Danielle Pierce

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Motherhood ✙ Lifestyle ✙ Beauty ✙ Travel ✙ Foodie Let’s Collab💌Danielle.Pierce89@gmail.com 📍Madisonville, LA

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What better way to recharge than getting a massage at home!? The @pranamat ECO helps stimulate the release of endorphins that help massage your pain, stress and anxiety AWAY! @pranamat acupressure massage set also helps to boost your mood and improve your sleep. Use for 15-20 minutes a day, and reap so many benefits all while enjoying the comfort of your own home. It’s very easy to use. I just lay down for 20 minutes and let the spikes press against my skin; I absolutely LOVE it!!! 100% ethically hand made in Europe and 100% sustainable. ✨For a generous 20% discount use code DANIELLE at checkout - get a 30 days trial period and 5 year warranty✨ When’s the last time you had a chance to truly recharge?#ad

You all know my family and I LOVE @fairytaleshaircare , especially Emery. With our little ones back in school, it’s the perfect time to stock up on there Rosemary Repel line. It’s clinically-proven to be 96% effect at preventing hair lice and is made with natural herbs and plant extracts. It also keeps your child’s hair soft, shiny, and smell heavenly. Always free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Head to the link in my bio to shop! #fairytalespartner #ad

✨All the Fall feels✨ I had to spruce up my home with some hints of fall decor. Are we getting ready to move? Yep! Do I care? Nope! It makes me happy and it will make our photos more festive when it goes on the market🍂🍁

#ad I am absolutely in love with my new Heavy Duty Wonder Mop from #libman. It is perfect for big or small messes and it’s super lightweight to make clean up a breeze. It’s also washing machine friendly and can be cleaned up to 50 times! Perfect for tile, wood, laminate and any other floor surfaces. Head on over to @libmancompany to check out all of there amazing products and help get your house squeaky clean. #libmanclean #Libmanpartner

“Aren’t you going to smile?” That’s one of the many things that come to mind when I see this picture. It has taken me a few weeks to get my footing back, confidence, and words to post this. If you don’t know, my account was disabled on August 22nd out of thin air and I went into not only a tail spin, but a complete melt down. I was eating lunch and scrolling Instagram and then my entire screen went grey and my heart sank all the way to my stomach. I knew immediately what happened and I just started bawling. My husband says he hopes he never sees that look in my face ever again. I was left hopeless and searching for some type of answer or help as what I could do to get my account back. Unfortunately, there is literally nothing. All you can do is appeal and your appeal is 1 of thousands that Instagram receives daily. No one to actually talk to or email. No one. After two days of sulking in my own sorrows, I tried my best to contact the companies I was working with and by the grace of god, @paypal came to my rescue. The crazy part of this entire experience is that not only did my business get taken down, we also received news that we would be moving to North Carolina. So, in the midst of a total life changing event (for me), my family would also being going through another major event. We had plans to leave to search for a home before my account was taken and I looked forward to looking at our new city and hoped to find a home to call ours. To our surprise, we found that we would be hit with a category 4 hurricane and had to change our plans and evacuate so if any damage was to occur, we would still be able to get to North Carolina. So we left and headed to Chattanooga to stay with family. I am happy to report that we did find a home in NC and we can’t wait to make it our own. Luckily, our home in Louisiana was damage free but the power was out for a week and cities in our area are completely devastated. Continued in comments❤️

Hurray for @renzosvitamins ! #AD Emery has been taking their melty tabs every morning before school. They are dissolvable vitamins with NO added sugar or junk. Renzo’s back-to-school bundle includes B6, Multi Vitamin and Vitamin-C! Help protect your little ones immunity as they prepare for another school year. Use code DANIELLEP for $5 dollars off your bundle. ✨Link in bio✨ #renzosvitamins #sponsored

