Daniella Rabbani

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I'm an actress, previously starring in Oceans 8, God Friended Me, and The Americans. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. I love people and am a real life extrovert. I love helping my audience by making them smile, giving them hope or a new perspective. I'm passionate about my beautiful city and living with a focus to better this world and uplift each other to be our whole big beautiful selves.

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🐤🐣Remember when it was just me and baby Ness? The simplicity, the single minded focus. When he was born I felt like matrix had opened up. And it did I’m pretty sure. I’ve been having conversations about ways to offer Village to new moms. Support and insight, resources. There are many. But there’s also this… feeeeeeeling from the inside. This other worldly knowing. A whole person who’s not like anyone who’s ever been or ever will be: in your care. The grace and the gratitude. The grandeur. It’s a little piece of star stuff that’s different for everyone. I’m excited to share what’s up next for me but for now let me celebrate the boy who made me a mom even if these holidays are weird and made up. Happy National Sons Day, Ness. I love you so. #nationalsonsday #firstbornchild #brooklynmom 🐣🐤

👀👅Nessy boy on your Sunday night feed to remind you that causing just a liiiiiittle bit of trouble is good fun. Try it this week and report back wouldja? Remember a little bit of trouble never hurt nobody. 👅👀

🖤🤍 Oh I’m so glad it’s National Daughters Day cause now I get to celebrate Paz by posting these VERY cute photos of us + tell the world how obsessed I am w her as if it’s some sort of secret. But really she’s the stuff the world needs more of. @michellerosephoto too. She’s someone’s daughter and a great photographer. #nationaldaughtersday #respectfulparenting #secondchild 🤍🖤

😻👾I was gidddddddy. Can you tell?! I met Neha in the elevator of the Soho House with baby Ness strapped to my chest. We were instant friends.I started writing for her site @motheruntitled. And found my voice. A passion for sharing my motherhood journey. I can sometimes feel shy or silly, I’ve mentioned before, baring my soul and sharing my heart on the inter webs. But when I looked around the room at this event I was reminded of how much I learn from other women candidly and creatively rooting for mothers. Powerhouse women who live wholeheartedly. Thank you for putting us all in a real life room @motheruntitled (+ @girlgonechild_). I celebrate you and what you’ve carved out for the ambitious mother pausing to focus on family life. Always!!! Some new friends I recommend following: @momommies @thenewyorkstylist @strollerinthecity @ariel.loves @moai.newyork 👾😻

🪱👩‍👧Tonight I’m going to sleep with happy grateful tears in my eyes. I’ve been spending my days with Paz in preparation for her procedure to clear out her adenoids so she can breathe better. Sleep better. Eat better. Feel better. It brings me so much joy to get to know her. Every day a little more. I can sometimes (read: very often) feel the itch and/ or the pressure to move more fully into my career and creative endeavors, and I do. Of course I do. I love my work. But these moments are so dear to me. I don’t want to be anywhere else than where I am. With my baby who’s not really a baby anymore. #motherhoodunplugged #sahmomlife #actormom👩‍👧🪱

🌹🥀She was who I wanna be when I grow up. Sondra James. A spit fire. A rebel. A gritty and funny as hell actress who made you feel like family the moment you met her. Like you were insane and delightful. We met on @jamiedack’s set and reunited years later on @sevenfishes_film. She was the empress of Voiceover looping. And while she had confidence that could fill any room any time, she wasn’t a diva. She was a team player. With chutzpah and love to spare. She was FUN to act with. I put a ziplock bag full of soup on her head in an improv and she just kept going straight faced cameras rolling. Best improviser. Oh Sondra. I wish I had been better at keeping in touch. I thought I’d run into you on another set. There’d you’d always be. Give em hell up there in heaven!! And sprinkle some of your funny on me while I’m still earthside, wouldja? Love you, you powerhouse. Rest In Peace. 🥀🌹

