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Vegan is my game and this page is a fun and colorful place for vegans and food lovers everywhere. Lots of wonderful recipes that can be enjoyed now or frozen for later.

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Vegan Stuffed Jumbo Shells with 'Sausage' and Broccoli

I’m always trying to come up with different ways of making Italian-inspired dishes, and luckily a lot of this country’s classic recipes can easily be made Vegan. When I talk about spaghetti sauce, I am referring to a basic roasted tomato sauce seasoned with Italian herbs. The delicate pieces will better absorb the flavors of the spaghetti sauce and create a beautiful thick texture that makes this dish so hearty. Below is the baked casserole dish of the stuffed jumbo shells that I photographed when this recipe was first put on the blog 5 years ago.

Slow Cooker North African Couscous

Make this North African food recipe in the Slow Cooker for a healthy, beautiful and rich tasting meal. Just place all fourteen ingredients in the slow cooker, mix well and let this vegetable comfort stew slowly come together. It is a filling and protein-rich plant-based dish that is also fiber-rich and incredibly nourishing. A less known fact is that couscous is a good source of fiber and plant-based proteins, making it an optimal food choice for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Old Fashioned Rice Pudding

It reheats easily in the microwave with a few splashes of dairy-free milk and comes out just like it was just baked. This type of rice also slowly absorbs the taste of nutty plant milk and all the goodness of the spices in the oven, making it one of my favorite rice puddings. I am seeing so many new ovens that are both a regular oven and a convection oven. I am seeing so many new ovens that are both a regular oven and a convection oven.

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