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Mommy to three girls; sharing my motherhood journey in hopes of helping others. DM or email for collabs —

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I have been getting so stressed out lately. I have so many big things planned this year. But I already feel like I am just spinning in circles and not getting anything done 😭 And then I look up from working and see this ⬆️ and everything feels at peace again. I keep forgetting the big picture of *why* I have these big plans. For my girls. Every single thing I do. It’s always for my girls 💗

Sadie is a big fan of cereal (like her Mommy 🙃) and would eat cereal for all meals if she could! She loves to use cereal as snacks so I was excited to see these new Kellogg’s Jumbo Snax! These are bigger versions of Sadie’s favorite cereals in a perfect to go pouch so she can snack anywhere, whether at home or on the road. No milk needed 😉 Anyone else a super fan of cereal? Or have a little one who is?? #JumboSnax #jumbosnaxjumbofun #contest @KelloggsUS @Influenster

Do I know how to party on a Friday night or what? 🤪 This is the start of my 3rd month (5th dose) of Humira and I am seeing an improvement in my UC already! 🙌🏻 I was on Humira years ago. I didn’t have success that time because my injections kept getting delivered late. And they were so painful and I had such horrible reactions (huge, painful, itchy welts at the injection site) that I didn’t want to continue them. When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to continue my Entyvio a few months ago, I figured it was worth trying Humira again since they have listened to the patients and removed the citrate buffer and included a smaller needle. Sure enough, not only is ordering and receiving my injections easier, but I am having much much less of a reaction and barely feel the needle! Here’s hoping it continues to help. My main goal this year is to finally get my health improved enough that I have more energy for my girls! Everything I do is for my girls. 💗

I am finally getting around to editing some photos from Christmas. 🙈 Here is my first attempt at a milk bath photo. I have the worst lighting at our house, but I don’t think it came out too bad considering. Definitely some graininess, unfortunately 😕 Izzie was not so sure if the whole thing so I only got a couple shots where she doesn’t look freaked out. 🙃

Izzie has been having the same tummy issues that Sadie used to have from being on high calorie formula. She gets so constipated and struggles with horribly painful bowel movements! I am so worried this will cause more issues down the road (especially since her mommy has IBD). I have been looking for something to try to help her and wanted to be sure it was something safe for her. I am so grateful that Mary Ruth Organics #gifted me these liquid probiotic for infants! Mary Ruth Organics are vegan, gluten free, water based, plant based, and organic! Even better - she has used them for a week and I already see a difference! Her digestive system is starting to regulate and she is in less pain. A healthy gut is so important and Izzie is on the right track now, thanks to @maryruthorganics ! #maryruthpartner #maryruthorganics #guthealth #guthealthmatters #probiotics

I am still carrying my baby weight from Sadie - thanks to the steroids I was on at the same time I was pregnant with her. I have tried everything to lose weight with no success, so I have decided to take the plunge and try the Keto diet! I am so exicted to get started and was thrilled when @thechocolatetrader #gifted me this 3 pack of their Keto chocolate! The pack included the milk chocolate almond bark, dark chocolate, almond, and sea salt bark, and the dusted dark chocolate almonds. All three are delicious and will be so perfect for me to get my chocolate fix once I officially start my keto diet next week! Go check them out on and use code GOKETO20 to save 20%! 😋 #mythechocolatetrader

Izzie turned 10 months on the 16th! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown with her and I am not ready for February 😭 In just a few short months of PT, baby girl has caught up to where she should be for the 10-12 month gross motor development. She is crawling and working on pulling herself up to standing. Her first Christmas was everything we dreamed it would be - with snow included! ❄️ I think our favorite gift she got was two of her four front teeth 🦷 finally starting to cut through! She has been struggling for over a month with all four so we are so happy they are finally making an appearance! 🙌🏻 Izzie is still on high calorie formula to help her gain weight and is moving from purees to foods she can feed herself. She prefers to feed herself now and is a total champ at it so we are following her lead and removing the purees. We love our Isaboo so much - she is so happy all the time and is just what our little family needed. 🥰 *Please excuse the dried out Christmas tree in the background. These photos were taken when we were still holding out hope that we could save it! 🙃

My Starbucks buddy was excited for her official @starbucks mug and hot cocoa that we got her for Christmas 😉

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” Ok, so the stockings are lying in front of the “fireplace” but close enough 😜 Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄

#sponsored This little munchkin and her baby sis are keeping me super busy and they are always on the move! So, I am so grateful that I was #gifted these delicious snacks from @goodsourcefoods ! They help energize me and refocus me throughout the day. These chocolate protein clusters are made with 70% cacao, are gluten free, and all natural. Each recipe has a specific formula to help you get that Morning Jump, Afternoon Boost, Afternoon Break, or Evening Chill. I love them all and really do feel a difference in my energy level after eating them! I am a big chocaholic so I love having a healthy, delicious snack like this to help me get through my day while still allowing me to have that little bit of chocolate! Go check them out and make sure to use the code “20ALLGOOD” for 20% off! #mygoodsourcefoods

We had the best time yesterday! For those who follow my stories, you saw us test out the Flame Starter Pack by Tiki we were #gifted to try out. The wood we used was still damp from the rain we got Friday but the flame starter pack still was able to get the fire up and going in no time!! If you swipe ⬅️ to the end, you can see how Troy stacked the wood on top the starter pack. He then lit the starter pack and that was it! So easy and it was so cool to see how fast it worked! Sadie got to enjoy the fire pit for the first time and we even made hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. It was such a wonderful family activity. We will definitely be getting more of the flame starter packs and doing this with Sadie more often! 😍 (SN: Izzie was napping inside the whole time. 😴) #KickStartYourFire #contest #complimentary @Influenster @tikibrandproducts

When your three year old, who has a speech delay, asks for “cocoa” and a “cookie” when you are ordering from @starbucks - guess what she gets? She has been working so hard and picking up so many new words lately. I am one proud mama 🥰

Oh, deer... 🦌 We love this outfit from @lennylemons - My little fawn is just too cute!! 🥰

Three years ago today - Sadie’s first snow ❄️ This picture came up in my photo’s memories and I couldn’t resist sharing 🥰 It’s always been one of my favorites!

My little Turkeys on Thanksgiving last week 🦃 Sadie is in that phase where she won’t let us dress her up ...and Izzie didn’t have a cute Turkey Day dress so we pieced together an outfit for her using her sister’s old “My first Thanksgiving” onesie, some tutu pants, and her gorgeous @sewbeeco bow. 😬 Totally winning at this mom thing lately 😜- but whatever - they’re still too cute for words! 🥰

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