Mira Desai

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Hi 👋🏽 Welcome to our family page where I share pieces of our lives that make me smile and appreciate what we’ve been blessed with. Mira + Kalpesh = Kavya, Keshav & Maya “Everything happens for a good reason”

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Reminder to my new moms, its just a phase, you’ll be back one day soon. Also, Okayyyyyy babu 🤩 killing it. Ps she’s also a mom of 3!

#gujjulove American born doesn’t mean we forget our culture. It’s crazy to hear people from India 🇮🇳 message me saying they feel we’re more in tune with our desi roots in the States 🇺🇸, than those who strive to westernize themselves while living in India 🫢 Being western isn’t cool, being true to you is cooler 🤩 BTS — I was shopping and while my eldest was waiting for me to pick the perfect flowers for our Diwali party, he started singing “Kesariyo Rang” to himself BTS2 - While my husband and I were cleaning up the kitchen, our 2nd son started busting out to “Poonam ni Raat” *for those of you who don’t know, these are two Gujarati folk songs played during the festival of Navrati - an Indian holiday we finished celebrating in late October. We were all born and raised in 🇺🇸 so yes, we enjoy decorating for Christmas too, (as you can see in the background) but within us, our culture will shine the brightest… doesn’t matter where we are 🤩

Why a diya and not a string of lights? Hinduism teaches a lot through symbolism. A diya has the ability to share its light from one diya to another, while a bulb reserves its own light. A diya ignites a flame onto another, that a lightbulb cannot. This year let’s choose to spread our positive energy and inspire others, while removing any darkness we hold onto.

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