Dating Kinda Sucks

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🔥A podcast about dating, sex & relationships 🗣️New episodes every Tuesday! 🎤Hosted by @simplysarahg_ & @avitable

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No new episode of #DatingKindaSucks this week and for once it’s not @simplysarahg_’s fault! It’s all @avitable this time, but tune in next week for a brand new episode!

This Thursday is the premiere episode of “Dating in the Modern Age,” a dating reality show on @bspoketv featuring @swipefat bachelorettes Nicci and Alex. But guess who’s joining them as one of the bachelors? Our very own @avitable! Tune in at 8 ET to check it out! (BspokeTV is available on most smart TV apps and channels including Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Roku and more!)

New episode of #DatingKindaSucks - Are You #Codependent? Listen as @simplysarahg_ and @avitable talk about all of the signs of #codependency and how to break free. Also in this episode, trolls, buttholes, and second dates! Listen wherever podcasts are found or find us on YouTube! #DKSpodcast #datingadvice #datingpodcast #datingsucks #orlandopodcast #nashvillepodcast

This week on #DatingKindaSucks, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable dive into the sticky, squirty topic of orgasms! Plus Adam rants about a new hate group called “#SuperStraight” and Sarah teaches him something new. Watch on YouTube or listen wherever podcasts are found! #datingpodcast #datingkindasucks #datingsucks #datingsuckspodcast #oface #datingadvice #superstraightisnotasexuality #orlandopodcast #nashvillepodcast

This week on #DKSPodcast, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable give tips about communication, and how to listen and empathize in order to communicate more effectively. Listen through any podcast app or watch on YouTube! #datingkindasucks #datingsucks #datingadvice #datingpodcast

New episode of #DatingKindaSucks - The Fallacy of the #FriendZone! Let’s stop normalizing this toxic phrase that only enables “nice guy” whiners and emotional abusers! Listen as @simplysarahg_ and @avitable tear down the friend zone as a fictional reality for losers. Available on all podcast apps and YouTube! #dkspodcast #datingpodcast #datingadvice #friendzoned #datingsucks

We’re back, talking about @simplysarahg_ and Master of None’s future, @avitable and his boner pills, and your sex drive! Listen on any podcast app or watch us on YouTube today!

New episode of #DatingKindaSucks - How do you #Flirt? Listen on any podcast app or watch on YouTube as @simplysarahg_ and @avitable teach you how to flirt without being a creep. Plus, did you see Adam on @swipefat’s dating show on @bspoketv?!? #datingpodcast #datingadvice #howtoflirt #flirting #dkspodcast #datingsucks

Green flags are always good! #dkspodcast #datingkindasucks #datingpodcast #datingadvice #datingapps

This week on #DKSPodcast, @avitable goes on a good first date, @simplysarahg_ has a bad birthday, and the hosts talk about the reality of #ValentinesDay especially during a pandemic. Listen through any podcast app or find them on YouTube! #datingkindasucks #datingsuckspodcast #datingpodcast #datingadvice

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