#ad As a parent, I probably won’t be the first to tell you how much I dreaded potty training. How many times can one say “Do you have to go potty” in a day? The answer is hundreds, hundreds of times. While training Emery, I always tried to make it as fun as possible and really listened to her and her potty cues. With a lot of determination and a few tears along the way, Emery has blown us away with how well she has taken to potty training. Our only issue now, is night time… We have been using these @PampersUS Easy Ups at night time and we haven’t had any accidents since we started- hurray for clean sheets. They have such fun prints, with 12 hour protection. Score these Limited-Edition @pampersus Space Jam Easy Ups from @walmart with my link in bio! Your little one will love seeing Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, and the whole Looney Toons squad to helping them potty train like a pro. #SpaceJamEasyUps #walmart

[#AD] If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a fan of @californiapsychics . I have received a few readings from their amazing psychic advisors and have loved every one of my experiences. It is such a surreal feeling when your psychic advisor hits the nail on the head or helps to provide you with such clarity on certain life events. Every time I get off the phone, I have to tell everyone around me about my experience and always encourage others to give it a try themselves. Every reading I’ve had has been amazing and I am always blown away with the amount of information I receive. If you have been wanting to give this experience a try, I say go for it! California Psychics can help you unleash your full potential and live a life full of inspiration. Visit my stories to learn more about my reading! Use code PIERCE10 for $10 to be added to your account with your first purchase. #CaliforniaPsychics #cpmaketheconnection #sponsored

There is some BIG news coming that I can’t wait to share with you all! Still trying to figure some things out till I am ready to share. Until then, I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday and taking sometime for yourselves. Have a beautiful day ✌🏼

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? #ad We are all about an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich in this house. Especially, for an easy lunch for Emery. Let’s kick it up a notch and add some @bubbiespickles Naturally-Fermented Sauerkraut with Russian dressing. This sandwich is super easy and BEYOND delicious. I whipped it up last night and paired it with some fresh fruit and @bubbiespickles Koser pickles- Emery absolutely loves pickles. I’m sure she will be one happy girl when lunch time comes! Head to my stories to get a full recipe tutorial or check out the recipe below. Grilled Cheese Recipe: 1/2 tab of butter 1 tablespoons Mayo (I spread this on both sides instead of butter… TRUST ME ON THIS) 2 slices of seeded rye bread 1 heaping tablespoons Russian Island Dressing 2/3 cup sauerkraut, drained 4 slices of cheese of choice (I used American) #sponsored

My @wantable edit arrived this weekend and I am in love. #gifted I have been seeing Wantable everywhere and wanted to give it a try myself. How it’s works is super easy. You take a quick style quiz, choose your edit (active, style, sleep or men’s) and get a personalized style box set to your door. Each edit comes with 7 items to try on that were hand picked by a Wantable stylist just for YOU. Keep the items you love and send back the ones you don’t, in a prepaid envelope! It couldn’t be any easier and the clothes are super cute. Have you tried @wantable yet? Head to the link in my bio to check it out! #iamwantable #wantablestyle

3 months into using @bondiboost HG line and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. My hair has truly never felt better! My hair feels softer, shiner and healthier overall. It’s such an easy system to follow and I love that it’s also free from parabens, silicones, and sulfates. Use code: DANIELLEPIERCEE20 #ad #boostyourroots #bondiboostUS #sponsored

Peas out summer time ☀️✌🏼 #ad With little ones heading back to school, make sure you don’t forget to pack their favorite @hippeas_snacks ! Grab a HIPPEAS 6 pack of Vegan White Cheddar puffs and give your kiddos the perfect Gluten-free, Better-for-you, crunchy snack. Great for lunch time, snack time or even an after school pick me up. #ImAHippea #hippeaspartner #sponsored

Does my house currently look like this? Nope. I woke up a tadddd hungover this morning and will be surviving on coffee and water. We had our neighbors over and we all let our hair down and had a few too many glasses of wine🍷 #noregrets

#ad Sometimes you just need an extra boost. That’s why I love @5hourenergy . They help me to feel energized and ready to take on any task that comes my way. Whether that be my normal day-to-day routine, a tough workout, or quick pick me up when running any back to school errands. ✨Head to the link in my bio✨ Use the code: dpierce20 to save 20% off of your order! Always direct to your shipping. #5hourambassador #5hourgettingstuffdone #sponsored

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