Mira Desai

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Hi 👋🏽 Welcome to our family page where I share pieces of our lives that make me smile and appreciate what we’ve been blessed with. Mira + Kalpesh = Kavya, Keshav & Maya “Everything happens for a good reason”

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What else would you add to the list… - What are the toddlers up to? - Shhh, don’t wake the baby (as her bro charges in) - I have an itch - My arm is killing me - What time did she fall asleep? - Ugh why won’t you go to sleep - I love you!!!

I’m still freaking out … wife?! 🤯 I thought you were mine forever?!

The dress fits perfectly, the bassinet is just right, and she doesn’t have any teeth. She’s still a baby you guys… Back off 😑 Recently at her 6 month appointment the pediatrician jokingly said I wasn’t feeding my baby (because I haven’t started solids yet). Clarification — I solely fed this baby from day one, and would gladly screw real foods, if solids weren’t so essential for development.

Have you tried the KonMarie method? Here’s what her philosophy is about: Surround Yourself With Objects You Love “Many people have equated my tidying method with minimalism, but it’s quite different. Minimalism advocates living with less; the KonMari Method™ encourages living among items you truly cherish. The first step in my tidying method is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. For some, this vision might be to surround yourself with the bare essentials; for others, it could mean living in a home teeming with beloved art, books, collections and heirlooms. Joy is personal. Each individual’s ideal life – and space – will look different from the next. If minimalism is a lifestyle that sparks joy for someone, I encourage that; in the same way, if someone has determined that many items in their life spark joy, that’s okay, too!” On a totally unrelated note, anyone notice how Dad has a pile of UNOPENED shoe boxes, yet somehow I still have more? I feel like he’s hiding some that I don’t know about 🕵️‍♀️ ——— Massive 12 seater table from @transformertable Use code : DESAIDESTINATIONS100

Have you read this book? It’s about the struggles we all face as moms, kids can drive us crazy, but in the end, we love them no matter what. Sums up motherhood perfectly. Practicing Unconditional love is one of the main reasons every human should have children 🥰 It’s no easy feat, but makes us grow into better people. A Mira original tune, lyrics by the author @robertmunschofficial

just start lactating, it’s not that hard 😆 @kalpesh725 Currently I have two toddlers sleeping through the night. They both were sleep trained. My third will also be trained. But right now, if she wants to nurse to sleep, I will gladly let her 🥰 Because my boys are proof that these sleepless nights are limited. I’m sort of in denial that my last baby is growing up. The infant stage is a struggle at times, but it’s also beautiful 🤩

Not fair how short the infant stage is compared to toddlers 😩 Baby >>> Toddler. Who else agrees?! I mean look at her face, she’s influencing me to go for a fourth!

When you’re outnumbered by your babies, moments like bedtime, getting out the door, and meals need to have a clear strategy of attack. We always discuss who is going to do what, when, and then Go, Go, Go! BTS— It’s fun when @kalpesh725 gets into my reel ideas. This one involved football 🏈 so he was bouncing ideas off like the parents should wear one color to signify we’re one team, planning against the kids (the other team) - he actually went to go change his shirt to match me. But we didn’t have the energy to change the kids 😅

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