% from the US, the vast majority adults, with 23% in the 25-34 age range, 30% in the 35-44 range, 21% in the 45-54 range, and 24% are over 55.

I typically post 1x per week, usually on Sundays, sometimes more often depending on what's going on. I film on a Canon G7X Mark II and an iPhone Pro Max and do all my own editing in iMovie.

87% of the people who watch my channel are not subscribed. 29% of my YouTube traffic comes from search, 28% from external sources (86% from Google), 22% from browse features, and 14% from suggested videos. My overall channel average thumbnail click-through rate is 5.7%, with new videos in the high-low teens during the first week.

My biggest upload ever, with 230K views, was about the cost of living in Puerto Rico, followed by one about buying a house post-pandemic at 80K, when will house prices drop at 71K, the downsides of Caribbean life at 58K, and real estate crash or time to buy at 37K.

My hottest topics so far have been about the housing market and living in Puerto Rico. If you're looking for engagement around when and how to buy a house, whether or not to retire in Puerto Rico, how to make a big move or backpacking as an older person, my channel is the place for you!

Professionally I have a background in corporate communications, digital marketing and real estate sales, with over 4700 followers on LinkedIn.

On a personal level, I'm an empty nester with two grown daughters about to start an entrepreneurial venture with my husband that will hopefully fund our retirement dreams. Stay tuned… :)

Location Incline Village, NV
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 02, 2020
Social Audience 634
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What to Do With $10 Million -Diane Cohn

With $10 million in stock to sell during month seven, if the income tax rate was 40%, after paying the federal government, you’d get to keep $6,000,000. Of that $3 million, my personal choice would be to put $2.5 million to work with a talented portfolio manager, someone I know and trust, with an objective of 7% net income per year, or $175,000. In my case, I’d sell the remaining $5 million at the end of my one-year lockup, unless my tax accountant had a better plan. $3.5 million went under professional money management with an income/growth strategy, and $2 million went toward income-producing real estate with the goal of creating a combined $275K annual cash flow.

Why You’ll Never Regret Blowing $20,000 on a 4-Week Trip to Europe with Your Kids -Diane Cohn

’s host family in Chimay to the hubby freaking out on the TGV when I couldn’t find the Eurail passes, to the sights, the food, the sunset strolls in Paris, to my daughter blowing up at the hubby for being, well, himself. Then there was that all night party in the apartment next door, the majestic peaks of Switzerland, that quirky Airbnb host, wandering Old Town Nice, Monaco, Lucca, Lucerne, Geneva, that pile of rock art at the Venice Biennial with the billionaire yachts parked out front… Almost losing the kids on that crowded train platform and playing the crazy mom card to get them on board, no thanks to the snooty The magic of Salzburg and having our Sound of Music moment after escaping that crazy hostel with the crappy internet and the Abe Lincoln statue that looked like Dad… Finding that amazing tech museum in Munich with the Pleo from a startup that the hubby had co-founded years ago, not to mention the beer… Travel, however, is chaotic, especially when you’re changing countries every few days, staying in wildly variable Airbnb accommodations, dealing with different languages and going places you’ve never been.

What Scares Me Most About Robo Investing -Diane Cohn

They use trading algorithms, rules-based computer programs much like robo advisors, to play out their strategies in the market and have been doing it for years. Now retail money is getting into the act—machines trading machines. When we start to see cold-hearted, trend-following algorithms determine that the path is down, [that’s] when you’re really going to need human beings. Bad money drives out good, like a bad apple ruins the whole bunch, like too many trolls kill a good forum, like fake news drowns out the real thing, machines trading machines are driving humans out of the market.

A Tale of Two Daughters: College vs Wwoofing -Diane Cohn

Hopefully an $80,000 mechanical engineering degree yields at least a $60,000 annual starting salary, which means, after taxes, we might break even in two years, a similar timeframe for the average new business. So our oldest is learning to pay for what she wants, maintain work-life balance, pitch ideas and succeed in professional positions. Then she and her new friend drove to Idaho to volunteer on Mountain Cloud Farm, where she learned how to grow market and CSA veggies along with harvesting, transplanting, seeding, amending, processing and storing. My oldest confirmed that she is pursuing the best career for herself and learned what will satisfy her most when choosing a full-time job in the near future.

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