Diamond Alikah Broaden

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Christian + Educated + Entrepreneur Inspiration | Lifestyle | Beauty | Email | diamondabroaden@gmail.com 📍 TN

Location Clarksville, TN
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 19, 2020
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#ad I am a candy connoisseur for life! There are times when I overindulge in not-so-good candy to satisfy my sweet craving, but @oomphsweets is candy with a new healthy twist! All power! Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, keto-friendly, with minimal net carbohydrates and functional advantages. They also have Apple Cider Vinegar (which helps manage blood sugar), Acerola (which is high in Vitamin C), and Lion’s Mane Mushroom (which is good for cognitive function and is an anti-inflammatory). Their miniature chews are available in a variety of flavors, including passionfruit, green apple, and lemon. So far, my favorite flavor is passionfruit, but all of these varieties are great! The oomph! is definitely there in these delectable chews! Try my coupon DIAMONDBROADEN for 10% off your order! #oomphsweets #vegan #glutenfree #keto #lowcarb #candy #healthyfood

#ad Be your true self... I am. I’m right at home in my kitchen, surrounded by my favorite culinary tools, food treats, and cookbooks. The Getty Museum (@gettymuseum ) embraced my lifelong passion for the kitchen, food, cooking, and baking. Food and @gettymuseum go together since they are both works of art. To explain that using these goods and cooking is bliss. I enjoy spending time in my kitchen all day cooking and baking, but now that the Getty has added another act of love, it will be even more difficult to pull me out. @gettymuseum items: - Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Hand Painted Ceramic - 100 Morning Treats Book - Herbarium Apron - Boards & Spreads Book - Decadent Vegan Cakes Book - Getty Logo Collector Pin - Gold Tone - Maritime Lavender Honey - Spreader with Olive Motif Ceramic Handle - Van Gogh Irises Paper Bookmark - Van Huysum - Vase of Flowers - Postcard #GettyMuseum #GettyMuseumStore

Just upgrading to 24, that’s all🎂🥳🎊🎁! . . . #diamondbroaden #explorediamondbroaden #happybirthday #happybday #happybirthdaytome #24th #24thbirthday #midtwenties #upgradingages #age #agebackwards #smile #celebrationforlife #life #longlife #thankyoujesus #longlifeforall

Diamond’s Cravings Presents: BALSAMIC STEAK PEACH SALAD 🥩🍑🥗 Grilled steak, yummy! The touch of sticky-sweet peaches in this meal delivers the perfect blend of both sweet and tart notes. The intense arugula is the perfect base for this dish. The acetic grilled steak and juicy peaches are the highlight of this salad, you only need a few ingredients in the dressing to marry it all whole. Made with love, eat this for life! The recipe is coming soon! 📝💻👩🏾‍🍳 #diamondscravingsbydiamondbroaden #balsamicsteakpeachsalad

It took me YEEEAAARRRRRRRRRSSSS to share this.... On Wednesday, July 3rd, I experienced anxiety for the first time. It’s not a pleasant sensation. It’s not peaceful; your mind is racing all the time, your breathing changes, you’re concerned, you’re having difficulty focusing, you’re emotional, and so on. Yes, I’ve had all of those symptoms and MORE... Look for another post soon regarding how the anxiety began and what setting it took place in. ✨ . . . #diamondbroaden #explorediamondbroaden #anxiety #anxietyawareness #anxietysupport #myanxietystory #mystory #mylife #blackpeopleandanxiety #anxietyproblems #health #symptomsofanxiety #reelsaboutanxiety #reelsforhealth #reelsforyou #reelsforawareness #lifestyle #lifestyleinfluencers

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