Dating Kinda Sucks

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🔥A podcast about dating, sex & relationships 🗣️New episodes every Tuesday! 🎤Hosted by @simplysarahg_ & @avitable

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New episode of #DatingKindaSucks - the stigma of being single! Listen as @avitable and @simplysarahg_ talk about why society insists on treating single people as less than whole and what we can do about it. Watch on YouTube or listen on any podcast app today! #datingadvice #beingsingle #singlelife #singlemomlife #singleandhappy

Adam missed out on the love of his life. #datingkindasucks #andthisisbacon #whenyourehereyourefamily

The “Darwinism agenda” 😂😂🐒 #menandtheiraudacity #alphamales #alphamaleshit #toxicmasculinity

This week on #DatingKindaSucks, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable tackle the myth of virginity!

Are you #Groundhogging ? Listen to the newest episode of #DatingKindaSucks where @simplysarahg_ and @avitable break down ways to stop this toxic behavior. Also, check out their new couples travel segment “What To See With Sarah G!” Available on YouTube and any podcast app today.

Even though #DatingKindaSucks is still on summer break, @simplysarahg_ and I pulled another gem from the DKS vault, recorded in October 2019 on what would have been @avitable’s 18th wedding anniversary! Enjoy on any podcast app today.

We're taking a summer break, but here's a throwback from the DKS Vault. The year was 2019, and @simplysarahg_ was dating (and being gaslit by) Sergeant Slaughter. @avitable was about to have his heartbroken by Tinkerbell and Dirty Dancing. Find this fantastic episode on any podcast app and enjoy the throwback! #datingpodcast #gaslighting #gaslit #datingadvice #dkspodcast

This week, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable spoke with reality TV star @chloeveitchofficial about dating, sex, and the pitfalls of being famous. She was an absolute delight as a guest and everyone should check out her new podcast @banginwchloevpod (after listening to this episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, of course)! #chloeveitch #datingkindasucks

On this week's #DatingKindaSucks, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable talk about the #greenflags one should look for when dating. Watch on YouTube or listen through any podcast app today! #dkspodcast #datingadvice #redflags #datingpodcast #dating101

Can jealousy be healthy? Find out what @simplysarahg_ and @avitable think by listening to #DatingKindaSucks today! Available on YouTube and wherever podcasts are found. #datingadvice #dating101 #jealousyissues #healthyjealousy

Are you feeling stagnant on the dating apps? It's probably time to take a break, reassess your situation, and refresh your profile! @simplysarahg_ and @avitable talk about why a dating profile revitalization can yield more higher quality matches for you. Also this week on #DatingKindaSucks- our first caller to the DKS Hotline, Sarah suffers a scare and Adam meets a soulmate from an alternate life. Available on YouTube and wherever podcasts can be found! #datingpodcast #datingadvice #datingapp101 #datingapps #datingsucks #datinghelp #tinderhelp #bumblehelp

Did you know that we have a helpline? Call 407-519-0181 today and leave a voicemail with YOUR question about dating, sex or relationships today, and we'll choose the best questions to feature in future episodes! #DatingKindaSucks #dkspodcast #datinghelp #datingadvice #dating101 #datingpodcast

This week on #DatingKindaSucks, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable talk about the signs you may be in a #toxicrelationship! Also, we launch our DKS Helpline - call (407) 519-0181‬ and leave a message with your question about sex, dating, or relationships, to be answered on air in a future episode! #dkspodcast #datingadvice #datingpodcast #toxictraits #toxicpartner #redflags

This week on #DatingKindaSucks, @simplysarahg_ and @avitable revisit an episode from 2019 and talk about #roevwade #bodilyautonomy and #abortionresources. Listen on any podcast app today! #antichoicelegislation #herbodyherchoice #prochoiceisprowoman #datingpodcast

New episode of #DatingKindaSucks - what are the stupid #datingrules you should ignore? @simplysarahg_ and @avitable go through the list of dating rules and explain which ones are going to negatively affect your dating life. Watch on YouTube or listen through any podcast app today! #dkspodcast #datingadvice

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