Cara Newhart

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Color & prints enthusiast creating a beautifully lived-in life

Location Denver, CO
Country United States
Member Since JULY 23, 2019
Social Audience 29K Last Month
  • Moz DA 40
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  • Technology & Computing
Make this cute Wrapped Charger Cord // MAKE THIS – S1 • E5

For the slip knot, you'll want to lay your cord down and cut the thread that you've been wrapping around your cord, leaving a tail. Put this loop over your old thread's tail that is on your cord, then pull both sides of the string below your slip knot to tighten, You'll hear an actual pop when the knot is secure. For the magic knot, you'll want to lay your cord down and cut the thread that you've been wrapping around your cord, leaving a tail about 4-6 inches long. You'll take your new thread, and tie a double knot around the old thread's tail close to your cord, then trim off the small tail of the knot.

Tipsy Herb Garden DIY

just growing mint to muddle your mojito or you need a full suite of fresh greens for summer cooking, this tipsy herb garden is an adorable little addition. It’s a perfect way to make use of vertical space in small areas like a balcony or kitchen end cap. Opt for a variety of solid colors, some fun hand-painted patterns, or even leave them unpainted for a more earthy and organic feel. Another great herb garden option is to display one big pot via this MIDCENTURY MODERN PLANT STAND and plant 3-4 herbs in the same pot.

DIY this Macrame Vibe Wall Hanging // MAKE THIS – S1 • E4

I wanted mine to be about 18" long, so I measured a 40" piece (20" when folded over = room to trim it. Continue adding pieces, varying texture and adding a couple strands of colored yarn. You can untwist or unbraid a couple pieces for extra texture Add yarn until the bottom 1/3 of your ring is full. I measured my pieces about 46-50" long since I wanted this front piece to be smaller / narrower but longer.

Midcentury Modern Plant Stand DIY

You’ll choose your dimensions based on how high you want your plant to sit and how tall you want your stand to be. You can do 50/50 as well, but I followed a loose design rule of thirds to offset the height of my pot in the planter a little so it wouldn’t be sitting right in the middle. If you don’t know how high yours should be (and you like the way mine looks) just take the height of your pot X 1.8 to get the total height of your planter. Then the height of your pot times 0.64 to get the height from the top of the planter to the part your pot will sit on.

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