🍃💫I love @pjlibrary. It’s a free service that sends kids a Jewish themed book every month. Ness and Paz love them so much. They’re progressive, inclusive, and always thoughtful. Makes me so happy and makes it easy to incorporate a little Judaism into our day. I’ve partnered with them to spread the word about their BEAUTIFUL new Fall guide. I hope you check them out. . . You can join a virtual PJ Library community of thousands of families celebrating the Jewish fall holidays by using their beautiful family guide, “A Time to Grow.” You’ll find activities, recipes, blessings and prayers, and discussion starters for children in every age range. Link in stories. 🍃💫

🙏🏼🙏🏼 New York City forever and always a place where dreams become reality. Twenty years after 911 and we’re still bruised but never broken. Loving extra hard today. By @cody_raisig_photography #ilovenewyork #newyorkcitydreaming #thebowery 🙏🏼🙏🏼

🌱🍃Out of chaos, came the birth of the world. My little family and I listened to shofar blast last night and the Rabbi so candidly called to light the intensity of this time. And with no spiritual bypassing no BS positivity reminded the small congregation that this is the way of the world. From the ashes rises the Phoenix. In the Vedas the cycle is described by a triangle of three phases CREATION - MAINTENANCE- DESTRUCTION. From destruction comes creation and on and on goes the cycle. So I listened, not just to the blows of the Ram’s horn, the shofar, but to whispers of my heart. To create, or at least embrace, a new world. Rosh Hashana, and it’s sister season, Back to School asks: what are we building anew? What is meant to be put away? Erroneous? Excess? And what is the heart longing to create? Happy New Jew Year, friends!! We were born for this. This time, this destruction, this creation. This new world. You and me. #shanatova #jewishwisdom #vedicknowledge 🍃🌱

💫🧘🏻‍♀️Paz’s birthday is the day after mine meaning TODAY so we showered her with the love she’s made of. It’s tricky writing about my TWO YEAR OLD without coming off hyperbolic and or all together insane. But in an effort to capsule her splendor at the mo I’ll tell you that this Virgo - Projector is a whole VIBE. A lover of paint and dance and Ness. A watcher of people and birds and planes. She is magic in that out of nowhere she’ll potty train me or whisper in full sentences. Boom. No fuss and really no lead up. She could show off but she won’t. Loves a tickle. And a coffee run. I am her mom and her biggest fan but really I’m one of many that way. Happiest birthday my peace pie Paz. Thank you for being my best friend and my teacher. I love you so. #brooklynbaby #projectorhumandesign #virgonation 🧘🏻‍♀️💫

🍏🌎37 years ago today at an unknown time cause my parents forget exactly when I was born, this Virgo - Manifesting Generator - Wild Woman came screaming out of the belly of Sara daughter of Hedy + Phil (and Meir son of Hanna + Avram). I’m writing this about me but I’ll keep referring to myself in the third person ok you still w me great. Sara was not yet 30 years old + already had two children, the eldest of which just celebrated his first double digit birthday two days prior. The baby would raise hell. She’d be fun to dress up. Sensitive. And silly. She’d be that way for all her days even today as she marches her family into a theme park on Labor Day weekend on Rosh Hashana eve. Because this person loves a rollercoaster and a metaphor for life. L’Chaim sweet ones. May this New Jew Year bring us closer and closer to the peace of God within each one of us. And may we tug at our ears on a great green lawn at the perfect moment for @michellerosephoto to catch a cheekbone. Amen v’amen. #shanatova #birthdaybabe #virgonation 🌎🍏

🌊🏖Baby Daddy on a Beach🏖🌊

And also maybe my calling. Enjoy a peaky-poo into brilliant actor/ writer @genevieveangelson’s process of creating her own ASMR YouTube Channel. And while you’re at it, go ahead + fall asleep to her whispered rambles. I think you’ll likey a lot.🤤💤

💋💅I’ve been dropping the ball a lot lately. I’ll blame it on the spotty service but really I thought today was Saturday and that’s where we’re at folks. Here’s a photo dump of the most random pictures from this week’s vacation. Sleep deprived and grateful oh so truly grateful, daniella. #outeast #momoftwo #keepkeepinitreal 💅💋

👅🥇Yea, it’s true- He’ll hump + lick your leg until it falls off. Because his love runs DEEP ya heard. #havaneseofinstagram #bernardobsirkin #dogmom 🥇👅

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