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Bliss is an integrated communication agency offering public relations & marketing services to clients in professional services, financial services & healthcare.

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Podcasts are popping into existence faster than you can blink, and with each new show comes a new opportunity to showcase your subject matter expertise and bring awareness to your brand. According to, there are over 1.75 million podcasts and over 43 million episodes in existence today—and those numbers are always growing. Since podcasts typically focus on a specific topic, it makes it easy to identify which podcasts interest prospective clients, and by leveraging this information, you can reach them through their chosen avenue of content consumption. Want to learn more about prepping for a podcast interview, finding the right podcast opportunities or developing a successful podcast series?

5 Media Trends Shaping 2021

Seeking Source Diversity – Reporters are more mindful than ever of prioritizing source diversity, and in some cases, are specifically requesting BIPOC sources to interview. A majority of U. S. newspapers and some of the best writers and reporters are behind a paywall now as publishers try to retrain readers that good journalism isn’t free. Rise of the Freelancer/Influencer – Speaking of paying for quality, some of the more influential reporters are leaving major publications to go solo. Even if a Substack backlash hits, companies will need to quash any bias against freelancers when prioritizing media relationship building, as reporter influence is no longer solely tied to a publication brand.

Unlocking Clinical Trial Recruitment in the COVID-19 Era

Most recently, Bliss and Next Practices Group industry leaders looked at the state of our Clinical Trial Recruitment marketing work and decided it was time to “flip it on its head” in this new era as we strive to hit the ultimate client objective: rapid enrollment. The truth is, during times of accelerated competition for patients, disparate resources and scattered focus by local sites, success will require a hyper-agile, targeted marketing campaign that can be thought of as PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned) Our approach to unlocking clinical trial enrollment relies heavily upon assembling the right team of experts, including: regulatory experts to iron-out complex Institutional Review Board situations; a top-notch analytics team; “audience architecture” acumen to drive all media choices; senior media strategists and practitioners; and site-driven technological innovation to make sure the funnel—from top to bottom—is fully operational and eradicates any obstacles that lay between a potential applicant and enrollment. We can see what’s working, when to use paid, earned, shared or owned marketing tactics, when to combine strategies for greater impact and, quite frankly, when to stop doing any work that’s not as effective as we thought.

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